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Thank you for the reminder! You have the best customer service available--it sure beats mall shopping! I've recommended your site to many friends, and they can't believe your generous return policies! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making Zappos the great company it is!

Sherry K. │ 05/05/2006

I'd like to thank you for being such a wonderful and dependable company. I have recently tried other online shoe sites, and the result has been less than complimentary. I have decided that I will only order shoes from you in the future as I can rely upon you for timely and professional service. Thanks again.

Barb S. │ 05/05/2006

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I appreciate your web site. Your prices and selection are great, and you have a wonderfully liberal return policy. Also, I'm pretty sure that for every order I've placed you have prompt shipping, which for a shoe lover like me is like a little mini surprise party! I'm sure I will continue to purchase shoes for every occasion from you (as long as I can stave off the withdrawals long enough to wait for shipping instead of hitting Nordstroms!) for years to come.

Anonymous │ 05/05/2006

Good Morning, Well, Zappos has brightened my morning. Great shoes, great customer service (friendly, thoughtful order-takers and business policies). Your company is in the upper echelon for “all around customer service.” I am a BIG shopper (almost daily, to my husband's chagrin). I am keenly aware of company standards. You frequently see companies start out wonderful, only to plummet after the initial “honeymoon phase.” Please don't let that happen to Zappos! Keep shopping an enjoyable experience. You’re doing great! Keep up the good work.

Sherry H. │ 05/05/2006

Just want to say how happy and pleased I am with my order!! To say that I am impressed is an understatement. I received my shoes FAST and they all fit perfectly. Not to mention that the price is very nice too. Can't believe it took me this long to find Zappos! And the fact that returns are not a problem makes a big difference. The reviews are a wonderful addition. My first transaction with Zappos rates a full four stars! Thank you very much, I've found a new place to shop.

Anonymous │ 05/05/2006

Thanks for your prompt reply. The credit has been issued. I appreciate that you take care of filling orders and crediting returns prompty and courteously. This is why I would buy from you first and why I also recommend you to my friends. Other companies should follow your example. Thanks,

Lorraine │ 04/08/2006

Wow thank you! I am really very impressed and grateful for the help and service that you have provided! I really enjoy shopping with Zappos.com, and this experience has, even with the mis-shipment, been great, and very satisfying. You are definitely at the top of my list for purchasing shoes, for myself and for my family! Thank you for all you do, Michael G

Michael G. │ 04/08/2006

To whom it may concern, I was very pleased on how fast my shoes came. I guarantee that I will order shoes from you again in that quick of service. Great work. --------------------

Candi A │ 04/08/2006

This isn't a complaint, rather a compliment. I am going on vacation in seven days. As a woman who wears extra wide shoes, it is almost impossible for me to find any shoes that fit, let alone stylish ones. I spent a few hours yesterday in St. Louis (a 70 mile drive from my rural home) fruitlessly searching large chain shoe stores looking for a new pair of shoes to wear with the new outfits I had purchased for my trip. Then I came home and got on the Internet, where I spent an hour searching dozens of on-line stores that claimed to have a wide selection of extra wide women's shoes. What a joke. Then (through the miracle of Google) I found your site. It is the easiest site to navigate, bar none, of any of the shoe stores I visited on-line. And the fact that I was able to look at over five hundred pairs of shoes, in my size, had me mesmerized. My only concern was which shipping service to use. So I called your 800 number to find out if I needed to go with the 3 day shipping, and pay the extra seven dollars. In this age of automated customer service over the telephone it is a relief to have your call answered (promptly) by a real, live, human being. It is a delight when that person is friendly, knowledgeable, and goes out of their way to make sure you are 100% satisfied. It is unbelievable when that person goes the extra step to make you feel like you are a valuable customer (especially since it was the first time I ever ordered from your company). When I explained my shipping dilemma to your representative, she agreed that I should go with the 3 day service. While she was processing my order, she informed me that she was going to wave the expedited shipping fee. To some people, seven dollars may not be a lot, but as a person with a disability, who lives on a fixed income, this meant a lot to me. The gesture was just as important as the money though, letting me know that I was dealing with a company that wants my business. You have a customer for life. My sincere thanks,

Teague P │ 04/08/2006

A Hurricane Katrina victim wanted to express her thanks: Thank you so very much for this trust and consideration given all that I'm dealing with right now. It's truly not like me to be more organized--- and I promised to continue to look around to be positive that there's nothing still here. The mail was so erratic for months after the storm -- it still is sometimes. But, again, I thought I had taken care of returning the shoes back then since so many of them didn't really fit properly. I was so desperate to have something to wear that would accommodate some of the foot problems I have -- and so few stores were even open. I had hoped I could come up with something from Zappos & ordered more selections than I might have usually. I am in the process of trying to find a more permanent place to stay and, again, will continue to search thru my belongings currently in storage to see if possibly they're still here. If they pop up, I will contact you immediately & see what can be done to ship them back right away!! As I have said many times before --- your company is one of the best I have EVER done business with! And I have referred people to your site more times than I can begin to count & I'd be glad to provide a testimonial letter or statement if that would ever be useful to you. To me, this is one more example of what a great company Zappos is. Not everyone is as understanding as your company is regarding the complex problems and confusion that continues since Katrina affected our area so dramatically. Lord help us if we get hit with anything else this upcoming hurricane season!! Thank you for taking into consideration the unusual situation that I am dealing with right now. You have no idea how truly grateful I am to you! Sincerely, Cathy F G

Cathy G │ 04/08/2006

Dear Zappos.com, Hi, my name is Matthew and I ordered some skate shoes from you guys. A couple of my friends have ordered some shoes from here and told me how great you guys were. At first I thought this was like all the other sites, but when I purchased my shoes, I found it so easy and helpful (not just the checkout but the return and free shipping). I want to thank you guys for doing an awesome job and having 110% customer service and satisfaction. My friends and I expect to order more products from your wonderful and loyal services in the near future. You guys are so great I would rate you a 10 out of 10. Sincerley,

Matthew T │ 04/08/2006

I just wanted to let you guys know that I think Zappos is one of the finest companies around. I ordered a pair of shoes from Wisefeet.com three weeks ago (it was for another pair of Naot Eiger's that you don't carry anymore?!) and I have yet to recieve them. The whole experience has been a hassle and I'm going to cancel my order with them. I just recieved an email from Zappos that you recieved my shoes that I returned (4 months after purchase) and you've credited my account. Easy as can be! I've never had a bad experience with Zappos and spread the word about you as much as possible. I hope all of you make a fabulous amount of money because you're doing business the right way. Keep it up,

Jason O │ 04/08/2006

To whom it may concern, I just received an email that, even though I ordered standard shipping, you are sending it faster. I am more excited than you can imagine. I was really hoping these little shoes (Order #48370430See Kai Run Eden Sandal (Infant/Children) - White - 3 Infant/M) would get here before next Friday. My little girl and I are going to visit my husband for a few days before he leaves for Iraq. Now he gets to see his baby girl in her cute little summer sandals - one less thing to miss out on, a small thing, but a thing nonetheless!! Thanks again for such a pleasant surprise,

Misty T │ 04/08/2006

Hello I certainly will recommend your service, in fact, did so today to 7 people with whom I was sitting. Keep up the good work.

Claudette M │ 04/08/2006

I used to shop @ Nordstrom for shoes for so many years, then a few weeks ago when I was looking for shoes on line , I found Zappos.com. I ordered a few pairs for my sister and one pair for me.I had to send two pairs back to exchange them for smaller sizes. It came fast and I'm very happy with your company . You do have a lot of styles to choose from and you offered a view from many directions. That was a great help. But the best thing is you do not charge for the shipping fee. I think the shipping fee will keep a lot of customers from order by mail .I love Zappos , and I will tell all my friends and my daughters about your company. Please keep up your great work. Sincerely,

Christine V. │ 03/18/2006

Thank you for the great service!!!

Kris B. │ 03/18/2006

Kudos on a wonderful year! I am one of those repeat customers who has always, always had a wonderful experience with your site and your associates. I buy shoes online only from Zappos. Your shipping/return policy cannot be beat. Bar none. But, most importantly, the associates and the products are of the highest standard. I can spend my money anywhere. I choose to spend it at zappos. Wishing you a prosperous 2006! Ciao,

Lisa P. │ 03/18/2006

Oh my God. Never did I expect this! I CAN THINK OF NO OTHER RETAILER THAT I'VE EVER DEALT WITH THAT WOULD DO THIS!!! Zappos is unbelievable. Thank you again! PS. I am your best word-of-mouth advertiser and I work for the local community informational, educational, advertorial newspaper -- you know I am your missionary!!! Thanks again, M. C. WOMAN NEWSPAPER

Carole W. │ 03/18/2006

Thank you so much! I have never received anything so quickly, at a good price, and just what I wanted. I am extremely pleased, as well as pleasantly surprised, as customer service has become a bit extinct in the past few years. Again, I appreciate your work.

Josiane B. │ 03/18/2006

I just wanted to say that I think Zappos does an awesome job! Compared to other online shopping sites, Zappos is by far the best. I have never had any troubles with your website, shipping is free and fast, and there are always such good deals! For a girl who loves shoes, Zappos definitely has some mad steaz! Keep up the good work!

Hannah W. │ 03/18/2006

I just wanted to tell you guys that you have hands down the most helpful and friendly customer service people working on the 1-800 line. Everytime I call (which is a lot) they are incredibly nice and always solve whatever I need addressed. Not only are they nice, but they always sound like they are in a good mood which makes it an even more pleasant experience. This is one of the reasons I love ordering from Zappos so much. I work as a waitress, and I am allowed to wear whatever shoes I want at work. All of my shoes come from Zappos practically, and customers are always asking me about them. I probably refer between 1 to 3 people a night to your website, writing down the www address and going on and on about the free shipping, selection, etc. I just wanted to tell you how much I love Zappos. That's all. Thanks!

Adriane R. │ 03/18/2006

Way to go! You guys are the best when it comes to shoes and, of course, customer service. It proves that, in fact, it is possible to treat people right and supersede expectations. Congratulations on your success. Sincerely, (a return customer)

Agnes R. │ 03/18/2006

Every single person I know loves Zappos! Keep up the great work, it really, really makes a difference. I had a dinner party a couple months ago and basically we all sat around telling our great Zappos experiences. Good Luck,

Judy G. │ 03/18/2006

On Friday, February 24 at 3:49 Pacific time I ordered a pair of Reebok Carberry shoes from your company. I expected to recieve them sometime later this week or early next week. I was amazed when Fed-Ex knocked on my door much faster than I expected. Your service is incredible. It is nice to know that there are companies like Zappos that go that extra mile to provide such fast customer service. I will definitely be recommending Zappos.com to my friends and family. Great job. Sincerely,

Cody C. │ 03/18/2006

I wanted to thank you for your service. This is the BEST store ever when it comes to shoes. I ordered a North Face Greenland Zip in a size too small, and you guys instantly sent out a new one on its way to me when I called at 10 pm! That is what I call service!

Jennie C. │ 03/18/2006
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