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I just wanted to thank you guys for such great service and quality products every time I order. I have been doing a lot of on-line shopping lately and have a lot of random problems with a lot of companies and it really makes me appreciate the service you give. When people ask me where I get my shoes, I always tell them to go to Zappos.com and they will be thrilled with the service and quality. With much appreciation,

Janel M. │ 06/12/2006

How did you do it? I phoned last night to exchange these and they were waiting for me when I got home from work tonight. I will be returning the below tomorrow to the local UPS store - they're usually closed by the time I arrive home from work. You realize that you have the best customer service of any on-line store- don't you? Thanks so much. I'm eyeing another pair of Pliner sandals so you may have another order before the night is over! Thanks again and have a great weekend.

Vicki T. │ 06/12/2006

Just to let you know I received my order today! I can't believe how fast it came, and I am completely happy with the shoes. This was my first order from Zappos and I will certainly tell my family and friends about you and your good service. Thank you for making my shopping trip enjoyable.

Nancy J. │ 06/12/2006

I would just like to say that my friend told me about your website and I couldn't be happier to have found you. Your service is great and the free shipping both ways makes this so easy. This is so smart--shoes are sometimes difficult to size correctly but the free shipping makes it worthwhile to give them a try. I think your website and your selections are awesome. My daughter and I have gotten some great shoes here...we love them! Keep those great shoes coming!!!!

Dina F. │ 06/12/2006

Wow! I LOVE Zappos. I was feeling guilty that I had ordered and returned shoes. Well I FINALLY found a pair I love and you have made it WAY TOO EASY to order them in every color!!! So far I have them in white and black. Thanks for NOT MAKING ME give my name address and credit card every single time I want to buy something. Thanks for the shoe reviews! Thanks for the multi views of the shoes!!! Thanks for having lots of sale items so often!!! Thanks for qualifying the choices: color, style, price, etc. Most of all thanks for bring ease to my shoe buying experience! Best Regards,

Janine │ 06/12/2006

I would just like to thank the Zappos Customer Service team for the awesome and wonderful way they treat their customers. Thank you! I love Zappos.com and recommend you guys to all of my friends. Jamie B.

Jaime B. │ 06/12/2006

You are absolutely amazing! I can not count the number of times over the years that Zappos has gone way ABOVE & BEYOND the norm of customer service. I ought to log all your kindnesses to us. We will remain with Zappos and will continue to recommend you to anyone seeking shoes...or purses. And you may quote me anytime... You ought to give classes in customer satisfaction. You must also have loyal employees. Thank you so much.

Cara C. │ 06/12/2006

I just wanted to tell you that you are the best company I have ever dealt with, online or otherwise. Every aspect of your service is superb from easy ordering, ability to contact you, friendly, competent and helpful phone staff, prices (not to mention free shipping) to your easy return process when needed. I am telling everyone I know about Zappos.com. I just hope that this can be forwarded to someone in a position to appreciate how your customers feel. I do not always take the time to write comments like this, but this time I wanted to make the effort to commend Zappos and it's unsurpassed customer service. I was employed in an industry for 30 years where we prided ourselves in customer service, so I really appreciate this quality in a company. Thank You,

Pamela W. │ 06/12/2006

I have had enough! What are you, some kind of freaks? Let me get this straight. First, you offer the largest selection of shoes styles and sizes available. Second, you offer an equal, if not better, price for any shoe on your website in comparison to any retail store, including brand name/company owned retailers. Third, you send me emails thanking me for my purchase and offer me upgraded shipping for being a repeat customer. Thank you. Your company has truly raised the bar. I have been a customer for years and I have a very large shoe size, and you make it easy for me to find shoes with style and comfort. Seriously, do you know how I go shoe shopping? I first ask what size they carry up to, and then use that deciding factor as the main parameter of my shopping excursion. All of you are amazing, and offer top notch service. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Thank You.

John G. │ 06/12/2006

Hi - Just wanted to say this is my first time at your site and - WOW! Great product selection - I need to get Vans for my daughter. She wears orthopedic braces, and these are the only shoes that work with the braces. I could never find a good selection - this was great. Easy to find product, Easy account set up and checkout, Great images, Great marketing on the no shipping charge -Seems to be very quick delivery -I'll be back for sure!

Deneen H. │ 06/12/2006

Thanks for giving my order priority processing--Zappos is the best! I find your website easy and fun to navigate, you have a great selection, especially for small sizes (I wear a size4 or 5), and I appreciate the fact that you respond to inquiries so promptly. Thanks for such a high level of customer service. I tell my friends about Zappos all the time. Keep up the good work! Sincerely,

Patty C. │ 06/12/2006

Never have I experienced such an amazing online purchasing experience as I have at Zappos. Not only do you have a gigantic selection of great shoes, but my order was shipped quickly! I ordered my shoes last night night and to my surprise I received them very fast! Amazing! Thank you! Best,

Jonathan F. │ 06/12/2006

I ordered my shoes to be sent using regular shipping and I received my shoes very fast...It was very much appreciated cause I did need them for a function on Fri of that week. Many thanks again for that fast shipping and a great product! Will be using Zappos in the future for my shoe orders. It is nice to know that some organizations go an extra mile for customers. Thanks

John H. │ 06/12/2006

Dear Zappos CS, I just ordered some shoes from you today after 12:00AM for a bit of early morning shopping and when I just checked my e-mail a few minutes ago I found an e-mail from you: I read it. Your e-mail stated that my order has been shipped today, and you've given my order "special priority processing," I should receive my order promptly. Now that's what I call great service! I just want to thank Zappos CS and the entire Zappos Team for your continual superior work!!! There are three reasons why I LOVE Zappos.com so much: A) Service, B) Quality, and C) Price. That's what keeps me coming back to you for all my shoe needs. And also you make me feel that I'm your only customer and you really care about me, which means a great deal to me; especially, since I have a rare form of Congenital Muscular Dystrophy (a genetic Neuromuscular disease) and I have developed severe Scoliosis (a curvature of the spine). I have enough things to worry about than to worry about if where and who I buy products from will treat me well... I greatly appreciate ALL (Zappos CS and the entire Zappos Team) your time, consideration, help, and kindness. I wish Zapoos.com, Zappos CS,and the entire Zappos Team all the peace, happiness, health, wealth, fortune, and success that life has to offer! Take care of yourselves; have a GREAT summer. Keep up ALL the excellent work! Many thanks. Regards, P.S.: LONG LIVE ZAPPOS!!!

Sulaiman R. K. │ 06/12/2006

I just wanted to say that you have the most customer oriented web site for order processing I have ever seen. Your return policy is great and very efficient. I just discovered your site recently, and will continue to order from it and also to recommend it to others. Great job.

Patrick W. │ 06/12/2006

Hi Zappos People, I have purchased a few pairs of shoes from you. The latest pair did not fit exactly right so I returned them. Wow! You have the easiest returns possible! Printed out a return label, drove over to the local UPS store and voila! Returned! I'm tempted to buy more and more shoes from you now that I know how easy it is to return if necessary. Of course you have so many fabulous shoes I would have to take out a second mortgage... Thanks for making shopping and returning so easy.

Liz │ 06/12/2006

Dear Business 2.0 Editors, I would like to have you consider doing a story on Zappos.com as a model for on-line business benchmark excellence. They are an on-line shoe retailer. They do everything right! Selling shoes on-line, where you can't try them on first may seem strange, yet every thing this company does is right on the mark! They give honest and very accurate details about the shoe one might purchase. Give pictures from every angle, give customer opinions about that particular shoe, relating to fit, size, comfort, and what other's may have purchased that is similar. They offer immediate returns, (you print out the return label from home) for UPS, and give exemplary phone and personal service to boot! Their prices are exceptional, and this company could outrank any business model on how to serve the customer right the first time, and for every next order they will continue to get. I cannot share enough with you about an "On-Line Gem" that needs to be shared with the world! I only wish I could work for such a great company! Obviously, all the behind the scenes work to get every detail to gel has worked! Thanks for listening. You have a goldmine opportunity in exploring Zappos. Please share with me if I can buy their stock. I want to own a piece of excellence! Kindest Regards,

Margaret P. │ 06/12/2006

Zappos- I just have to say that you guys rock! I have been ordering shoes from you for over two years, and since then, I haven't bought shoes anywhere else. (Seriously!) You have an excellent selection of all types of shoes in all sizes. I have a lot of trouble finding shoes in stores because of my large size (15 4E), but you always have something I like. Your service is fantastic. I have never had to return an order. Shipping is ridiculously fast and ordering is so simple. I just wanted to tell you what a great job you have been doing and to keep up the good work. Thanks for the great service!

Andy │ 06/12/2006

Many thanks - One of the best customer service companies I've ever used!! Fast service & free shipping - what else is there to ask for in life!!

Joan R. │ 06/12/2006

I cannot believe your website; I am so INCREDIBLY impressed!!! Finding shoes on your website is super easy because I can enter tons of search parameters so that I can find just the pair that I am looking for, or just browse in a certain section, and then I can see photos of the shoes from every angle. I ordered a pair of shoes from your website and I was SHOCKED to have them on my doorstep soon after. In perfect condition. And I love them. I just absolutely adore them. They are just as they were pictured and SO comfortable, despite their 3 ½ inch heel. You are the only website that I’ve ever encountered that will offer free shipping and actually get it to you in less than two weeks. And you offer free returns as well. I’m smitten with you guys. Please keep up the excellent work and I’ll never step foot in an actual shoe store again.

Kimberly T. │ 06/12/2006

I love dealing with you, never have any trouble, shoes come right away and usually get good buys, other places can not compare to your service and the only reason I do, is if you have nothing in my size that I like at the time, Thank you so much Zappos!!

Anonymous │ 06/12/2006

The shoes were great. I have a very hard foor to fit and these were perfect and the price was great also. Zappos is wonderful to do business with. Thank you so much,

Beverly B │ 06/05/2006

I would like to thank the entire Zappos Team for your superior and consistent services! I have not experienced this type of service from any other company ... probably ever...which is a shame (on them). I truly hope that your standards of all around excellence never waiver. Keep up the good work. Your commitment to service and hospitality may be taken for granted by others, but little old (young) me thanks you from the bottom of my heart. Respectfully, Boca Raton,Fl _________________

Sandra L │ 06/05/2006

Thank you for this update, I thought it was fascinating. Over the past year the only place I have bought shoes from is Zappos. I have never been disappointed. Not only the great shoes, brands, styles, easy to use, better than anywhere prices, but it’s mostly the people. I talk to them, I trust them, I have FUN using this website, don't ever change that!!! I am disabled and can not always go out shopping for myself, but I never gave up my sense of style, Zappos honestly helped keep me going by allowing me to be self-sufficient, save money and keep my spirits up. I suffered many sleepless nights alone, but at 2am I could get up and at least browse through all the beautiful shoes and dream of places I would wear them when I felt better. All my friends and family are so sick of asking "Where did you get those awesome shoes, boots, sandals, etc." and hearing me say Zappos! I now own brands like Kenneth Cole and Steve Madden that I never thought I could afford. I hope someone reads this email because I can't thank you enough. Your loyal customer. Kirsten K

Kristen K │ 06/05/2006

I purchase a lot of items, spending a lot of dollars between work and my personal life. I rarely come across a company as efficient and customer oriented as yours. I am sure I will be a repeat customer. You even helped me correct a mistake on the order I placed that I made. Your staff should be congratulated for the way they run your business. Ken K

Di M │ 06/05/2006
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