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I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your customer service. I have ordered several pairs of shoes and they were practically here the next day.. Wow! I have also had to do a couple of returns, and spoke to 2 different employees - Brandon and Allison - whom were both of great assistance. They were super friendly, accommodating, and professional. Can't express enough how pleased I am with Zappos. Will definitely shop here often.

Anonymous │ 03/26/2011

I just wanted to say that you guys are awesome. Every experience I have had with your organization has been a pleasant one. Thank you!

Joey F from Belleville IL │ 03/26/2011

I called in to let you know that I always have a wonderful experience shopping at Zappos. My son has a wide foot, and I live in a small town. I appreciate how Zappos makes shopping so much easier.

Virginia P from Lenoir NC │ 03/26/2011

Now that's what I call serving your customers! This is the first time in the 21st century that a company has served me by sending my order for free, and bumping the shipping up a notch! I really did smile when I got the email, and not only did I save money on the shipping, and save money on the sandals, but I also received them much earlier than I expected (actually by over a week)! Thank you Zappos for considering a customer like me "important" enough to do something nice for me! You guys rock! May your business prosper immensely!

Paul S from Corpus Christi TX │ 03/26/2011

I would just like to praise you guys for the excellent service and products you provide. I have used your site several times and have been incredibly satisfied by my purchases and the speed of the delivery. I will definitely use your site again and recommend it to everyone I know. I am very impressed with your customer service and your excellent return and exchange policy.

Ying Z │ 03/26/2011

Just wanted to let the Zappos team know that you are the most fantastic company in business. I must have ordered 60 pair of shoes over the last four years and returned most of them. Still...Zappos sends my new orders and has no problems with returns. No hassle about why I can't find a shoe to fit..I can keep trying new brands. Thank you very much.

Dr. Rachel P from Lowell MI │ 03/26/2011

I am just amazed and the experience that I've had with my recent order from your company. Yesterday, I ordered a pair of sandals and later in the evening finally made my decision on a dress pair of sandals so I ordered them. I selected the 4-5 business day shipping, only to get an email that the second order was getting a shipping upgrade and would be here a day earlier than originally expected. I was disappointed at first, because I figured I would have to wait through the weekend, but lo and behold - this morning I checked the tracking and one pair will be here today and the other tomorrow! I just can't believe it! And I absolutely love how fun-ly (that's a word, right? lol) worded your emails are! I haven't even received my purchases but already I feel like Zappos is my shoe store for life! One word for Zappos - AMAZING!!!

Rebecca │ 03/26/2011

Wow, thank you so much. I've never had customer service like this. I am totally amazed that you would take such steps to satisfy a customer, but I am very grateful. This is much appreciated and I will continue to tell everyone I know that Zappos is THE best place to shop.

Susan R from Austin TX │ 03/26/2011

I am so glad that I found Zappos, as I cannot find narrow shoes in my local stores. Your return policy makes it so easy to shop online - thanks!

Madeline B from Port Orange FL │ 03/26/2011

I called in to say that Zappos has the best customer service I have ever experienced. It is easy to order and return, and you ship so quickly. I am very thankful.

Nancy S from Chicago IL │ 03/26/2011

I want to let you know that I had a really great experience shopping with you.

Elaine A from Tampa FL │ 03/26/2011

I would just like to let you people at ZAPPOS know that it is a pure pleasure ordering from your company. Your company's policies, service and treatment of your customers is beyond belief, especially in today's world. Even though many companies are trying to get customers, they can't keep them, either because of poor service and/or lousy customer service. As long as I need to order stuff I will hopefully continue to shop at ZAPPOS. I like where your minds are at. Keep up with your great attitude, service and great products!! Hugs & kisses!!

Mary K from Woodridge IL │ 03/26/2011

I never take the time to write compliments, which I should do more often, and Zappos deserves it. When we moved to the country in very rural upstate NY, I was at a loss; there were no stores that suited my needs (Kohls, Target, you get the picture.) I also have a 5 1/2 - 6 shoe - impossible to find here at all among all the especially big and tall women who live here. Thank heavens for the Internet, but more especially, for Zappos. With a one-day turnaround (keeps me really shopping with abandon) and free returns, this is easier than driving to the local mall, and certainly offers more substance - it's much more rewarding. Try returning something at Macys - it takes up hours of one's time between getting there, waiting in line, and dealing with the bureaucracy. I have never once had to contact Zappos' customer service with a question or problem, and have found everything I might have once sought in a mall on one convenient web site, and even in the design shops of Fifth Avenue in New York City. I don't know how you arrived at this winning formula, but I am a loyal customer in admiration, and hope you continue the excellent offerings and service. I guess I'm gushing, but thanks very much.

Beth E from Rexford NY │ 03/26/2011

I honestly just wanted to write to you guys and let you know how awesome I think you are! I have bought a few things through Zappos, and not only are the prices just excellent, but the shipping is so lightening fast. I could not ask for better service.

Lori H from Dillsburg PA │ 03/26/2011

I wanted to THANK YOU for having such incredible service. I ordered a back pack for my daughter on Wednesday and it arrived at our house in less than 24 hrs. from the confirmation order e-mail. The back pack is exactly what she wanted! She loaded it up and headed off to school this morning. I appreciate not having to pay taxes and with the VIP service, my shipping was free. Your site is AWESOME and easier than shopping at a store. Thank you for such wonderful service and selection of merchandise. Keep up the great work!

Chris S from Knoxville TN │ 03/26/2011

The best experience ever! My shoes arrived within a day. Couldn't ask for better service! Thank you, Zappos, for being my shoe store!

Anonymous │ 03/26/2011

I urge anyone reading this review to make Zappos your go-to place for shoe and apparel purchases - these are some of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of speaking to. They make every customer feel wanted and appreciated. That is why they are #1.

Barry C from Egg Harbor Township NJ │ 03/26/2011

What's not to love?? I ordered these super comfy /stylish shoes one day, and received them the next day! Thank you Zappos!

Anonymous │ 03/26/2011

The service: this was my first purchase on Zappos, and boy was I impressed. I needed these quickly and they delivered - I think I got these in the mail a day or two later. I can't say enough about their customer service - as a guy who hates the mall and shopping, I think I'm converted to making all my future shoe purchases on-line through Zappos. If you like the convenience, fast delivery, and great return policy (365 day returns, free shipping both ways) - don't hesitate to use them for your shopping needs.

KJ │ 03/26/2011

These shipped the same day I ordered them!! UPS delivered fast and in great condition. Couldn't ask for better service from Zappos or UPS. Try it, with Zappos return policy what do you have to lose??

Michael b from Alabama │ 03/25/2011

Excellent description on the website. The shipping was very fast, and the product arrived sooner than expected. Zappos will be my first stop when I need shoes from now on.

Anonymous │ 03/25/2011

I love Zappos.com! Excellent merchandise; quick shipments and the best Customer Service anywhere! I recommend Zappos highly and look forward to my next shopping experience.

Anonymous from Los Angeles CA │ 03/25/2011

While watching CNN, a clip on Zappos caught my attention, and was identified as a company having high standards and excellent customer service. I have been looking,quite a while now for several types of shoes, and figured "why not give it a try." Well, I have to say that Zappos was right on the mark on both occasions - the first time and without issue (from presentation, to selection and then shipping.) Not only am I now committed to buying all of my shoes from Zappos, I have also become a positive advocate by getting the word out to everyone I know. Zappos, keep up your great efforts, and thank you so much for such a positive experience.

Andrew C from New York │ 03/25/2011

I wanted to extend a compliment Amy. I spoke with her around March 10 in the evening, maybe 8pm PST. She sent me a really nice note in the mail which I just received. She was a very delightful person. I really, really appreciate the outstanding customer service that you guys offer. It is over and above everyone else. She helped me try to find boots that would fit my orthotics. We ended up finding them on 6pm.com. Before I called you guys, I called Footsmart and it was such a hassle to return the boots that didn’t work. You guys recognize that we have lives and make the process so easy! On a scale of 1 to 10, you guys are 100. Everyone is so happy and helpful. You have a customer for life!

Annabelle │ 03/25/2011

I ordered yesterday March 23rd, 2011. I had to call back customer service to update my shipping information -- they were very polite, and upgraded my shipment, and now I'm sitting here on the computer on March 24th, 2011 writing this review. The only difference is... I'M IN MY NEW SHOES!!! They seriously got here overnight!!!! Major points to ZAPPOS!!!

Jonny A from Burlington VT │ 03/24/2011
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