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I would just like to say the person I have spoken with on the phone twice has been so very helpful, pleasant, and professional. I am telling all of my friends and family to use Zappos for excellent customer service, a rare commodity these days. Thank you very much.

Jean │ 07/04/2011

I placed my order yesterday for two pairs of shoes. I was surprised to see that my order had shipped the same day I placed the order. I received my order in less than 24 hours of placing the order. I wanted to say what an outstanding job your company did with my order. I was very pleased with my order and customer service that I received. I will definitely be ordering again!

Jennifer J. │ 07/03/2011

I just wanted to say "Thank You" for the great service and products. If I need shoes or anything else, I look here first. And I love the free overnight shipping! I plan on shopping with you for a long time! Thank You again.

Lindsay A. │ 07/03/2011

Can I just say how easy Zappos makes life? I ordered shoes and a purse... loved the purse, shoes didn't fit. :( I had a return label printed out in minutes and the package back at the UPS store in an hour. Can you guys make life any easier???? I am bummed about the shoes but will definitely keep using Zappos in search of the right ones (bridesmaid’s shoes). Thanks Zappos!

Katy B. │ 07/02/2011

I ordered my shoes yesterday - on July 4th - and I'm receiving them today. Come on. How great is that! I'm always impressed with your great customer service.

Peter G. │ 07/02/2011

Thank you for the excellent customer service!! I was surprised to see that I when I placed an order on Saturday, you said it will be shipped immediately and I already received it today. I ordered the Athalon Double Decker Duffle bag, which we love. Very high quality. Thank you again!! Marie H. P.S. the UPS man said that was the largest box of shoes he has seen yet. :) I then informed him that you sell so much more than just shoes.

Marie H. │ 07/02/2011

I just wanted to take a few minutes out of my day to tell you how much I enjoy shopping with Zappos. I absolutely LOVE your company! Everything from the awesome selection, great prices, FREE shipping and returns, friendly customer service reps, clean website, and fun culture. It is truly a rewarding experience. Zappos is #1 in my book. No other retailer even comes close to delivering the experience that you do. Thank you so much for doing what you do. You've got a life-long customer in me.

Bryan B. │ 07/01/2011

I know you are fast, but seriously! I ordered a pair of boots last night at 8:15 pm and they are arriving this afternoon. That is just so crazy fast that I can't even really wrap my head around how you do that. I live in a mountain town and it would have almost taken me longer to drive to Denver and back to get them - and what a hassle that would have been, never mind the cost in gasoline. Anyway, thanks so much! You are the best!

Michaela S. │ 07/01/2011

I'll try to be brief. My son was the victim of an unprovoked violent attack. He sustained various head injuries as well as many others and spent two days in ICU. During the attack my son’s Reef sandals were destroyed. I ordered him a new pair from Zappos. I know it will make a difference in the way he feels, strange as it may seem after all he went through he was annoyed about his sandals. I really could not afford to pay for next day shipping. I received an email stating the shipping had been upgraded to next day status. I called to speak with a customer service rep. to express my gratitude about the shipping upgrade and that this is one time that it will make a difference in someone’s life. Then to my amazement she asked the order number and credited my account the entire amount of the sandals. I never expected or wanted this, when I called I was expressing my gratitude for the free shipping upgrade. Thank you for caring and making a positive contribution toward my sons recovery. Mike K.

Mike K. │ 07/01/2011

I do not usually order by mail, but it was a delight to do business with you folks. The humor, the good service, I really enjoyed ordering from you. Thank you for making an otherwise kinda difficult thing for an old lady a real delight. I wasn't going to order as I thought I had to pay shipping, not only no shipping, but if they don't fit, you pay to have them sent back. Unbelievable in this day and age. Thank you again.

Judy V. │ 07/01/2011

Hello I just had to thank the Zappos team for yet again upgrading my shipping to next day, for no apparent reason at all! I love this company and will never use anyone else. Thanks for being amazing!

Carrie F. │ 07/01/2011

Wow. You even told me that you got it! You guys are the greatest! Count me as a loyal fan; I believe I'll tell my friends.

Kay B. │ 07/01/2011

Please tell your guys that I really appreciate them sending my Asics one day!!!! I ordered them yesterday and received them today and they feel great and I sincerely thank all of you for an unexpected and wonderful gift of one day service. Tell everyone thanks!!

James S. │ 07/01/2011

Thank you for your great service! Just started with Zappos and impressed with your desire to please the customer! Will be recommending to friends and family!

Janet K. │ 06/30/2011

I just wanted to send a note saying how amazed I am at your truly exceptional service. I ordered my items late yesterday afternoon and they are already delivered today! I work in the distribution industry and know your service is the level most companies aspire to achieve. Every time I order from Zappos I'm amazed at the speed of your order processing and shipping. Thank you once again from a very satisfied (and lifelong) customer!

David R. │ 06/30/2011

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy shopping on Zappos.com. I have been a customer for quite a few years now. I love the fact that I can find TONS of options in women's size 11! I also love that I can get my shoes virtually the next day. I have lived in New York City, Maryland, Chicago and Florida and I have always received my shoes the next day. This is almost the only way I purchase shoes b/c it's so easy. Thanks so much for the great service and now I've expanded to purchase a watch and handbag from the site as well. I haven't had the opportunity to utilize customer service, but that's because I am always pleased! Great job! Best,

Tekisha H. │ 06/30/2011

I am a first time buyer and I don't have a question. I just wanted you all to know how impressed I am with the company and level of service. Not only are you the only place who had the shoes I wanted in my size, but they got delivered the day after I ordered them! I will recommend you to everyone I know and will be making this my only place to shop for shoes! Thanks so much!

Jenna S. │ 06/30/2011

Wow! I ordered 2 pair of shoes (love 'em) yesterday and received them TODAY! I heard the doorbell ring; I'm thinking some friendly religious missionary, but secretly hoping it's a box of shoes looking for me. It was UPS, box-o-shoes and a sunny day off in Chicago. Thanks Zappos! It felt like my birthday! Thanks again to you and the warehouse folks who got these out quicker than (insert any inappropriate adage for 'fast'). You have always been good to me and I will remain a loyal customer. All the best to you Zappos peeps!

Renee G. │ 06/29/2011

Dear Zappos Team, Let's give credit where credit is due. You truly have the BEST customer service available in the world. Every company should follow your lead. Thank you so much for continuing your dedication to quality products and excellent customer service. Sincerely,

F. J. │ 06/29/2011

I want to thank you for writing back and again tell you how AMAZING and WONDERFUL you all are at Zappos. I think you are the model of how a business should be run, and kindness toward others should be given. You truly are all the nicest people ever! The funniest thing happened and it is a testimony to your incredible service and your OUTSTANDING customer service. I placed the order for the Fossil Brown Liberty Crossbody bag yesterday. This morning I got the notice that it was shipped regular mail and would arrive in one week. That is what prompted the e-mail regarding the overnight shipping you graciously, and so thankfully, gifted me. I also decided that since everyone at Zappos was so nice to talk to, I would just call and ask if my account had changed. That is when I spoke with a customer service rep. He was so nice! You are all SO NICE! Honestly, the world could take nice lessons from everyone at Zappos. :) Anyway, guess what arrived at my doorstep today. My bag I ordered... the one I just ordered yesterday! My husband and I LOVE your incredible customer service, but this one made us laugh. I just ordered the bag yesterday and it was at my oorstep today. Zappos, you are NUMBER ONE in customer service and products too. My husband hears how much I love Zappos... A LOT. I am always sharing with him my incredible Zappos stories and trust me; I have converted many, many people from mall shopping to Zappos shopping. When that bag arrived today my husband laughed so hard. He is now going to start shopping Zappos, too. :) We all know that you are THE BEST!!! Thank you everyone at Zappos who should be able to see my smiling face and shouts of joy when my items arrive. I honestly believe you are just as good as Santa Claus. I will definitely do my Christmas shopping with you next year. :) Have a wonderful day. Thank you Zappos team. You are THE BEST!!!! From a very happy customer,

Kelli S. │ 06/29/2011

I would hope that you would pass along this email to Tony and to the customer loyalty representative that I had the extreme pleasure of encountering today. In a world where the majority of the time I encounter crabby, rude, and uncaring people, today was extremely refreshing for me. It helped me realize that there are still sincere, caring, friendly people (and companies) that truly care about you not only as a customer, but a person. I have been on a ‘high’ for the rest of the day after my phone call with one of your reps. After a problem with US conversion sizes and Havaiana flip flops sizes, she not only wanted to do everything to rectify the situation with my order, but to correct the problem on Zappos end to prevent the same sizing problem happening with other customers. She was friendly, caring, talkative, and so proud to be a member of the Zappos family. So, so refreshing!!! Good old fashioned customer service and respect! I'm an old-fashioned gal who always dreams of living ‘back in the day’ where people treated each other with respect, friendliness, and a smile with a fantastic attitude. Thank you for being the company that hangs on to those ideals and not only appreciates your customers, but treats their employees as a true family! After our conversation I went to Zappos blog and throughouly enjoyed the videos, pictures, articles, and just seeing people who truly love their job, their co-workers, and just love life... period!! I wished I lived near Vegas, and just hope that I would someday be given an opportunity to work with such an amazing organization. I only wish there were more of your companies to help make this world a bit brighter, happier, and more giving! You have made me a customer forever and I plan on spreading the word!!! Thanks for the ‘WOW’ in my life.

Susan L. H. │ 06/29/2011

I want to tell you how wonderful all my experiences have been dealing with Zappos. The website is the greatest, and any dealings I have had over the phone with your personnel have been wonderful. I only wish the other companies I deal with were half as good.

Martha W. │ 06/28/2011

This was my first experience with Zappos and I am* so* impressed with your customer service… WOW!!! You guys are awesome and have just gained a long-term customer. Thanks,

Kelli D. │ 06/28/2011

You are the BEST to deal with. As the shoes ordered are for my granddaughter's birthday, having them ASAP will give us peace of mind. What a nice surprise to have them shipped SAME DAY!! Thanks so much. (Makes me wonder why it takes other companies 2-3 weeks, or more, to fill orders).

Jean S. │ 06/28/2011

I must assume the “TEAM” was responsible for my wife Nancy's birthday cookies! That was such a very wonderful thing for you to do! She had made up her mind that this was not going to be a good birthday. The years 30, 40, and 50 did not bother her. But, this was for sure headed south. Her sister (who Nancy worships) drove down from Maryland as a surprise. We kept that a secret and had arranged a party for her at our friend's house. When her sister walked out of the house with a margarita for Nancy she was absolutely SHOCKED! Her sister also brought Nancy a family heirloom for a gift that Nancy had wanted all of her life. So, the Skechers that I bought from you took second place. Never the less, Nancy's birthday was a complete surprise and the best she had ever had. And then... you guys sent cookies to her!!! That added to her thrill and was a complete surprise, also. It was one of the most precious things I have ever seen a company do for a client!!! It is appreciated from the bottom of both of our hearts!!! You are a great company that will be successful in everything you do in the future. Nancy and I are doing our part by spreading the word to everybody we know! We sincerely appreciate everything you have done for Nancy's birthday!

David M. │ 06/27/2011
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