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Just wanted to let you all know that of all the places I have ever shopped online, Zappos is number one. I have had nothing but wonderful experiences when calling for assistance with orders, returns, or questions. Orders arrive at lightening speed, returns go quickly, and I have even gotten pre credits on pending returns. The customer service people are next to none! You should all be proud of the job you do.

Jan W. │ 06/13/2011

I just had to write to say you are the best company I have ever done business with. I am 58 years old and lived during a time when customer service meant something. My first job was as a bank teller. When I was trained I was told there is a bank on every corner so the only thing that separates this bank from any other is our level of customer service. I've lived by that standard with every job I have ever had. In a time when most companies do all they can to avoid serving their customers, Zappos is the exception to the rule. Your company is a true breath of fresh air. You put a smile on my face when I recently purchased two pairs of shoes for my daughter for her birthday. Unfortunately, they did not fit. She was so disappointed. I thought for sure there would be some lengthy return process that would keep my daughter from having her new shoes for a few weeks. What a delightful surprise to find them on their way after a brief and pleasant phone call with one of your friendly customer service representatives. Thank you so very much Zappos for giving me a stress free experience. You have a customer for life. Most sincerely,

Elizabeth A. │ 06/12/2011

The first time I purchased from Zappos a few years ago I had a pair of sandals sent to my daughter in CA for her birthday. I woke up the next morning to the realization that I had them sent to her previous address (she had moved many times). I contacted Zappos hoping I could change the address but your excellent service beat me to it and they were on their way. I will never forget how over-the-top helpful your staff was. The person I spoke with offered to send out another pair at no charge. I thanked her profusely and told her we would retrieve the initial pair and send them back and was told not to worry about that! I have NEVER EVER experienced that kind of service before anywhere. I have told so many people this story bragging about your above and beyond service; I still do, that is the impression it made on me. I will never purchase shoes online anywhere else. I purchase my own shoes from you and my daughter looks forward to continuing gift packages or gift cards from Zappos every birthday and Christmas. Oh, my daughter did go over to her prior residence to retrieve the mis-sent sandals and the woman who came to the door was wearing them! Thank you again not only for your service but for the caliber of your staff.

Diane V. │ 06/12/2011

Words cannot express my shock and delight in receiving your magnificent flowers and balloon today congratulating me on becoming in less than 4 mos. a grandma!!! You are too kind and adorable you Zappy Zappos friends. Thank you w/ all my heart!!!! Orange is my favorite color for flowers--you nailed it ---This was so lovely and expensive and shame on you for spending so much $$ on a sweet hard to fit shoe girl!

Jan T. │ 06/11/2011

Dear Zappos and the Zappos Customer Loyalty Team, I have a confession to make. I recently went to a sports shoe store to try on a pair of shoes. They had my size but not the style. Instead, we ordered them. I knew this was a mistake not to go with Zappos.com but I did it anyways. It cost me extra and it has taken about 5 days. I would like to apologize for ever going with another shoe service provider, especially a shipping service. It has been laughably terrible compared to my previous experiences with Zappos.com. Over the last 5 years, I have ordered a large number of shoes with Zappos.com and always been impressed with service, price, and shipping time frame. I am writing this letter as both an apology and thank you to the staff at Zappos for having such amazing service. I look forward to my next purchase with Zappos.

Travis F. │ 06/10/2011

Dear Zappos: I bought shoes, returned them, and bought and received a different pair, all in three days. And the phone experience with all your people was absolutely the finest. I tell everyone that LL Bean and Zappos have the best phone people by far and you continue to dazzle. No problem is too big; on my first order the associate even rushed to take care of the financials quickly because the inventory only showed one or two of my item in stock and she wanted to be sure I got them. I have a size problem, and I am amazed at what you seem to have to fit me. I don't mind paying more, because in the end, it's less hassle and more pleasant that shopping at retail. Keep up the great work. You set the customer service bar very high, and seem to have fun while you're at it.

Dave R. │ 06/09/2011

I am a loyal reader of your blog and felt that I had to write to you about my experience. I have a tendency to expect a certain level of customer service from a company, whether it be online or a standard brick and mortar. Unfortunately, over the years of dealing with customer service reps and company policies, that level of expectation has dropped to sub-standard levels. This is why I felt that it was so important to contact you about the superior customer service that I received. I have been a customer of Zappos for what must be over 10 years. Every transaction has been nothing but pleasant. They were purchased by Amazon awhile back (as reported by you) and I have yet to notice any change in their day to day operation. I have always bought the same brand shoes (DC) and the same size (13). Just like always, I placed my order and waited for the mail fairies to work their magic to get my shoes to me. Did I mention the free shipping? Yup, free. Imagine my surprise to find my shoes on my doorstep, just over 12 hours from placing the order online!! Free overnight shipping, incredible. Now for the bad news. My standard shoes didn't feel just right. I figured they just needed to be broken in. So I wore them. And wore them. And wore them. Inside, outside, ballpark, work, everywhere! My poor feet were not happy. I finally gave into the conclusion that I was refusing to accept. They didn't fit. What to do? I wore them outside, so I can't return them right? I contacted Zappos via live chat and talked to a wonderful rep. She told me that not only would they extend the courtesy of returning the shoes, but they would send me a different pair in exchange. Still free shipping!! Awesome. So there I am sitting there completely pleased, having just been given everything that I wanted. I asked them how to return the non-fitting shoes, and she said not to worry about returning them. She asked that I donate them to someone or someplace that could use them. So let me get this straight, on top of the best customer service ever, Zappos is now doing their part for my local community? Outstanding. Zappos is clearly built on a solid foundation with a clear focus on customer satisfaction. I can only hope they reap the benefits of the seeds they are planting, because they deserve it! Thanks for reading. A Zappos customer for life,

Jeff T. │ 06/08/2011

Thanks, you guys are fantastic. It took only one; yes one experience with you guys and I always check you first. I don't think I have ever looked for some thing on your site and not found what I was looking for. So again thank you; your customers really do care how careful, quick, professional, and dedicated your team is to its customer satisfaction. Okay, I’ll stop kiss'n up, I know you guys have no control over the mail!

Heidi M. P. │ 06/07/2011

You guys rock! You upgraded my shipping and I was having such a crappy day and it put a HUGE smile on my face. THANK YOU!!! I'm so excited! I placed my order yesterday and it's en route to be delivered TODAY! Exclamation marks aren't enough to emphasize how excited I am!

Ana P. │ 06/07/2011

Hi Amazing Zappos CSR, I just wanted to write and say that I'm completely chuffed to have had such a wonderful series of interactions with your company, despite a series of completely-my-own-fault mistakes. I was looking for a new pair of summer shoes (PF Flyers, retro is cool) and found that you guys (and girls) had the lowest price on the web for the pair I was after. I read a few reviews of your site, which I hadn't used before, and found all of them positively glowing. I went ahead and ordered a pair of PF Flyer Center-Lo Re-Issues, and had them on my doorstep within three days (with standard shipping!). I promptly put them aside without trying them on (I'm the same size in nearly every shoe I wear), not planning on using them until summer. Mistake number one. Two months later, I pull them out, and lo and behold, they're a tiny bit too large. I quite literally rejoice to see that you have a 365 day return policy (for a college student, the price on some shoes isn't an expense you want to swallow - and with free shipping back?! AMAZING) and re-order a half size down... Without checking the shipping address. Mistake number two. I accidentally sent it to my old P.O. Box, which I no longer lease, and had apparently been in your database via your sister site 6pm. They went Return to Sender, and I was sure that there would be a massive ordeal of having to call and explain exactly what happened. Not so - when I recognized the error and went to check the account, it had ALREADY been credited. Third time's the charm, right? Double checking size and shipping address, I FINALLY got my shoes (with free overnight shipping - seriously, you guys are ridiculously amazing). The complete lack of hassle throughout all of this was awesome. I know I might sound like I'm blowing things way out of proportion, but enough time on department store and auction-type websites has dramatically lowered my opinion of what internet shopping could - and should - be. Buying from you was a breath of fresh air. Despite me surely being a not-ideal customer (two returns on a moderately priced shoe - ouch :/ ), I resolve to amend my ways, stop making mistakes, and drive as much of my (admittedly limited) online shopping your way as I possibly can. You guys rock, even though I'm an idiot and make silly mistakes. Here's hoping that every other email you read today is as glowing as this one. You deserve it. Best,

Eric G. │ 06/06/2011

Hi, Zappos! You are at the very top of my list of superb companies. In the year we've been together, you truly have made me feel like a V.I.P. I love the genuine enthusiasm of your sales staff, but many companies have that; you also offer excellent customer service. And your overnight or nearly-overnight service, at no extra cost, is without parallel. I buy many things via catalog and online, and I want to congratulate you all for the beautiful job you do of achieving the goals of your mission. Thank you so very much.

Judith │ 06/05/2011

Hello. Because good customer service seems so rare nowadays, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for doing it so well. As stated in so many reviews, your selection, free shipping, wonderful (and free) return policies are superb. I also love your auto notifications when shoe’s not currently in stock become available (and just ordered a pair because of a notification). Finally, I actually enjoy reading your emails. Whoever the author is, he/she has a wonderful sense of humor and makes your communiques fun and very ‘human.’ Congratulations on being such a great company. Oh, and by the way - recently I was in the shoe dept at a large store. The clerk there said “I always shop at Zappos!” LOL - Me too!

Judy R. │ 06/04/2011

Zappos service was absolutely excellent, as always. Don't know how you all do it. Cheerful, helpful, well-informed agents. Shoes arrived the next day even though I place my order by phone after your cut-off time. Thanks,

Larry S. │ 06/03/2011

I would like to comment on your customer service, your reps are truly the best. I was fortunate to deal with a woman who was kind, polite, and very helpful. She is the type of person you would love to say that she’s your daughter or wife. You have the best service I have ever dealt with; there is nobody that can come close to you. Keep up the great work. Thanks again,

Don │ 06/02/2011

Dear Folks at Zappos, As you may or may not know times are hard. My husband I agreed to try and keep spending to a minimum. Finally after 7 weeks, two days and 23 hours I broke. I quietly ordered two pair of shoes from your company. I have ordered from you many times so I took into account your speedy service. However, this time your service was ridiculous. I ordered the shoes on a SUNDAY, secure in the knowledge I would recieve them on WEDNESDAY: WHEN MY HUSBAND WENT OUT OF TOWN. Imagine my surprise when I got home on TUESDAY and THERE WERE MY SHOES SITTING ON THE KITCHEN TABLE. The proverbal elephants in the room. Sigh. What were you thinking? I can hardly enjoy my beautiful new shoes because of the reproachful stares of my husband. I blame all of this on your excellent service. Thanks. Sincerely,

Martha O. │ 06/01/2011

I had a wonderful experience shopping with Zappos! Your customer service rep., helped me and I couldn’t be happier! I needed my shoes immediately and she helped me get them! Please give her my thanks! With service reps like her, you at Zappos can not go wrong! Sincerely,

Amanda E. N. │ 05/31/2011

Hello! I just wanted to say how much I love you guys! In this age where nobody gives an inch you gave me a mile! I ordered and automatically got free shipping, which was then upgraded to expedited. I cannot tell you how I felt like a queen! I received the package from you guys, from the second I clicked the submit order button until arrival in less time than some places take to even think about shipping my items, which they charge for and it takes forever. I am SO pleased with you guys! I am now looking for stuff to buy just so I can get that queenly feeling again! I never thought of you first for ordering things, but I surely will now. This is not my first order with you or my first great experience, but I just couldn't stay silent with my joy and pleasure any more!

Yvonne │ 05/30/2011

Dear Folks, It's one thing to get great service as we have received from you folks regularly, but it's another for someone to send flowers to our daughter for her wedding! I had ordered one very darling pair of shoes for my daughter by Vaneli and then I wanted to order another pair with lower heels as back- up. After looking online with no results I called and a salesperson helped me find a pair with lower heels. She was delighted and needless to say we were tickled for her! You really do mean it when you say that we are VIP customers. Thank you once again,

Barbara D. │ 05/29/2011

I just wanted to thank you all at Zappos. You all make it easy to do business. I love that all shipping is free and usually your order comes way before its expected arrival date. Also, I love that you send me an email so I can track my order. I love Zappos!!!

Sarah B. │ 05/29/2011

I just want to say thank you. I love your website, the ease of your website and the shoes, shoes, shoes... Although you do offer many other products my favorite is the shoes. I know when I need something specific I will find it here! My husband knows how much I love Zappos. I even tried to go to your store in Vegas but by the time we got to stop by you had closed it. : ( Again, thank you for always making my shopping experiences fantastic! Kudos to you all at Zappos for doing a great job!

Yvette G. │ 05/28/2011

I would like to thank all of you at Zappos for your amazing customer service with my order. I have never had such great service all the way from the initial order to the return and fast shipping. You have made a customer for life from me. Thanks again,

Jena F. │ 05/27/2011

My day was brightened by your email about upgraded shipping! Even if it was a happy accident and it's shipping quickly by coincidence, I appreciate the email and the quick service. I am excited to get my daughter's shoes so soon! I will be a loyal customer; this does make a difference. Many thanks. :)

Carrie H. │ 05/26/2011

Hello Zappos team, I just want to say that the shopping experience at Zappos is really second to none. The number one feature that keeps me shopping with Zappos is the return policy/free return shipping. I feel confident shopping with Zappos. GREAT company.

Jennifer S. │ 05/25/2011

You have GOT to be the best online shopping there is. I have NEVER experienced such wonderful service both in orders and returns. ZAPPOS is truly my favorite online store!! Thanks for all the great choices!!

Kimberly │ 05/24/2011

I have never been treated by a company like I was treated by Zappos tonight. You sent the wrong shoes and I'm happy, because it gave me the chance to experience your customer service, which is truly out of this world. Please start teaching the rest of the world how to treat customers! You really are an amazing company... keep it up!

Nichele O. │ 05/23/2011
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