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I know that my shipping was upgraded complimentary, based on your customer service email I received, but I wish to say how amazed I was to receive my sandals ONE DAY later! You guys have the best assortment of the biggest brands and do great service. Thank you!

Miles H. │ 07/11/2011

ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! Y'all are the BEST!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I can not tell you how excited I am and how thankful I am! Oh my gosh, you literally do not know how happy I am! I knew that Zappos was amazing but this is just crazy! Seriously THANK YOU!!!! We will forever use Zappos when ordering our shoes!!!!!!!!! I have never seen another company value their customers the way that y'all do! Thank you so much!!!!!! Thanks for understanding and thanks for being so gracious, y'all are the BEST!!!!!! This e-mail doesn't not even express my thankfulness to you! Thanks and please pass on our thanks to the rest of the company!!!

Kelly │ 07/11/2011

Just placed my first order with Z and must admit your company is way too cool. I think I will be a regular in the future and should have looked further on your site before placing the order - however, I will be back in touch soon! Just wanted to send a compliment in this non-friendly customer service world we live in. I truly appreciate the free shipping!

Paulasue P. │ 07/11/2011

Hola! So, I recently read Delivering Happiness, and since I believe, I only ordered one thing prior to the last couple orders, I thought I would order some shoes. Well, I ordered them Wed. evening and they showed up on my doorstep Thursday morning BEFORE 10:30!? WTH?! Ridiculous! Then, I ordered a Juicy purse, selected 2 day free delivery, and received an email that it was upgraded to OVERNIGHT and they would arrive Monday before 10:30!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!! I so wish you were in San Diego, I would leave my job of 23 years and apply in a nano second!! I love everything you stand for!!!

Ande M. │ 07/10/2011

Thank you very much for your acceptance and prompt action. Also, thank you for the website information. I'll check the website to buy shoes for my wife as soon as possible. I really appreciate your support and the high quality customer service. The first time I found Zappos, I couldn't believe this is in the states. I have never experienced high quality customer service, like Zappos. I hope you can keep this high quality customer service for a long time. I believe the quality level of Zappos is the no.1 in the world!! (I am a quality control manager for a semiconductor manufacturing company.) Thank you very much and Regards,

Tetsuo │ 07/10/2011

2 years ago my father was dying and my sisters and I were taking care of him at one of their homes. We knew he didn't have much longer to live and my sister ordered a pair of black shoes in anticipation of a funeral. He passed away and we went to his home at a different location. The shoes had not yet been delivered. My sister called Zappos and asked if the delivery location could be changed and explained her situation. The next day the shoes arrived in the new location. A few hours later the bell rang and a florist delivered a large flower arrangement. A note was attached… in sympathy for your loss, from Zappos. We were so overwhelmed by this show of generosity and kindness. The shoes are great, along with the time they arrived, the paid for shipping and service, but most of all, the true spirit of caring about the customer. I tell everyone I know our story and use it as an example of the best practice in business/life. Thank you.

Shelia │ 07/10/2011

I just want to thank you for the excellent service. I ordered some flip flops for my son (with the regular free shipping) and they arrived the next day. My son was delighted!! We received them quicker than if we had gone to the store. We will definitely order again. Thank you! Lisa E.

Lisa E. │ 07/10/2011

Yes, this upgrade does brighten my day. I have always counted on superior customer service with Zappos, and recommend your site to everyone I know. I can buy these shoes two miles from my house, but with your free shipping, easy return policy and professional customer service, I opted to save myself a trip and purchase them from Zappos. In addition, you usually have the sizes that are not in stock locally, such as 8 1/2 C. I will be happy to write a testimonial when asked to review my purchase. Thank you.

A. C. │ 07/10/2011

There's something wonderful about ordering something online, getting free shipping, and still having the product show up at your door less than 24 hours after you've ordered it! I don't know of any other place that does the same! Thank you so much! You will always be my first stop for online shopping!

Kaitlyn G. │ 07/09/2011

Just had to tell you that I received my shoes today - less than 24 hours after placing my order. I AM IMPRESSED! I have never taken the time to write to anyone after receiving an order. But your company has gotten it right. Truly amazing. And, the best part is the shoes are perfect. Thanks so much.

Phyllis │ 07/09/2011

I am SO excited to have bought from you guys - I know I can count on y’all to carry pretty much anything. No more driving, traffic at the mall, and wasting time looking. Everything on the website is all I need! I have never had such an amazing experience w/ Zappos. What a smart idea - I wish I could graduate from school already to at least apply for a job w/ you guys b/c what a great concept. The shipping has been prompt and so fast, and FREE... what an idea. I can buy seasonal items here AND stuff for the gym, pool, etc. Everything that I need is on this website, and free return shipping makes it even better (not that I've had to return anything yet). I just got my Nike shorts overnight so fast! I am so pumped; I just feel like I am running another quick errand around the house rather than shopping b/c shopping can be such a task sometimes. I will be a loyal Zappos customer b/c I am pretty sure I will not buy my shoes and gym stuff anywhere else except for this awesome awesome website. AND 24/7 customer service, chat, etc - just wonderful. THANK YOU for the easiest experience ever! Please don't lose the free shipping, ever!! (My only complaint: maybe some coupons for some things, like the insanely high priced Nike shorts I am such a fan of.) But other than that, I will not be shopping anywhere else except here. What's next on my list? A pair of Sperry boat shoes!

Lucy │ 07/09/2011

Holy cow, are you people super human or what? Just yesterday I received some beautiful nude pumps that unfortunately, were a tad bit small. I chatted with one of your representatives, and she helped me locate a similar shoe in the next size up (wide). There was only one left so she made sure that it got sent out to me right away (yesterday afternoon), telling me it would probably arrive on Monday. Well... lo and behold, it was on my doorstep an hour ago. The original shoe was here within a day, and one I ordered last year was here within 24 hours. I'm starting to think you all are located in a big Zappos blimp that just circles the US and drops shoes on customers' doorsteps - impressive! In all seriousness, I'm impressed with your business model, and as a person who is in the people business myself (a teacher), I thought you may want to hear it. Bravo from a satisfied customer,

Sherry H. │ 07/09/2011

I just wanted to say it is a rarity to find a company in the retail industry - or any for that matter - so dedicated to providing the best service possible. From your customer service representatives to the actual informative and easy-to-use design of your site, Zappos is the benchmark of efficiency, convenience, and service. I don't even remotely think about buying shoes from anywhere else. The fact that I'm even writing this is a testament to how outstanding this company is. I hate companies. They are soul-sucking money leeching centers of vacuity. Except Zappos. I'm a copywriter for a major fashion brand so I see it all the time. If you ever need a writer, I'm in. You guys rule, from the guys who clean the bathrooms to the women's merchandiser to the IT people. Keep it up. Also, can you all run for office? We could use your competency in politics. And it appears you are moderate, because you have shoes that are both liberal and conservative.

James B. │ 07/08/2011

Just received my order within one day! Thank you, that is great!! I will order again. You guys helped me out on getting a gift my mom's birthday on Sunday. Appreciate your website and your representatives.

Sharon F. │ 07/07/2011

Hey Zappos, I wasn't sure where else to send this, but I just wanted to thank you for your amazing service. Quite simply put, I've never experienced anything like it. My birthday was on June 21st, and you can bet I was surprised to find a card from Zappos in my pile of birthday well-wishes. I figured, ‘Oh, that's nice. They sent me a 15% off coupon,’ when I saw it. But oh, no. You can imagine my surprise when I opened it to see a hand-illustrated, hand-written card wishing me a happy birthday, with a $25 Zappos gift card attached. At the end, I was invited to call ‘if you need anything at all.’ I passed the card around the room to all my family members, who couldn't believe it either. Seriously, Zappos? That was amazing. Amazing. I used the card to buy a Patagonia backpack that I needed the next day (and how convenient, as a VIP I get free overnight shipping). However, I didn't decide on the pack I wanted until 6:30 pm central time the night before I needed it. I was doubtful that it would arrive in time. Once again, though, Zappos came through with a big surprise. It was on my doorstep at 3 pm the next day. One more time, I want to thank you for your incredible service. You've really made shopping on your site a genuinely pleasurable experience. More companies should operate the way you do. Thanks again,

Mike B. │ 07/06/2011

Zappos is my new best friend!

Marilyn R. │ 07/06/2011

5:20 pm, door bell rings, UPS at the door with my shoes. Did you have someone personalty handle my order? What great service. Vitamins I took yesterday haven't kicked in yet and I'm wearing my new shoes. No wonder you guys are Number ONE.

Patricia K. │ 07/06/2011

A million "thank you's" for your absolutely outstanding service!! Love, love, love the shoes - and your customer service!! Can't be beat!! I am not kidding… I know who has good customer service and who does not - and yours in way above anyone else!! The best!! Thank you again!!

Carol A. N. │ 07/05/2011

You guys (and gals) are fantastic! What an absolutely unbelievable company you have. I don't think there is any reason to buy shoes in a traditional shoe store or mall any more. Thanks for everything.

Bruce T. M. │ 07/05/2011

Thank you! I love your company and plan to use it more… It's awesome!

Patty S. │ 07/05/2011

Zappos is the best company in the world! You make the life of a busy, working full-time outside the home, mom-sister-wife-volunteer-daughter-etc. easier than I can articulate. Thank you for understanding and helping me.

Shruti M. │ 07/05/2011

Dear Zappos, I love you. Plain and simple! I began working a fast-paced, on your feet and constantly moving retail position last week. After trying out three different pairs of shoes I currently own, I was left with two feet covered in painful blisters and feet so sore they were nearly numb. The problem is that we're required to dress ‘casual’ despite the pace of the day. I knew I had to buy new shoes ASAP. I hemmed and hawed about buying new ones because I knew I needed more support but something cute, and I have a pretty tight budget at the moment. (Hello, college loans and a minimum wage job! Plus, medical bills out the wazoo due to an unexpected fight with cancer at 23-years-old! Man, life can really stick it to you sometimes, you know?) I found a pair of Skechers on your website, and they were even on sale! I was sucked in by the free shipping. LOVE free shipping! It gets me every time. Plus, the free returns! Oh, man. I ordered late last night around 1AM. I figured if I got my order in quickly, I may get them soon. I work again on Friday afternoon, but I was sure I wouldn't get them until next week. Imagine my surprise when I wake up to a shipping notification! I excitedly clicked the tracking though I doubted there would be any information. Then, the best news of the morning: they were out for delivery! OUT FOR DELIVERY! I have never, ever, in a long history of online shopping, had a business ship my order so quickly. I know it partially depends on location and the carrier service, but the first step is packing it and getting it out there. Zappos, I am so happy right now. My feet thank you! I've told everyone about the incredible shipping and service I've received from you. I will absolutely be shopping with you again, and I'm recommending you to all my friends and fam.! I apologize for the length, but I wanted to make sure you know just how amazing I think you are. Stay fabulous!

Jessie │ 07/05/2011

Zappos, I got shoes that I ordered within 24 hours; they were received prior to me seeing the email showing the tracking number. You are efficient! Thanks,

Johnny │ 07/05/2011

Hi Zappos, Just wanted to send you a note of thanks for your great customer service and wonderful shipping. I just got my order and I can't believe how quickly it arrived. I ordered something from another store and that was 2 weeks ago and I still don't have it! I am going to shop Zappos first, always.

Gail H. │ 07/04/2011

I love Zappos. It's the only place I buy shoes (I'm very hard to fit--nobody carries my size). I've been a customer for about 6-7 years. Thanks for being there. Thanks for the shipping upgrade!

Iris H. │ 07/04/2011
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