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This is not a question but a comment. I just wanted to tell someone associated with this amazing site thank you. I have never had such a great experience shopping online as I do with Zappos. Your customer service is amazing. I can find better prices on other sites every now and then, but I have never had a better shopping experience. From here on out everything I can get on Zappos I will happily buy. Thanks you and please don't change your customer focused culture.

Carolyn M from Albuquerque NM │ 05/14/2011

What a nice message to get in the morning. I shared it with my mom, who is now retired, and we were talking about Zappos as a company. I wanted to let you know what we were thinking. This is the second time I've purchased a gift certificate for my mother from Zappos, and I see a lot more in the future. When I got her the first one she was less than thrilled - although Mom is brilliant, capable and pretty tech-savvy, she's had some terrible customer service experiences online. Of course, this happens in brick-and-mortar stores, too, but in those cases, you know there's a certain comfort in being able to talk to someone face-to-face (even if they can't help you). She says that many of her contemporaries, no matter how extensive their online experience or how comfortable they are just browsing, feel the same way. After she actually used that first gift certificate (and it took a bit of gentle prodding), she was blown away by the service and kept asking me if Zappos "was always like that." I told her yes, that was the reason I felt comfortable giving her the gift certificate in the first place; that I knew she would have reservations and that if I had thought for a second that her experience would be anything less than wonderful, I wouldn't have done it. A gift with the possibility of accompanying hassle isn't much of a gift. Anyway, the upshot of all this is that we both feel Zappos has a heck of an opportunity in a pretty specific market: intergenerational gift-giving! That was our fancy name for it, but really, please do think about convincing people my age and younger to give a Zappos "shopping trip" to parents, aunts, uncles, etc. Not only can givers count on stupendous service, whether purchasing, returning or exchanging, they're giving a fun, easy (no driving or walking) shopping experience and a chance to get something fun for themselves that they might not ever have seen in a local store (I know my mom bought a purse way outside her "sensible" zone). Also, no sales tax and free shipping mean they get to spend the full amount - believe me, Mom noticed this, too, and loved it. We thought of all sorts of fun stuff that I'm sure you could easily top, but a few of them were: a special portal page for gift certificate shoppers with a "concierge" or a shopping guide, a style finder with suggestions based on their choices (my idea was linking products to classic or current film stars, like "Grace Kelly shoes," but I'm a film nerd). Mom says, "We're out here. We will shop." Anyway, thanks again, and you've got at least two customers for life.

Ann I from San Antonio TX │ 05/14/2011

Just want to comment on the Zappos website. Zappos is my first online stop when shopping because the website is wonderful! I am able to easily navigate, find information, and place my order with little to no hassles. This is all just topped off with great customer service and the convenient online chat option. Recently, I have had to use Endless.com for two pair of shoes that were not sold on Zappos.com. The experience on Endless.com was not that great and has prompted me to send this email. Thank you for the great website and customer service. It is always a pleasure shopping on your website!

Kathleen Venturella Middletown, OH │ 05/14/2011

I had to return a pair of shoes in early April and wanted to commend your returns staff. As I was rushing out of town on business, I gave the shoes and box to a friend to send back for me. Unfortunately, neither of us noticed some other items I had placed in the box to "clean up" one time. Low and behold, within 48 hours of returning the shoes, I had another box on my doorstep from your team. All of the stuff I had accidentally placed in the Zappos shipping box had been returned to me! Ink cartridges, paperwork, etc. I wanted to commend your staff for paying attention and taking the time out to send the items back to me. That is top notch customer service!

Al S from Birmingham AL │ 05/14/2011

I just took the survey with regard to the service that Marcie provided to me.....which was fantastic! Later in the day, a man that handles the boxes in our building came up to our unit and informed me that I had thrown out a box that contained another box inside....the missing dress! I immediately called Zappos and tried to speak to Marcie because she was soooooooo helpful earlier in the day, but was told that it wasn't possible. The other girl I spoke to was just as nice! If you pull up my account you will see that I am a HUGE fan of Zappos and do quite a bit of shopping at Zappos. I've never had to contact customer service before because there has never been an error......and that's pretty amazing alone! But, I just have to say how WONDERFUL your customer service representatives are!!!! I've always loved Zappos.....now I love you even more! Who would have thought that was possible!!!!

Nicole P from Las Vegas NV │ 05/14/2011

I recently spoke with Wendy Crawford and she had nothing but great things to say about Zappos. She raved about our customer service and how everyone is so cheery. She stated that customer service today is a lost cause and she dreads dealing with other companies. She said that she doesn't know what it is that we're doing here, but we need to keep doing it. She says our employees are like her friends and we always take care of her no matter how "hair brained" the situation is.

Ellie W from Denver CO │ 05/14/2011

I would just like to express my thanks to your company for all the help with my exchange. I didn't know what the process was for exchanging an item I bought that was too large and without hesitation you shipped me the correct size (with no further charges to my credit card), provided me with a return shipping label for the ones that were too large and instructions on how to return them. Your company is awesome and I will continue to shop with you every chance I get. It is nice to see in this day and age a company that goes above and beyond to make their customers happy. Thank you very much.

Karen S │ 05/14/2011

Just wanted to say thank you very much for being such a great company! You have the right idea, because I continue to order from Zappos above any other company and I always let my friends know what a great job you do! Keep up all the good work and thanks again!

Lindsay C from Elmira NY │ 05/14/2011

Got shoes for my Mom, great price compared to the stores. I can't really rate the shoes, as I am not the one wearing them. However, what I can say is that Zappos has the best customer service. The first pair I ordered she didn't like them. They switched them no questions asked, and then I got her these ones.

Anonymous │ 05/10/2011

That young lady, she’s just a treasure. Superior, excellent customer service. Even those words don’t come close to describing her. I had a problem, she immediately took care of it and then we had a fabulous conversation. You’ve got a permanent customer in me for Zappos. As a flight attendant I do share information with our customers and co-workers about companies that we would recommend. I was a fan of Zappos before, but I am now a committed customer. The whole experience shopping with you exceeded my expectations. You can bet I will be shopping with you again and calling if I need help. Thanks for being so awesome!

Gina K from La Grange KY │ 05/07/2011

I just wanted to say thank you for making returns so incredibly easy! What a pleasant surprise to see it is so simple and hassle free! Thanks!!

Jennifer K from Plano TX │ 05/07/2011

You guys are all GREAT!!! Pass it on! Really appreciate the amazing turnaround of orders and the no cost shipping, makes all the difference to me. The fact that you offer so many boots this time of year helped a ton too! Thank you!!

Barbara J │ 05/07/2011

Thanks to all involved. Thanks for making my first experience with this company a great one. I purchased a white Guess purse that said color was white but in reality ecru or eggshell, so I was in the process of returning it, when there finally appeared one back in stock that was black. Reading the return instructions left doubt that I might miss out on the ONE that just might fit my wardrobe, so I called. I was greeted fairly quickly by a Wonderful Lady that ensured me that without much problem that she could go ahead and send the only black one left in that style, while Zappos awaited my eggshell/ecru handbag in return. This was amazing - kudos to her and the Zappos team. I know handbags are sold everyday and exchanges are made, but I wanted to not forget all the people involved from ordering, picking /packing, wrapping shipping and receiving back, accounting (to make sure I was not double charged in the transaction) and everyone else (who I am unaware of in the processes). In today's society I know we forget to say THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!! This is why I'M sending this message, maybe in some way it will spread a little cheer to all the gals and pals in the cubicles and Processing. People that go to work thinking others never think another thought about the people who really make things happen, when actually all parts are great to make the whole run wonderfully.

Victoria W │ 05/07/2011

I took my brand new, never worn Dansko sandals on my trip to Nashville and somehow came home with only one of the pair! So, so sad. I called everyone and everyplace to see if it was found, but it was useless. When I called your company to report the lost shoe, the representative said the shoes could be replaced without a charge. Unbelievable! Your company never ceases to amaze me! I love you guys!!!!

Susan S │ 05/07/2011

You guys ROCK! That's it! Just THANKS!

Paula M from Littleton CO │ 05/07/2011

I called to say that she I some flowers from you and wanted to say how you are a good company, and Thank You.

Marilyn R from Forest Hills NY │ 05/07/2011

Thank you for the shipping upgrade. When I got home from work tonight the order was here. WOW!!! I think that was two days - unbelievable. I am still waiting on another order from a large online company and it has been five days (counting the weekend), but still they cannot compare with your service. Great job, will keep you in mind more often.

Evelyn B from Pembroke MA │ 05/07/2011

Hi Beth... Thank you for the kind email. I'm afraid your wrong about one thing..... Your level of service was by far the best ever !!!! That is why it is so very sad to see Zappos decide not to ship to Canada anymore :( You see Beth we (many many many many many of us) are so very sad to see Zappos go.... here in Canada it is so very difficult to find such great products with such great service , us women 6' with over size 10 shoes have such a difficult time to find footwear in Canada... hey size 9 is normal here..... and Zappos was truly a blessing to us. I can't say enough good about how wonderful it was to "click click click" and ta da wonderful , comfortable, affordable shoes delivered to us . I had really hoped Zappos would have reconsider this decision.I personally require a size 11, a dear friend of mine needs size 11.5 aaa and Zappos has been our savior. Our talk at the office every week has been about Zappos and without sounding to dramatic it has been very emotional to hear the end of Zappos Canada. I do want to send you a huge thank you for your kind and considerate email and wish you all the best. Fingers Crossed for Zappos to return to Canada

Darlene │ 05/07/2011

Wow, what great service! Thanks Courtney for your help. I really am pleased with the service and selection that Zappos has and will continue to shop with them.

Valerie S │ 05/07/2011

I called Zappos this afternoon, because I ordered some sandals and they didn't fit, so I'm returning them. I chose store credit, because I was intrigued by the Next Day Business shipping, and really, I just wanted to exchange my shoes. I had no idea when I called today, that my expectations would be so greatly exceeded by your customer service department. I spoke to Leevie (I don't know how to spell her name) and she was cheerful, helpful, and very polite. She checked your shipments and we found out you will be receiving more of the shoes I want, in June. She offered to check daily starting at the end of May, and said she will call me back when she hears that they are in. When I asked her if my store credit would be valid in June, she assured me it would. I casually mentioned that I wanted the store credit because I saw that it came with Next Business Day shipping - with no additional charge. When I said that, she automatically upgraded my account and got me the information about vip.zappos.com. She went the extra mile - and beyond. I had considered asking to have the money put back on my card, and then order the shoes from Amazon.com because they have my size and color in stock. The way I was treated today made it worth it for me to wait the month (or possibly two) to get the shoes through Zappos. I have not been so pleased with an online purchase and the customer service ever. Thank you, for an amazing company, and for hiring the best employees. I'm very very very very very satisfied with everything I've experienced. I'm definitely a customer for life! Have a nice day!

Katie H │ 05/07/2011

Ordering shoes from Zappos was easy and quick. The shoes are quality. Delivery was also very quick. I will use this company from now on. I am very hard to fit because I have a wide foot. Yet I was able to find shoes that were reasonable and true to size as well as having multiple styles to choose from. Thank you, Zappos for a great experience.

Barb H from IL │ 05/07/2011

My son LOVES his shoes! Also, Zappos is one of the FEW stores that has Wide and X-tra Wide Kid's shoes. Shipping is ALWAYS free and EXTREMELY fast. My son's shoes arrived the very next day.

Anonymous from Smyrna DE │ 05/07/2011

My first (and only so far - but not for too long) experience buying from Zappos went flawlessly - and I received a pleasant surprise of early shipping to boot! A+

Tim W from North IL │ 05/07/2011

I was happy with the wide variety of items from which to choose and after the order was made my boots arrived on time. Of course I was happy with the no-shipping-charge policy.

Rodney D from Bellvu WA │ 05/07/2011

Zappos is the best! Easier and better than going shopping. I only shop with Zappos, and tell my friends and relatives to do the same! Thank you.

Kathryn W from La Quinta CA │ 05/07/2011
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