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Hello, I just wished to express how much I’ve enjoyed discovering Zappos. I am literally amazed at your customer service, amazed at your shipping, I mean where can one purchase something on Monday and have it Tuesday and it cost me nothing, where? ZAPPOS... my new online only place I’m gonna shop store. One last thing, if I may… You have the very best customer service online bar none... and I’m telling everyone…Thank you a thousand times.

Terry │ 12/15/2011

At approximately 1 PM this afternoon, I was flabbergasted to see the UPS truck drive up with my Zappos order. I ordered a coat YESTERDAY at approximately 3 PM and that box came from Kentucky and I live in a rural, isolated mountain valley in Northern California, 100 miles from the nearest large town. Wow... you guys are amazing! Kudos!

Christine M. │ 12/14/2011

Dear VIP Zappos Team - Best ever in the entire Universe! I will be generating a letter to your company headquarters when I feel more rested (recovering from day surgery this morning-one of ...I've lost count of how many surgeries and surg. procedures I've had), but I just needed to drop an email to let VIP Zappos know that your CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM, every one I have ever dealt with, are all just so incredibly awesome! In the past few weeks alone I have spoken to 4 people. These four individuals in addition to the other incredibly wonderful human beings are not only knowledgeable and professional, but they are helpful and kind beyond my belief! Thank you more than I have words to express for not only assisting me with my shoes and boots, but thank you more for the cards and OMG, bouquet of "get well" and "good luck" with my surgery today, and the next 2 surgeries scheduled next week. You guys are all incredibly empathetic, kind, thoughtful - like I stated above - OMG you blow me away!!!! I am a disability retired Police Officer, badly injured near the end of my 21 year career and you guys have all been like friends to me. The Police Dept. should use the hiring and psychological screening process used by VIP Zappos and the Police Dept.'s would have a much more well-rounded force of professional human beings. For tonight I will close here. Again- thank you big time for being the uniquely professional and kind human beings you each are. Thank you for the cards and incredible flowers. You have all touched my heart. Obviously-a loyal VIP Zappos customer! Sincerely and from my heart,

Trish │ 12/13/2011

Not a question ~ just a round of applause for all of you at our AMERICAN business! I placed 2 orders last night near Chicago and one package will be delivered already today. How do you do it? I am amazed, in awe, and extremely thankful for your dedicated work! THANK YOU! Please share that with everyone, even in shipping. I am also in sales so I know the power of compliments. Bad service, someone tells 10 people. Good service, no one tells a soul. GOOD JOB to all of you!

Kris S. │ 12/12/2011

Can I just tell you something? I think Zappos is amazing. Are you familiar with Dave Ramsey? I heard your CEO of Zappos give an interview on Dave Ramsey's Entreleadership Podcast... your company sounds amazing and treats customers like they should be treated! A HUGE thank you!

Anne Marie W. │ 12/11/2011

I just wanted to let you know how great you guys are. I’ve ordered from you guys a bunch of times and I get the free 1 day shipping. But you guys are so fast and courteous, I just wish there were more companies out there like yourselves, but unfortunately there isn’t. Thank you for the great service and the lightning fast shipping, because as I’m sure you know, even though most companies offer 1 day shipping, it doesn’t usually mean in one day like it does with you guys. Thanks again guys, keep up the great work. I just placed an order last week and one just tonight, and I definitely will be back for more things, you guys are at the top of my list for the things you guys sell. Merry Christmas!!

Thomas │ 12/10/2011

I just wanted to let you know that DeAnna helped me out. I appreciated her help and patience. She did so much for me and she was even willing to do more. I know that it is easier to complain than give a compliment, so I wanted you to know that it is a pleasure doing business with Zappos.

Lolli S. El Paso, TX │ 12/09/2011

called in to say how much she loves Zappos. During the hectic holiday season, it is nice to come across a site that makes things so easy.

Patricia │ 12/09/2011

Hello, I didn't use a specific order number, just one of my orders so you can connect me to my account. I just want to commend your company for the continued excellent customer service. The reps are ALWAYS friendly, and I never feel rushed (I usually feel guilty for taking time to understand the ordering or return process), and they even tell me not to worry, that they are NOT pressured to rush the customers! My life is pretty chaotic and stressful with many recent serious health issues, so I cannot thank you enough for all the patience, politeness and kindness of your staff. They are indeed professionals. I only wish Zappos sold EVERYTHING I will ever need in life, so I wouldn't have to deal with any other retailers ever again. For example, last year I bought a Steelers NFL Jersey for my husband along with some of those toning sneakers for my mom and me from another website. Well, only one pair fit my mom, I then had to return most of the other items as nothing else except the jersey fit. When that company processed my return, apparently (as they explained to me) they do NOT scan each item, they just process the return according to the weight of the package. After several phone calls with them and more than three months later, my refund was still short by over a hundred dollars. Needless to say, I will NEVER do business with them again, either in the stores or online. SO, THANK YOU for NOT making my life even more difficult and stressful. Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!!!!!!! Sincerely (and with love to ALL your staff members) Elizabeth A. Norton-Irick, RN

Elizabeth Westbury, NY │ 12/09/2011

I recently ordered a pair of Bjorn NAOT slip-ons for men, size 44. When they arrived they were a bit too small, so I called the Zappos Customer Support line to assist in returning the size 44 and getting a size 45 replacement. The representative was professional, polite, and zipped me right through the return process. In addition, she processed a new order for size 45 NAOT's which I received in less than 24 hours. I printed my return shipping label and placed my original order in the original box and dropped it off at a UPS Store. When the size 45 arrived they were perfect and are excellent shoes. The entire process was excellent. No waiting, no delays, professional support with a customer focused attitude. I commend you all on your excellent support and will continue to utilize Zappos for any shoe needs. Again my thanks and please continue to demonstrate the ultimate customer experience. Have a pleasant holiday season.

Richard L. Mesa, AZ │ 12/09/2011

ZAPPOS, I can't stand how efficient you are over there! Earlier, I was sitting down to check my email to see if you had responded to an email I sent two days earlier regarding exchanging a pair of shoes with loose stitching.... well, the door bell rang.... so, I didn't finish checking my email. DIDN'T HAVE TO! Guess who was at the door? UPS with my exchanged shoes! Wow, you guys are good. You took the initiative to send out a new pair of shoes at *no charge,* TRUSTING that I would send back the "defective" pair. Meanwhile, the replacement pair of shoes arrived, ALL BEFORE I had a chance to see if you had written back.... Now THAT'S SOME SERIOUS CUSTOMER SERVICE! THANK YOU! Krista H.

Krista H. Portland, OR │ 12/09/2011

I just wanted you to know how absolutely pleased I am with my whole Zappos experience. Without going into any detail I just wanted to tell you that Zappos will be my number one on-line shopping store for everything! From ordering, to returns, to the unbelievably fast delivery, you guys are top notch! I will be telling all my friends about Zappos .com! Thanks again for everything you do! Merry Christmas!

Susan H. │ 12/09/2011

I just want to say I love Zappos.com, you are truly one of the best retail sites on the web!

Eric M. Sherman Oaks, CA │ 12/09/2011

Thank you. Your customer service is absolutely awesome! I will definitely be a repeat customer. :)

Jan S. L. │ 12/09/2011

I really love Zappos... please pass that along.

Leesa T. Tukwila, WA │ 12/09/2011

Our customer Shelia says that because of Zappos, her closet now “runneth over.” Shelia says that she is super impressed by the fact that it is so easy to order and return from Zappos. She says that Zappos takes care of all the details that customers may need, so they don’t have to worry. Shelia says that shopping with us is just amazing, and it’s really, really appreciated.

Sheila S. New York, NY │ 12/09/2011

You guys are "AWESOME." I can honestly say, your company is one the best experiences I have had, period. Words cannot say enough for how happy I am to be your customer. God Bless Zappos and the people who make this company one of the best in the world. Keep up the good work. Thank you,

Joe Y. Palmdale, CA │ 12/09/2011

Our customer Nola is a non-traditional student who is currently working full time. She wants everyone at Zappos to know that she appreciates how easy it is to shop here. She says that Zappos is so accommodating and that we provide a great service. She feels that she should always come to Zappos first when she needs anything.

Edward D. Winterpark, FL │ 12/09/2011

I am a military spouse living in Okinawa, Japan. As you might assume things are different out here because of that some things must be purchased via internet. I can not explain to you the hassle we go through with companies that take more than a month to get us our orders, not to mention the orders that never arrive at all. I don't know what y'all do differently- my husband jokes that you must bribe the postal service; but your shipping, from order to arrival, took less than 5 days. That's better than another site that comes to mind that’s the best for shipping overseas (independent venders are not always reliable, however). Anyway, I just wanted to say, "thanks." Thanks for not adding to the stress of Christmas. I had no doubt Zappos would get my order here on time, I just didn't expect it to arrive in less than a week! You all are awesome. From customer service to return policies to shipping, Zappos is the best company I've ever ordered from, by far.

Marcella T. Okinawa, Japan │ 12/09/2011

I want you to tell you how continually impressed I am by Zappos. Of course your shipping and website are wonderful- but it truly is your customer service that makes me a loyal customer. I have been on a quest to find the perfect pairs of boots and finally found a pair that I liked. When I spoke with Melissa at customer service in reference to returning 6 MORE pairs of boots, Melissa gave me the cheerful, competent and clever customer service that is a hallmark of your amazing company. When I exclaimed at one point, “I love Zappos” she said, “We love you too.” She was very sweet and cute as is everyone I have come in contact with at your company. I even love your e-mail responses. I have never felt loyalty to a company as I do to you. I will continue to use you and recommend you to everyone. Keep up the amazing job!!

Jordana B. New York, NY │ 12/09/2011

I just wanted to inform you that you guys have better customer service than anyone I've ever dealt with. Your chat CSR was very helpful, as was your CSR I spoke with on the phone. My shoes arrived 18 hours after I placed my call at 5:00 PM... Pretty tough to beat. But the icing on the cake was the hand-written card I received in the mail. This is exactly the kind of customer experience that companies should be striving to provide. Treating each of your untold number of customers as more than just a number is why I'll be returning to you for my future needs. Thank you.

Jacob S. │ 12/05/2011

I LOVE ZAPPOS!!! You guys are great. I would love to know how you are able to provide such great customer service yet an airline makes you feel like a jerk for asking for a bag of peanuts! Thanks again!

Bradley H. │ 12/05/2011

I heard about Zappos when I read ‘Tribal Leadership.’ Before then I knew of Zappos as another place to order shoes but I usually ordered through Amazon or another shoe site because Zappos didn't have the shoe I was looking for (Nike free 3.0). Now, after ordering my first pair of shoes through Zappos, I don't know if I can go back to any other sites. I didn't think customer service would matter because online ordering is online ordering, but you guys make it a real treat to use your service. Also, the shoes arrived at my door before I could even blink! Amazing! Thank you so much and have a great holiday!

Juliet K. │ 12/05/2011

Zappos team, Just a quick note of thanks for all your great customer service. This is not in regards to any one order or return, just a general note of appreciation. I have had nothing but positive experiences with Zappos.com. While it can be somewhat difficult to order shoes online (one designer's size 8 can differ drastically from another's), you make ordering and returning so easy! And once you know your size in a particular brand, it’s pretty much the same from style to style within that brand. I love that you carry wide and double wide shoes. It’s so hard to find dress shoes for women in wide widths. I'm sure you get customers complaining that shoes don't fit, etc., but there is nothing you can do about that. Your return policy is great and I love being a VIP member, getting free shipping overnight! For all the complainers, I just want you all to know that you are doing a fabulous job. Keep up the great customer service!

Amy K. │ 12/05/2011

I just wanted to give Zappos a shout out for exceeding my expectations. I ordered a pair of boots and a pair of shoes yesterday. Both styles were exactly what I had been trying to find for quite a while, so I was anxious to receive my Zappos package. Lo and behold, just 24 hours after ordering I was trying them on and I didn't even pay for overnight shipping. Love them! Thanks for making my day, days earlier than I had expected.

Carrie W. │ 12/05/2011
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