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WOW!!! I am seriously impressed with your site. I ordered on Sunday night and had my purchase delivered on Tuesday. The item I purchased you carried, and the actual maker didn’t. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase and will come back to you site for future purchases.

Sean F. │ 05/23/2011

Dear Zappos, Thank you so very much for giving me a shipping upgrade. I need the slippers as I am to be hospitalized sometime next week and my present ones are pretty ratty. You guys made my day! Thank you again for being nice and providing excellent customer service.

Pamela V. │ 05/22/2011

I have been very pleased with the service provided by the Zappos team. They are very professional and knowledgeable of the product. I always find talking to various team members to be an enjoyable experience, and will continue to remain a loyal customer.

Kelsey M. │ 05/22/2011

I have to say thank-you for your wonderful shipping and return policy. I feel like I've abused that policy but I really needed a nice pair of shoes for a very special occasion that is coming up. I have all of my outfits but could not find dressy, comfortable shoes. I am thrilled to say that after trying about 8 to 10 pairs of shoes, I finally found two pairs that are perfect!! I couldn't have done this without your excellent customer service. Thank-you so much for being such an awesome company!

Anonymous │ 05/21/2011

I would like to thank and commend whoever handled my return on my order. For about a week and a half I've been looking for my Swiss Army knife. Today a package containing my knife arrived from Zappos. Apparently I dropped it in with the shoes prior to returning them. It's things like this that get me to return to and recommend others to a retailer. Thanks, and you're welcome to post this in your review area if you have one.

Warren P from Tucson AZ │ 05/21/2011

You guys are awesome! I ordered a pair of shoes last night around 9:45pm and they are already on my feet. WOW! Thank you for going above and beyond.

Alvin L from Brighton TN │ 05/21/2011

You guys have to be the best online vendor! Thanks for the upgraded shipping on my order. What a pleasure doing business with you and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your free-shipping-both-ways policy. It's the reason I buy from you versus a competitor not to mention your unsurpassed selection! You make it easy to do business with!

Anita L from Commack NY │ 05/21/2011

Thanks for the upgraded shipping. I will always continue to buy my shoes from Zappos simply because you guys are awesome when it comes to customers.

Erin from Ellensburg WA │ 05/21/2011

Thank you for nurturing and implementing superb customer service in the United States. It is a joy to order from your friendly staff (or through the user-friendly web site). And, to receive not only my purchases, but additionally a lovely note from Jared, the sales-phone employee, to remind me of how to reach vip.zappos on-line displays that Zappos culture is sincere in the commitment to patrons. The note is now hanging at my work desk to remind me of the impact of customer service on clients.

Wendy van W │ 05/21/2011

Thank you! I am happy to be part of the Zappos Family. I enjoy shopping for shoes because it is difficult for me to shop at local stores because of having to use a walker. Also my shoes size: 5 med isn’t easy to find. Your online assistance is great.

Andrea P │ 05/21/2011

Zappos is absolutely the best online retailer I have ever worked with! I have had many fabulous Zappos experiences over the past few years. But, this last one was so incredible that I felt I had to share it as a way of saying thank you. They fixed my mistake and saved the day! I am a VIP customer but I accidentally went through the regular website. I ordered shoes at the last minute for my son and I for an event we were going to out of state. I expected my shoes would arrive in one day but they did not because I did not order them with my VIP status (I thought they would arrive on Thursday and we were leaving first thing Friday for the trip). I spoke with Erica and she tracked down my shipment that night and re-routed it to the hotel we were going to. She could not have been any nicer or more helpful (Zappos team I hope when you read this, you will give her some recognition!) In fact, she called me back at exactly the time she said she would and gave me an update on the status of the order. My shoes were waiting for us at the hotel the next day when we checked in and my son and I did not have to party bare foot!

Tracey from Marblehead MA │ 05/21/2011

The best costumer service, very nice people. Every store on line should take notes.

George │ 05/21/2011

I just wanted to say "thank you" for the great service that you provide. That's the reason I come back to Zappos. Thanks for the shipping upgrade. I actually had a free shipping coupon for the crocs web site, but decided to order through you because of your great service and the shipping upgrade.

Vanessa H from Odenton MD │ 05/21/2011

Jumping up and down with the news my sandals are arriving way sooner than expected. Your lovely gesture can not be ignored. A standing ovation saluting to you all!

Jeanne W from Fairfield CT │ 05/21/2011

I've been a customer of Zappos for several years and have been utterly delighted with my purchases - and this is another compliment. My oldest son needed some pants - he was down to a single pair of Levi 510 Super Skinnies and dragged me all over the place on Saturday, looking for the jeans, which we didn't find (although he did find a gigantic KitKat at Walmart). Well, we found them on Zappos (thanks to dopey Mom's suggestion), and I ordered him a pair on Saturday night, half asleep. I told him that he'd probably have them Tuesday - thanks to Zappos VIP. Well, as of Monday, 6 PM EST, he now has two pair of jeans - the awful purple ones, and the new ones that Zappos magically shipping on Sunday and we got them Monday pm. Now, just so you know, my son now thinks I'm wonderful because I checked on Zappos, and got him a pair of Levi 510 Super skinnies, so he can look totally cool (and weird - tattoos and those super skinnies seem to go together...). We'll be ordering again within a week or so - the next ones are on him, not me (and he still has to pay me for his car insurance), but he's now a Zappos believer. Thank you - I was sooooo tired of seeing him those purple jeans...xoxo

Rebecca T from Denville NJ │ 05/21/2011

I just received my most recent purchase and simply wanted to thank you and more. Your company never fails to exceed my expectations. I do not know how you do it so consistently, but doing business with you makes me so very happy. I cannot tell you the countless number of people I have recommended to shop with you and all are so very pleased. You are simply "the best people serving people best", in my opinion. I have never met by telephone when necessary such outstanding humans who are so impressive with your authentic and genuine great service.

William M from Pasadena CA │ 05/21/2011

I called to check on an order to make sure it was shipping correctly. I want you to know how happy I am that you now offer clothing as one of your selections!

Judith R from New York NY │ 05/21/2011

I wanted to write because I am sure you hear complaints more then praise. I wanted to hopefully write one letter that may brighten an employee's day versus everyone else who may ruin it. So I wanted to say why I always chose Zappos over a competitor. Shipping. 99% of the time that I have ordered from Zappos, I was upgraded to next day shipping. I know that is an expense incurred on your behalf, but it does mean a lot to the consumer to have a producer give something to the consumer, at no extra cost, and to our benefit. I have always referred friends to Zappos and one of my main reasons is - 99% time they auto upgrade you to over night shipping! The shows in this current order I was able to purchase from roadrunnersports.com for about $65 with my VIP benefits I have with them, but I instead preferred to pay the extra $10 because of the experience I receive with Zappos. I have had an issue or two once a while back, but customer service ALWAYS stepped up to make me happy again. The only potential concern I would EVER say is that some types or styles of a show are not here. That happens so VERY rare though. I am hopping to one day soon buy some running socks or shorts from you. Sad to say, I am on student loans and have very few $$$ to play with. I hope this message makes the reader smile after potentially reading a hostile letter from some one else. There are a lot of people out there who just love to complain, but very few who like to praise.

Mike C from Wilmington, DE │ 05/21/2011

Just to let you know that you all do an outstanding job of exemplifying your company logo. Powered by service--indeed you are--and we will continue patronizing you because of it. Thanks for setting the bar where you do--and keeping it there!

Elizabeth C from Berthoud CO │ 05/21/2011

I must say your company has simply blown me away each and every time I have ordered through you! I have never, ever experienced such top notch service as I have doing business with you. Not only are your prices unbelievable, the service you provide is second to none. Believe me, I speak about my wonderful experience with you folks all the time! Thank you for a job well done, each and every time! Consistency is a sign of a business doing it right.....you have it right, and more companies should mirror you.

Colleen F from Whitesboro NY │ 05/21/2011

I just wanted to let your customer service team know that I am a brand new customer to Zappos, and I am completely blown away by the quality of your service, the friendliness of your staff and the efficiency and convenience of your ordering process! I got my package yesterday (overnight shipping!) in time for our vacation. You made it so easy. Thank you! I do so much of my shopping online...from ordering jewelry and gifts at Tiffany.com, furniture at CrateAndBarrel.com to groceries at Safeway.com and by far, your customer service was unbeatable! I am now a Zappos convert and plan to place another order today :-) So thank you for doing such a great job. This is the first time I've ever written to a company before but I just had to do it to let you know how happy I am with your service!

Ephraim C from Sunnyvale CA │ 05/21/2011

I just wanted to write to tell your company that you guys are fantastic to work with. I love ordering from Zappos. The customer service you guys provide is second to none. I work in sales and deal with vendors daily and there are some really terrible companies out there. I just wanted to take the time to say that your service, communication and realiability are so appreciated. Keep up the great work. I will be a lifelong customer.

Marguerite R from Tallahassee FL │ 05/21/2011

I purchased two raincoats for my twin grandsons. I waited until the last moment to order them but still had them in time for their birthdays. The free overnight shipping is what enticed me to buy from Zappos. I had already known the name Zappos before this. I met the UPS truck often at work and there were always Zappos boxes on the truck to be delivered. I asked our UPS man what that was and he told me to go to Zappos.com. Maybe Zappos owes him a commission! So, combined with the quick delivery and known name, I purchased without worry from Zappos. When the raincoats arrived at my daughters house, the boys were delighted to get such adorable frog and monster coats. The delivery directly to their house also took the decision of who gets which raincoat out of my hands. They have worn them a number of times now and we love them. I would definitely recommend Zappos to everyone.

Patricia H from Bernville PA │ 05/21/2011

Zappos is GREAT at the "returning process"!!! I put the above mentioned jeans in with two other returned items (and the proper return papers) and they processed the return, NO PROBLEM!!!

Anonymous │ 05/21/2011

I seldom have the time and opportunity to shop in stores but sizing for clothes and shoes is so inconsistent. Zappos, with its policy of free shipping and return, is God-sent. Love this company. Love the shoes too. Gorgeous but comfortable - a rare combination.

Anonymous from New Jersey │ 05/21/2011
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