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Thank you for the email. This company is a great. I have given out the web site to so many of my friends. This is the first time I have ever returned something to you. So easy, The free shipping and the trust that I have in the company. Never have I got so much customer satisfaction. I have added your sight to my husbands favorites. We are running Boston and two other marathons this year alone. We go through so many sneakers, now you have made it easy for us to buy them and try them out on our treadmill. Thanks again!

Angellee D. │ 05/18/2006

Thank you. I did print out the label and I will get it the shoes to a UPS store tomorrow. It could not have been easier. I thank you. I think you are an amazing company and I will continue to use your website as often as I can. Thank you again.

Eileen │ 05/10/2006

I have never been more satisfied with any other website I have ever used!!! I did place the order again so I could be close to getting the shoes on time, and planned to return the others when they arrived. I'm sure ya'll will have no trouble crediting my account. I tell you what, with service like yours, I surely hope ya'll branch out into other commodities soon! Thanx again.

M. C │ 05/10/2006

**Zappos** *Thank you so much, I have recommended you to several friends, and will continue to do so!

Jenifer W. │ 05/09/2006

My son has been purchasing Converse sneakers and wouldn't hear of wearing anything else since he was little. (He's now 18) While searching on line for exactly what he wanted we were not able to get his size. We fell upon your site and found the PF Flyers Sandlot. The movie Sandlot has been a favorite of ours since it came out like 12 or so years ago and it was a fun thing for him to get those sneakers. He was excited to see them and give them a try. He is more than thrilled with them!!!!!!! He swears that he will never wear anything but PF Flyers again. They are very comfortable for him and they fit so well!!!! As we were searching the site I told him that I wore nothing but PF Flyers when I was a little girl. (I'm now 50) PF Flyers were the IN thing to wear at the time and ALL of us wore them way back then. We are VERY happy with our purchase and look forward to doing business with you again.

Anonymous │ 05/09/2006

Zappos, Thank you. I think you are the best site on the Internet!!!!

Kate │ 05/09/2006

I just wanted to say thanks to you guys. I and my family do a significant amount of shopping on-line and you get the best marks for working with customers. I know I spend more money with you as a result of the ease with which I can buy and return things! And...your web-site is easy to navigate. I've been to competitors' sites (your prices aren't always the best...) and they're just not as user friendly. Nor do they have the same easy processes to buy and return. Some of them try to imitate you, but you've got it down! I want to compliment your entire organization...from top management through all of the workers who make it happen! Thank you!

Beverly P. │ 05/09/2006

Happy New Year! Just a note to let you know how much I appreciated the quick shipment of my shoe order. I have told many people about your web-site since and hopefully more orders will come your way. I know I'll be ordering my next pair of work shoes from you and the next and the next and the next so...Keep up the good work in 2006! Sincerely, Another Satisfied Zappos Customer

Judy S. │ 05/09/2006

I would like to say thank you for the excellent service you provide. I have ordered a total of five pair of shoes and returned one of these. (The return was not Zappos fault, the style was not what my son wanted.) I have never ordered online from a company that supplies such excellent merchandise, speedy and free delivery, and graciousness in its communication. My account was just debited the refund from my return and I am delighted with the ease and speed of this transaction. I cannot sing the praises of Zappos enough. Thank you so much!

Mona Y. │ 05/09/2006

I just got your email letting me know that you caught my cancellation in time. I thought it would be worth telling you that I am old enough to remember shopping at Nordstrom in Seattle when it was just a shoe store. I remember when they expanded to Bellevue and then later, added clothing. For 25-30 years they have been "The Standard" by which all other stores were judged. They were/are (although not always quite as much as they used to be) the leaders in customer care. I have managed to move into the world of catalogues and cyber shopping and have found Zappos to be leaders in the field. We live in a world where we are called at home by a recorded message trying to sell us items that will allow us to be marketed in yet another mechanical method. Your company manages to retain both its humanity and a stellar level of customer service with minimal amounts of actual human contact. It makes you special. It makes you astonishing and it makes you a company I feel happy to recommend to anyone and everyone who crosses my path in any capacity related to shoes! Thank you for all the work you do and for the considerate and generous way in which you do it.

Anonymous │ 05/09/2006

Thank You for sending out my order so quickly! Before Christmas at that! You guys are great!! The shoes are very nice too!

Linda C. │ 05/09/2006

TO THE CUSTOMER SERVICE SUPERVISOR This is just to say thank you for your excellent customer service. My request for an exchange went totally smooth. Everything was handled in a fast, professional manner. You have superior customer service. I will always shop with Zappos and will tell everyone I know to shop here too. Thank you from a very satisfied customer.

Brian M. │ 05/09/2006

Just wanted you to know it was a pleasure shopping with a company for a change where they make everything so easy for the customer also where everything is handled so quickly. I will be shopping with you again, it was a pleasure and I will also recommend Zappos to all my friends and family Thank You

Crystal W. │ 05/09/2006

Just wanted to say I think your web site, company, and service is fantastic. Will always be a repeat customer. Great doing business.

Glenn H. │ 05/09/2006

Yaaaay! I have a new pair of functional winter boots that actually FIT and FEEL GOOD (the Columbia Titanium Ice Crushers), for the first time EVER!!! I just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful free-shipping free-return policy. I have an extremely difficult-to-fit foot, and collapsed arches also; your policy allowed me to order many boots to try, and one of them works! My husband wears a size 15 wide - so finding shoes (esp. specialty ones) for him is quite a challenge also! I ordered the Sorel Caribou II in a 15 and 16 for him to try; I'm sure one of them will work well enough (he's not as picky as me). Without these shoes we would not have been able to go on our snowshoeing trip in Vermont this weekend - he has been stationed over in Africa for two years so this is a very big deal to us! Thank you for making it possible - you have a loyal customer for life, and I will definitely refer all my friends to Zappos if they don't already know.

Sylvia H. │ 05/09/2006

I am honestly not sure on how you could possibly improve on the quality of your service. I was so impressed. I placed the order at around 7:30am and I received the Heeleys quickly with no additional shipping charges. You have definitely won a new customer.

Phonda M. │ 05/09/2006

Easily one of the smoothest, most intuitive on-line companies I've ever made a purchase from. Bravo. You seem to take pride in doing your job efficiently, with a kind heart and a smart mind. It should be more ubiquitous, but sadly it's not. Thank you!

Anonymous │ 05/09/2006

Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your excellent customer service. I was late ordering and didn't expect to receive the shoes until after Christmas, even though they were a Christmas gift. But they got here so promptly, they were in time! And they're exactly what I ordered--they look great and fit fine. Thanks so much for expediting the shipment. Kudos to your website and customer service email designers as well--it is easy to order from your site and your emails tell customers exactly what they need to know to track packages, register concerns, or return items. I write web and email content, so I know the tone and information in them is important in getting and retaining customers. Your communications make me feel very confident in dealing with Zappos. This is my second order from your company, and it won't be the last.

Jean F. │ 05/09/2006

I just wanted to say that I bought 4 pairs of shoes from Zappos.com yesterday, for a fair price, and they are scheduled for delivery tomorrow. This is how online shopping should be. There is a discount shoe store on every block, and somehow I still prefer Zappos.com. I'm hoping that they will all be a great fit etc., but if not - at least your returns policy isn't intimidating. Thank you.

Krista A. │ 05/09/2006

I just received my first order and I am very pleased. The whole experience has been great. I just happen to find Zappos on the net and looked at your web site for a few days and then I ordered through your 800 number. The fellow I talked with was very professional and pleasant. My order arrived today and the shoes are great. It is so nice to do business with you. I am going to definitely tell all of my friends and colleagues about you!

Debra C. │ 05/09/2006

I just want to write and tell you how much I appreciate the excellent = and courteous service I have always had with ZAPPOS. You are the very best merchant on the Internet. Thank you very much.

Jeannine B. │ 05/09/2006

Dear Zappos, WOW!!! You all are INCREDIBLE!!! WOW!!! I've always enjoyed purchasing things from you in the past and I've passed the word to family, friends, business assoc. and office, letting them know how GREAT you all are with orders & service from past experiences. But...you all OUTDID yourselves this time!! Talk about TIMELY....WOW!! I'm truly impressed!! Thank you for being so timely with my order. I truly appreciate your courtesy and I look forward to our continued relationship in the future! HAVE A GREAT YEAR! (You are certainly starting off with a bang!)

Valeria C. │ 05/09/2006

Dear Zappos - Thank you very much for your website and 1-800 number!! I have ordered twice in the last month for my husband - who is very picky about his shoes when he goes shopping at a shoe store. He has been extremely happy with both orders - one a surprise from me and the other he chose - all the shoes fit wonderfully. And he was surprised to have this happen without trying them on at a store. I have truly enjoyed the wonderful customer service staff on the 1-800 line. I don't feel comfortable ordering on-line and appreciate the fact that you have a 1-800 number but the staff has made the experience even better!! Thank you very much and I look forward to ordering something for myself in the very near future!!

Stephanie │ 05/09/2006

Hello, Thanks very much for the great customer service. This was my first time ordering through your company. I order two pairs of shoes and it was necessary to return one pair that was too small. I was delighted with: - Your flexible return policy. - The ability to print off a return address label from your Web site - The fact that the return shipping was paid. - Receiving an e-mail message confirming my authorization to make the return. - The e-mail message that I just received confirming that you had received my return package and credited my credit card. I have seldom received such great service when it was necessary to make a return. Most online companies handle the sale fairly well, but a return is much more difficult. You've gained a loyal customer.

Anonymous │ 05/09/2006

While I have only purchased from Zappos three times I would like to say that you make purchasing over the web so easy! I do all Christmas shopping and most of my child's clothing as well as professionally related purchases via internet. You make things so simple, from viewing merchandise (with multiple views) to searching brands, to checking my account, tracking status and even returns totally hassle free! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous │ 05/09/2006
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