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This has made my entire year! These shoes are for my daughter who has cerebral palsy. This is a new diagnosis and my heart broke yesterday when she received her braces for the first time. I went to three stores, and they could not fit her foot with the brace. Thank you for your support. It means the world to me!

Janene │ 08/21/2006

To whom it concerns, I have made a couple orders and was hoping they would fit because ordering on line you sometimes get the wrong size. Not with Zappos! They fit perfect!! Since I have bought shoes from Zappos and the results were so wonderful, I won't buy another pair of shoes from anyplace else. The shoes look even better in person and I just couldn't get over how perfectly they fit. I have shoes, tennis shoes, flip flops and knee high black boots and they are wonderful. I highly recommend any of you woman who like shoes like I do to give this Zappos a chance to prove to you they are great. Their sales are out of this world too!! Sincerely,

Dianne B │ 08/21/2006

I really think I need to write a letter to whomever you suggest at Zappos first I bought a pair of shoes, wooden based and they broke. I told Zappos and immediately they said we will replace or credit you. Amazing! I seriously have never had such customer service. Then I can’t even discuss the fact that we returned something extremely expensive in a box to Zappos from a shoot, and they called to say they received something that didn't belong to them, and returned it. This was extremely expensive merchandise that some how was put in your box. I have never had such incredible customer service from any company and I shop online every where. I have been an editor for 15 years at major magazines and seriously I have never worked with such a professional outstanding group of people. You should be so proud of the company you work for. All the people seem amazing. I just thought I would let you know. I now feel guilty buying shoes elsewhere because you are so nice. I have told everyone about Zappos.

Joni │ 08/21/2006

I just wanted to send a note about these shoes. They are so comfortable it's like stepping onto a foam pillow with each step. I also love Zappos and have recommended this website to hundreds of friends. Thank you so much for your excellent customer service and variety of shoes. San Francisco

Barb S. │ 08/07/2006

Thank You…Thank You…Thank You Oh Master Zappos! I will be ordering again right away, but I want you to know "why" I buy my shoes from Zappos. My podiatrist says "As long as your shoe is comfortable for me, there is no need to buy his expensive line (like $400 up) of orthopedic shoes." I have a fairly long foot, though not by some standards of shoes you sell, like size 13 plus! But it is wide foot, size 4W. I have a very unusual high arch!! And athletic shoes are light weight, and comfortable to me. So, instead of paying $400 for just "ONE PAIR" of orthopedic shoes, I can have 3 or 4 pair of stylish and comfortable shoes from Zappos each year.(I usually buy in the summer) I can swap shoes daily, and that way they will wear evenly, plus they are different each day, not to mention they stay clean and usable longer. (I am diabetic and need shoes that meet all of these requirements).Finally, and MOST IMPORTANT, I can get MY SIZE delivered SWIFTLY to my door, and this means soo much to me, because shopping all over Dallas for MY SIZE is a real chore…Mr. Zappos! (And I am so grateful for your return policy, which I have only had to use 2 or perhaps 3 times, with Zappos footing the bill (pun intended). SOO!!!!! MANY, MANY THANKS AND A HEARTFELT THANK YOU...A 1000 TIMES…MR. ZAPPOS!!! (I WILL BE ORDERING FROM YOU TODAY AND FOR A LONG…LONG TIME!!) Dallas (The one in Texas)

Patrick T. │ 08/07/2006

I am more than satisfied with the Onex shoes I have recently ordered from Zappos. The shoes arrived much sooner than I could ever have expected. The items arrived in very good condition from the way they were packaged and shipped. I love the fit of Onex shoes and the cute and different styles they come in. It is great to go on line and find such a big selection of Onex shoes. The one store in my area that carries the Onex brand has only a very few styles and limited sizes. I know that I will keep coming back to Zappos for great shoes and service. Thanks,

Peggy │ 08/07/2006

To Zappos Management: I have had the privilege of shopping at Zappos twice and I can honestly say I have NEVER received the quality of Customer Service I receive in any industry, as I do when shopping with your company. Whether it be questions, follow up, the ordering and your delivery is always on time (Even if UPS tracking suggests otherwise!) While I enjoy the warm and friendly people I speak to, it is your return policy that really makes you #1 in my eyes. The ease in which I can go online print my return and send it off clearly separates your company from others. Thank you again and know I will continue to be a customer thanks to your quality service! Sincerely,

Gene S. │ 08/07/2006

I just want to say how much I LOVE your service/website. People would be CRAZY not to shop from your store. There is absolutely NO risk involved with your free shipping policy. It saves me time, gas, etc. I wish all catalogs/online stores could do the same. I guarantee they'd generate a lot more business. Don't change a thing!

Dani H. │ 08/07/2006

You guys are 100%, absolutely, positively terrific!!! Thank you for your website and your great customer service. I have ceased purchasing shoes at the department stores since Ii found your site by accident...I like your customer service and selection much better than in the department stores. Once again, thank you for your assistance.

Elske G. │ 08/07/2006

Zappos you’re the best shopping website I’ve ever seen, I have been satisfied with every purchase, and I really think you should have television commercials!

Charles B. │ 08/07/2006

Hello Zappos Customer Service, I'm writing to say thank you for a few things: 1. Thanks for emailing me when things I like are on sale! 2. Thanks for having a website that is easy to navigate, has quick return of info and pictures so I can see the products too. 3. Thanks for carrying such a great selection of products on your site AND for listing the in stock stuff so I can order what I see. 4. Thanks for having such friendly folks who answer the phone when I have questions. 5. Thanks for treating me so well -- I got free shipping on the order I just placed! 6. Thank you for being such a great store to shop from, and for all that you do to make the experience a positive and friendly one!! I'm one extremely happy customer, and I spread the word about your awesome website whenever I can... Thank you to everyone involved,

Megg M. │ 08/07/2006

To all Customer Service Representatives for Zappos, I am floored by the detailed and timely response you have provided in regard to the question I submitted a few days ago regarding a pair of shoes that I am looking for. Never have I experienced this level of customer feedback, effort to satisfy, and obvious appreciation for my business. You are to be congratulated! I am a personal assistant and do a great deal of online business and have shopped more websites than most people. While there are a couple of other dedicated companies that shoot for this type of service, Zappos has clearly established itself as the best and will always be my first choice for shopping shoes. It is too bad that other companies don't have the foresight to chase after more than the dollar at hand and go the extra mile. Kudos to the entire staff there at Zappos! Sincerely, Sally E. W. Huntsville, Alabama

Sally E.W. │ 08/07/2006

It probably sounds sick to say this but I am IN LOVE WITH ZAPPOS! I look and look for ways to offer any suggestions that I might have to send you to make your business better. Alas, I come up short of a good idea for you. However, I must ask you if you have any small Zappos’ badges. I have had many very happy times with Zappos and their adorable people, my incredibly sensitive feet thanks you 365 times - one for each 24/7. I simply CANNOT buy shoes from any other store, simply can't. If I were asked to name one US Company who served their customers (friends) well all of the time, I would name Zappos! Thanks for helping us to keep our faith in US business. We need it now more than ever as you know. I could go on and on but you get my drift! Blessings to each and every one of you.

Phyllis W. R. │ 08/07/2006

I work in Marketing for a CPG company for a living (as if you can't tell by my shipping address!). Like you, I am always thinking about how to build brands consumers love -- I have to admit your company does it better than anyone I know. I love everything about Zappos, from your amazing website, to your incredible specials and now your ability to delight me even when I am already 100% satisfied. Thanks for the upgraded shipping and for being an inspirational leader in the retail world. Regards,

Michelle │ 08/07/2006

I want to tell you that you are, by far and away, the BEST retail store on the internet. The fast shipping, the easy returns, and HUGE selection, and the informative descriptions makes Zappos unbeatable. I have always had problems finding narrow shoes that fit well. My search is over! Thanks so much...I've told many many people about Zappos, and they too are highly impressed. Keep up the good work!! L. B.

L.B. │ 08/07/2006

Once again, Zappos has completely exceeded my expectations. Your customer service is exceptional. Between the great service, competitive prices, amazing selection, and ease of purchasing, you have developed a VERY loyal customer. I tell everyone I know about Zappos and encourage them to try it out. (I also see you're working with What Not to Wear - very cool! Especially since Stacy always gushes over the shoes). Thank you so much for your quick attention to the issue of the broken shoe. Your rapid response means my niece will get the replacement shoe before she flies home, which will save me having to ship it to her. ZAPPOS ROCKS! Sincerely,

Elizabeth S. │ 08/07/2006

I just spoke with one of your reps, to help with a return and as usual the service was excellent…I have been impressed with the service of Zappos for years…I asked her to let you know how terrific I think your service is (and I don't say that about many, if any, companies today). I tell everyone how great Zappos is - how reliable, the great array of shoes and the wonderful service. Please let me know if you go public as I would be first on line to buy stock. Yours truly,

RoseAnn D. │ 08/07/2006

I have to take a minute and commend Zappos on the stellar customer service I always receive. I've recommended your organization to several friends and family. Continue to do, what you do, oh so well! A very appreciative customer,

Wendy W. │ 08/07/2006

Just wanted you to know that I shop on-line all the time and I recently shopped on your site. I bought a pair of Teva shoe/sandals a week ago and just ordered a pair of Oakley golf shoes for a trip tomorrow. Unbelievable Service! I work for an industry leading e-commerce developer, so I would consider myself an expert in on-line e-commerce. Hats off to your marketing, ops, fulfillment staff. I will recommend your site and your service to all I know. Thanks for the great experience! Sincerely,

Scott R. │ 08/07/2006

Wow, thanks for the free delivery! I'm so excited to get the shoes! I've only ordered once before from Zappos and had to return because the shoes didn't fit properly. Everything was so easy and your selection is fantastic! I have a narrow foot so it's a challenge to even find a store that carries narrows, much less one that has any stylish choices. I couldn't believe it when I typed in "narrow" and had pages and pages to choose from! I'm in shoe heaven!!! Your service is also fantastic. The delivery was quick, the return couldn't have been simpler, and there was no problem with the refund. I'm definitely telling everyone I know about Zappos.com!!! Thanks from your newest fan!

Lea A. │ 08/07/2006

Dear Friends at Zappos, How many times today have you heard people shouting… 'YOU ARE THE GREATEST!?' How did you get our Uggs here so fast! Amazing! Wonderful! Zappos gets everything right, first time, 200% of the time. We love you, Zappos. Here we are, displaced native Californians, refugees from Monterey Bay area. We've been up here in the frigid northwest nearly three years. I've not found a business or individual 1/10th as cool as my Friends from California. Thanks so much for your great service & product availability. When you added children's shoes to your vast list, it really made my life easier. Keep shining, all you Zappos sunshine people! Huge humble thank you,

Steph │ 08/07/2006

I just wanted to take a moment to let you all at Zappos know how great I think you are. I work in customer service, and I know usually people only contact stores with negative feedback. I live in a small town with nowhere to shop, and Zappos has made it possible to keep my shoe addiction alive! The service is always flawless, with fast shipping, and effortless returns (when necessary - which is rare). Thank you for running such an exceptional business. I am always 100% satisfied with my shopping experiences at Zappos. Thank you!

Sonya R. │ 08/07/2006

Wow. I'm impressed. I ordered a product from you a few days ago and it's out for delivery today. AWESOME. Thanks!

Glenn │ 08/07/2006

The shoes arrived on August 2 and I am very pleased with the shoes! My first time ordering shoes on the internet and I'm very satisfied with the Montrail D7s and the service of Zappos.com delivery of quality footwear... Thank you...:>

William P. │ 08/07/2006

Most times we take the time to email or write when we are not happy with service or products. Not in this case. I feel it's important to tell you how great I think your service is at Zappos. Other online stores and department stores should take lessons from Zappos. Fast delivery, price protection that is EASY to obtain, great customer service reps too. Thank you!!!!

Anonymous │ 07/25/2006
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