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My husband had already tried this shoe on in a store in our small little town. They did not have the shoe in his size in the color he wanted. Took a chance with Zappos because I had seen their funny commercials! Viola - we had the shoe in 24 hours!

Carol C from Sheridan WY │ 05/21/2011

A friend referred me to Zappos. They really have it all and do it all. the selection of whatever you seem to need or look for is fabulous and their production time to receive and process the order is fabulous. If you need to return something it is like they say - painless and fast.

Marilyn H │ 05/21/2011

My husband has always worn these slippers, and Zappos is the best place to buy them. Good quality and Zappos policy---unbeatable.

Anonymous from Louisiana │ 05/21/2011

Absolutely love Zappos! Huge selection - great variety - Amazing return policy/customer service. Zappos has it figured out. I'm a loyal customer and continue to tell others all the time

Kimberly B from Boston MA │ 05/21/2011

Zappos, the best customer service, period. I love Zappos.

Anonymous from Los Angeles CA │ 05/21/2011

I had another pair of shoes that I didn't like and Zappos was the most amazing company I have ever done business with. Seriously. They not only shipped me the new pair of shoes I wanted before I even had shipped the first ones back. (trust) but they also covered the extra 7 dollar difference the new shoes cost! Amazing. I have never EVER done seen a business do that. Outstanding. The only issue I have is that the shoes I got were slightly too small but I didn't want to go through the hassle of shipping again. Thanks Zappos.

Jake P. │ 05/21/2011

I would like to say that when I ordered these shoes I made a mistake in ordering but called Zappos and the customer service person corrected my mistake and ordered the right shoe for me. Also the shoes arrived the next day with no problems. When they say next day they mean it.

Lisa F. │ 05/21/2011

I had an awesome experience with Zappos, everyone was really friendly and I got my order quicker than they projected! Great site!

Jennifer T. │ 05/21/2011

For years, I fought off buying shoes on-line, but I couldn't find shoes to fit locally. Zappos huge selection and their free shipping convinced me to try and I'm glad I did. Will I shop Zappos again? You betcha!

Robert E. │ 05/21/2011

Hello. Every time I call the person that answers the phone always treats me so well and makes me feel good about shopping. I always tell my friends. Please pass this on to your staff and give them a pizza party for all the good work!

Parnell S. │ 05/21/2011

Dear Zappos, Just when I think you guys can't be any more perfect, you go right ahead and prove me wrong. I ordered two pairs of shoes from you on Tuesday, May 17, around 7:30PM PST. With my awesome VIP next-day shipping, I was totally expecting that my shoes would arrive on Thursday, May 19 (today). Yesterday, I get home from work. I walk up to my front door and see a Zappos box leaning against it. I think I must have stood there scratching my head for a good few minutes. I remember feeling so confused. Was it actually Thursday? How the heck did something I ordered LESS THAN 24 HOURS AGO already arrive on my front doorstep??? I'm still in shock. I don't know how you guys do it. How do you manage to out do yourself each time? Just when I think, “Nooo... it can't get any better than this…” you go ahead and prove me wrong. Thanks for making each customer, no matter how big or small, feel important and valued. You make the world a better place. :)

Anonymous │ 05/21/2011

I have looking for theses shoes forever. First saw them in Dallas 3 weeks ago and they did not have my size. Checked in Charlotte and Virginia, still no 8.5. Checked online and Zappos was the only place that had my size, they only had one pair left and they had the best price!!! It was meant to be! Can't wait until they arrive.

T'Shawn from Brooklyn NY │ 05/20/2011

The shoes are extremely comfortable. The first pair that I received had a scratch. They sent me another pair and I had them the next day! I love Zappos!

April M from Fort Payne AL │ 05/20/2011

You are awesome! I can't express enough how much I love and appreciate you. Your shoes come so quickly I often wonder if you're psychic and send them out before I even order them. Do you have little psychic elves working for you? Whatever your magic is, it's special and like none other. I recommend you constantly and you never disappoint. Yay! Thanks so much! If you were a man I may just have to ask you to marry me.

Karen O from Portland OR │ 05/20/2011

I was just informed that the two pairs of shoes I ordered today were sent TODAY with no extra charge to me. You guys are awesome - and if the world operated with an attitude and customer service like you provide (and live by), this would be a MUCH happier, kinder, funnier and more enjoyable planet! "Where have all the manners gone?" my Mom asked me the other day. I say, "The folks at Zappos sure haven't lost theirs!!! They're a positive example for one and all!"

Nancy R from Little Rock AR │ 05/14/2011

I just wanted to thank you for your superior service with my last two orders. I've been unable to find any womens' hiking boots and Zappos certainly helped me out. Since I ordered 5 different pair and returned 4, I was thrilled with your service. I've been praising your company to all my friends and family. Thanks again.

Teddy B │ 05/14/2011

I just want to say that I love you, Zappos. I ordered a pair of shoes for my daughter yesterday afternoon and I got an email this morning informing me they are expected to be delivered TODAY!! I can't tell you how, in this world of declining customer service, it makes such a huge difference to me. I actually found these shoes cheaper at Nike.com but I decided to check out Zappos.com to see if you offered the same shoe. You did, but b/c you all have free shipping back and forth and the wonderful experience I have had in the past, I had no doubts and placed my order with you. And it obviously paid off! I'm still in shock that I will be receiving my order today!! Thank you!! Big hugs to all! :)

Megan D from Knoxville TN │ 05/14/2011

I just want to commend your company for outstanding customer service. Shipping is fast and reliable, and returns are easy. Customer service is a pleasure to speak with on the phone, and resolves issues promptly with what sounds like a smile. On a recent order, I received a surprise email telling me that my shipping was upgraded free of charge, without any requests from me. Further, I called customer service this evening to inquire about the shipping date for an order I placed last night (since I wanted to know if the shoes would arrive before an event next week), and the representative immediately upgraded my shipping to express (unprompted!) free of charge. I was also thanked for my loyalty to the company and was upgraded to VIP status. Often companies only read complaints, so I wanted to be sure to send along some appreciative words for the wonderful service I always receive from Zappos. So thanks!

Anonymous │ 05/14/2011

[19:07:43] Andrea B: Hello ! [19:07:48] Andrea B: How can I help you today? [19:08:38] TODD: THIS MAY SEEM A LITTLE STRANGE BUT I AM A CUSTOMER OF YOURS AND I KNOW HOW GREAT YOU ALL ARE AT CUSTOMER SERVICE. I AM LOCKED OUT OF MY HOUSE ON THE 3RD FLOOR OF MY HOUSE ON THE DECK. I HAVE MY COMPUTER WITH ME BUT NO PHONE CAN YOU CALL MY HOUSE NUMBER TO GET MY DAUGHTER TO OPEN THE DOOR FOR US. [19:09:00] Andrea B: Sure. I'd be happy to do that. What is your telephone number and your daughters name? [19:09:03] TODD: THE PHONE NUMBER IS XXX-XXX-XXXX. [19:09:11] TODD: HER NAME IS MAZZY [19:09:20] Andrea B: Ok. Great! Just give me a second. [19:10:00] TODD: SORRY THE NUMBER I JUST GAVE YOU IS MY OFFICE, IM AN IDIOT. CALL XXX-XXX-XXXX, SO SORRY [19:10:10] Andrea B: Ok. [19:10:15] Andrea B: I'm calling right now. [19:10:50] Andrea B: Ok. I have your daughter on the phone. [19:10:51] TODD: BY THE WAY I JUST READ THE BOOK DELIVERING HAPPINESS BY YOUR CEO. YOU ARE DEFINITELY LIVING UP TO THE COMPANY CULTURE. I WILL BE YELPING 5 STARS MOMENTARILY. [19:11:00] TODD: WE ARE IN [19:11:10] Andrea B: Great!

Todd │ 05/14/2011

I recommend Zappos shoes to those who may have need of your services. You are pleasant, confident, and professional in every way. I recommend you without reservation.

Carrie J from CA │ 05/14/2011

Have used Zappos.com twice now and they are really great. They treat you like family. Quick delivery and good prices. Have not had to return but I know they will treat you right.

George from Midland TX │ 05/14/2011

I just wanted you to know that I am thoroughly enamored with your company. It started this past March. I was trying to order a pair of shoes, in between caring for my four year old son and an ailing mother, obviously pressed for time. For some reason, I wasn't able to log in to place the order. I called your customer service line and was greeted by the most pleasant customer service representative I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with in my life. She helped me order my shoes (which are now my favorite shoes, ever, hands down) and as courtesy made me a VIP. My shoes came the next day, and I was thrilled. Really? It was that easy? She even sent me a greeting card! A few weeks later, I decided to order sandals for my son and husband. I needed a larger size for my husband, so I made another phone call and was greeted by yet another wonderful customer service representative. He sent me a replacement pair, free of charge, and they came the next day. Apparently, yes, it was that easy! I have since told all of my friends and family about your truly spectacular company and out of this world service. I promise you, if you were located in the Chicagoland area, I would be begging you to hire me. It must be a wonderful place to earn a living because the positive energy just buzzes right through the phone lines!

Florence L from Sleepy Hollow IL │ 05/14/2011

Zappos is AWESOME! I can't believe how fast you can process and get orders delivered. So just a quick thanks - your team does a great job!

Keith T from West Sayville NY │ 05/14/2011

I have been shopping with your site for years. My college daughter ordered a couple shoes and was amazed at the price and rapid delivery, She is telling all her friends. Don't be surprised by many shipments to Gainesville, FL Thanks again!

Deb M from Wellington FL │ 05/14/2011

Just a note to say thank you for the wonderful surprise of upgraded shipping on my Tyler Rodan satchel. I received it the very next day. To find a company that cares that much for it's customers is truly amazing and you can be sure that I will continue to shop with you. Again thank you for the very pleasant and unexpected treat.

Theresa S from Sewell NJ │ 05/14/2011
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