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If I could buy everything online at Zappos.com, believe me I would. You guys are the King on Service Excellence! It is so great shopping on your site. Tell Tony, I love his book and even gave a few as presents to some of my colleagues. Thanks again and keep up the terrific work you all are doing behind the scene.

Nida G. │ 12/05/2011

This is my first time shopping from Zappos.com. The purchase was quick and easy. Your order processing and shipping was outstanding. I will be posting very positive reviews any opportunity I have. Thank you very much for making my Christmas shopping easier.

David C. │ 12/05/2011

Your web site is awesome and the service is awesome! I've been shopping on here for years and I love everything about it! Thanks for having great customer service. Happy Holidays!

Victoria S. │ 12/05/2011

Hi! I am an online surveyor and I look at the videos they have from different stores each day. I just wanted to let you know that some of the videos like the one for Aldo shoes you can buy from Zappos are really good. It definitely encourages people to go to your site. Just thought I'd let you know. Thanks!

Anonymous │ 12/05/2011

Dear Zappos, I'm not normally vocal about these things, but I wanted to send some positive feedback your way concerning my first business experience with you. I had ordered a pair of Timberland boots for my wife and the fit was surprisingly too small. I was prepared to slog through the dreaded return process with an online retailer, but was shocked at how simple and pleasant it ended up being. After selecting for store credit and getting the box dropped to UPS I realized that I would have to wait upwards of 7 days to get the credit for purchasing the next size up in boots. I called the hotline and in less than 5 minutes the customer service representative nixed the credit, processed an exchange for the next size up, AND provided the VIP status for next day shipping on future orders. Can’t get better than that. You've definitely secured me for a future customer and I will spread the word.

Joseph S. │ 12/05/2011

You people at Zappos rock. No, seriously, I can't sing your praise loud enough. As a customer, I appreciate being appreciated for my business. You peeps at Zappos clearly keep the question "How can we show our customers that we appreciate their business?" in the front of your mind. You are an inspiring example of a truly GREAT corporation!

Jessica S. │ 12/05/2011

You people at Zappos rock. No, seriously, I can't sing your praise loud enough. As a customer, I appreciate being appreciated for my business. You peeps at Zappos clearly keep the question "How can we show our customers that we appreciate their business?" in the front of your mind. You are an inspiring example of a truly GREAT corporation!

Jessica S. │ 12/05/2011

I have always shopped at Zappos. I get peace of mind knowing I don't need to go anywhere else to get the best price. Furthermore they are socially conscience; on a recent trip to Las Vegas I took note that they have adopted a part of the Interstate 15 just outside Vegas. I like the fact they are a green, eco-friendly company.

Mark V │ 11/29/2011

Hello All… I just wanted to write a quick note to tell you what a G R E A T company you have! Here it is, Sunday night, and I just ordered a Marc Jacobs bag that I really needed by next Thursday for Thanksgiving and viola. It will be here Tuesday, free, as I am a VIP customer. You guys are the best, and I absolutely love how easy your website is to navigate. Your products are wonderful, and I always find something I want/need. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and blessed holiday season. Your loyal customer forever- Julie Petrie, Beach City, Texas

Julie Petrie │ 11/28/2011

Brian Moore called in today to thank Zappos for the amazing customer service he received! Brian placed an order on 11/19 and explained that he needed this order on Tuesday morning. After not being able to guarantee this, he received tracking with confirmation that the order is being delivered ahead of schedule on Monday. He wanted to thank us for going above and beyond for him.

Brian Moore │ 11/28/2011

Dear Zappos representative: Thank you so much for responding so quickly to my email regarding the defective product. I really appreciated your help, and I am very satisfied with Zappos customer service. Being able to return the bag and get a refund was the appropriate action, and Zappos came through. I have been a long time customer, and this was my first product problem. I will continue to shop with Zappos in the future.

Diana Golde │ 11/28/2011

Maliik wanted to speak to me to pass on his excitement about our company. Maliik feels he always received exceptional service from us – we always surpass his expectations. According to him, Zappos sets the bar as far as customer service goes.

Maliik Nasiir │ 11/28/2011

I want to express my sincere appreciation for your excellent service. I plan to order items from you for Christmas giving. Again, thank you so much!

Joan Eck │ 11/28/2011

I just want to thank you for carrying my size shoes! I've been looking and looking, and just not finding any stylish boots in my size, and I am so sick of having to settle for yucky or even men's shoes. I am so happy to be able to get pretty boots! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will be recommending you to all the gals I know who need larger sized shoes! They are going to be so happy! (And I'm so thankful that they won't have to go through the pain wearing men's shoes has put me through!) Thanks again,

Roberta Morrison │ 11/28/2011

I recently moved, changed jobs, received a new credit card and then placed an order with zappos.com. I used an old email address, a new home address, a different-than-normal credit card and basically had everything confused (on my end). I called your customer service and spoke to two wonderful people who helped me flawlessly and seemingly effortlessly. The jacket that I purchased as a birthday present for my partner arrived just in time, and the last customer service agent that I spoke to was able to help me sort out my two zappos accounts when I didn’t even know that I was ordering from two separate accounts. All in all, I want to thank your entire customer service team for being so well trained, helpful, kind and 100% on point. I am so very impressed and will continue to recommend zappos to my friends and family! Thank you, Kelly

Kelly Dorsey │ 11/28/2011

Just a quick note; my order for The North Face Polar II snow boots replacement arrived with blinded speed yesterday. FYI: UPS picked up the returned pair at the same time also. Thank you so much for being the best store in the web! I’ve bought several items from you with never a hitch! You should bottle your epic friendly service and rapid delivery and market it to all businesses. You not only would eliminate all sub-par stores’ poor performances but you might even bring world peace! To all of you at Zappos, have a great Thanksgiving and joyous Christmas holiday season! You’re the greatest! ~KIP ROWEN~

Kipper Rowen │ 11/28/2011

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the excellent customer service. I wish we received service like this everywhere. Thanks again, this was painless.

Nicole Brnich │ 11/28/2011

I'm the co-founder of a website, and for our first customer conference this year we had Tony Hsieh speak as Zappos continues to blow our minds- our CEO (my co-founder) hasn't bought a pair of shoes anywhere else for about 5 years :) Please tell Tony (and yourself) to keep up the good work!

Dylan Smith │ 11/21/2011

I wanted to express my appreciation for the kind, patient customer service when I talked to a customer service representative. I was scheduled to leave for my own destination wedding and urgently needed a suitcase. The agent helped me arrange shipping that got the suitcase there in record time, and when I returned from the trip there were beautiful flowers sent by Zappos in honor of my wedding. My whole family is so stunned that we are recommending Zappos to everyone. You truly do have the best customer service we've ever seen.

Carolyn Goldberg │ 11/21/2011

You've GOT to be kidding!!!! Received my replacement order YESTERDAY!!! Yee HAW! I’m wearing my new shoes (ordered the wrong style, got credit ALREADY!!!), and your MOST helpful telephone rep help me choose the new SKU number for my style that I had WORN out, and I couldn't be MORE HAPPY!!! Telling ALL my friends to SHOP ZAPPOS!! No crowd at the mall! No bored, teenaged salesperson!!! LOVE IT!!!!! Lol

Jim Yount │ 11/21/2011

To all of Zappos, I highly commend you; your commitment to customer service is the best bar none. I have never received an e-mail confirming receipt of product and advising me that the credit may not appear for a few days. The staff and management is all to be commended. I thank you for your service and will come to you first for any purchase before searching department stores. Thank you again.

Barbara John │ 11/21/2011

I just received my first Zappos order, and let me tell you, you have a BIG new fan! I found what I wanted in less than a minute, received free shipping, and got my order in two days. I don't know how you guys do it, but you are truly remarkable and deserve all the buzz you get. Contrast with my shoe catalogue experience a week earlier: they sent the wrong shoes. When I called, the message said I was caller #15 so please leave a vm message, which I did. No one ever returned my call for a week. I mailed the shoes back to receive the correct color and included a note about their lack of service. Two weeks... nothing. I called again and asked for customer service, and she just said, “we were busy,” so just too bad for me. No apology, just defensive posture. Soooooo... I will be sending this same info to the shoe catalog company’s management, extolling your service in comparison to theirs. There is no way they can compete with service like yours!!!! Thanks. NICE job.

Kathleen Moore │ 11/21/2011

I want to congratulate you on your great service. I checked my charge account, and the 2 returns have been posted, and we received the 3rd pair of shoes that we ordered for my husband today. He has such weird feet, and I hope that we can make these work. The Brooks Addiction walker is more substantial that the Propet shoe of the same type but seem a little snugger. Again thank you for your good customer service. I will be buying more from Zappos.

Kay Allwood │ 11/21/2011

Hi Zappos, I just want to say that I really like the revisions you made to the website; it makes sorting and searching so much easier and more efficient (e.g., heel height, style). I also really appreciate that when I look at past orders little pictures pop up, so I can see what was in that order. I use this feature a lot when I want to find the style names for brands I buy often (e.g., Not Your Daughter's Jeans, Three Dots) to see which were the style names that worked or didn't work. Thank you!

Laura Faich │ 11/21/2011

You are again awesome! I had my slippers when I got home yesterday. I love them. Thanks for your wonderful efficient system and customer care!

Virginia C. │ 11/11/2011
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