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They run narrow however, and I had to exchange them twice. Zappos is easy to work with; shipping is phenomenally quick and overall a great experience. Zappos is the only way to go. And Vans, well, Vans are Classic.

Diane from AZ │ 04/30/2011

So I just finished Tony's book (Delivering Happiness) and I wanted to see if everything was true. Service was stellar and the product is great. Ordered it on a Monday and it was at my door on Wednesday. For a less expensive ceramic it is an exceptional buy and it performs great.

Anonymous from Chicago IL │ 04/30/2011

Hubby had an impossible time finding comfortable sandals. He has type-2 diabetes so he has to be really careful with the fit: no rubbing, etc. And, by the way, he doesn't shop! Well, I found sandals for him @ Zappos and had him select the specific style he liked. He is very happy with the fit and I'm thrilled to protect his health. These are perfect!!

Sandy B from MD │ 04/30/2011

Wonderfully comfortable and delivered expeditiously in great condition. Would recommend again. Thank you.

Anonymous │ 04/30/2011

Love the shoes and Zappos always fast service, no questions asked. I tell all my friends about Zappos and the free shipping and returns. FAB - KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Anonymous │ 04/30/2011

Love Zappos and love the shoes!!! I love shopping here because of how fast and perfectly everything is designed! Love it!!

Jolene H from Columbus OH │ 04/29/2011

In a word...WOW. Not so much the shoes as the service. We ordered shoes on a Monday evening and they were on our porch Tuesday! They were too small, so I ordered another pair Tuesday...on the porch Wednesday. Why go to the mall?

Krista Y from Ohio │ 04/29/2011

Zappos is awesome ...unbelievably fast shipping....ordered on day and received the next. Zappos is 5 stars in my book.

Barbara W from New Jersey │ 04/29/2011

Nobody is paying me to say this!!!! Zappos is such a great company. I get shoes for my grandkids from you and every time I have had nothing but good service and speeeedy delivery. You know how kids are, and they need things right away! Especially growing boys! Every time, you have come through. My 14 year old grandson plays soccer and waits until his toes hurt to tell us his shoes are too small. He will have his soccer cleats for the game this Sunday! Thank you thank you thank you. And, it makes me look good too.

William A from Morris Plains NJ │ 04/23/2011

I ordered a pair of running shoes from another company recently, and had to wait for what seemed like a really long time to receive them. I was anxious for them to arrive so that I could re-start my running program, and when they did, I realized I had ordered the wrong size. I was quite frustrated both by my having made this error, and also by knowing I'd have to wait for at least another week until I'd have my running shoes in the correct size if I had to re-order them from the same place...plus I'd have to pay to ship them back. That's when I remembered that I had some store credit with Zappos, which made it a financially sensible move to order my shoes from you! I ordered them last night, content that I'd probably have them by Monday. I arrived home from work today to see the Zappos box on my doorstep. Un...friggin'(pardon me)...beLIEvable! I think I'll go for a run now. Thanks, Zappos!

Laura C from Mechanicsburg PA │ 04/23/2011

You guys are awesome! First time I ordered for my son and he is already asking "Mom, when are they gonna get here!?" It is so refreshing to see that good customer service still exists! Thanks!

Liz B FROM Montgomery Village MD │ 04/23/2011

I got three pair of shoes from Macy’s, and none of them worked. I decided to take a chance on zappos and order some shoes from you. I was hoping they would arrive before the end of the week because my current shoes were on their last leg. I received them today, and wanted to tell you thanks for the free shipping upgrade.

Serina │ 04/23/2011

I have been wanting to write this letter for a very long time. First, I have to thank Cheryl L. For being such a warm caring person, and for reaching out to me in a way I will NEVER forget. I have come to know other members of the Zappos team (Survati-sp?), who have also captured my heart! What a wonderful company Zappos has been to me. I have never before met such a wonderful group of people(especially Cheryl L.) who reach out to you through the phone, and it feels as if Cheryl L, and others were sitting in my living room, as a very special friend! I have NEVER received such wonderful service from a company. I recently chastised Ross-Simons, and QVC and HSN, because they want to get you off the phone so quickly that you feel like a number, and I told them about Zappos. I explained how TRUE customer service worked, and perhaps they might learn something from Zappos. I have been housebound, and quite nearly completely bed bound for the last two years, and Cheryl L. reached out to me, and made me realize that even being bed bound I was still special, and she realized I was in a world of hurt and pain, and she sent me a bouquet of flowers. I was so delighted, that I was no longer depressed, and thinking horrible thoughts about where I belonged. I woke up, and enjoyed those flowers every day. I took care of them as if they were my best friends. It was as if the entire Zappos team was in my bedroom telling me I was cared for day after day. I had two weeks of such joy. My husband saw how happy I was, and my pain levels dropped quite a bit. I can never thank Cheryl L. enough, or Survati(sp?) who sent me a card wishing me well after I called in absolute delight wanting to thank Cheryl L. Thank you all! You changed my life for two weeks, and I am trying to do more every day, but I overdo it as well at times, but the fact of the matter is that Cheryl L. changed my life, and I just want to say THANK YOU!!!!! Your flowers meant the world to me Cheryl, as did your kindness on the phone when I was having a really rough day. Your flowers changed my life, and I wish I could call you once a week to say hello, but I realize that there is work to be done on your end, but I will never forget your kindness, and the flowers! They were so beautiful, and I cut the stems daily, and took care of them tenderly, as they brought a smile to my face every day, and I cried when they died. Good tears! I LOVED the flowers, because they were sent in love, and with love, and well wishes. When I get a chance I hope to buy the Zappos CEO's book, but for now I have the memory of flowers in the winter, and they got me through a really rough time. I now buy clothes at Zappos, and make sure I check with Zappos first before I buy anything. May God bless you all, and thank you again Cheryl L. and Survati! You both made me feel so special, because I have not had live flowers in my house for almost 10 years(hubby is NOT a romantic), so I adored them, and loved having them. Thank you again and again! Angels on earth... Sincerely,

Lorry K │ 04/23/2011

I cannot begin to tell you how great your company is. I placed an order last night (I was sure after your normal time that I would get it today) and 16 hours later my order is on my doorstep!!! That is just amazing and the few times I have had to actually talk to a customer service rep they were so helpful and fun besides! I don't know how your company manages to give this level of customer service (especially the time of delivery) but I must say I wish every company followed your example! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jill B │ 04/23/2011

I am repeating myself, but here. Zappos is un-American. You call a number and guess what? Yup, you get, immediately, a knowledgeable, friendly person with a sense of humor. Not in 3 hours and 20 minutes of listening to crappy music, recorded messages, how important your call is even though you've died of natural causes by the time you get a "customer care" service person. Okay, next insult is that you order the stuff you want, even at 5pm and YOU GET IT THE NEXT DAY!!!, no shipping charges. THEN, if it's wrong or you just decided you're too old to wear 6 inch heels with red soles, you can return it for FREE. If they don't have it in stock, they send you an email advising when it's in, usually within a day or so. Then! they actually care how you feel about their products and service and ask you to publicly comment on it. Something needs to be done about this 100% excellent service. Maybe an investigation by the Attorney General as to why Zappos can do it and no one else can.

Vandy R │ 04/23/2011

Oh My Goodness - it is like you read my mind!! This is the best news I have heard today - I know that sounds shallow, but I secretly hoped they would get here by Easter, and now they might!

Melody B from Providence Village TX │ 04/23/2011

You guys are the best. I ordered my daughter shoes yesterday and got them today for no additional charge.. You made one little girl very happy. Thank you.

Nancy T from Plymouth MA │ 04/23/2011

Just received my order today after placing the order just yesterday, just have to say I love it. Fast shipping - way to go Zappos. Love my shoes there just so cute, and comfortable. This was my first order with Zappos and this is definitely not my last. Thanks Zappos, for making my purchase easy and for the fast shipping.

Nesreen R from Upstate NY │ 04/19/2011

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I enjoy doing business with ZAPPOS! Your website is so easy to navigate; your selection is unbeatable (along with your prices); and I really enjoy the video descriptions, as it looks like those folks are really having a great time. Anyway, I just wanted to say THANKS for being such a great place to do business with!!!!

Mark S from Lubbock, TX │ 04/16/2011

I was just amazed that I placed this order about 11pm EST and it was on my porch the next day by 12pm. Zappos, you are awesome! Thanks for your continued commitment to customer service! You have a loyal customer here!

Laura O from Farmville NC │ 04/16/2011

I just placed another order...so it was only right to take the time to remind you - that you guys are simply the best. Throughout all my experiences with online shopping, has there been no other company that can come close, to the level of service provided to customers. Please don't change...!!

Edward O from Los Angeles CA │ 04/16/2011

You are the best. Have a wonderful day and God bless.

Diane M from Oxford MI │ 04/16/2011

Thanks Zappos. You are always a pleasure to do business with - even without the expedited shipping.

Ruth S from Washington DC │ 04/16/2011

I just wanted to let you know that I think you're doing a great job, sponsoring the highway on the I-15.

Francisco │ 04/16/2011

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I am ecstatic with your company, products, and customer service, that far exceeds any company out there today. My son's 10th birthday was on Friday April 8th, and I had been searching for a particular type of sneaker that he wanted, but to no avail. We even went to the mall the night before his birthday to do one last frenzied search. Nothing. Long story short - or longer, depending on your viewpoint...lol. Went to Zappos.com and found the sneakers, but the order was placed too late in the evening to get next-day shipping. Wasn't sure if Zappos could do anything, but I paid for next day shipping anyway. I immediately got on the phone with Zappos' customer service for help. After explaining the situation, I was told that because the order was placed after 1:00 PM, I was at a loss - and unfortunately, the shoes could not be delivered until Monday. The CSR was very pleasant, and even went so far as to offer to credit back the overnight shipping costs, etc... Happy to not be paying $90 dollars for sneakers now (-overnight shipping), and knowing the shoes would come in Monday, I was happy. Dissapointed, but happy. IMAGINE MY SURPRISE WHEN, ON FRIDAY AFTERNOON, ~ THE SHOES WERE MAGICALLY ON MY FRONT PORCH IN TIME FOR MY SON'S BIRTHDAY! OMG!! My daughter and I nearly died! I cannot thank whomever made this happen enough (this guy/gal needs a raise... hint..hint.) I was very pleased and grateful, and my son LOVED the new shoes - on his birthday! You guys are awesome! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! A very happy customer that will be ordering again soon. :)

Aimee S from Charlotte NC │ 04/16/2011
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