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I just want to commend you on your fabulous service!!! I have now ordered 5 pairs of shoes and had to return 2, and you have been wonderful!!! I get my shoes in so fast, and the credit on the return is very quick!! I have told many people about your company! I can't understand why more people don't take advantage of this very easy, wonderful way to shop, right from my desk!!! Thank you again!!!

Cindy S. │ 03/18/2006

I normally don't respond to these things but I just wanted to compliment your site. This is my first buy on site and I would not have even considered it if you didn't have the return policy. I bought a pair of boots and between all the info you guys provide and the comments, I was able to make a more informed decision then if I had been in a store. I really believe that. When I went to work to tell everyone what I bought I commented on this great online store and another co-worker piped up and asked if it was Zappos. So you are making a name for your self so I just thought to pass it along. Thanks for making my decision easy!

Rachel J. │ 03/18/2006

Hi! I just wanted to Thank you for your excellent service! Even with the free shipping, my order arrived in just 3 business days! These shoes are especially difficult to find and are for my daughter who has a serious foot problem. You really came through and we are grateful! Sincerely,

Dina M. │ 03/18/2006

I just received my shoes and love them! The delivery was so fast that I'm amazed and so pleased! Thank you so much...I will be back. -

Sandy O. │ 03/18/2006

I just wanted to tell you how completely and thoroughly pleased I am with the recent purchase I made from Zappos.com. Every single element of the process was fantastic -- great product, great price, excellent customer service and unbelievably fast shipping. Truly Zappos.com represents the pinnacle of excellence in e-commerce. I make a lot of purchases online, and while I don't normally buy a lot of shoes via the Internet, I'm going to start doing so now -- Zappos is that much of a pleasure to deal with. I want to you realize how valuable your superb customer service model is, and I sincerely hope you keep up the good work! I look forward to my next purchase. Thanks again for everything. --

Alex C. │ 03/18/2006

Let me just say you guys are the best. There simply is no other shoe store and service like yours on the internet. Over the amount of years I've been shopping your site, I have never had anything but the most amazing experience...even when something doesn't work out. I mean that return policy and pricing policy of yours is just unbelievable. and when the purchase works out and friends are envious of that last pair of shoes I bought (most recently, the black patent Pliner boots that had all the ladies at work a shade of green with envy!), Puh-lease...a smile with the new purchase is worn from ear to ear. I have sent and continue to send countless people to your site. It actually blows my mind when people haven't heard of you or shopped you before. I strongly discourage that behavior and encourage Zappos frequenting. In short, I just want to say thanks for being the way you are and for working the way you do. Everyone at the company has a lot to be proud of... you all work so well together and magic happens - above and beyond customer satisfaction every single time. Not many places can say that. All it takes is one look at your customer reviews or to talk to me to get that vibe.

Debbie R. │ 03/18/2006

Just wanted to say what a great company you are. Amazing prices, huge selection, and just stunning service. I can't imagine buying shoes elsewhere. and I tell everyone I know, you've got to check out zappos. Thanks for the great job all of you do. Best wishes,

Paul C. │ 03/18/2006

I just wanted to let your staff know that I am absolutely and completely impressed by your service !! I would not only order from you again and again...I have highly recommended your site to everyone I know ! Thanks again for your awesome service...keep up the great work! Sincerely,

Johnnie C. │ 03/18/2006

I am extremely pleased with Zappos.com. You have fast and professional service, a great selection and super fast processing and shipping. I am sorry I had to return the shoes, my husband thought they were a little too wide for him. I really enjoy your website and wish you success and luck in your business.

Sonia M. │ 02/21/2006

You guys are simply awesome! I'm telling everyone I know about your speedy shipping and even speedier customer service. You guys are the very definition of what internet shopping should be. Thanks a million!

LaDawn A. │ 02/21/2006

We would just like to say that you have the best website ever. You also have great customer service. My sister and I are on your site daily looking for great shoes. My sister bought some shoes from you about a year ago and they didn't fit and she sent them back with no problem. Ever since then we have been hooked!! The service that we both have received is so great. We have our boyfriends shopping on your site now. Hahahaahahahaha We will be online again on our lunch break. Thanks for the great Customer Service and great shoes. Have a Great Day

Teal and Nettie │ 02/21/2006

*I just wanted to tell you how happy I have been with all the shoes I have ordered from you. And how easy it is to return them…I love your extensive varieties. I have a hard foot to fit and have returned some shoes I have order, due to the way they fit. You never question my reasons for return and you always provide a prepaid return label. Just wanted to say thank you for your great service.

Joan M. │ 02/21/2006

You guys are just the best. I have sent so many people to your site. Just last night my mom and I were browsing your site for a good hour, because she's never been there before. Your customer service has made me a die-hard fan! I am a shoe fanatic and I browse the sale areas "to relax" and now have many more shoes than I would otherwise. Good for both of us! You are really doing something right!! Don't change a bit! Thank you!!!

Jodi M. │ 02/21/2006

Zappos, I ordered the Asics GT-2100 for my husband because he is having pain in his one heel. We had heard that Asics with the gel heel would provide him with relief from this problem. I went on line to order this shoe b/c we were unable to find a local store that carried his size in a wide width. We were very happy with the prompt delivery of our order. We especially appreciated the free delivery and free return offer. My husband likes the shoe very much and finds it to be extremely comfortable and light weight. We would definitely order from Zappos again if the need arises. Sincerely, Ruth and Charles M.

Ruth M. │ 02/21/2006

*Dear Customer Loyalty Team, What an apt name for your department! Since I found Zappos.com I don't buy shoes anywhere else - you've made a loyal customer of me. The qualities that have made Zappos.com my first choice for all my shoes are: * prices are always competitive and most of the time much better than other stores * most, if not all of the time, standard shipping has been free * easy to use search tools on the website lets me narrow down my choices easily * oh yeah, the choices themselves - if a pair of shoes exists I know I'll find it at Zappos * peace of mind knowing that I can return something if I need to * customer reviews provide useful information when making a purchase I send all my friends and family to Zappos when they need shoes and bags. Your service is exemplary! When everyone else is cutting back on service - look at airlines, for example - it's great to have one place where I feel like a valued customer each and every time. Keep up the great work! Sincerely,

Debbie R. │ 02/21/2006

Just wanted to say Thanks to CS for helping me return an item. This was my first purchase at Zappos and wouldn't you know it, I didn't like what I ordered. That was a bad thing, good thing, CS did a great job of helping me with the return process. Sent one item back while simultaneously ordering another pair of shoes. WOW!! These ones I'll keep. By the way, did I mention I am a CS Rep for a major Company? I truly can appreciate great customer service...You have certainly provided that and have gained a repeat customer. Thanks again

Tom G. │ 02/10/2006

You know, you all over there at Zappos never cease to amaze and impress me with your communications, your service, your speed...and of course your selection. I even like your customer service motto! I can't thank you enough for being such a reliable company with what clearly is a great staff committed to making customers VERY happy.

Lynn │ 02/02/2005

This was my first experience w/ Zappos and I must say that I was completely amazed... a company that actually provides value & premium customer care!!! I wish the rest of the world would take note of your example.

Josh │ 01/31/2005

I recently became a Zappos.com customer and you folks are the best. Your web site gives great views of the shoes and your shipping department is really fast and efficient.

Evan │ 12/28/2004
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