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I am a first-time Zappos customer, and want to tell you that you are responsible for my daughter's 'Merry Christmas'! I had been looking for the patchwork Ugg boots in at least 8 stores, which were all sold out...my daughter was so disappointed until I found them on line at Zappos. I did not expect to receive them until after Christmas, since I ordered them so late, but they arrived just on time!!! Now, I can surprise her Christmas morning!!! I really believe in the magic of Christmas! Thank you so much for your prompt service...I will now be one of your new customers, and am quickly spreading the word to my friends, to shop Zappos.com!!!!! Merry Christmas!! Sincerely,

Kelley B. │ 01/12/2007

I placed an order at about midnight and received it before I expected it, while an e-mail message was asking me to allowed 6 to 7 days for delivery. Was the UPS GUY waiting for my order? Nobody believes me, I am even having a hard time believing it. The best part is I had forgotten to order those soccer shoes for my son and I pick your company the last minute and he needed those shoes for the DEC. 28 tournament and you have made it possible .I Thank you and your wonderful employees from the bottom of my heart and I wish you ALL a wonderful and happy HOLIDAY!!!

Anonymous │ 01/12/2007

I am very impressed with your company, and I will certainly tell this to my friends. I ordered a pair of shoes for my mother (90 yrs old) two days ago and she called this morning to say she received them so quickly. Unbelievable! Your service is wonderful. Whoever is running this company has the right ideas about growing a business. service,service,service.

David O. │ 01/12/2007

I just placed an order and I want to compliment you on your wonderful ordering process. I do have an account, but it didn't take any time at all. Too bad that all sites are not as easy to use as Zappos.

Anonymous │ 01/12/2007

Hi, Just wanted to let you know in my frantic search for boots for my daughter, I stumbled upon your site. Thank goodness, it saved me from disappointing my daughter and her desire for black boots. Your company not only got them sent out right away but also sent another pair when I decided to switch from black patent leather to black velvet. I am so pleased that this has been such a great experience for me that I will be spreading the news around to try Zappos. Again, I am so happy that I found your sight and will be using Zappos in the future. One satisfied customer,

Michelle T. │ 01/12/2007

Since I have a very difficult foot to fit, I would never have purchased shoes on line, but I shopped at Zappos out of desperation when I couldn't find anything to fit my orthotics. I have never been more impressed by an on line merchant ~ I still can't believe I ordered my shoes in the evening and they arrived so quickly! When I decided to exchange them for a smaller size, the new pair arrived the very next day. Thank you for an outstanding on line shopping experience. All my shoes will come from Zappos from now on ~ it sure beats trudging from store to store, and I love that you have a price protection policy.

Anonymous │ 01/12/2007

I just want to thank you for your great service. Last week, or before, I placed an order. I was not sure if I had done it right, as I have a new computer that I am "learning", (barely), and was not sure if my order went through. I wrote you an e-mail the next morning, went to the grocery store in the afternoon, upon returning home, I went to check my e-mail. Your company had not only answered me, but as I was sitting at the computer, I heard the UPS truck toot his horn, and by golly, there were my shoes!!!!!! I have spread the word to my friends and family and they could not believe it either. Thank you so much for not only answering my e-mail so quickly, but delivering my order so quickly too!!! Also, being so polite. Thanks again,

Claire │ 01/12/2007

ZAPPOS!!! Thanks for your quick response and your EXCELLENT SERVICE!! I sent the shoes out yesterday, 12/27/06...via UPS. Thanks for the quick delivery on the replacement pair also!! YOU PEOPLE ROCK!!! MY FAVORITE PLACE TO BUY SHOES!!! I TELL EVERYONE HOW HAPPY I AM WITH YOUR SERVICE AND PRODUCTS Sincerely,

David S. │ 01/12/2007

I would like to let you know how much we appreciate the superb service and customer friendly website you operate. Buying shoes on line is difficult at best and the one thing that always makes me stop is the cost of shipping back and forth. Zappos has taken that concern out of the equation for on line shopping for shoes. Your site gives us quality pictures of what the product looks like from all angles. Almost like being there. So you have a great website and free shipping, add to this you have a terrific, friendly, I have time for the customer staff. It has been a pleasure to speak with every person on the phone when I have a question. I just wanted to let you know that and to let them know that also. So many businesses that I need to contact are not as friendly and interested in making their customer happy. Your people are very personal and friendly. Please keep up the good work. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Helen W. │ 01/12/2007

Thank you for the incredible and prompt customer service. I ordered a pair of shoes for my husband for Christmas that didn't arrive on time. It turned out there was a problem with UPS. When I called to inform Zappos of the problem and try to fix it everyone I spoke to was friendly and apologetic. I greatly appreciated the way your agents were quick to jump on the problem and do everything they could to fix the problem. The shoes were shipped quickly and arrived when we got home from our Christmas vacation. Then it turned out I ordered the wrong size...and the return process couldn't be easier. They are shipping the correct shoes and the other shoes are one their way back. Your company made what could have been a complicated and miserable process (and is with many other companies) into and easy and effortless process. Thank you for taking such good care of us. You have gained Zappos customers for life and we will recommend you many times over.

Cragin │ 01/12/2007

Dear Zappos staff: I'm writing to thank you for the great service I received recently from your wonderful company. I'm a female motorcycle rider with very specific needs in riding boots. Before finding Zappos I'd vowed to NEVER purchase shoes/boots on line again; I was disappointed too many times with ill-fitting boots and the hassle of returning/exchanging/paying the shoe-repair downtown to try to make them fit better. Then as luck would have it I was tempted by your Ladies Chippewa Engineer boot at an unheard-of price. I couldn't resist, and actually cried when they arrived in my usual size but were too big to be workable. A nice, cheerful lady in your customer service department gave me the bad news that at that time they were not available smaller but there would be no problem returning them. I experimented with workarounds for a few days but came to the realization I had to send them back :-( So I called Customer Service again and another nice and cheerful lady said the magic words: "We have one pair in a 7.5. They'll be on your doorstep soon." She instantly emailed the return label and despite how busy you must be at this time of year, 24 hours later all was done. The UPS guy picked up the size 8 boots and dropped off the 7.5s, and lucky I never even had to leave the house! Another nice surprise was that the boots had gone off-sale in the meantime but I was not charged another cent. Zappos couldn't have made much off this sale but if nothing else I would like to express how much I appreciate your superb customer service and return/exchange policies, the timely emails confirming the order, updating the shipping status, and notifying me that the returned boots were received. I also appreciate your allowing customer's to post their comments about the shoes/boots...I found them very helpful and was glad of the opportunity to post my experience as well. You now have a customer for life and it's my pleasure to tell everyone about Zappos. If you like, please feel free to post any portion of this letter on your website and share it with your wonderful, hardworking staff. Morro Bay, CA

Judi B. │ 01/12/2007

Greetings, Wow, you folks at Zappos are really great! Please know that I am overwhelmingly pleased with the Born boots I purchased a few weeks ago, and I'm similarly looking forward to the new Santana boots you're shipping today. I used to have to make special trips to the Santana factory in Canada to find boots that fit my feet in the styles I preferred, but your speedy shipping offers instant gratification. Even though your prices are at retail rather than factory discount, I still manage to save on the price of gas. By the way, I only know about you thanks to my sister-in-law, who tipped me off. Have a great New Year's celebration, and know that this is one happy customer who's telling her friends where to go to buy great shoes! Wlibomkanni - travel well (in Abenaki)

Marge B. │ 01/12/2007

To Zappos.com management, I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how impressed I am with your company. I ordered a pair of Heelys for my daughter for Christmas. They were the wrong size and I needed to get a different size. Your website makes it so easy to return an item. Wow!!!! Likewise, I emailed my problem and received a response promptly. I then spoke to a customer service person who was extremely helpful and friendly. Furthermore, my daughter received her shoes within days and is thrilled. Your company certainly stands out and I have already begun advertising for you! I will certainly order from Zappos.com again. How refreshing to deal with a company who likes what they do and shows that through their approach to customers. So thank you and have a wonderful New Year!

Anonymous │ 01/12/2007

Thank you so much for upgrading the shipping so I will be able to get my order before New Year's. I was completely surprised by how wonderful customer service was and how convenient Zappos is to deal with in general.

Anonymous │ 01/12/2007

Dear Customer Loyalty Team, Thank you so much for your excellent customer service. My daughter did receive the gift certificate via email that I had sent for her husband as a Christmas present. She immediately went to Zappos to purchase the long awaited for shoes for him. She found that they did not have his size and sent an email to you as well inquiring of the availability of these shoes (Conor Danskos) in size 41. She was also very impressed with your customer service and said that you offered to redeem the card holder since the shoes were not available and that was the purpose of the gift certificate. Thank you for understanding our situation and being so generous. I have been a faithful Zappos customer for years and continue to be impressed and pleased with your services. At this time I would like to take you up on your offer to "redeem the card holder" - me, for the $75.00 gift certificate. I will continue to turn to Zappos first for all of my shoe needs. Sorry that we couldn't use you this time, but we will definitely use you next time and pass on our wonderful experience with your company. Thank you again and please let me know what steps I need to take to make sure the gift certificate is refunded in my name.

Patsy A. │ 01/12/2007

To whom it may concern, The pair of Ugg Tasman shoes I bought were for a gift, which my mother-in-law absolutely loved! My 11 year old daughter also has a pair that she wears any chance she can get if she can match them with her outfit. I know they both said they are extremely comfortable, and they are adorable with jeans. I have other Uggs, but I am going to buy these for myself next. The main reason for e-mailing you back is to tell you that I was very pleased with Zappos.com, ordering was easy and shipping was right on time. This was my first time using Zappos.com and I will check here first when ordering my next pair of shoes. Thank you!

Anonymous │ 01/12/2007

I just have to say you guys are awesome. My daughter introduced me to this site and in a time when customer service seems to have gone by the wayside -- you guys come through with flying colors!!! We had questions, you answered them, we had concerns, you addressed them and now we have great shoes in a day's time!!! THANKS SO MUCH and keep hiring the same kind of great staff you have -- they all know exactly what they are talking about!!!

Anonymous │ 01/12/2007

Thank you very much. That is very generous. It is also very appreciated. I'm very pleased with all the service your company has provided over the past few weeks. This was my first visit to Zappos and I couldn't be more pleased and at ease with a purchase on line. Thanks again and have a wonderful Holiday.

Kelly │ 01/12/2007

My son loves his shoes - this is the second pair we have ordered from Zappos - We are most pleased at the fit of the shoes and the speedy receipt of these -

Jennifer N. │ 01/12/2007

To Zappos Customer Service: I have always been impressed with the service provided by Zappos! Please pass this on to the powers that be. You all do a Wonderful/Great job!!! An example is the note below. You guys are great!

Lindy G. │ 01/12/2007

DEAR ZAPPOS, WE just got the super fast delivery of our littlest kids' order for UGG Boots. THANKS so much and have a great new year. Elliot is marching around our house as I write this ....we are so happy with the products we get through ZAPPOS. Loyal customers, family, Brooklyn NY

Leinweber │ 01/12/2007

I must say that once again, I am so totally impressed with your speed and ease of delivery!! I placed an order last evening at 10pm and received them son. I don't know how you do it over there, but I would never order from another shoe website. Thanks for your continued service. Zappos is incredible!!! Sincerely,

Deana R. │ 01/12/2007

I just received my Lucchese I4567 Red Eurotex 9 M boots and I love them!!! The sizing and width are perfect and the color is a true red. This is my second attempt to get red boots from you; the first time was the Donald Pliner Tomato Oilskin boot. I really like DP's boots; however, the oilskin finish on the boot made it appear "rose" tinted instead of a true dark red. I have three other pairs of Lucchese cowboy boots, but this is the first time I have ordered from their fashion line. I also appreciate the fact that your company ships the orders via air. Based on the fact that you offer no charge shipping both ways, I consider this exceptional customer service! Normally, I would expect the slowest delivery based on it being offered for free. Since I received my boots today (just ordered on December 27), I will be able to wear them to an informal gathering on New Year's Eve, and I know I will be asked how and where they can be purchased. I will continue to shop your website, and have told many co-workers about it. They too were impressed with your offering of free shipping both ways and no taxes billed for Texas orders. Thank you again!

Anonymous │ 01/12/2007

Just a quick note to let you all know how pleased I am to have bought & returned from your company this holiday season. Everything on the website is easy to use. Purchasing, shipping & returns have been quick and painless. Came home today with tired and sore feet and found wonderful new warm boots waiting one day after ordering. Thanks. Best Regards,

Marianne │ 01/12/2007

Wow!!! Did ya use Santa`s reindeer??? My shoes just came in Maine! I just ordered these recently! Wow! Thanks all. Oh the S. M. New York Clog. Just like my boots! My style. Nice fit, not too big heel. Sincerely,

Marla │ 12/27/2006
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