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Whoever runs Zappos must be a master of customer service and they were smart enough to hire and train you to do the right thing. I told 10 people tonight about your email and they will all become Zappos shoppers as a result. Smart business model. Thank you for the completely undeserved credit to my bank account and the membership with VIP service. Where do you think I'll buy my next pair of shoes????? All best to you and my best to the marketing mavens at Zappos,

Alison │ 06/27/2011

I would just like to say the person I have spoken with on the phone twice has been so very helpful, pleasant, and professional. I am telling all of my friends and family to use Zappos for excellent customer service, a rare commodity these days. Thank you very much.

Anonymous │ 06/27/2011

I wanted to let you know how GREAT YOU ALL are!!!!!! I have ordered several pair of Clarks shoes and have always received great service. I recently went on a trip and as usual I put off until the last minute getting ready. I ordered a new pair of Clarks shoes and they rubbed my foot wrong and had to exchange them. I called and spoke with one of your sales reps. He was very helpful and helped me pick a new pair and got them shipped to me before I had to leave for our trip. I wore the new pair the whole time we were gone and my feet felt GREAT!! I recommend you to all my friends! I love your company!!! Keep up the good work!!!! I will keep ordering!!!!

Paula H. │ 06/26/2011

Please just compliment the people who design the website - it's great!

Andrew │ 06/26/2011

Zappos is by far the best all around shopping experience I've ever had. You have phenomenal customer service. You have glorious shoes. You have a cute logo. I LOVE ZAPPOS! You upgraded my already several times to overnight shipping for free purely out of the goodness of your hearts. Thank you!!!! The shoe gods smile upon Zappos. Cheers, A Very Happy Customer

Anonymous │ 06/26/2011

I have to rave for a minute about the fabulous customer service I received from you all this week. I placed an order on Tuesday, screwed something up, and had to call to get that straightened out. The person who helped me on the phone was able to fix the problem quickly and kindly and I received my shoes the next day! It turned out that I needed to exchange them for a different size, so I called again, and was again helped quickly. This was after 6:30 pm last night and my replacement shoes were at my house today when I went home for lunch!!! That is some of the best customer service I have ever received. Thanks so much. And thanks for the VIP free overnight shipping. All this will keep me coming back.

Virgina D. │ 06/25/2011

To Whom It May Concern, Not only has your organization devised a method for harnessing raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, cream colored ponies, and crisp apple strudels; you also manage to capture doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles. All of the above you place in a brown paper package tied up with string. If that were not enough, said packages are then shipped via wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings. In doing so, you have come to be one of my favorite things. In other words, thank you. Kind Regards,

Gregg B. │ 06/25/2011

This is a comment. I will never shop anywhere else but Zappos. You are amazing! If there is a national award for online retail... Zappos wins hands down!

Sandy F. │ 06/24/2011

Zappos! I cannot believe how amazing you all are! Working hard to please your ever-so-faithful customers! I am constantly bragging to my friends about the extremely fast shipping and of course, free shipping everyday! Thank you again for pleasing me with my purchase! I look forward to shopping soon!

Carol K. │ 06/24/2011

I ordered Suncloud Tabby sunglasses (yesterday around 3 pm) because of your sale price and I know Zappos shipping time is excellent, but I didn't expect to get an email from you saying that you expedited the shipping and that I should receive my sunglasses TODAY! You guys are just crazy fast in shipping. And I really appreciate it, even if the sun isn't shining today in Boston. I also referred some friends to your site for Keen sandals before their European holiday. They were thrilled with the swift shipping and were excited to have comfortable shoes. I am a loyal customer and fan! Thanks again.

Jean H. │ 06/23/2011

I do understand this was a one time "courtesy" and will neither advertise it nor expect it ever again in the future. But I want you to know that these customer service gestures DO make a HUGE difference. I've thought highly of you in the past, now, I love you!!!

Mary S. │ 06/23/2011

Dear Zappos, I just want to say thanks for your great customer service! Your CS rep. was very helpful in processing an exchange for me, and fast, too! You guys are terrific! Sincerely,

Emilie W. │ 06/22/2011

You DID wave the magic wand! I emailed my order while in a cafe in the mountains. I'd been staying in a remote location and came in to town just in time to notice your email that my shoes had come in. I got the LAST PAIR in my size. I got home today and voila! here they are! How on earth did you do that? They were on my feet tonight! Incredible. By the way, I'm a psychologist and I teach "Happiness 101" to my class in the summer - it's a crash course in applied positive psych. I use a great video from my colleague, who uses your mission statement as a means to teach writing a personal mission statement. I have this fantasy that when I retire, I'll come work for you! Thanks again. You are so cool.

Michele │ 06/22/2011

I wanted to let you and the rest of the Zappos team know that I am so happy with your responsiveness to my complaint. I have since ordered another dress blazer and it arrived in pristine condition. It was shipped with unbelievable care, even hung in the box; I cannot express how much I appreciate the attention to detail. Unfortunately, the style did not work and I had to return it - I wish it had with all the care it had been packed! I will spread the word about the fantastic Zappos customer service team.

Marie │ 06/22/2011

I just would like to tell you that you guys have an excellent service! I had a problem and one of your CS reps took care of it right away without much trouble. I'm a professional cook and I always ask my waiters to find out what the customers are saying about my food. I'm sure you appreciate getting a compliment, too.

Eric C. │ 06/21/2011

I am writing to tell you that I have never found any service online as great as yours. I now tell my friends that Zappos is my ‘go to’ for almost everything!! Your service is so fantastic that going to my local mall to buy something takes longer than an order from you!! Your selection of items is awesome and if I can't find something I like from Zappos- it doesn't exist!! Your return procedure is easy and clear. I never have had any trouble with anything-if I have needed to call- your staff is lovely and oh so helpful. So- my hats off to you-in a world where service is everything... you get an A+++ from me. Thanks for all you do!

Sandy S. │ 06/20/2011

Thank you for one of the smoothest online transactions I have ever had. Your team was professional, helpful and an absolute pleasure to work with. Your CS team answered the 800 number on your home page and I had my issue resolved in less than 5 minutes. Your team sent out a new pair of shoes before the originals were returned so I had the new pair for the weekend. They also upgraded my account to VIP allowing me to get overnight shipping on all future purchases. I will say though that the icing on the cake was a hand written card I received from your rep in the mail this past weekend. I will NEVER purchase another pair of shoes from any other retailer. Thank you for your stellar service and know that you have earned a customer for life! Cheers!

Tony B. │ 06/19/2011

Zappos has been popping up under my search engines for quite sometime, but I never bothered to make a purchase. Well yesterday changed my internet shopping habits forever! True story. I was in the shoe store yesterday and found a pair of Joe's Jeans shoes with a ridiculous heel height that I had to have and they were color perfect to boot. Well, the lovely sales associate at the store did not have my size, but she diligently checked everywhere. NO LUCK. Sad but determined I got home sometime before 4:00 PM. I searched the internet for the shoe and BINGO! Zappos had it! The experience was like shopping nirvana. The speed of the delivery was mind blowing! I even entered in my credit card information wrong because I was so excited and a nice woman helped me over the phone to further process my order quickly. (Thank You!) She connected me with an awesome young gentleman whose name escapes me, but who customer service resonates with me at this moment as I gaze at my new pair of shoes that were delivered to me overnight for FREE! Zappos you are AWESOME and I am telling all of my fellow shopaholics to shop here.

Tina R. │ 06/18/2011

Just wanted to say you guys are awesome!! I recently ordered a pair of boots and you were kind enough to ship them faster than advertised and I had them in two days. Unfortunately, I was in a motorcycle crash and can't wear them just yet. I'm debating on buying the new Stetson Harness boot or waiting until I can actually wear them. I've ordered two pair of Stetson boots and have not been happy with them, but true to your word, you paid for shipping and promptly credited my card. I won't shop anywhere else but Zappos. Thank you!!!!

Rick │ 06/17/2011

This letter has been a long time coming, so I wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate your company. You should be so proud of your customer support staff! EVERY time I have called, EVERY person I have spoken with is pleasant, upbeat, seems to be happy to work at Zappos and they make me feel that my needs are their number one priority. I cannot tell you how rare such customer support seems to be these days. I do not know if it is the training received, the people you hire, or some other secret you have; just know it is noticed and greatly appreciated. Other companies could and should take lessons from you and in fact I have recommended to one company that I have been dealing with an issue for over a year now that they take lessons from you! Zappos has been my shoe source for several years now and will remain so. I tell all my family and friends about you. Keep up the sensational work! Sincerely,

Wendy C. │ 06/16/2011

Hi! I just wanted to share how pleased I am with Zappos. I placed a Father's Day order yesterday and was hoping that with free shipping the shoes would arrive in time. I had a call this morning, and my mom told me the shoes arrived today! She is going to stash them until Sunday, but I couldn't be happier with the quick and free shipping not to mention the price of the shoes was better than other sites I checked. Way to go Zappos. I'll definitely keep you in mind for future purchases when I need something fast and affordable.

Emily C. │ 06/15/2011

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing such wonderful service. I made the silly mistake of sending my package to the wrong address and, like always, Zappos worked their magic and had it to me in less than 24 hours. I really appreciate not only the solution to my problem but the friendly spirit that I always experience when I call the customer service team. Thanks for making shopping at my favorite ‘store’ even better! :)

Courtney N. │ 06/15/2011

Hello Zappos Team! This is the first time I've ordered anything from your website and I was more than impressed! The website was so well done -- I could move around on the site so easily; I never got frustrated and didn't feel like I was wasting time. I like that you have a sense of humor and keep me smiling with funny little lines like: Please save this email for future reference. It could save your life one day. Probably not, but it might. I can't wait to find other things to order from you!! Oh, and I'll be telling everyone I know that they should order things from you, too!

Michelle B. │ 06/14/2011

I wanted to tell zappos it was a pleasure and delight to be served by one of your customer service reps. She was my online chat representative. Even though Zappos did not have my size in the Soft Style espadrille peep toe shoe she extended a search to other website for availability. Her customer service skills were proactive and efficient. It was a fresh of breath air to have such excellent service. Zappos should be proud to have an employee like her on their team.

Tamika │ 06/14/2011

Hello, I am writing in regards to my fantastic customer service experience today. Today I spoke with a customer service rep. in regards to making a return on a pair of shoes for work. I have to say that it has been a long time since I've enjoyed speaking with someone involved with customer service and she impressed me on all levels. Her enthusiasm, kindness, and ability to help me out knocked my socks off! With team members like her, I can see why your company is enjoying so much success. You have earned my business for life and I will be sure to share my experience with my friends, family, and coworkers here at my airline. Please pass on my gratitude to her and her supervisor and thank you!

Krista K. │ 06/13/2011
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