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Greetings, To all of you in the customer service of Zappos! I'm taking this opportunity to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH! For taking such wonderful care of me. It is only my second order (my husband opened an account previously) and I have not received it yet, but I've already received three notes from you guys with explanations and order status information. Unfortunately, these days, in many stores, people don't care about their customers the way they used to and the way they're supposed to. So thanks again and I hope in the future I won't be disappointed. I will definitely tell all my friends about Zappos. Best regards and Happy Holidays to you all,

Anna P. │ 12/20/2006

Dear Friends at Zappos… This email news is why I buy shoes from you even when I don’t need them or want them… You all Rock!!! No kidding… I really do love your company… I tell you all that every chance I get… long story short… Had many operations… Lost tonal use of my left leg… Dr.’s said it would never work again… I said “Oh really???” First pair of fancy shoes I bought for both feet was from you all… I told them I would use my leg again… Even if I can’t walk very well… I look really hot in my Zappos shoes when I fall down!!! Merry Christmas and God Bless,

Martha D. │ 12/20/2006

Dear Zappos, I just have to say how pleasant & easy it was to place an order with your Tele-cashier. She was extremely efficient while maintaining a warm human touch that seemed to really come through the phone line. I'm blown away by how eager she was to recommend other web vendors for some of the shoes Zappos had sold out that I was looking for... Amazing! & to top the whole experience off I received the shoes I ordered from Zappos in record time. I will be recommending Zappos whenever the opportunity presents itself. Thanks for great service,

Charlie M. │ 12/20/2006

I just want to commend the Customer Service representatives at Zappos.com. You guys do a FANTASTIC job of keeping us happy. I've ordered from this website four times, and my shipping has been extremely quick. That REALLY makes my day--any day that I wear the shoes I get from you. The shipping is a fantastic incentive for us to continue shopping with you, and it is a fantastic incentive for us to leave you positive feedback and rate the shoes so that our fellow customers can make better buying decisions. I've stopped buying shoes from the stores, now. I turn to Zappos.com for the lowest prices and the best quality shoes. Thank you SO much!

Diana N. │ 12/20/2006

I just wanted to say thanks for the last order. As always it was the correct order and VERY prompt. This is the greatest web site. I have two kids that have large feet, a women’s size 11 and a men’s size 16. It is not easy to find stylish shoes in their sizes. They are both teenagers and want to wear what everyone else is wearing. I have three other kids that have normal sizes but the cost is so much different that we order through you guys for them too. THANK YOU for the great service. P.S. I tell everyone I know about your web site!

Joanne L. │ 12/20/2006

Zappos has always provided us with GREAT service. Fast free delivery, fast, efficient and accurate returns and credit. Thank you.

Angela F. │ 12/20/2006

Thanks for helping this procrastinator out. Thankfully at least I know one Christmas gift will make it to its destination before Christmas. My son has loved Solomon shoes ever since he discovered them while shopping at a department store in Phoenix during his college days. He may very well become a Zappos shopper once he gets his package from you so quickly and notices my savings as well. Thanks again and Merry Christmas and, after looking at your sales projections for the year, dare I say Have a Prosperous 2007 Year!

Kim M. │ 12/20/2006

To the team at Zappos - you are the best. Not only do I find the Uggs for my granddaughter, but then you go and ship them to me at no extra cost. Thank you so much for the excellent service - it is very much appreciated. Merry Christmas and Happy 2007 to everyone at Zappos from a very satisfied customer in NJ. You guys and gals are great and I will remain a loyal customer.

C.G. │ 12/20/2006

Thank you for the return label for returning one of the pairs of shoes I bought my Husband for his Birthday. The day after his birthday, my Husband became very ill and was in the Hospital for the next two weeks. When we returned home and I looked at the shoes more carefully, I discovered and remembered you had an inner sole that was removable. As soon as we did that, the shoes fit him perfectly. We love the shoes and now plan to keep them. Thank you for your prompt attention. As always, it's a pleasure to work with your company. Sincerely,

Gwen M. │ 12/20/2006

Thanks for the great service. I will shop with you again and highly recommend your site to my family and friends.

Anonymous │ 12/20/2006

I just want to say thank you very much for being a part of a company that does their job so well. I plan on purchasing much more in the future because of the efficiency that your company practices. From the Web site format to the purchasing and customer services involved all is excellent. Again, thank you for putting together such a good shopping experience. Lynn M.

Anonymous │ 12/20/2006

You guys are incredibly efficient, and thank you for your amazing service :) in fact I have had really bad experiences with another place… :(and told them to get in touch with you guys to learn how to get it right!!! Again thank you and I will HIGHLY recommend you to all the shoppers in my neck of the woods... Regards,

Erin │ 12/20/2006

Thank you so much for giving me the sale price on my lovely shoes!!!! I am so happy with my shoes, your site and your service. I will be back many times and I am telling everyone I know about this site.

Anonymous │ 12/14/2006

I just wanted to say thank you for such great service. The shoes were here in no time and the quality and price are unbelievable! I really appreciate the wonderful service, it is getting harder and harder to find these days!! Happy Holidays! Sincerely,

Lisa R │ 12/14/2006

Just wanted to send a quick e-mail thanking for your site and your excellent service!! I purchased a pair of boots for my daughter from your site that were too large and had to be sent back. I appreciate how quickly you took care of the return. In fact I noticed the credit on my credit card the day that I received the new boots I purchased from you!! I am not an avid on-line shopper so I didn't know what to expect. I will definitely be telling my friends all about your site! Thank you again for your excellent service!!

Melissa A │ 12/14/2006

You not only are a service company that sells shoes, you are THE BEST SERVICE COMPANY THAT HAPPENS TO SELL SHOES!!!!!! My staining and comfortable black UGG boots are packed and ready to be picked up by the USPS tomorrow, but I want to thank you for the service and exchange, because on my trip, when I realized that they were staining my feet, I accepted the fact that, no matter how comfortable they were, I had to wear them with socks, or have my feet, mostly my nails and toes, tinted in black. Thanks to you, I have now another UGG boots that I will wear the way they are supposed to be worn: barefoot. You have a friend and customer for life.

Dulce M.D. │ 12/14/2006

I just wanted to compliment Zappos for the business that this company does. I had an easy time with the whole order process as far as the size and width being available for the shoes I wanted to order. Also I placed my order on a Saturday and by that Monday I received the shipment. Great Job Zappos. I will highly recommend this company to anyone shopping for quality shoes.

Anonymous │ 12/14/2006

Hi I am simply astounded at the level of service you all provide! This is two times pleased in less than a week. I have never heard of anything close to it. You must get your policies from heaven above! I wish I had found out about you sooner. I am a customer for life and I will tell everyone I can about you. I hug all of you (until my arms get tired)...Thanks.

Franci │ 12/14/2006

Unfortunately, I had to return my very first order ever placed on Zappos.com; however, I am so impressed with the efficiency of how it was handled, the overall website, and the wide selection of product, that I have made it one of my favorites and check it almost daily for new products and current promos. Excellent performance all the way around!!!! Thank You.

Anonymous │ 12/14/2006

Just a little note to let you know the shoes arrived today as you promised and they are wonderful. Again, thank you so very much for shipping them out so quickly; you are very special and in this day, your customer service is OUTSTANDING! I've shared your website with several of my friends/relatives already and read the most kind emails from you. Very Impressive! May God continue to bless your store and you all! Loved the catalog! I'm sure I'll be ordering again.

Tammy W │ 12/14/2006

As the owner of a catalog business that I suspect is about the same size as ZAPPOS (we employee approximately 100 people), I'd like to compliment you all for the very high standard of customer service you provide. I do a lot of catalog and on line shopping, and ZAPPOS is up there with the best! Best wishes for continued success in 2007 and beyond.

Jon S │ 12/14/2006

Thank you so much! I am headed out of town in the morning for 2 weeks and may not get the boots sent back until I return, but it is so nice to know that I can return them. If you have read the book Raving Fans, by Blanchard & Bowles, then you will know what I mean when I say you have made a raving fan out of me! If you have not read it, please do. I bet you would enjoy it. I look forward to bragging to all about the great understanding I have received and to shopping with you in the future. Thank you! Sincerely,

Judy S │ 12/14/2006

I just found your site last week by Google. I am a "hard to fit" wide shoe size & need nice dress shoes with a low heel for knee problems. Because I am hart to fit, I have tried for years to order shoes through the mail as you can normally find wide sizes that way. My husband is constantly reminding me how much I spend on shipping "trying" shoes that do not fit. Then I discovered ZAPPOS! 3 Zappos boxes were delivered to my desk by him yesterday with "that look" saying ZAPPOS? I was able to smile sweetly & say "you know what is wonderful about Zappos, honey? Shipping is free". He gave me the "raised eyebrow" approval look. So no more "fussin" from him on the shoes I order! I love your website. Easy to quickly narrow down the options! The shoes you offer are attractive and have the features important to me (style, fit, arch support, rubber grip bottoms & width variety). What a discovery for me! Thanks Zappos!

Sharon F │ 12/14/2006

Once again, just wanted to let you know what AMAZING customer service your company provides. I don't know how you do it, but I wish you would teach it to all of the other companies out there. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING!! It is a pleasure doing business with you! Thanks again -

Rollin M │ 12/14/2006

I just wanted to drop you a note to AGAIN tell you how thrilled I am with Zappos. I only discovered you about 2 months ago. I sadly had to return a few items from my first order, just because of sizing unfamiliarity, but I think I'm set now. I have just made my 3rd or 4th order, having recently received a new handbag last week. Which you were kind enough to upgrade to expedited shipping, how nice. This Hype purse far exceeded my expectations and my expectations are very high. Once more, you have a customer for life and I have told many friends about your site and they too have ordered.

Anonymous │ 12/14/2006
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