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I am extremely happy with your customer service. When an error was made in my order (it appeared to be a manufacturer's error; the size I ordered was on the box, but the shoes were a different size), not only did I get a postage paid return label, a full refund of the shipping charge, but also a $10 voucher toward my next purchase. In a few weeks the size I had ordered came into stock and I ordered it, got the $10 rebate and got the shoes - this time the correct size - in a few days. Wonderful service!

Michael Barr │ 04/02/2011

Hi, I don't know if this is the right email address to send this to, but I just wanted to thank you Zappos for your amazing customer service. I've ordered several items from Zappos, a couple of times over the phone, and you have always been so friendly and accommodating. Shipping has also always been prompt, and I love the shoe modeling videos on the site. They are a huge help when deciding on a pair. I recently ordered a pair of shoes from another site that I needed by a certain day. I thought I had ordered them well enough in advance, but when I got the tracking number it said they wouldn't arrive until the day after I needed them. Panicking, I called Zappos to see if you guys could get another pair to me faster and you upgraded my order to next day shipping for free. Wow, how can I thank you enough? I'll definitely go to Zappos first in the future. So you probably already know this, but you guys you are awesome, and I just wanted to thank you for being such a great company.

Casey C │ 04/02/2011

Your service is over the top and I am blown away by how fast I received my merchandise.

Debi P from Ontario NY │ 04/02/2011

Zappos is super. Eileen was very friendly and helpful. It is so easy to return/exchange. I always shop at Zappos first!! Anyone I've ever spoken to has been great !!

Stephanie LeJ from Baton Rouge LA │ 04/02/2011


Lucinda G from Phoenix AZ │ 04/02/2011

Wow -- Thank you so much! This has definitely made my day -- no question! You guys are the BEST!

Navi C from Henderson NV │ 04/02/2011

Thank you! It was so nice to get home last night and find a Zappos box on my porch! I did not expect to get the shipment for another week. Why is Zappos so good to me!?

Beth F from Rancho Murieta CA │ 04/02/2011

I have ordered shoes from Zappos many times, and their service is unequaled! I order one day, and they are delivered the next, with no charge! I wish every business I have dealt with was as efficient.

Anonymous from Wyoming │ 04/02/2011

I've ordered from Zappos several times and every pair of shoes I've received are exactly what I expected. After ordering a pair of Nike cleats, I received an email saying my (free) shipping is being upgraded to next day at no cost. Great company, great website, name brand products.

Anonymous from Hilliard OH │ 04/02/2011

Received the shoes on time and exactly as shown. Will not hesitate to buy from Zappos again. Thanks!

Anonymous from FL │ 04/02/2011

I am most impressed with the free upgraded next day shipping from Zappos. The shoes are great too, and the price can't be beat. I will continue to shop at Zappos!!!!

Mark │ 04/02/2011

Fast shipping - and they even upgraded the shipping free. Truly a great company to buy from. Others should take lessons.

Jeff J from Tyler TX │ 04/02/2011

Zappos is a fabulous place to shop for shoes. The staff are very nice and helpful and fun to talk to. Keep up the good work because Zappos ROCKS!!!!!

Darnella T from Detroit MI │ 04/02/2011

EXCELLENT! I got exactly what I wanted, at the best price with lightning speed.

Diane L from Los Angeles CA │ 04/02/2011

Dear Zappos Customers - I have purchased shoes from Zappos before, and was astonished at how great their product is. The service on the computer and on the phone was great! The service and delivery was unexpectedly quick, and the shoes are truly the best I've ever owned! I will always buy my shoes, and other products from this company. And, believe it or not, the shipping was free! FREE!! Thanks Zappos for everything ! Your company rocks !!!

Tina O from Chelsea OK │ 04/02/2011

I love the shoe, and loved the price. I love everything about Zappos!

Julissa from Jacksonville FL │ 04/02/2011

I was flabbergasted today when the UPS truck drove up to my house today and delivered a box from Mrs. Fields, addressed to my husband. My husband wasn't home, and I knew he didn't order any cookies, he is a diabetic, but sometimes does treat himself to a cookie, but is very careful with his diet, and I knew he wouldn't be ordering cookies. When I opened the box and saw that there was a Zappos tin in the box with cookies, and a note from a CS Rep. and the Zappos Family, I was in shock. My husband loves Zappos, but I am the one who was corresponding via email with the CS Rep., and other wonderful Zappos family. I was the one who purchased a number of clogs and slippers lately, and my husband and I just couldn't believe how the shipping was free overnight shipping, and how the shipping was free both ways. These days, with the horrible economy and so many awful things happening, and more and more uncompassionate, uncaring people, Zappos stands out like a bright light in a very dark world. I can't believe how so many people are so uncompassionate and caring. I feel like part of the Zappos family, and would love to bring my homemade cookies and brownies to all the Zappos family. I'd love to make a huge meal for everyone at Zappos in appreciation for the wonderful Zappos family. I hope I win a Zappos contest where Zappos will fly me to Las Vegas, give me a tour of zappos, and put me up in a hotel. I wish I had the money so I could go there and meet all of you. I still can't believe you sent cookies, when you have gone so far out of your way already with free overnight shipping, and wonderful service! Well you made my husband's and my day, week, month and year! Hope I get to meet you all someday!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much and take good care!

Susan W. │ 04/02/2011

I so wish more companies embraced and practiced what you do. They would learn that by doing the right thing, loyalty, increased business, and growing prosperity naturally follow. When the employees and clients know they are valued, they can't imagine giving their time, talent and treasure to any other enterprise. Your business model keeps me hopeful that I might one day be so fortunate.

Linda V. │ 04/02/2011

Zappos is the perfect fit - takes the worry out of birthday gifts. Always easy and reliable. Thank you Zappos!

Diane W from Illinois │ 03/31/2011

I totally love shipping with Zappos. The selections can't be beat and neither can the great customer service. The orders always arrive fast and their return policies make any necessary exchanges so easy. I have started using their gift cards to send to my family on the East Coast - they love the option of choosing their own things, and they too now love Zappos. GREAT COMPANY with CAN'T BE BEAT PRODUCTS AND SERVICE.

Linda F from Seattle │ 03/31/2011

Zappos offers a wide variety of quality items to choose from and the shipping is fast and dependable! The gift card is the perfect gift!

Anonymous from Middletown OH │ 03/31/2011

Thanks, friend Zappos; I am very happy with you, because how seriousness they are as a company. I could recommend buying from Zappos to my friends, because you deliver the goods at the right time. Thank you also for sending the next day without paying anything. I bought from several internet sites, and Zappos is guaranteed in every way.

Juan from Massachusetts │ 03/31/2011

I was getting ready for a trip to the beach and I needed some nice swimming trunks. I started surfing and I found Zappos and I didn't need to go any further. They have some of the nicest swimwear and I think I ended up with four or five pair. Thanks Zappos!!!

Roby B from Branchland WV │ 03/29/2011

Wow. I am almost speechless at the level of customer service you guys have provided to me. I filled out the survey link at the end of your email; is there anything else I can do so you guys get recognition?

Drew R │ 03/26/2011

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your customer service. I have ordered several pairs of shoes and they were practically here the next day.. Wow! I have also had to do a couple of returns, and spoke to 2 different employees - Brandon and Allison - whom were both of great assistance. They were super friendly, accommodating, and professional. Can't express enough how pleased I am with Zappos. Will definitely shop here often.

Annemarie W from Bear DE │ 03/26/2011
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