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Dear Customer Loyalty Team, I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am with Zappo's outstanding service. I was hoping to get these shoes by Thursday to take on a plane trip. Now, because of your special priority processing, I will definitely get them in time for my vacation. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are the best.

Pat C │ 07/03/2006

You don't know how happy I am that you guys are shipping this out so quickly!! I bought the same shoes a few days ago and they were too big. I wanted them for my vacation next week, so I was a little disappointed. I am sending those back, but I LOVED them, so I ordered the same pair smaller. I figured I would just enjoy them when I returned from vacation. Now it looks like they will make it here in time for my vacation after all!!! Yay!! I really enjoy shopping at Zappos.com, and will continue to shop as frequently as I can trick my husband into thinking, "Oh, I've had these things forever!" ;)

Kirsten L │ 07/03/2006

Just got Order #49521515 on Friday. Really appreciate the free upgrade to overnight shipping. Have ordered several times from you guys, and am always impressed by your excellent customer service. I tell everyone about you. Can I buy stock? You guys are going places. Thanks again for your excellent service. WH W.

WHW │ 07/03/2006

I would just like to say that your company is, by far, the most reliable one I have used. You always seem to get things to me, not only on time, but earlier than expected flawlessly. I am proud to say that I am going to be a customer of Zappos' for quite some time. Thank you.

Tim N │ 07/03/2006

I am just writing to once again applaud you for your efforts in making my online shopping experience as easy as possible. I have had to make two returns for different reasons and each time has been unnaturally easy. You have secured me as a customer for life. It is hard for me to find shoes to wear to work because I have to wear close-toed, but professional dress shoes. The selection of these shoes is already pretty slim in many stores, plus I have large and wide feet, which makes it even more difficult. You have a great selection and you always get my orders to me very quickly (1 1/2 days on my last order, that has to be a record!) and your customer service is excellent. Thanks for all your help.

Anonymous │ 07/03/2006

Thank you so much for one of the best shopping experiences I have had. Not only are you shipping earlier but you informed me of the availability of the item in the first place without which I wouldn't been able to purchase, something I have been waiting a long time for, so thanks again. I surely will be telling my friends about this wonderful experience.

Marcia W │ 07/03/2006

Hey guys n gals at Zappos! Thank you for your speedy delivery and also for the way you handle returns. I have purchased a few pairs of shoes from you so far, one of which I shipped to the UK for a friend as you were the only chaps that stocked them... another I returned because I got mixed up with UK/US sizes and there were no more in my size... the third and final pair I have on my feet... "DVS Payton's";suave as fluff I must say! I especially like how the heel is lined with leather instead of fabric, since I have a habit of not tying my laces and that's always the first thing to go. Customer service over the phone was top notch and I will probably buy all my shoes from you from now on. Thanks Again

Phil │ 07/03/2006

I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with the service your website provides. I shop a lot online and am frequently disappointed by poor service, expensive shipping and difficult returns. None of these are true with Zappos.com. Your selection and prices are great as well as the free shipping. I'd shop at other sites more frequently if they offered the same (when will online businesses get it through their heads? Free shipping draws customers in!) My orders have arrived very quickly and are always filled correctly. The one time I had to return an item it was extraordinarily simple. Thanks! I'll be a loyal customer for many years to come.

Amy H │ 07/03/2006

I have to write to express how wonderful you are. I just ordered my 5th pair of your shoes (in the last few months... I only shop online and 'Zappos.com' is the best of all. The shoes are ALWAYS great and just what I was expecting, the service (shipping) is exceptional. I tell everyone that uses the net for shopping to go to 'Zappos.com'...I've even told an information operator and a person at one of your 'rival' companies about you...(we weren't being taped!) If you decide to do an infomercial with 'Zappos'...I'm your girl (or should I say 60 yr old (good looking) woman!!) Keep up the good work!! Sincerely,

Susan S │ 07/03/2006

I just wanted to take a minute to commend you on your absolutely fantastic service on my recent order. I have ordered from a lot of online vendors, but you have far exceeded any of my experiences. I was blown away by the total communication, and the lightening quick arrival of my package. I am sure that you usually only hear about the bad experiences customers have, and I just wanted to make sure that I commented and thanked you for such a good shopping experience. I will definitely shop with Zappos again, and I will also recommend you highly. THANK YOU!!!!!

Susan H │ 07/03/2006

Just want to let you know that your company is the benchmark for the mail order/online shopping industry. You are far superior to anything out there from ease of ordering, to customer service, to your website. I especially like your ease of returns. Keep up the good work. You are awesome!!

Diane S │ 07/03/2006

Dear customer service rep, Many people will only take the time to contact you if they have a problem and I have a problem...I just recently discovered your site!!! I just completed my 2nd order with your company and just have to take the time to let you know how satisfied I am with your service. The site is easy to use and the prices are great! I am equally thrilled that this order also was upgraded (as was the first) in shipping. Thank you for also keeping me so well informed of order status and the prompt attention given to expedite this order. I have received so much attention and compliments on my new shoes from my previous order and have happily recommended you to each and every person who had interest. KUDOS to all of you. I would suggest only one thing that you can improve upon...you should have a "save for later" tab to keep items not immediately ordered in shopping cart so that I do not have to delete them to place an order. A very happy customer,

Tim D │ 07/03/2006

To Whom It May Concern, I just had to write this e-mail to express how much I love your company. The information you provide about all the shoes on your website is so detailed and helpful that I always feel confident in my purchases. Your shipping policy is amazing; I order from other companies that charge outrageous prices for shipping and I am lucky if I receive my order in 10 days! I always receive my order within 4 days with your company and at no charge! The selection of shoes is wonderful and I am always able to get the shoes I want in my size. I haven't had a single problem ordering from you and I always encourage people I know to order with you as well. Keep up the good work! I am one extremely satisfied customer! Thank you for caring about your customers. Sincerely,

Melissa H │ 07/03/2006

Zappos has a loyal customer in me because your service and website are impeccable. Keep moving in the direction that you are...customer satisfaction.

Nicole L.B. │ 07/03/2006

My husband loves his shoes. We are from New Jersey and took a recent trip to Chicago to a family weeding. During this time we spent hours in all the shoe stores searching for his 6 1/2 eee and there was none. I am new searching the internet and found you. The shoes are a perfect fit, "just what we wanted" and so comfortable. Thank you Zappos for your outstanding service and quick deliver! L & G McClure

Lois M │ 07/03/2006

Good Morning, I have just ordered two pairs of shoes from you, Earth shoes and a pair of Skechers steel toe work shoes. I am so very impressed with your company! For no reason at all you updated my shipping! I work and live on a ship and we only get mail in port (every 3 weeks) or during the occasional transfer of machine parts. Becasue you updated my shipping, I was able to get my shoes during one of those mail calls, only two days after I placed the order! I love the shoes. One pair had to be returned for a smaller size, but you even sent those out right away before receiving my first pair, which I did return immediately. As I am taking the time to tell you how impressed I am with your customer service, I will let you know that my first experience with Zappos last summer was just as great! I had been planning to attend a wedding as a bridesmaid and the bride gave us notice a little late that she wanted us to wear silver shoes. I had already set sail and my next time in port would be the day I flew to her wedding. We were down in the Gulf of Mexico surveying hurricane damage and thus there were no open stores (nor did it feel appropriate to shoe shop when people had lost everything). I did not have internet and called Zappos. The gentleman I spoke with took the time to /describe/shoes to me until I decided on two pairs I liked! He even had the shoes sent to another bridesmaid to ensure they got there, with a return lable for the pair I would not wear. Your dedication to your customers is terrific and I will shop at Zappos for a long time to come! Thank you for taking care of your customers! Sincerely,

Madeleine A │ 07/03/2006

I don't always fill out reviews of the various shoes I've ordered from your site. But nonetheless, for what it's worth, and for the sake of redundancy, your site/company is awesomely impressive. I consider myself very "web-centric" and have done business with many web sites for many years, and honestly, I have never experienced a company with its phenomenal policies and services as yours. So, thanks very much! I tell everyone about your site.

William K │ 07/03/2006

I love your company! Your website was very easy to navigate through, ordering was a breeze, and your return process was unbelievably easy. Yours, by far, is the best apparel/shoe company I have ever worked with, and I will be using your service many times again in the future. Keep up the great work!

Karen S │ 07/03/2006

I love you Zappos. I got my shoes a day early than what I expected and They are amazing. I Love them! Thank you so very much. You always accomplish more than my Expectations

Kathryn J. │ 06/12/2006

I purchase a lot of items spending a lot of dollars between work and personal. I rarely come across a company as efficient and customer oriented as yours. I am sure I will be a repeat customer. You even helped me correct a mistake on the order I placed. Your staff should be congratulated for the way they run your business.

Ken K. │ 06/12/2006

Zappos, I am a 1st time shopper with you, I ordered a pair of Rockport’s, I've had good luck with these shoes in the past(I'm a UPS driver and need something comfortable and light)1st pair I received were like wearing boards, didn’t expect that from Rockport, anyhow I was going to return them, thought I would get hassled about it. The lady that took my call was nothing short of perfect, I’m sorry I can't recall her name, she helped get my shoes returned, with no problem and helped me pick another pair and sent them to me and I got them so fast. I was blown away. Thank you. I’m not the kind of person to sit and Email companies about my experiences with them, quite frankly I have better things to do, but I felt I needed to let you know how impressed I am, you have gained a customer for life. Thanks again! Barry (Buddy) G.W.

Barry G.W. │ 06/12/2006

Thank You so much, I first heard about Zappos thru my daughter, I intern ordered a pair of shoes for my younger daughter and I got the special shipping from you then and now again, I am so thankful for this special service, as I need them on Saturday, and I knew from my older daughter how prompt you were and after ordering myself and getting the shoes quickly. Not only will I be telling my friends, but I will be e-mailing them to tell them how Zappos can't be beat for quality and service. Thanks Again, a SATISFIED CUSTOMER. PS. I love shoes and now I can get them without a shipping and handling charge and not having to wait in line, I am sold. Plus my Birthday is Sunday and they are for my 50th Birthday Party, thanks for helping make this a special Birthday, A girl has to make sure her feet are together for the Big Day. Thanks Again!

Carla S. │ 06/12/2006

I just wanted to say I am very happy with your customer service! I have ordered so many things online in the past 2 years and I get so sick of poor customer service from other retailers! It's terrible. I think it's great that I can totally trust you guys to deliver the product I have ordered - and it is usually shipped way early! That is so awesome! You guys rock! Keep up the good work!

Holli K. │ 06/12/2006

Dear Future Customers, I have to tell my story about Zappos Merchandise and the business also. I really enjoy everything that I have bought from them. Size perfect comfort, you can not go wrong. I am proud to be apart of Zappos family, I can not say nothing bad about anything and everything that I have purchased from them. The orders are always on time. I recommend them to everyone I know and to people I don’t know, because they tell me I look nice and I tell them who made it possible for me to look nice. Thanks! R. M.

R.M. │ 06/12/2006

I just want to say that this is the first time I ever used an on line store for buying my shoes and You guys are the best... the shoes fit great and from now on, I’ll get all my athletic shoes fromZappos... Thanks again...

Bob M. │ 06/12/2006
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