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I wanted to let you know what a great job Zappos is doing! My fiance and I are preparing for a small wedding in VEGAS and the shopping, shipping and returning has been crazy, but Zappos has made it fun and so so easy!! I used to be a devoted shopper at a competitor’s site, but I think Zappos has taken its place. So much better!!! I have seen news pieces on Zappos and the corporate culture they encourage and I think it's awesome and it shows! If Zappos ever allows a merchandising position filled by a person working from out of the office, let me know! I'm your gal! Tons of retail/merchandising experience!!! I wish more companies would use Zappos as their model for doing business. Keep up the great work!

Lesley H. │ 07/18/2011

First: You guys are AWESOME! I cannot remember the last time I received such great response time and helpful customer support in my attempts to successfully print a UPS return merchandise label. Well, this is my first order with Zappos, so my surprise with Zappos' customer service is understandable. Second: Multiple attempts were made using PCs... all unsuccessful. I tried from home with my Mac - success. Cha-ching. Got my label and will return the merchandise when I return to work. I love my shoes and my shorts and, of course, my Oakleys. Will shop again soon. Zappos has the selection, the competitive prices and the kick-butt customer service. Thank you and have a great day!

John O. │ 07/18/2011

I recently ordered something and Zappos decided to upgrade the shipping to next day air, for FREE!!! I ordered some other shoes from another shoe store earlier in the month, and it is still in processing. I regret not ordering the shoes from Zappos. Thank you all soooo much.

Tyler M. │ 07/17/2011

Zappos - I love you! Best company ever. Best customer service EVER!!! I exclusively buy shoes through your company! It's so easy and quick and there is never any hassle!

Natalie M. │ 07/17/2011

Ordered sandals and they were too small. Called your 800 number and within 5 minutes you were sending out the new sandals NEXT DAY plus a free UPS return label for the wrong size ones! You guys just got a customer for life!

Wayne G. │ 07/17/2011

I can't thank you enough for having free shipping and free returns. I need to buy new shoes for my grandmother who is not healthy enough to go to the store, so Zappos is allowing me to bring the shoes to her to try on. At her age she can't just buy a pair of shoes, they need to work with her health needs as well. So thank you for being such a great company to work with.

Mike W. │ 07/17/2011

I am sure people tell you this all the time, but I am the pickiest and the most demanding, difficult customer. I buy shoes only at Zappos. I think your company is fantastic, best customer service, fast, efficient, friendly, accommodating, knowledgeable, and you really want to satisfy your clients. However, I hope you also make money. So the question is how do you achieve both? Profit and the best customer service? There has to be a trick... As I said to a CS rep at live chat- Zappos has to run the whole country. Best of luck to all of you, all your customers, I love you, and I love your company and admire your business sense!

Anonymous │ 07/16/2011

I am amazed by the customer service you all have. I called because I ordered a watch for my boyfriend’s birthday. I have been looking for months and went on your website and found THE PERFECT watch. It was pretty expensive and I needed it next day so I paid for overnight shipping. The next day I called and expressed my feelings of it going on sale the very next day. I was connected with a CS rep. and right away she spoke about the price match and agreed to do that, also she said since it was the next day that she would take off the shipping charges!! I was in shock by how nice and compassionate she was. This was a wonderful experience shopping on Zappos.com. It was my first and sure won’t be my last! THANK YOU ZAPPOS.COM!! You have made my weekend!!!!!!!

Chelsea S. │ 07/16/2011

I love everything about Zappos. My return and purchase credit were handled so quickly and efficiently. Thank you for immediately crediting my acct. Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the email banner for the credit at the same time I saw the ‘Received your return’ banner. Never have I experienced a shopping site like Zappos. Read thru some of your blogs and agree with all of them! Thank you again.

Cynthia B. │ 07/16/2011

I want to sincerely thank you guys for getting my order out pronto, at no charge. My daughter's current Vans tennis shoes are seriously falling apart, and we've been so busy with work and cheerleading schedules that we have no time to go out of town to shop for her favorite Vans. I turn to Zappos because I get free standard shipping, I save gas and time by not having to find a store that carries her size, and I will definitely continue to shop and recommend Zappos!!! I loved shopping here before, but when I saw this order has been upgraded to ship faster, that's the icing on the cake! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Tracy D. │ 07/16/2011

Thank you very much. Your service team is very helpful and the return policy, very generous. I will remain a loyal customer as long as you keep up the quality customer service. Thank you again,

Chelsea S. │ 07/15/2011

A few months ago I placed an order on a Sunday evening. Now given the typical level of service from most e-tailers these days, I expected the usual couple days processing and then ‘fast’ shipping. I was shocked when the package was on my door the next day at 4:00. It was less than 24 hours from order to arrival! Since then I have ordered several more items from Zappos and had similar experiences. Being in materials and logistics I greatly appreciate this service and how difficult it is. Needless to say when I'm looking for something I now go to Zappos first. Thanks and keep it up!

Logan │ 07/15/2011

I am a marketing professional-- specifically I help brands find their voice and shout it out from the roof tops... I use you in my line of work as an example of a brand/company that is so much more than the product it offers. Thanks so much for just being awesome. It’s not just what you do and how you do it, it’s the fact that with all that you truly do offer a great product. It’s beauty and substance. You guys are really up there with my favorite brands. If you started to sell groceries, my online grocery site would be at high risk of losing me... and to be clear, I am kinda in love with them, too. Anyway I never take the time to write brands, for good or for bad... I just felt compelled because you really are outstanding AND I know you love this stuff... so I thought it a great way to give back (aside from my extreme loyalty). Thanks for being you...

Josette B. │ 07/14/2011

Since the first time I ordered from your company I have been a fan. I was very pleasantly surprised when I discovered the boots that I ordered last night would arrive today! Whenever I find shoes or a handbag on another site that I want to purchase, I always check Zappos first to see if you guys have it, if you do, I order from you. I am, and will continue to be, a very loyal customer. I sing your praises to anyone who will listen and encourage them to check you out! Another thing I love is the many pictures and videos for products, what a great feature!!! Thank you for being a wonderful company to do business with!

Elizabeth G. │ 07/14/2011

Hi Customer Loyalty Teammates, I just wrote a review on the Clarks Fiddle Bow shoe. Then, I received a thank you note for writing it. It was MY pleasure and privilege to write it. I tell everyone I know to shop Zappos.com. I have never once had a problem, whether it be returning an item, questioning a sale price, etc. You are the best. Ask the owner to open up a satellite operation in New Haven, CT. I want to work with you! Love,

Susie │ 07/13/2011

I just want to compliment Zappos. I have placed many orders with Zappos and have never been disappointed. I love your website - it is so easy to navigate, nice layout and it’s awesome how you can get down to the littlest detail in order to search for something specific. Free shipping both ways - very nice. LOVE the one click shopping - once you are set up as a customer just enter your email address and password then ‘click’ and the order is processed. No entering name, address, payment information etc. every time. Your emails are cute and witty. It makes you feel like a personal friend not just a customer. Shopping with Zappos is really a pleasure - keep up the GREAT work! Thank You.

Mari Jo S. │ 07/13/2011

I do not need a response; I just wanted to make sure you were aware of how superior your customer service is. I am attempting to get an order from another company that I placed on 7/8, they do not respond by phone or email. TERRIBLE. So, continue your wonderful work, you are about the best in the online catalog ordering business.

Sena G. │ 07/13/2011

Just wanted to let you know my new Shape-Up shoes arrived the same day I got this email... thank you for the upgraded shipping to overnight! Found out that the shoes I had been wearing at work were not approved (even though I'd been wearing them there for almost 6 yrs.) and was told I needed slip resistant soles. So if I have to wear "work shoes" it's nice to have this option. The new shoes fit right out of the box, and for work shoes, they actually have some style. I wore them yesterday for what was supposed to be a short shift (4 hrs.) even though it's recommended to start out wearing them for about 30 min a day. And as luck would have it, my relief called out sick, so I ended up working for 8 hrs... and the shoes were as comfortable then as when I put them on at the start of my day. This is my first time wearing Shape-Ups, and I have to tell you they are way more comfortable than I'd expected. It took a little while to get used to the different sole, but like it's advertised, it's like walking on sand. And today I can feel where my legs and backside were worked a bit from the new type of walking, but I'm not sore. Your website is very easy to use and I'll keep Zappos saved as one of my "favorites". My only disappointment is that these shoes only come in black or white... was hoping that they might be in brown also, which I could wear at work besides the black. But thank you again for getting these shoes to me so quickly. Sincerely,

Chris K. │ 07/13/2011

I just wanted you guys to know I ordered my shoes on Monday at about 4:30 PM. The following day at my office, around 11:00 am, I checked my home email and there was the shipping information along with the tracking number. I clicked on the number to see when my shoes would arrive. The notice said they had already been delivered to my door. I was amazed how fast this was! I told my co-workers, and most of them said that was the fastest delivery they ever had heard of. BRAVO! I will be using you again and spreading the word as well. Thanks again,

Phil C. │ 07/12/2011

Dear Zappos tribe, I am sending this to you to thank you for the most outstanding customer service that I or anyone I've shared this with has ever heard of. I sent 4 pairs of shoes to my daughter in Chicago as a huge treat because I can't visit her right now - I'm in the Seattle area. Because she has moved several times (to very rough neighborhoods), I had you send these to a previous address. When I realized this I panicked. I called you and found out that the shipment was accepted by the new residents at that address. In a world where compassion seems scarce and "business" is just that, you did a most amazing thing. You sent a copy of the original order to her new address. Turns out, the new place is not secure (a mother's worry). So I jumped back on the phone with you and you changed the address to her work place, and she received the shoes there yesterday. My thanks are not enough to pay for your amazing generosity. But I can share the words of a very wise prophet; "... There are those who have little and give it all. These are the believers in life and the bounty of life, and their coffer is never empty".

Janiece H. │ 07/12/2011

I would like to let you all know of the excellent experience I had today with Zappos.com’s customer service. I ordered a sports bra which fit me when I tried it on and used it a little, but then when I when running it rubbed me raw. It was definitely not in returnable condition, but I called to see if they could help anyway. I first spoke with a very friendly and polite man, but we agreed that a female would be able to better help me. He transferred me to a young woman who agreed that the item was not in returnable condition, but offered to ship me a new one anyway. Wow! I didn't expect that! And she made sure it was the proper size and was super friendly. I want to let you know that I will be shopping with Zappos.com as much as I can and I will let my family and friends know how great the Zappos team was to me.

Jill K. │ 07/12/2011

Dear Zappos, I have to tell you I have never done business with a company that is so pleasant, prompt, and efficient. It has been my pleasure to do business with you. Thank you so very much for making my life easier. Sincerely, P.S. I love your joke of the day!

Ellen │ 07/12/2011

It is a pleasure doing business with you; you have a customer for life. Thank you.

Rick A. │ 07/12/2011

Thank you so much for allowing me to try your shoes/boots/sandals. I loved both pair of boots that I just tried, but I have very hard-to-fit feet and am very grateful for the many times I have tried different footwear and have returned them right away. You have the best selection and when I find ones that fit my bunions and are comfortable, I am extremely happy. You are a great company and I hope I have not abused the pleasure of trying different ones. I have kept quite a few and love them dearly.

Doris C. │ 07/12/2011

You are WONDERFUL! I ordered my slippers yesterday late afternoon and received them today at 1:00 pm. What service!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Linda B.

Linda B. │ 07/11/2011
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