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As a first-time purchasing customer, I am overwhelmed at the service. Actually, it is almost too good to be true; with the state of morality today, I was a bit skeptical about the entire purchase: the BillMeLater approval, prompt purchase confirmation, and special shipping process. Unbelievable! I will most definitely purchase more shoes from you, as I am a typical woman who loves shoes, especially if the service is top notch as yours is. My friends and family will most definitely hear about you. Many thanks.

Ann W. │ 01/19/2007

Thank you. The people working for Zappos and Zappos' policies, makes this company one of the very best I have ever dealt with.

Rebecca │ 01/19/2007

I just received my order yesterday---and----I am in LOVE. My shoes are a PERFECT fit!!!!! I have a hard time finding 7W and I was a little leery of buying shoes on line, but, boy am I glad I did. YOU HAVE A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE. HAPPY FEET,

Cheryl │ 01/19/2007

Talk about service! I ordered shoes on Sunday morning and they arrived this afternoon. The website was able to tell me that the pair I ordered was the last pair in stock in my size which is rare for a site to be updated in real time. I really appreciated the speed and service. Free shipping in both directions is an added bonus! Thanks so much! I am sure I will be shopping at Zappos again! You are a true time saver... It would have taken hours to find in a mall. Best wishes,

Debra D. │ 01/19/2007

Thank you so much. I am very impressed with your thorough and courteous customer service. I will be shopping at Zappos again and recommending it highly to my friends and family.

Lorraine M. │ 01/19/2007

Today I received the order I placed yesterday for a pair of Lucchese boots. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your exceptional service and product selection. I am extremely pleased with the boots and the way you processed and shipped my order - it far exceeded my expectations. This is the first time I have purchased from your company and it will certainly not be the last time. Thank you again,

Mike L. │ 01/19/2007

Thank you soooooo much!! You guys by far have the best return policy and your customer service is top notch! I wish all on line purchases could be this easy!! Thanks again

Joseff T. │ 01/19/2007

I thought that you should know how pleased I am with your site! I just received the second pair of sneakers that I have ordered for my kids. I can not believe how fast the order is processed, shipped, and then delivered! I tell everyone I know about Zappos.com. Thank you so much for everyone's hard work to make sure that your customers are always happy. I will be ordering again for sure!

Marcy G. │ 01/19/2007

You guys are the best! Thanks for offering and affecting the free upgrade in shipping so that we had plenty of time to know that we'd found the perfect shoe for my only daughter's first formal! This was a little dicey with a 14-year-old who is NOT a girlie-girl, size 11 shoe. Yikes! But you turned it around with your massive selection and free shipping BOTH WAYS (though we didn't need to return, thankfully), to be topped only by your amazing customer service. There still is such a thing! Found you initially in USA Today, and will shop with you first from now on. Thanks again.

Cindy H. │ 01/19/2007

Thank you. Your company’s service has been impeccable and I will be buying a replacement pair of boots from you. Sincerely,

John B. │ 01/19/2007

You all are the best. This is the 2nd order I've placed with you and I'm not sure I'll ever buy shoes any other way. I tell all my friends about you. I even told another on line retailer (who was bad) that they should take lessons from Zappos. Thanks again...

Sue │ 01/19/2007

I can't remember when it was, since it was too long ago, that customer service existed anywhere, whether in person, on the phone, or by correspondence. Your company goes above and beyond any expectations one may have. I recommend Zappos.com to everyone and I thank you so very much for being... JUST SO NICE!!!! St.Simons Island, Georgia

S.Gamble │ 01/19/2007

It is the best I have ever had experienced so far on the internet. Thank you very much and I respect your merchandise, integrity, loyalty, and service. I really hope no one would ever take advantage of this. Thank You...

Marie F. │ 01/19/2007

THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE! I ended up returning an item and from the first step to the last it was pleasure to working with ZAPPOS. I love the customer service and I will be back to shop here. I love the fact that cust. service is 24/7 Return policies are 365 days And never less the customer service THANK YOU AGAIN AND GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE!!!

Jakub M. │ 01/19/2007

There is no place on earth like Zappos for shoes. If I find a pair of shoes in any catalog that I like I go straight to Zappos to buy them because I won't have to pay for shipping, and Zappos is so much faster than anyone else. You must have every shoe known to man or woman. Thank you for being there. Don't ever change.

Anonymous │ 01/19/2007

Folks, I just wanted to take a moment to convey my personal delight with the absolutely astounding level of service I received from "Zappos". I have been ordering items over the Internet for years, but have never received an order so quickly in all those years. I received my shoes immediately! The quality, price, and service I received from your company were superior. I look forward to continued purchases in the future and wish to thank the entire staff from the office to the warehouse for the service I received. Sincerely, Quincy, MA

Cliff H. │ 01/19/2007

I received my order today. This was my first order from Zappos.com. You gave great service. My grandson loves his Heelys. I will be ordering from you again. Thanks,

Mike B. │ 01/19/2007

I just want to tell you that this is the best company I have ever dealt with over the Internet or mail order. Your process is so simple and there doesn't seem to be any hidden agendas or small print. I ordered a pair of shoes for my daughter, Uggs and they were too small. I ordered the next size and unfortunately they are too narrow. I feel so bad because I ordered and had to return two times but I assure you when I need another pair of shoes/sneakers, this is the place I will come to. Thank you very much for restoring my faith in retail. I wish you continued success and I look forward to future orders. By the way, this site was recommended by a stranger we met in a restaurant. I can see why they told us about you. Have a wonderful weekend,

Dayna W. │ 01/19/2007

I ordered shoes yesterday, received this email confirming the order. I received my shoes QUICKLY! Now that is great service!! Thank you. Definitely a satisfied customer.

Peg B. │ 01/19/2007

I just received my first order from you. I am delighted. The shipment was prompt, well-packed and I received exactly what I ordered. I never thought I'd make use of an on line shoe retailer. I assumed that trying on shoes in-store was an essential part of the experience. Alas, your vast selection, speedy shipping and accommodating return policy have changed my mind. I'll never come home from a brick and mortar shoe store with what I'd call a "compromise" pair of shoes again. Thank you.

Anonymous │ 01/19/2007

OH MY GOD!!! You have made me the happiest Zappos shopper ever! Thank you so much for my beautiful boots! Please let me know when your next sale is! I want more!!! Love you all @ Zappos! I have passed the Zappos.com word around w/ my friends, (Strangers too! Ask where did you get those boots?) and family! You all are great! God bless Zappos! Love,

Lila │ 01/19/2007

Hi! We just cannot say enough good things about Zappos! This company is so awesome. Your service is outstanding and your response time is beyond amazing especially when one considers what a large operation you have going constantly. We are extremely pleased with the two items we have ordered from you. One, a pair of red converse high-tops for our 12 year old daughter for Christmas (she was thrilled and so were we). And two, a pair of Timberland slip on boots for my husband. The quality, comfort and fit are like custom made shoes. They fit him as if they were made just for his feet! They are so comfortable that he wants to live in them. We did need to use your free return service as the first pair of boots were 1/2 size too large. My husband was hesitant about returning them for fear of either not receiving the same boot again or that it would take weeks to refund the money and then have the replacement pair sent out after you received the return. Zappos sent out our new order the same day I called and said we needed to return the first pair! No waiting until you received the return and no double charge to my account either. The 2nd pair of his favorite shoes he has ever had in his life of 43 years arrived in 4 days of my phone call! Amazing! We are telling everyone about you. Your great service, product, customer relations, and unbeatable pricing. LONG LIVE ZAPPOS THE GREAT! Thank you for everything, sincerely a new loyal customer.

Anonymous │ 01/19/2007

I couldn't be happier with the Heelys that I purchased for my granddaughter for Christmas. You had the right color and size. Other sites didn't have either. My granddaughter loved them! If we would have let her, she would have slept in them. She wore them everywhere, the mall, grocery store, etc. They were shipped promptly and were received in plenty of time before Christmas. I ordered a pair for my grandson from a sporting goods store on-line ( before I discovered your site) and I was getting worried about them getting here before Christmas, they did arrive the day before Christmas Eve, but I don't think I will order from them again. I will definitely order from your site in the future! Thanks for the great service!

Maryann C. │ 01/19/2007

I love Zappos. I have to really think a company is great to shop with them and especially on line or through a catalog because I am I confess, quite particular about details and I also like to help the little guys, I hate wasting paper and getting stuff in the mail, in my dream world I would be able to trade apples from my garden with the couturier town cobbler. I have neither a garden nor do I know of couturier cobbler who would take apples in trade but alas there is Zappos that makes an effort to have large shoes( more size 12 narrow please) with some lovely folks to help you pick them out I happened to have the same sales person for my order today as I did the very first time I called. She was as helpful and funny as she was the first time I called and even remembered who I was. The other times I called I spoke to some of your other amazing real life people. Kudos to Zappos for excellent customer service and personable, helpful people. I think about leaving SF but worry about not finding shoes. I hope you will continue to expand your selection of gigantic supply sized shoes so that I can buy more shoes from you. SF is a tough city to date in- perhaps you could help Cinderella’s sister with more shoes so she could venture off into the great big world, find a great guy and maybe even get pregnant without having to be barefoot? Better hurry, I just had another birthday and if I have kids I would prefer twins or less no triplets or quadruplets for me. (If you are triplet or quadruplet or from an even larger birth, please give your Mother my best and let me know what she eats for breakfast) Okay so I am being a bit dramatic but there is quite a bit of truth to all this, and fashion can change peoples lives and hopefully if when your buyer is scratching his or her chin, pondering a big foot purchase, there will be a little seed of yes planted, especially in the flat and low heeled category, perhaps even stylish and comfortable, all in one, shoe. Thank you Zappos! I can't wait for my boots and hope 2007 is a great year for the company and its fine folks.

Anonymous │ 01/19/2007

I just have to applaud you - you have one of the best web sites ever, super efficient staff, everything is just excellent. A lot of the other major web sites should learn from yours. Just excellent in all aspects. Thanks so much and I will definitely recommend your site to all of my friends. What a pleasure to do business (and even returns) with!!!

Anonymous │ 01/12/2007
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