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I cannot express how happy I am with Zappos.com! I ordered some shoes for my son who is a missionary in Utah - I was nervous because of sizing etc... but the comments about the way the shoe fit on the ad page of the Clarks I ordered was very helpful. I ordered 1/2 size smaller than normal and he wrote to tell me they are the most wonderful shoes he has ever had! PLUS they were delivered SO FAST it was unbelievable!! SO what did I do?? OF COURSE - I ordered another pair for him yesterday! Thanks for a great well designed website and speedy delivery! Sincerely,

Naomi K. │ 12/27/2006

I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your excellent customer service. You guys rock when it comes to service. I have placed MANY orders with Zappos.com and have never had a problem. Thank you for a job well done and for the best selection around. Happy Holidays,

Laura G. │ 12/27/2006

I've just received the return label for the boots I ordered for my husband for Christmas. A different size is being sent quickly so he will have them on time. I'm writing this note to say thank you for your service. My husband and I are in our sixties and have gotten used to deteriorating service over the years. When I told him what you were doing to help us, his mouth dropped. I got courteous immediate service, a friendly voice that wanted to help, phone service that did not keep me on hold through the 5th Symphony, and voluntary quick shipping. We are totally impressed and grateful. We will d definitely spread the word about your company and use you for our shopping place. Thanks again. A very satisfied customer,

Joanna W. │ 12/27/2006

I just wanted to thank you for the service I did not expect. I ordered a pair of shoes last night on line and I received them today. I am not sure if this is the normal delivery time (and I did not expect it to be) but believe me I am surprised. I can only say that even if it takes a few days to receive future orders I can assure there will be others and I will be sure to tell everyone I know of the competitive pricing and the unexpected service. I am in charge of the customer service aspect of my own company and I fully understand how hard it can be to always deliver but you guys did and I thank you. I hope to do business with you again soon. Sincerely,

Billy C. │ 12/27/2006

Thank you so much for all that you have done! This is truly the best transaction over the Internet that I have ever made. Hats off to your excellent service. I will be ordering more often.

Sandy S. │ 12/27/2006

It took three tries, but my 90-year-old Mom loves her new shoes! I am so pleased with the help I received from Zappos over the phone from three different Zappos employees that I got a bit verbose, so I've written a letter addressed to the attention of your personnel manager complimenting your telephone answering staff. It went out in today's mail. What a GREAT company to do business with. I have never dealt with anyone as friendly & competent as your company!!!!! You will most definitely be getting future business from me. Thank you,

Dave P. │ 12/27/2006

I needed these Ugg Boots, but they were sold out in every major department store in the area. Not only did Zappos have them....but I ordered them at 10 PM EST on Dec. 20th, and the showed up at my door in no time! Simply amazing! Great job by Zappos and all of its staff! Happy Holidays and keep up the fantastic work!

Tom C. │ 12/27/2006

I just had to write and say Job well done!!! My order was received on time this past Monday. Very few places can say their shipping is that fast. Thanks again,

Teresa │ 12/27/2006

Zappos has the BEST customer service team! I will be sure to tell others about this wonderful company. Thank you.

Anonymous │ 12/27/2006

Thank you for helping make our Christmas nicer! I ordered a package at 4p.m. yesterday and it arrived before I even knew it...free shipping! The original order I'd placed with another vendor didn't arrive, I finally contacted them 7 days later. No response. I had to look up the company phone number and call them to request information on the order. They determined that they couldn't fill the order by Christmas and they weren't sure when it could be filled. The item was already hard to find at this point, so I was envisioning unplanned trips to lots of stores with last minute Christmas shoppers and other things to do to try to find a replacement. I was certainly thankful to find that you had it, same price plus free shipping! This is one happy mommy, and a 10-year old will be happy, too! Merry Christmas!

Cynthia R. │ 12/27/2006

I just want to say I was extremely happy with the whole process of using Zappos. My daughter wanted a particular type of Puma shoes. I found a pair on your website and I was very skeptical about your quick delivery (and free???). I couldn't believe the shoes arrived so quickly and they look great. Thanks so much, you made her (and my) Christmas!

Kathy X. │ 12/27/2006

Zappos, I have been shopping with you guys since I discovered you site. I just wanted to praise you for your excellent service. I have never run into an issue with my orders. Zappos is without question my most favorite shoe store on line and on land. So thank you so much for giving me a year of great shoes and fabulous service! Yours truly,

Molly H. │ 12/27/2006

I just ordered a pair of Heelys yesterday morning and they came sdo quickly!!! You guys are AWESOME!!! I have been walking around my job telling everyone to order from Zappos, I am a customer for life-thank you!

Marcy G. │ 12/27/2006

Hi - I wanted to say THANK YOU! We don't say that often enough, but this one is really deserved. I placed an order (my first, actually) on Tuesday night around 8 pm, and got my shoes in a blink of an eye! I thought I was in some sort of twilight zone - no one processes orders that fast! And the shoes are perfect. Please be assured I will be a repeat customer and will pass the word along about your great site. I hope you all have a very Happy Holiday!!! Thanks again!

Anonymous │ 12/27/2006

Thank you so much. I ordered Rocket Dog Hellion boots last night at about 10 PM and lo and behold UPS shows up quickly with my gorgeous boots. Talk about great service. I will definitely order from you again. Love the service and the quality of the product.

Debra D. │ 12/27/2006

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for such fast service. I ordered my Avia shoes yesterday and they came so fast! Amazing, and it's only 4 days before Christmas. You guys are great. I love the shoes as well. , TN

Melinda F. │ 12/27/2006

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't believe my first order was with Zappos. I ordered the shoes Sunday night and the shoes arrived Tuesday morning. Now, that's a great company-Zappos. A new customer with many more orders. Sincerely,

Terri M. │ 12/27/2006

Thank you! Buying these shoes for my mother-in-law has been my best on-line buying experience this season!!! She really needed some shoes since all was lost during a flood from the storms our area had last week -The shoes are a great fit and she is very happy - so a big thank you and Merry Christmas.

Anonymous │ 12/27/2006

Just a quick note to let you know that you're terrific! Not only is your website well organized and easy to use, but the free shipping and prompt service just can't be beat! I do lots of online shopping, and Zappos is by far the best! Thanks so much!

Anonymous │ 12/27/2006

We have sent to shoes through UPS with the return label. I am so impressed with your customer service! My husband and I are very happy with our shoes and appreciate finding such an agreeable company to work with! We will be back! Thank you!

Nancy & Jim R. │ 12/27/2006

I just wanted to let you know that I couldn't be more satisfied with my recent purchase. What great customer service- free shipping and I got my shoes the so quickly! Zappos is great. I will definitely buy from your website again.

Anonymous │ 12/27/2006

Hi! I ordered velcro sneakers for my 89 years young dad, this past Sunday. Today, Thursday, I asked dad if he received them yet. He laughed and said he had been wearing them since MONDAY!!! He loves them and even gave up his tie sneakers that had the no-tie stretch shoelaces. He's so pleased - I may even let him pay the bill! I have purchased velcro shoes and sneakers for my folks from Zappos for years and I depend upon the communications that inform me when they go on sale or when the styles will be changed or that a year has gone by and perhaps new ones are needed. So, at this New Year season, I wanted to thank all of you for your attention to details, to customers and to me. Appreciatively,

Linda D. │ 12/27/2006

I placed an order with your company sometime around 7pm last night....Wednesday. Not only was I surprised to pay no tax as well as no shipping but let me tell you how amazed I was that my package was delivered so quickly! That was under 16 hours. Congratulations on OUTSTANDING customer service!!!! I will pass the word along to all of my friends.

Tanya │ 12/27/2006

"To any Zappos representative FYI: A few members at my job, at a Bay Area Law Enforcement Agency in California, decided to put together an Adopt a Family Program. Each of us had to shop for selected families. The family I received was a single parent mom with a son age 16, wearing a size 16 shoe, and get this... He just had open-heart surgery. All she wanted for him was a winter coat, bedding for his new bed, and a pair of basketball shoes size 16. I went to a local store after fighting the holiday crowds at the shopping mall where I couldn't find anything. Big and Tall had two pair of shoes, both were not attractive, especially for a 16-year-old kid. I purchased the shoes and showed my teenage daughter who instantly turned up her nose. I felt bad because the shoes were ugly and I was almost out of time. I was at a lost because the program committee was scheduled to deliver gifts on this Wednesday. I logged on to your website and noticed the 1-day delivery during Christmas. I found a pair of shoes "Converse-Wade" in black. Wouldn't you know that you didn't have the kid's size? Therefore, I kept searching. I was desperate. I found a pair of Adidas that looked cool, something a 16 year old would wear. I placed my order yesterday at about 9:00 AM and I received the shoes the next day at about 10:30 AM. I was overjoyed! You save the day for this kid. Your company is awesome and it spoke for itself with the fast delivery at no charge. People at my job were impressed with your service. Thank you for making the kid's Christmas complete. Thank you Zappos so much! You have made my day. Thanks again! "

AR │ 12/20/2006

I just wanna send a word of gratitude for the surprise I got this week. I definitely didn't expect my shoes to arrive so soon. It put a big smile on my face to see my package at home sooner than I thought! I'm definitely impressed by your service and moved at the initiative that you guys took upon yourselves to ship my shoes so earlier than expected at no cost to me. I'm truly grateful. Not only that, I'm extremely satisfied with the shoes I purchased. I wore them so proudly today.

Anonymous │ 12/20/2006
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