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I really appreciate Zappos.com. You all are always very professional and helpful every time I have called. I truly appreciate you making my order express shipping. I ordered it last Thursday evening and received it Friday afternoon! What a shock! The shoes are beautiful and fit well. Thanks for being one of the few with great customer service! You really made my day!

Heather H from Sand Springs OK │ 04/16/2011

I am amazed by our shipping - if Tony went on the TV show "Undercover CEO" that he would probably find that everything at Zappos is perfect!! Tony is great and so is Zappos!!

Mary H │ 04/16/2011

I wish that you sold EVERYTHING that I could ever want.....you are truly amazing!!

Barbara H from Cambria CA │ 04/16/2011

Zappos is sooo fabulous I can hardly stand it. Thanks for doing such a fantastic job.

Jean B from Winter Park FL │ 04/16/2011

I unfortunately forget names, but please thank Vincent for me personally. I know that a shoe order is not that big of a deal, but he made it one by coming through for us exceptionally. I am grateful that I ordered from such a great company and got such a caring rep. Many times these days customer service sucks - to put it bluntly. Vincent and Zappos have given me faith that there are great companies out there that still treat customers with respect and go above and beyond. By the way, I work for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, so I will be passing on my experience to everyone I can throughout the company. In a nutshell - very impressed! Thank you all so much for being a great company and a great team!

Aimee S from Charlotte NC │ 04/16/2011

During checkout, you asked how I found you and gave me a box to enter some text. I entered this but when I clicked "Next" it told me it was too long - haha. But I still wanted you to know this, whoever you are random person behind this email. So this is what I wrote when you asked how I found you: You're a brand I've heard of in various ways, so when I searched for Minnetonka and you came up, I decided to check you out. The free shipping made me choose you over Amazon, even though they were a few bucks cheaper - and technically, I would have still gotten free shipping with them cause it was over 25. But Amazon is Goliath, and you are more like David. I prefer to put my money behind David :)

Anonymous │ 04/16/2011

Dear Zappos, I want to thank you for this kindness. I do a large percentage of my buying online and I never have received a note like this. Never. You really have earned my business and loyalty. Thank you ever so. I will not forget.

Colleen Day from Chicago IL │ 04/16/2011

I called because I was super Wow'd! I am very thankful for your service and your fast shipping!

Patricia C from Charlottesville VA │ 04/16/2011

I recently made an order from you on line and was astonished that I received my shoes and boots the next day! Thank you so very much! I love your company and the products you sell! You and your team definitely know the meaning of customer service.

Judith J from Franklin WI │ 04/16/2011

Hello: I am sitting here, at this very minute, looking at my boxes of shoes. The shipment got here in one day – before I even received the Shipping Confirmation emails. You guys are awesome!! The best customer service out there. That's why I buy all of my shoes from your website. Thanks so much.

Janelle H │ 04/16/2011

I called to let you know you are the best place in the world to shop. I love you and will be back to buy more, now that I know you have clothes.

Bonnie │ 04/16/2011

Zappos Team, I have read in multiple magazines about what an incredible company Zappos.com was, so I figured I would see what the "hype" was about and make my first purchase. Through my own fault, I ended up incorrectly putting in my address. The next day I was contacted by a team member, who left a very kind message regarding my error and how I could could fix it. This morning I called in and spoke to an incredibly helpful rep. He was so helpful and professional and ended up inviting me to be a member of VIP club for Zappos. If there is any way to look up and see who I spoke to, please tell him a HUGE thank you from me. All in all, I wanted to say thank you for that small act of kindness this morning. It literally made my day and I will be ordering from your company whenever I can. Keep on doin' what you do!

Lauren U from Denver CO │ 04/16/2011

Dear Zappos, My husband and I have ordered many things from your website throughout the years, and we absolutely love your service!! We have never had one single problem receiving merchandise or returning it. Thank you so much for being such a great customer service team. As long as we can always get overnight shipping, you will always have loyal business from us. Thank you again.

Patty from Milwaukee WI │ 04/16/2011

Just have to tell you that Zappos is the best! You make is so easy to shop....free shipping, I get my items in a day or so, easy returns, when an item's not in stock you email me when it's available. Zappos is my favorite online shopping experience of all time, and anytime I talk about shoes, I mention Zappos. Thank you for providing customer service the way it should be! All companies should use you as their model.

Carrie E from Berwyn PA │ 04/16/2011

I just wanted to take a quick second to commend you on your excellent business practices. This was my first purchase with your site, and although I had no issues with the service, the shoes I bought were a half size too small. I followed your quick/easy process for returns but called Shawna in customer service to see if they could just send a half size larger, once received. Shawna explained not only could she do this, but would send out the new pair while I sent back the first. I was blown away by the service and the way Zappos does business in general. From my first transaction I am now a loyal customer. Thank you for everything.

Kyle │ 04/16/2011

Excellent customer service. There was a product defect in the soccer ball I ordered. A replacement was sent out very quickly and efficiently. Friendly and kind reps who treat people with respect and truly want you to be satisfied with your experience with Zappos. It is great to experience a company that lives up to its motto: "powered by service." Nice job!!

Dina │ 04/16/2011

My eleven year old nephew needed these shoes very quickly for a an upcoming talent show but, unfortunately, I ordered the incorrect size. I quickly re-ordered correctly, and the shoes arrived with time to spare (and returning the incorrect shoes was a breeze!) They are great shoes and very comfortable! Thank you, Zappos, for such great customer service!

Charlotte G from Wallington NJ │ 04/16/2011

I love Zappos. It's like I have a magic wand - I just wave my wand and voila, Zappos is there. At my service. When you're an online shopper, stop by Zappos - you'll see.

Karen L │ 04/16/2011

Easy way to shop! Order shipped right away, item exactly as described and the price was good! I couldn't be more satisfied. Thanks

Anonymous from NC │ 04/16/2011

I absolutely LOVE this company! I look here first for all my buying needs. Fast, Efficient, Terrific Products! Helpful, Friendly Staff, too!!! My last purchase was for my husband who gave his new Merrell Meridian Sport's a big thumbs-up! He claims they are by far the most comfortable sports shoe he has ever owned - he is old, he has owned many a sports shoe!

Linny from Braintree MA │ 04/16/2011

My adorable little grandson has very fat feet, and Zappos ALWAYS has the size that fits him, with style and rapid free delivery. I don't normally shop the internet but I'll always shop Zappos for my little guy.

Teddie S from Oregon │ 04/16/2011

The shoes are great, but it's the service that's amazing. I ordered at 7:30 pm and my shoes were on my porch before noon the next day. Unbelievable!! It's like the UPS man is waiting on the corner with a full inventory in his truck! Instant gratification Internet shopping! Thanks and keep up the good work!

Susie W from Perry IA │ 04/16/2011

Love these shoes. Actually love being able to order shoes with free shipping both ways. I couldn't find the selection that Zappos has at a department store. Keep up the good work !!!!

Lynn K from Marylland │ 04/09/2011

Excellent and quick service. Product perfect. First time in years that I can depend on finding the right shoe with the right fit without traveling to several different stores.

Anonymous from Murrells Inlet SC │ 04/09/2011

I've been a customer/follower of Zappos for the last three years, and they're the MOST CUSTOMER SERVICE helpful in the market. They're punctual and very competitive in prices. They have a great stock and are always up to date. I noticed that my size in boots is a half size larger, and they have made a note of this. I recommend highly this web site/store.

Grace T from Ashburn VA │ 04/09/2011
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