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I really wanted to send an e-mail to let you know how pleased I was with my Zappos purchase. I have purchased from Zappos before, but this time it exceeded expectations. I ordered my item on Friday and received them Monday. That was with free shipping! The shoes fit perfectly, and Zappos kept me updated every step of the way. I think that customer service is extremely important, and I don't think I could have received better customer service than I have with Zappos. I certainly know I will be shopping here over and over again.

Katie P. │ 07/31/2011

Got my shoes today. So surprised to see them on my porch when I just reordered them last night. Thank you so much! This pair fits. Will be shipping out the first pair tomorrow. YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS AWESOME!!!! Now I'll have shoes that don't hurt for dance class on Tuesday. Blessings to you all.

Carol W. │ 07/30/2011

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I wish Zappos sold everything; I would even buy my groceries there. Your service is outstanding! It's sad that consumers are shocked when they get good service these days, but I do think all companies should strive for service such as yours. I've always thought so! I have completed the survey and voiced the same opinion.

Ruba F. │ 07/30/2011

WOW! Thank you so much - I'm very excited to be a VIP - I feel so special! And that's so neat that you spell your daughter's name the same way I do - there aren't many of us out there! Thanks for sharing that little piece of you with me. I was so pleased this afternoon when I looked out my front door at 3:30 and saw my Zappos box sitting there - I just placed my order yesterday!!!! So incredible! I immediately put my new sneakers on to go to my 4:00 appointment! Thanks for always being so wonderful! I'm a Zappos customer for life!

Ashleigh D. │ 07/29/2011

Hi, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your service on my recent series of exchanges. My 11 year old son is growing so fast that I ordered him a half size bigger than his current shoe and it didn't fit. I went up a size again on the first return. When it arrived he was unhappy with how they fit still. Oh my. So, I ordered another size larger and wha laaa they fit and he LOVES them. Even tho you generally only allow one FREE return, you were gracious enough to allow 2 for FREE. Thank you Zappos for going the extra mile for me and my growing boy! PS: Read Tony's book Delivering Happiness, good stuff!

Sherie D. L. │ 07/28/2011

Dear Zappos, A quick note to let you know how much I appreciated your customer service AND your prompt delivery. Unbelievable! :) With everything being automated, computerized it was truly a refreshing experience of working with you. Thank you! A Loyal Customer of Zappos,

Ellen D. │ 07/27/2011

I tell everyone about Zappos! I'm sure I sound like a broken record. I've been a loyal customer for years. Hands down, Zappos delivers the best customer service. I happen to be a coach for my company's email team. I've shared a few of your company's emails as examples of friendly communication. Love you guys and the shoes are awesome, too!

Anna K. │ 07/26/2011

Dear Zappos, Thank you so much for your excellent customer service. I was amazed and delighted to find my shoes waiting for me less than 24 hours after placing my order. My wife was also impressed. She said she wished she worked for your company! As a small business owner, your rapid response is an inspiration to me as well. Keep up the good work!

John P. │ 07/25/2011

Hi Zappoids, I work an overnight shift, as a work-at-home project manager. Last night around midnight, I decided to place my first-ever order from Zappos. I ordered two straw fedoras (feeling especially pleased with myself that I got the last one of a certain style). When I checked my email a few hours later, the tracking # showed delivering by today, 10.30 am. Sure enough, I had my hats by 11am. Delivery in 12 hours - that is impossible to beat. I just got on the phone and talked to one of your customer service associates, who provided me with this address. She was ever-so pleasant and we talked about hats and how fast the Louisville shipping people get the orders out. I could not be more impressed with my first experience with Zappos. Everything I have read on blogs, like the Consumerist, indicate that my experience is not unusual. My only complaint, facetious though it may be, is that you are setting the bar too high for your competitors. And at this rate, I don't think they are even much competition. Whatever you are doing right, keep doing it! My experience with an order for two hats has gained you a long-time, dedicated customer. You can be sure my story will be repeated to everyone I know. You give me faith in the American entrepreneurial spirit, and if we could just keep growing companies like Zappos, I am sure America would benefit. My sincerest thanks to you for making my day. Oh, and the hats look great! You rock.

Mike B. │ 07/24/2011

We’re just amazed at how fast we got our shoes and the excellent service that Cameron provided us. It was our first order with Zappos and we couldn’t believe how fast we got it. We were very pleased and surprised. We just had to commend Cameron for being such a delight to speak with.

Clarissa G. │ 07/23/2011

I received my shoes this morning!! I cannot believe such fast service... I think that's a record for me receiving anything I have ever ordered in my 60 years of life!! Thanks again for making an old man feel like a kid again - by getting his ordered 'toys' fast... Rick C.

Rick C. │ 07/22/2011

I just wanted to drop in and tell you all how awesome you are! I am totally blind and use a screen reading software on my pc to help navigate the web so I can shop like everyone else out there. Well, some websites aren't very blind friendly and accessibility is horrible. Thank GOD that whoever designed your website did a fabulous job and therefore makes it real easy for me to navigate and shop perfectly on Zappos.com. I try to do almost all my shopping on your website or I like to call your VIP toll free number to ask further questions about an item. It's all good stuff. I just wanted to thank you for all you do!!

Ana P. │ 07/22/2011

I contacted customer service twice today and on both occasions my service was splendid. I just wanted to write back to let costumer service know they are doing a wonderful job.

Garrett T. │ 07/21/2011

I would just like to say how impressed and satisfied I am with Zappos customer service. I would say it is one of the best, if not the best, customer service I have received from any online retailer or retailer in general. The level of customer service anytime I have phoned, the friendly and professional manner of all the employees, I can't say enough good things about every aspect of Zappos that exceeds expectations in customer service. It makes me know I can always rely on Zappos and trust that I will get the best service. I will without a doubt choose to shop there for shoes (etc.) now and going forward over any other online retailer. And I also will pass along the recommendation to anyone else to shop at Zappos.

Kate R. │ 07/21/2011

I have been shopping with Zappos.com for around six years now and I feel that this is overdue. The customer service with this site is better than any other service I have ever used in my entire life. Because of this, and the banging prices, I will always shop at Zappos.com for my shoes along with other clothing. For example, I just bought a new pair of shoes and when I got them (like 3 days early and free), I realized I didn't like the brand. You guys let me send it back for free. I then ordered a new pair of shoes and got them the next day with free shipping. No other service is that awesome. Thank you so much,

Mike N. │ 07/20/2011

Once again, the Zappos team has exceeded my expectations. I ordered from you yesterday, late afternoon, and my product is on the truck out for delivery today. This is amazing!! I wish other companies would follow your lead in EXCELLENT customer service...

Jennifer T. │ 07/20/2011

FAN MAIL! I have placed 3 orders with your company within the past couple of months and I can't speak highly enough of your wonderful service, the products I have bought, and the operators who have handled my orders. I am telling everyone I know about Zappos! I just got the MOST beautiful Kooba handbag: delivered less than 24 hours after I ordered it. It is just gorgeous. Thanks so much. By the way, the UPS man had 2 packages in his hands: he said ‘That's for your next door neighbor.’ So you have fans up here in Somers, NY for sure! Fabulous service!

Victoria A. │ 07/20/2011

Zappos, you people are amazing!! I've been ordering from you for several years and am still blown away by your customer service in all areas! Sometimes I've even gotten my order before I was able to check my email to see that it was on the way! There are a lot of businesses who cave in, get too greedy, and stop thinking about WHO supports them. I won't name names, but your current shipping policies and service are what keep me coming back. I believe that when a business is doing something wrong, we have a right to speak up about it, BUT when they are doing something RIGHT, they should be applauded for it so Zappos, here's a big standing O for you!!!!

Shirley A. │ 07/19/2011

Once again, I jumped through 300 hoops to attempt to order two tees from another site. In the end, I just quit, but thought of how splendid your website is for usability, how wonderful your team is when asked a question and no codes or secret passwords or dollar minimums to get free shipping. I don't know how you do it, but you do it so well!! Thank the CEO for me if you can. And, hopefully, he'll thank YOU because you are the driving force behind Zappos success. Wow, I tell everybody about you. You are the greatest. It is absolutely killing me not to place an order ~ if my husband looks under our bed, with the forty boxes of shoes; he's going to divorce me, so one of you will have to rent me a room!! Love,

Susie │ 07/19/2011

I have to say, your customer service and prompt shipping of product is off the charts!! I placed several orders last night, not expecting them for a few days, some of them arrived today!! I was shopping online at another store (girls clothing) and paid (extra) for the 3 day shipping, they failed to mention that it would be 3 BUSINESS days. The superb customer service and shipping make shopping at Zappos.com wonderful!!

Pepron D. │ 07/19/2011

Whoever is running Zappos, keep it up, the best company, the best customer service, both; by email, phone, and chat. Zappos’ hierarchy has done their homework. Customer service is important. The most mundane thing can be the best thing that a company can work on. There is absolutely no apathy at all in your company. I wish I lived in Las Vegas, or Shepherdsville. You have a great company. Again, thank you for the best customer service, the best products. THANK YOU, Thank you, Thank you...

Debra R. │ 07/19/2011

I am writing to you because I have never experienced such wonderful customer service in my life! From now on, I will order everything from you. You really know how to treat customers, which is rare these days. The quality of the dress is unbelievable, too. It is everything you promised and more!!!! BRAVO TO ALL OF YOU! BRAVO TO ZAPPOS!!!! P.S. I already have the "killer shoes" and now I have the dress I have been looking for, for a LONG time!

Maxine S. │ 07/19/2011

I haven't provided specific product reviews, but wanted to compliment Zappos on the excellent service you provide. I've used Zappos several times in the past year or so. The ordering process is easy, the deliveries are VERY timely, and the products received have all been exactly what I ordered. I've only used the return process a time or two, more due to my uncertainty about what shoe style I wanted than any problem with the product, but the process worked exactly as advertised, i.e. easy access to the return shipping label, free shipping, very timely credit back to my account, etc. Your overall customer service is top notch, and I would recommend Zappos to anyone!

Anonymous │ 07/18/2011

Your customer service is excellent! When purchasing online, I feel the company is at an advantage when offering excellent customer service such as yours. The ability to order and receive an item the next day, as well as free shipping and no hassle returns are the keys to keeping customers. Appreciative customers, such as myself, will remain loyal shoppers. Zappos is a dying breed. Thank you, once again. Jill B.

Jill B. │ 07/18/2011

Hello to you all! I have been meaning to write an e-mail to you guys and say how much I truly appreciated the flowers and gift card sent to me about a month ago! I was very surprised by the flowers waiting for me at my local florist shop in my small town! Then to receive a gift card. I really appreciate all you guys do for your customers! You have been very generous. This is pretty bad, but, I have received flowers from you guys more than my husband!!! :-p Actually, I tell my husband not to waste the money on flowers (even though I still want them!). I appreciate hand-written notes better than anything! I always keep your guys' quirky notes and cards! I LOVE ALL the drawings you guys do!!! They are very good and help bring smiles to all your customers' faces! So, from me to you, I appreciate all you guys do. I would still be happy with you guys even if you didn't do this stuff! It would save you guys a ton of money! P.S. The florists were very interested in Zappos after they saw my online EVERYTHING company I shop through sends flowers to VIPs who really strive for being on top of their game! They have never even heard of Zappos! But I guess I didn't either until about 1 1/2 years ago! I definitely spread the word out about what an amazing online experience you guys provide! You guys have the widest, most excellent variety of things; it's so hard not to go on shopping sprees! So keep in mind, no matter whether I find someone who looks like they should shop at your website or whether someone likes something I bought from you guys, I really try to put the word out there for you! Thanks for all you guys do as well! Sorry this e-mail is so late! I have been busy painting, gardening, cleaning house, dentist appointments, and being busy, busy, busy!

Tara M. │ 07/18/2011
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