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I just wanted to drop you a line to express my feelings on your return dept...I couldn't believe how quickly you took care of my return...A few days ago I sent back a pair of shoes that where too tight for me...It wasn't your shoes but my feet that have gotten alittle wider. Today I got a email from you stating you received the shoes and have already started processing my refund...we do a lot of shopping online and this is the first time we have ever had such a quick response. Also your free return shipping is a first for me...whenever I talk to anyone about buying shoes online, I'll be sure to tell them about my great experience with your company...I am looking forward to doing business with you again...my wife shops with your company a lot and will continue to do so...you have great quality shoes... Sincerely...Ed and Sue M.

Ed M. │ 07/25/2006

Thank you for your email, I have ordered two Mark Nason boots and they are the best boots I have ever put on-the quality and professional manner of shipping them to me was first class. Thank you for delivering a service you should be proud of and for having the best products in the market. Sincerely,

Louis A. │ 07/25/2006

I don't see how you could improve; your responses are clear & concise [W/ extra info as needed! It's a trouble shooting group you've got there, thinking where a problem may occur…etc]. I LOVE you guys. I am truly floored by your commitment to service. I've used you as an example of 'service excellence' in discussions on how the company I work for can provide better service. Your department is exemplary! I hope you are treated as well by your employer as you treat your customers; you deserve EVERY kindness!! Thanks again!! [PS: pass this note on to your manager!]

Ann L. │ 07/25/2006

Hi, I think you people are running an amazing online company. My husband was shocked when I told him that you ship THE SAME day you receive an order if it is before 3pm PT. Because there was a shoe I was interested in that you did not carry, I did order from another company. They were slow to ship, and I had to pay the return shipping when the shoes did not fit. I have told everyone that I know about your site, the fast shipping, great selection, and the generous return policy. I really admire the way you are conducting your business. Best Regards,

Cynthia L. │ 07/25/2006

Well I am glad that you guys worry about your customers overall satisfaction. It is nice to know that you guys actually read my comment about the shoes and in a nut shell offered me $20 because of the mishap. Just because you guys cared enough about me you guys can keep the 20 bucks and I'll just keep the shoes. I did order the same brand of shoes before but from Loserkids.com and there was no odor. I'm not saying you guys did this but non-the-less I am grateful and I will order from you guys again. Thank You. Sincerely a satisfied customer,

Alessandro G. │ 07/25/2006

I just have to comment on how wonderful Zappos.com is. I received my orders promptly after placing them. Unfortunately 4 out of the 5 pairs of boots I ordered didn't fit (my feet are really fat). I did the return on Monday. By Wednesday I had already received confirmation of the return and credit. Zappos.com, you rock!!!! Thanks so much. I will spread the word to anyone who will listen just how great you guys are.

Andrea B. │ 07/25/2006

I cannot tell you just how thrilled I am with your service and professionalism. You guys really are the best and I probably will buy most of my shoes thru Zappos. Thanks again!

Pamela M. │ 07/25/2006

My order arrived today early!! The shoes fit perfectly! I can't believe how quickly they arrived and how thorough you were in keeping me informed through emails. I will buy my shoes from you from this point forward! Thank you, thank you, thank you for great service, great pricing, free freight and great selection. I have such difficulty finding shoes in my size 5.5 medium for the office. You made my day! .

Susan V.I │ 07/25/2006

Thank you for your response. I have been a Zappos.com customer for several years and have to admit the service is exceptional. I have never had a single problem either with shipping or returns. I want to congratulate the Zappos.com Customer Loyalty Team because you are doing something right! I have recommended the website to many of my friends and they are very satisfied with the service, as well as the shoes! (Thought that bad service is always claimed; but excellence never mentioned). Regards,

Nicole R. │ 07/17/2006

Truthfully, I wish I could make a suggestion on how you can improve your service. But I can't because your service is outstanding. I wanted the Uggs for my granddaughter so of course I turned to Nordstrom. It would be eight weeks before the Uggs would be delivered and her birthday was in ten days. My daughter suggested I try Zappos and my reply was "What is Zappos?" Well I quickly found out. It was easy to register, easy to order and delivery was exactly what you advertise. My comment to my daughter was "Yeah, I bet I'll have the Uggs in no time." She said, "You will Mom, I use them all of the time." And NO postage. What could be better than all of the above? This is an era when the word "service" means very little. You've restored my faith in the word. Thank you and you can be certain you have a repeat customer. Lake Oswego, Oregon

Marie P. │ 07/17/2006

Hi there! I am just writing because my Customer Service Experience has been so AMAZING that I needed to document it. I am usually any company's nightmare client, with Zappos the process has been smooth, easy and great...The best part is that when I call, it has not been two good CS Reps and one bad one or anything like that. Every single Cust Serv Rep that I have talked to has been incredibly cool and HELPFUL. My biggest regret is not finding the shoe I wanted so I could buy it and financially support such a great company!!!

Anonymous │ 07/17/2006

You all are the most efficient people I have ever dealt with - keep up the good work!

Dianne K. │ 07/17/2006

We just received our first pair of shoes ordered from Zappos. What a great shopping experience. Shoes came really quick, were exactly as described and fit perfectly. The website is easy to use too! We will definitely be repeat customers. I love that there are no shipping charges so I was not afraid to risk ordering online. I will spread the good word about Zappos around our child's school as it is difficult to find shoes that meet the dress code requirements! Thanks for the great service! Sincerely,

Susan M. │ 07/17/2006

We just received our first pair of shoes ordered from Zappos. What a great shopping experience. Shoes came really quick, were exactly as described and fit perfectly. The website is easy to use too! We will definitely be repeat customers. I love that there are no shipping charges so I was not afraid to risk ordering online. I will spread the good word about Zappos around our child's school as it is difficult to find shoes that meet the dress code requirements! Thanks for the great service! Sincerely,

Susan M. │ 07/17/2006

Words can't begin to express how grateful I am to Zappos and your wonderful children's shoe specialists. My four year old granddaughter, Michelle MaryGrace, has suffered from blisters from the time she learned to walk. After wearing her shoes for only two or three hours, a blister would appear on her tiny feet. I had always thought it was her shoes, so over the years I proceeded to buy her every different brand I could find in an attempt to discover one that wouldn't cause blisters, literally spending multiple thousands of dollars. Having bought her shoes from Zappos in the past, I was searching the website for the perfect shoe yet again, when I noticed the number to a children's shoe specialist. Her doctors said that "some kids are just blister prone", so I had little hope, but I decided to call anyway to see if anyone could help us. I spoke with Greg. He immediately talked to me about - sweaty feet! He was so knowledgeable about children's feet, and took his time to educate me. His care, concern, training, and expertise were evident. He was able to suggest some brands that where designed with problem moisture in mind. But by far the best was his suggestion that we try one of the newer high performance socks that wick away moisture, even though Zappos currently doesn't carry them for children. These are hard to find! But find them I did, and had them expressed to the house. Voila! NO MORE BLISTERS!!! A whole new world has opened up for this sweet little girl!!! She was able to play outside in tennis shoes and not get blisters! She ran, she jumped, she kicked a ball - all WITHOUT pain! I wish you could have seen the pure joy on her face. I can honestly tell you, this is the first time in her young life she has been blister-free. We used to go several days between putting shoes back on her, until the blisters healed, so her world was mostly indoors. How she has suffered! Thanks to Zappos and your wonderful staff, NO MORE!!! Zappos is topnotch. When I called to express my appreciation today, I spoke to another children's shoe specialist with the exact same attitude as Greg! He made further suggestions, all of which we will follow up on. When Zappos says "Specialists", they mean it! How can I ever thank you enough? Your company has far exceeded my expectations, to put it mildly. Let me assure you that we will be permanent Zappos customers, and will spread the word to family and friends. Certainly, Michelle MaryGrace's story will be told and retold. Sincerely, A Grateful Grandmother,

Michelle T │ 07/10/2006

Dear Customer Service Team, My wife and I have been satisfied customers of Zappos for the last three years. I can't even begin tell you enough how much we enjoy and appreciate you guys and girls! You are truly a pleasure to do business with! We both have difficult feet to fit (me 9EEEE, and my wife 11 ½ W) and can never find anything in the stores. Unfortunately for us the only difficulty with purchasing shoes over the internet is you can't try them on. We've had the misfortune of have to return a couple of pairs recently and you have been great. No hassles, pleasant customer service representatives. We just want you to know that we love your services you provide! Keep up the great work!!! Until our next order! Sincerely, Chula Vista, CA

Ed and Rosa S │ 07/09/2006

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for such great service. I placed this order on Saturday and I received it today - Monday! That was fast! I thought because of the July 4th holiday falling on Tuesday I would not receive this order until the end of the week. And I love the sneakers. If I would have known the order was to arrive today I might have ordered more. Oh well, until the next order.

Lori S │ 07/09/2006

I am a new customer of yours and would like to tell you a story that I will be re-telling for days to come. My son is 11 years old and lives for his Nintendo DS. I had ordered several pairs of shoes from your company -- 3 of the 9 pairs of shoes did not fit. I had to send them back. I packed up the boxes and shipped them off. A week and a half later I get a package from Zappos shoes; I think that it must be a mistake but I opened the box. What I found inside was my sons Nintendo DS. I was elated. I could not believe that someone in your company who Received the Nintendo sent it back. It made my Day and my son’s day and all the people I have told the story to. If you ever saw the movie Pay It Forward? No good deed should go unnoticed. You won me as a customer the first time I used your website but now you have me as your walking billboard. I am forever grateful and the person who sent my son’s DS back should be recognized for making the world a little better.

Alison C │ 07/09/2006

I had to Email you and tell you what a great first experience I have had with your company! My sister has told me about your Web site, and I always hesitate to purchase on-line when there is no store outlet to make returns. However, if every on-line company was like yours then that would not be an issue. Your Web site is easy to use, the page where you make your purchases is easy and efficient, your notification of purchases being sent with a UPS number is spectacular, and Zappos has the easiest return process! Thank you for having a site where people with little feet can find shoes and a site that one would revisit time and time again. Your company could make bundles showing other companies how an on-line shopping Web site should be created. Kudos to you for installing such great business practices! With kind regards,

Maureen W │ 07/09/2006

I just wanted to let you know that your prices, selection, shipping options, and customer service are all exceptional. I will never buy shoes from anywhere else! I placed an order a few minutes ago and accidentally selected 1 day shipping instead of the free shipping. I called and was immediately credited the $25 shipping fee and the representative upgraded me to 2 day shipping as a courtesy, and it was MY mistake! Thanks so much.

Daryle M │ 07/09/2006

I continue to be delighted and amazed at the consistent unfailingly high quality of customer service I receive at Zappos. The service I received this time when I made a mistake in placing the order exemplifies it---every courtesy and assistance was extended to me to make it easy for me to have the problem resolved. I have taken steps to try to move all our family shoe purchases to Zappos for this reason. You have set up a service model that the rest of us can only try to emulate!

Tom P │ 07/09/2006

I tell everyone about Zappos. Your website is addicting. Do you know that alot of the UPS people I’ve been to didn't even know what Zappos was, even though they were handling all these boxes? I always fill them in!

Heather B │ 07/09/2006

Man, you people at Zappos really, really know how to make the customer feel like they are THE most important element of your business. Upgrading shipping at no charge is a great way to do it. Your "multi-view" of shoes is the best visual tool out there. And your return program is the easiest I have come to know. I will continue to bring you my business. Thank you,

Denise R.C. │ 07/09/2006

I just wanted to take a moment and express how pleased I am with your impeccable service and products. Everything you could possibly want in a shoe you have, as well as when trying to figure out what I want, I can always count on excellent photos, a true review of what the shoe is and honest reviews to top it off. That doesn't even include your incredible service when I want/need to send something back! Whenever possible, I shop from you due to all of the above. Thank you very much. As a loyal customer, I appreciate all the extra little things you do to make the shopping experience so positive.

Theresa L │ 07/09/2006

Hello, Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! For the awesome site, and service you guys have. I have only bought 2 pairs of shoes from you...but you guys make it so easy to find what I'm looking for. I WILL NEVER go back to the malls looking for shoes...it’s the most annoying thing I can think of. I’m really fed up with shoe shopping and dreaded going out looking, mainly because I never can find anything I like...or in my size!!...but then I came across you guys...and it was soooo nice...very relaxed...and I found so MANY styles that I liked!! And in my SIZE!!!I searched pages and pages of shoes, and enjoyed looking at the selection!! Your site is VERY NICE and easy to navigate...and I love the "More Views" feature. Really makes deciding on a shoe easier. So thank you and I will always shop here, with you guys. And I will recommend all my friends and family to you also. Thank you and have a great day! Very pleased customer,

Jesse W │ 07/09/2006
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