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I would like to thank who ever was responsible for sending the flowers and card during the loss of our loved one. The flowers were so thoughtful. I was really surprised to see it was from Zappos.com. I would also like to say thank you for holding my shipment until I returned home. I was so speechless and in tears when I read the card. Thanks again, P.S. My family thanks you as well. They too were surprised! We will make Zappos our online shopping store. Thank you guys so much! It was so thoughtful! Thumbs up! WE LOVE ZAPPOS.COM!

Christina P. │ 08/31/2011

I've always been happy with Zappos, but this time I around I want to be sure to let you folks know. I mentioned when ordering shoes very recently that a pair I'd ordered a year ago fell apart. Zappos responded right away and even upgraded my ordering status (you didn't have to do that). Then when this recent pair needed to be exchanged for a different size Zappos sent them even before I could return the first pair. Your service is truly wonderful! The rest of the world could take lessons from Zappos. I wish you folks much success. Thank you so much!

Terri E. │ 08/30/2011

OMG Thank you guys! You did brighten my evening! YOU guys are really pushing the envelope in excellence via the CUSTOMER SERVICE FIELD!!!! Unbelievable! Never have I ever received this kind of attention before! YOU have me for life now! And all my friends!!!

Carol W. │ 08/29/2011

Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for the little extra things you do. When my Dansko clogs fell apart, you credited my card without question, and now I received my new clogs in two days. Wow! You know how to run a business. And love is a nice touch in your correspondences. Love has so many meanings, but it always means that you really do care and I appreciate that.

Russell D. │ 08/28/2011

I just ordered another pair of shoes through Zappos, this time for my 3 year old daughter, not myself. I just want to convey my happiness with the experience. Your policy of free shipping is much of what inspires my loyalty to you. It makes such a difference to know that I can try a pair of shoes and return them for free if they don't fit. I found a pair of Minnetonka suede boots in a catalogue that I wanted for my daughter, but wouldn't order them because if they didn't work out, it would have been nearly $40 wasted. If you hadn't had them, I would never have bought them. Thank you for continuing to give such great customer service! The purchases I have made from Zappos over the years have always been perfect. You remain the only site I will buy shoes from.

Deana C. │ 08/27/2011

I am writing to tell you what a great concept on how you are operating your business. To my knowledge, you are alone at truly attempting to please your customers. I have talked many times to the “help” staff. I always get kind, helpful, people. And even if they are having a busy or hectic day, (which has never been mentioned to me) I am made to feel like they really care about pleasing me. Due to so many different fits on different brands, trying the shoe on is the only way a person knows. Now some web sites are copying your free shipping, I hear, but not both ways which is key to exchange and simply keeping customers. Having worked with the public many years, I know you hear lots of complaints. This is my attempt to let you know there are many satisfied customers who don't take the time to express it. I recently got my sister hooked when she found a shoe in wide, (like me) that fit perfectly. The only reason she tried was that she wouldn't be out the shipping cost if the shoe wasn't wide enough. Two last comments. I also have enjoyed your less expensive 6pm.com site. And on a whimsical note, your animated advertisements on TV are A HOOT!! I nearly laugh out loud at the disproportioned lady with big red lips helping a customer.

Betsy H. │ 08/27/2011

I would like to take a moment to brag on the customer service team at Zappos.com. I have bought shoes at Zappos for the past 6 years and have always been impressed with the service I have received. But this past April I had bought some shoes and they had a glue spot. I called late that evening and the very next day I had a brand new pair of shoes at my door step. I was amazed! The next week or so I had the shoes in my car ready to return to and some terrible storms were coming in so I decided to return the shoes another day. Most of Northeast Alabama’s power went out that evening and was out for nearly a week. I emailed Zappos from my phone in fear of the shoes being returned late because the Post Offices were closed due to power outage. Zappos quickly emailed back and told me not to worry with returning them since they were defective, just to give them to someone who needed them--which again amazed me that a business could be so generous. What amazed me the most and meant so much to me was that I received a hand written card from a Zappos customer service member a few weeks later saying they hope me and my family were safe and that the storms on April 27 didn’t damage our homes. I was blown away. It wasn’t an email, but a real card. I have always liked Zappos and recommended it to everyone I know, but I now LOVE Zappos! They are by far the best company I know of!

April M. │ 08/27/2011

I normally don't write emails to online retailers, but I just wanted to let you know how happy and satisfied I am with all my dealings with Zappos. You guys are the best by far. Please keep up the excellent work and you'll have tons of happy customers like me.

Saulo C. │ 08/27/2011

I just wanted to reach out and let you guys know that I have had such a phenomenal experience with Zappos. I placed my first order a couple of weeks ago and had to tweak some things (shoe size mainly) and every time I call, everyone has been so pleasant and helpful. They basically have this amazing ability to offer up things that I wouldn't even think were possible to make my day better and provide it. Today I came home from work and received a magic marker personalized card with a handwritten message and hand drawn picture from one of your representatives- it completely made my day, and was such a sweet gesture. You guys have already given me more than I could ask for and went above and beyond. So the scoop is this – I have a complete crush on Zappos--you guys are all amazing. I am so grateful to have found a company that I believe in and look forward to supporting you guys by singing your praises to everyone that I know and buying all of the things that I need from my new favorite online retailer.

Emily N. │ 08/27/2011

Dear Zappos, I would like to thank your wonderful company for being so thoughtful. When I ordered these shoes (which unfortunately did not fit), I shared with the salesperson that my husband had just died... A few days later, I received FLOWERS!!! I cannot thank you enough; it is/was a very difficult time for me, and the thoughtfulness of Zappos to do such a thing to a complete stranger. I will never, ever forget this kindness. It made me smile and maybe cry a little less. It has made me a Zappos fan forever, as this is a company with compassion. Thank you again.

Joanne I. │ 08/27/2011

Just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE Zappos! The ordering/exchanging/returning process is a breeze and painless. Plus, I love the funny messages in the emails, etc. Must be a very happy place to work! Thanks!!

Stacey S. │ 08/27/2011

Dear Zappos Individuals and Organization, I suspect you all hear this a lot, but I must say that you are the most responsive, fun to deal with, and customer oriented organization I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. I only wish other purveyors could adapt to your model and we would probably solve all of the economic woes besetting the country!! Thanks again.

Brad W. │ 08/27/2011

Dear Awesome People at Zappos, Just in case you don't hear it enough, I want to thank you for your awesomeness. I ordered two pairs of shoes yesterday morning at 9 am and got them today around 5 pm. Oh my gosh, it makes me wonder - do you have super powers? You must. The customer service from Zappos has always been awesome, even when I had to return something, your reps were helpful and easy to work with...which is rare because most companies don't ever want you to return anything. Ever. I figured the least I could do was thank you for your helpful reps, the people in the warehouse/shipping who help fulfill my obsession for shoes *really* quickly, and everyone else who had a part in making my day a little more super-fantastic today :) So just in case you don't hear it enough and because it's always nice to know when you're doing something right. Thank you!!

Maddie │ 08/27/2011

My items consistently arrive within a day or two, which is what makes this work for us. I hadn't been able to find a newly mandated uniform school shoe (dirty bucks) anywhere for my daughter in her size, and with the first day only 5 days away, I took a chance on ordering from you guys, knowing I'd have to get it within a day or two if I needed to change the size. You came through as always. I know you all must be working round the clock to make this happen, and just wanted you to know how much we appreciate it. Thank you!

Charles C. │ 08/27/2011

Good morning. Just a quick e-mail to let Zappos.com know that I think your company and customer service is second to none! I recommend Zappos.com to everyone I know. Every company should strive to be as good, efficient, and great to do business with as Zappos.com is. Thanks for being great!

Sergio R. │ 08/19/2011

I ordered my daughter a pair of Vans shoes and they were delivered in 2 days. My guess on her size was wrong. I was able to quickly locate your return policy online and printed a pre-paid return label and dropped it off at UPS, very simple, very easy. I also ordered her the right size and they were delivered the NEXT day, and I was no longer in the dog house with my daughter. She loves them, and believe me, it was difficult finding the shoe in her size, but you had them and they were cheaper than other websites. I had a great experience with you, and your website was easy to navigate. This kind of customer service will make me a returning customer.

Mindy P. │ 08/18/2011

I really don't have a question, just a few comments, if I may, I am really pleased w/ the customer service that I keep receiving, each time I call in, I mean I'm not hearing any sighing from the representatives that have helped me, no acting like I’m the dumbest person on earth, and no----- rushing me off the phone; I just love it, and yes, I am recommending your company to a lot others. I would like to say to the management team, thank you, for being great in teaching all the employees the skills they have (what I mean is, a lot of management, will talk down on their employees) and thank you for all who I've have spoken w/ each and every time I have called in, you all have really been the BEST!!!!

Tinsley │ 08/18/2011

You guys are the best. Best customer service, best prices on products, best web site, best selection, best satisfaction guarantee. I can't imagine why anyone would buy shoes any where else. Thank you for my lovely little e-mail this AM telling me my shoes are on their way. I sing your praises to everyone... really I do. I am your biggest fan! Hope you, whoever you are, have a great day.

Marjorie B. │ 08/17/2011

Just wanted to send y'all a message to let y'all know that I enjoy shopping with y'all SO much! My order is ALWAYS here the next day and it's always exactly what is shown on y'all's website! Thanks for many years of good service and many more to come!!!

Daniel M. │ 08/17/2011

You run an amazing company. I have ordered a few times from you guys and it is the best customer service and business I have ever dealt with. It is truly a pleasure purchasing from you guys and knowing I can trust Zappos 100%. Thanks again!

Gene F. │ 08/16/2011

Just wanted to send a thanks for the excellent service provided! I always recommend your site to friends, family, and co-workers. Keep it up!!!

Jennifer K. │ 08/16/2011

Dear Zappos, I love your website! I buy my shoes on here all the time. They are so much more affordable than going to the mall and I love how fast I get them! Every time I order shoes, the free shipping is like opening a gift from you! Thank you so much.

Audrey R. │ 08/15/2011

I just received a message that my returns are there and being processed, thanks! Please accept my word as sincere...I've always felt badly returning shoes just because I know it is extra work for you and to adjust my credit, etc. I appreciate your prompt notices, responses, and the way your staff handles any returns. It certainly makes it easy for me to tell others why I love to shop at Zappos and I always encourage them to place an order and see for themselves. Again, I apologize for returns, but it won't be long until I need to place another order. Congratulations to Zappos on your terrific service for your customers... the majority of catalog companies, major stores, etc. do not offer the quality of top customer service that Zappos does. Please continue with your awesome service.

Ruth P. │ 08/15/2011

I ordered Saturday afternoon, and my order arrived today! Thank you--that's some very impressive service!

Janet G. │ 08/15/2011

Thank you! You're the best customer service team ever!!

Marcia M. │ 08/15/2011
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