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I had a special occasion to attend and needed a control slip to go under a new dress. I didn't have time to go to the mall and search for one so I went straight to Zappos. I got it with free overnight shipping and it worked perfectly. It really made the difference in how the dress fit and everyone commented on how much weight I lost. I love the convenience of shopping at Zappos. They've got it all going on!

Anonymous │ 04/09/2011

I just wanted to tell you guys how thankful we are for your great service, stylish shoes, and speedy service. I have a 4 year old for whom I got a Naturino shoe that fit perfectly. I also have an almost 14 year old with tiny feet who was desperately looking for a dressy shoe. After going through at least 10 pairs of shoes, delivered almost daily by the very confused UPS man who thought I was starting a shoe business, I think we finally found THE pair- THE one that fit and looked just right, and that was the Enzo Zen in Pewter in a size 37. Thanks for the VIP service, the one day delivery, the free shipping and returns and the great shoes and prices, as well as your superior customer service. Me, my husband, and the rest of the kids will definitely be back!

Monica W. │ 04/08/2011

Thanks for the expedited shipping -- that was a great surprise and very appreciated! Much thanks!

Gil R. │ 04/08/2011

Thanks Zappos! You're the best!!!! My shoes arrived yesterday and they are all glorious. Thank you so much!

Marie M. │ 04/08/2011

Zappos is fabulous. The customer service is the best I have ever experienced. The response time for delivery, ease of returns, adjustments for billing, the helpfulness of the employees are ALL superior.

Dorian B from Boston MA │ 04/08/2011

I just want to let you know I received the shoes today I ordered on Tues. after I received your email yesterday. My future husband needed these for our wedding on 4/16, I wasn't sure they would make it, but, they did and they fit!!! Absolutely marvelous customer service. I will order again, soon. Thank you so much. Lots of love :-),

Helen M. S. │ 04/07/2011

Oh my word, when does that ever happen these days!!! Thank you Zappos, you "DID" make my day!!!

Leslie │ 04/07/2011

I just wanted to say thanks for the CS Rep.’s outstanding service in processing my order. The service was fast and efficient, she was unerringly polite and cheerful, and she was able to make knowledgeable and helpful suggestions when I asked her for advice. Zappos is WAY superior to ANY and EVERY shoe dealer. Even though there was a problem with the shoes I originally ordered, I hung up from the phone call with a big smile on my face. Where else except Zappos does that happen?! I have NEVER had a bad customer service experience with Zappos. I would NEVER shop anywhere else for shoes. Thank you again!

Patricia R. │ 04/06/2011

Thank you! I was having a terrible day until I got this email. Thank for putting a smile on my face.

Kimberley S. │ 04/06/2011

I just wanted to let the Zappos team know how excited I was when I saw that you guys had the Fossil Clutch I had been searching for, for the longest! I saw it and immediately w/out thinking I had to order it! It finally came in today and ahhh OMG I'm so happy haha. I LOVE IT! Thank you guys so much for shipping it super fast! I'll definitely be shopping again soon...I have my eye on a Fossil handbag. Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say. Thank you!

CiCi S. │ 04/06/2011

You will not be disappointed with the excellent customer service that Zappos offers! Deliveries are lightning fast!! Once you order from Zappos you will be wanting to order again!!

Cindy L from Benson NC │ 04/05/2011

Dear Zappos Employees- Once again you are upgrading my shipping!!!! I am ever so grateful to you. That is why I have always been a big Zappos fan and supporter. They always say that a certain high end department store has the best customer service of any retail store, but you guys have given them a run for their money. I have ordered many things online from companies and I have yet to find another online shopping site that is even close to Zappos. You're always thinking of your customers. You're truly the best. Love you all-

Tina │ 04/05/2011

Hey Zappos People, I don't normally write things like this, but I just had to say thank you! I have three kids 7, 5 and 2. It's pretty darn hard for me to get out of the house on most days, let alone shop for summer shoes and such for my kids. Going to even two stores can take an entire morning and I'm exhausted for the rest of the day. So, when I can order exactly what I want, have it shipped for free and then get this awesome email that says you're sending it even faster than I had expected...well, it just makes my day. You make my life easier and I just love people who do that. So, thanks! Until the next ridiculously easy order,

Eilyne D. │ 04/05/2011

This is just a note to tell you that I am so impressed with your company. The web site is so customer friendly. I am a nurse in New York but if I lived out there I would have to apply for a job with your company. It sounds like such a great place to work.

Nicole D. │ 04/04/2011

You guys/girls seriously rock. Thank you so much for being the top-notch company that you are.

Josh S. │ 04/04/2011

I have read numerous articles about Zappos and the founder. I knew your company operated differently, sincerely putting the customer first and having fun in the process. Zappos sounded cool on paper, but with my first order, it truly felt cool! I personally love the words you choose. They are fun and carefree but everything was still professional and top notch! I do very little shopping, but I definitely plan to use Zappos when considering future purchases, because you take an activity I find chore and make it fun and refreshing! Thanks, for doing such a good job... and keep on having fun! Toby A. B.

Toby A. B. │ 04/03/2011

Dear Zappos Special Staff Members: Wow – I love shopping at Zappos – the selection is huge, the shipping free is great and the incredible staff making everything happen are awesome. I wish there were more stores like Zappos.

Cheryl E │ 04/02/2011

My first real contact with Zappos (other than my wife's numerous orders for shoes) was hearing Tony speak at the IHRSA convention in San Francisco last weekend. It was a very inspirational presentation and I sincerely hope that the workplace culture philosophy created at Zappos is spread throughout the corporate environment everywhere making this world a better place to live and work. Thank you, Tony, and the rest of your Zappos family.

Craig S from Culver City CA │ 04/02/2011

I called because you blew my mind for the second time! I received flowers, because I had surgery, and cookies for my birthday. You have gone way above and beyond. Please let Tony know what an amazing company you have. Please tell me his birth date, so I can send him something for his birthday!

Lidia C from Oceanport NJ │ 04/02/2011

I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for your never-ending great customer service. I have problem feet and, as you can see from my order history, I go through a lot of trial and error before finding the right shoe. I don't know what I'd do without Zappos!

June D from Tamarac FL │ 04/02/2011

Thank you! I joke with my kids that when I shop with Zappos I hit the "Confirm Order" button and then the doorbell rings with my package, and it's pretty close to accurate! You all have earned my loyalty over the years with your consistently high level of customer service. Thanks for doing what you do!

Kristen S from Damascus MD │ 04/02/2011

You guys at Zappos are awesome! Thanks so much for the shipping upgrade and for such wonderful customer service! I always recommend your company when anyone is looking for those "special" shoes!

Joyce C from Battle Ground WA │ 04/02/2011

I'm sure this is unusual. I am a 'returning' customer with Zappos. This past week I had a difficult time placing an order on my new laptop computer. I called Customer Service and talked to Amanda. She was so very helpful, even listening to my story about the foot surgery I had just gone through. It was very important that I find the correct pair of slippers. The order was placed. I received them the very next day, and three days later I received a vase of beautiful flowers from Amanda and Zappos. I want everyone to know how wonderful Zappos Is, and what a great Customer Sservice department you have. You're the BEST!!!

Jeraldine McK │ 04/02/2011

AMAZING!!!! I started Saturday morning with the task of knowing I would spend the weekend looking for walking shoes for my 8th grade son (does that say it all) this past weekend for a trip to Washington DC with his 8th grade class. He had spent the past two days looking online, at brand-name athletic online sites. After two days, I said "Enough!!!" We needed to get out there and get something for an orthopedic appointment we have on Tuesday to fit some orthotics for my very athletic son. In a last minute thought, Zappos came to my mind!!!! Zappos is usually always our first choice for school shoes, or MY shoes. But usually if my son is looking for cleats, or something very sports specific, he will go to the sports websites, usually never being able to get the size, color etc. WELL, I am telling you we found them, ordered them, and DONE in about 10 minutes, leaving my WHOLE weekend free to get done the multitude of other things I had to do!!! Not just that we got a confirmation that our shoes WOULD be here in literally one shipping day, which included a Sunday, in time for our doctors appointment!!!! TRULY AMAZING:-) I have not told my son as I cant wait to see his face when he gets home from school today and sees them on the counter. Zappos, you have found a new true on-line shopper (my 8th grader) :-):-) Thank you so very much.

Sandy W │ 04/02/2011

I called just to tell you that I have just completed a survey. I'm a very busy woman, but I just had to take the time out of my day to fill it out, because it was from Zappos. For the last three years, everyone I've spoken to was so nice - your Customer Service is amazing. I also want to express my gratitude to your warehouse for all their hard work.

Gila L from Sun Valley CA │ 04/02/2011
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