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All too often, we take too much for granted here in the US. We are very free about expressing our frustration or complaints, but never take the time to sing our praises. Perhaps it was because I purchased a pair of boots from Zappos Couture yesterday, but my new shoes arrived today right after lunch - now that's real service with a SMILE! Packed exceptionally well but I only had enough time to try on one shoe!!! Back to work. I've not used Zappos all that much in the past, but you have an exceptionally large selection to chose from, the web site works great, and you keep customers well supplied with order updates. I'm impressed with your service philosophy and wanted to take the time to say THANKS! Missoula, MT

Erling O │ 08/27/2006

I appreciate you putting your customers first. The free upgrade on a new pair of shoes is an awesome gesture, I highly appreciate it. I will most definitely tell my friends and family about ZAPPOS, it's the place for kicks and hand bags... Your prices are awesome and your customer service rocks; you’re a force to be reckoned with.... thanks again from the top the very bottom at Zappos... One happy customer...

Valentino S │ 08/27/2006

How wonderful! I no longer need to go to a shoe store to buy over priced shoes. I just counted and I have purchased 17 pairs of shoes over the past few years from Zappos. Your selection is outrageous, the website is organized so well it makes finding what I want very easy and of course the prices and free shipping both ways just puts the icing on the cake. What more could a girl ask for? Sincerely, A Shoe Lover who has found a home.

Suzanne P │ 08/27/2006

I love all of the boots I ordered....They are as beautiful as the pictures portrayed... I am very pleased not only with your service but more importantly the products... Thanks, I will be ordering more in the future...Thanks

Annie C │ 08/27/2006

Hey Folks at Zappos... Got both pairs of shoes delivered almost immediately. I thank you very much for the service, totally "amazing". I have been searching the USA for four years for these styles with no avail until I came upon Zappos... very grateful, will shop again, and recommend Zappos to everyone I know!! Thanks again!!

Archie K │ 08/27/2006

What a pleasure to do business with you! With the difficulty I have had in finding shoes that fit my feet, I am very pleased to have found Zappos. And your service has been superb. I am most grateful. Living in a small rural area--far from any large shopping area much of my shopping has to be by TV or computer. Besides that, my feet are not your normal run-of-the mill size and width. Your choices are wonderful. I have recommended you to my doctor who wears a man's size 16, and to woman friend who wears size 4. Thank you for your efficient service. Sincerely,

Leola C │ 08/27/2006

THANKYOU A BUNCH!!!!! I already told as many people I could about Zappos.com. I am very impressed that your company is incredibly organized and downloading a return label was simple. I am sorry my boots didn't fit, but I am still going to shop with you and find them, I will come to your website for as much as I can buy, I love how professional you are. I really enjoy receiving packages so I am very excited about the mail for Monday now. Thanks again and see you at your website soon...

Gina C │ 08/27/2006

WOW You guys are totally fantastic. I have referred people to you in the past, and now I will be sure and tell everyone I know who shops online about you. I live on a remote Alaskan island and things sometimes take a few extra days to get in and out, but I will send the smaller shoes back ASAP. Unbelievable!

Claire R │ 08/27/2006

Sir or Madam, I would like to think, even nowadays in the business world of high and even higher demand, customer service is a continued learning process. I am writing you today to take the time to say that I feel you and your employees have mastered that feat. This is the third time that I have joyfully entered the Zappos domain and left, not only happy but proud that I have done business with you. Two times out of the three I have ordered my shipping was given priority delivery, and not to say that I was in dire situation to receive the shoes so quickly but it was the e-mail that you sent me shortly after I had placed my order that this was simply done because I was a Zappos customer that has ensured my, yet to come, long business history I will continue to do with you. I had called Saturday and spoke with a representative who answered my questions professionally with good humor and again was able to bring a smile to my face. She deserves a raise, for being such a sweetheart! You see, I'm from the good old days where business' still had value and integrity in how they approached the public and market. I too operate my own business and it's refreshing to see that there are still guys like you around. You made my day!!! I will refer you to everyone I know and put in good words to those who ask about zappos.com. Sincerely,

Ike A │ 08/27/2006

I would like to thank you for your excellent service. I'm always amazed of the fast delivery and accuracy in the order. Also, it was very nice to upgrade my delivery at no extra charge. I always buy shoes at Zappos.com and I have never have had any problem. You have the best selection of all the shoes stores I have tried. I am very happy and glad to have found your site. Thanks,

Mrs. Roa │ 08/27/2006

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate your high level of customer service. I recently purchased a pair of shoes through you as a gift for Father's Day, but, unfortunately, I ordered the wrong size. Your return department rushed me out the correct size that day, free of charge, and a voucher for easy return of the pair I had. Had the process been prolonged and difficult, I wouldn't have had my Dad's shoes in time for the trip to Hawaii we enjoyed this summer. I am a 25 year old young professional with little spare time and have done the majority of my shopping online for several years. To date, your company has given me the best customer service that I have yet encountered online. Thank you, you've earned my future business. Warmly,

Reece T │ 08/22/2006

Dear Zappos, Thank you for always being prompt in sending shoes and crediting shoes. Your customer service is EXCELLENT! It is not until I deal with another online shoe company that I am reminded of how awesome Zappos is. Zappos ONLY from here on out!

Jen W │ 08/21/2006

I received my purchase in record time... I continue to share your website. Your company is truly a pleasure to do business with. Keep up the great customer service.

Mary │ 08/21/2006

Keep up the good work I have stopped shopping at Macy’s, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus because of your wonderful site. Thanks,

Baljinder K │ 08/21/2006

I must commend Zappos for the wonderful customer service to the fast and efficient delivery of the merchandise. Zappos states the item will be delivered in 4-5 days and it's at your home in that time. Often times these days, its rhetoric and a sales pitch - but Zappos is true to their word. Another BIG + for me is that Zappos carries my small size, 4.5M - 5M. It can be very frustrating trying to find shoes in my size, but no longer, Zappos will be the first place I look for my shoes for now on. Keep up the good work! Cheers to Zappos! ETC, Citrus Heights, CA.

Elaine C │ 08/21/2006

Thank you so much for your professionalism and the efficiency with which you handle internet orders. I live in Mississippi and my favorite shoe store on the Gulf Coast was wiped away by hurricane Katrina almost a year ago. I found Zappos.com while looking for an alternative. Zappos.com is now my favorite shoe store...I don't even bother looking else where now.

Anonymous │ 08/21/2006

What can I say...your products are just as you describe them... I am very happy with the converse sneakers and Zappos. My order was received in a few days and not having to pay shipping is a godsend! Zappos offers get prices and great products and I will always be a Zappos customer. Thank you.

Anonymous │ 08/21/2006

Your customer service is commendable. I have NEVER been treated so royally. I expected to pay for shipping when my order didn't fit because of my misjudgment but you have an online return shipping label for me to print and you sent a replacement order by air at no cost to me. UNBELIEVABLE! Thank You so very much. I will be back and I will be recommending you to my family and friends.

Karen L │ 08/21/2006

Dear Zappos, I am so grateful for you having shoe sizes for those of us with longer feet. It is wonderful not to have to sift through all of these shoes that do not fit to find the few that do fit. I have shoes that are other colors now besides black and brown. People notice the cute shoes that I have. My size 12 daughters did not have to go through racks of shoes in many stores to be disappointed with a pair of shoes that they didn't really like, but were the only ones to fit. They got online, picked out the shoes, and there they were on the front porch when we got home. Wonder of wonders. I no longer waste my time looking in the local shoe stores in hopes of some plain Jane shoe that will fit me. I shop for my shoes in the comfort of my own home knowing that a great pair of shoes is waiting for me to find them on your easy to search shoe finder. I share the knowledge of your wondrous site with all that I notice with small, wide and long feet compared to the general population. I want you to grow and flourish and offer many more beautiful shoes to the shoe deprived of the world. Gratefully yours,

Laura B │ 08/21/2006

You guys (& girls) are awesome ... I wondered how my goodies came so quickly ... everything was perfect ... I tell everyone I know ... I used to be a DSW devotee but now it is only Zappos for me ... Thanx again!!! Pamela R.A.

Pamelo R.A. │ 08/21/2006

Thank you so much for such great service! The replacement shoe was received much quicker than expected and is a perfect fit! The returns process was flawless and PAINLESS!

Anonymous │ 08/21/2006

Thanks for sending out my order so quickly --- I will be looking for my order today!!!!!! My daughter will be so happy!! She is having surgery soon, and we got the Uggs as a gift!

Patty │ 08/21/2006

I can honestly say your site is one of the most customer friendly sites around, and I am not just saying that because of this email.=20 Keep up the great service!

Anonymous │ 08/21/2006

To Whom It May Concern: Wow, what a GREAT COMPANY! I wish I could have found your company a long time ago! I have never had such exceptional service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please feel to post the compliment as well as tell your superiors what I said. I always try to compliment, rather then complain. Too many people complain. Take care & have a great day! Sincerely,

Michelle A │ 08/21/2006

Great service. Easy to maneuver web page. Shoes arrived promptly and were as described. Thank you,

Marvel N │ 08/21/2006
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