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I just had to write and tell you that I have always been so pleased with Zappos. The speed in which my orders are handled and shipped is unbelievable. Not to mention how quickly the return process is carried out. This has got to be the best place on the internet that I shop (and I do quite a bit of shopping on line). I never write to anyone like this but then again I've never been so impressed before...There is no better selection of shoes and no finer service...Again, my thanks to "Whomever" is responsible for such great business.

Anonymous │ 01/22/2007

This is the first time I've used you guys. Excellent customer service. Very impressed with this little e-mail. You guys do a very good job. Please pass on at managers meeting. Thank You!

Anonymous │ 01/22/2007

Thank you so much!!! That’s awesome! I was impressed when shopping on the site yesterday and the shoe I wanted was not in stock, so you had an option that one could ask to be alerted... next day (today) I was alerted! Thank you for the fast shipping. I appreciate that.

Abby S. │ 01/22/2007

Thank you for the speedy reply to me, and for upgrading the shipping. I believe that customer service is the single most important part of a company, and you have shown me that you believe that too. Thank you, I will do business with you again. Cheers,

T.D. │ 01/22/2007

Customer wanted you to know she thinks Zappos.com is the best idea since penicillin...

Pam P. │ 01/19/2007

Hi! I just wanted to say that my friend Susan and I LOVE your website. Don't worry about all the others that are cropping up! After I check them out, they are so poor and user unfriendly, that they don't have a chance! We are so spoiled by the ease of which we can look at and share shoe styles at Zappos.com. Keep up the good work! Thanks for all the fun we have looking at shoes! Oh...I also liked the e-mail last year from the CEO. Very good PR! Bravo! Happy New Year to Zappos.com!

Anonymous │ 01/19/2007

I want to thank you for your excellent service. The baby Uggs I ordered from you arrived very quickly - two days ago, in fact. Meanwhile I've yet to receive orders placed at the same time from other on-line retailing merchants and while I'm not expecting them pronto, it was so nice that yours came right away. Also, this is at least the 5th pair of shoes I've ordered from Zappos and they've all been very positive experiences - even the pair I had to exchange for a different size. Thank you!

Anonymous │ 01/19/2007

This was my first time ordering with Zappos and I would like to say that it was a most pleasurable experience. I ordered my shoes on New Years Eve, and within hours they were shipped! Also, you were the only store that carried this particular style of Adidas. Thank you! -

Taylor │ 01/19/2007

Your company is the best. Thank you for everything and to all of you a Happy New Year!

Marie D. │ 01/19/2007

Thank you Kathy. I have always spread the word about Zappos. I know of at least half a dozen or more people I recommended Zappos to who have ordered shoes from your company on at least one occasion and oftentimes, more than once. It is good service like this that keeps me coming back. All the best,

Julia I. │ 01/19/2007

I just wanted to give KUDOS to all of you at Zappos.com. My son's birthday present was a pair of Vans. I have been so busy lately, and not knowing what a teenage boy may like, I ordered his shoes on his birthday!!! Typical shipping for you is 4-5 days. You shipped them so quickly instead----AT NO CHARGE for me!!! It was a GREAT SURPRISE to read that e-mail!!!! THANK YOU FOR SUCH GREAT APPRECIATION FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS!!!

Traci │ 01/19/2007

Just to let you know, I am very pleased with your service. I have already told people about my first experience with you. The service was great, and so are the shoes. Thank you.

Anonymous │ 01/19/2007

Thank you very much I love shopping with you because you give great customer service. Thanks also for thinking ahead and placing me on the email list to get a notification if one comes in. I always go to your store first when looking for anything. Thanks again Sherry

Anonymous │ 01/19/2007

I was standing in line at the UPS Store during the holidays, right behind a woman with a few big boxes from Zappos. When the woman reached the counter, the UPS guy commented that he sees a LOT of Zappos boxes packaged for return. Zappos must not be so great, he added. I HAD to jump into that conversation--as rude as the interruption might have seemed. I pointed out that he was looking at the returns with an improper perspective. Zappos allows a person to try on hundreds of thousands of shoes, in the privacy and comfort of home (with clothes and other accessories readily available.) No mall in the world has as many shoes to offer; no other customer service representatives could be more helpful than those a person can reach by calling your toll free number. Shipping is free, returns are free, service is lightning fast, and the decision to buy is never made under pressure or on impulse. In effect, the UPS man is seeing the part of the Zappos shoe-shopping process that corresponds to the trips back and forth to the stock room in a mall shoe store. No one would fault a mall shoe store for a seemingly endless inventory and tireless customer support! All the folks in line at UPS began to share wonderful Zappos stories. Now, even the doubtful UPS man is a big fan. Many many thanks for your extraordinary customer focus and your dedication to excellence.

Karen B. │ 01/19/2007

We purchased Heelys Glitz' for our granddaughters, ages 6 and 10. Since we know little about this product we placed a phone order so that we could talk to a sales rep re: quality and fit. The rep advised buying one size up and assured us of quality and that the product, ordered less than one week before Christmas, would reach us in time. The shoes were a great fit; we got a black and white pair, both great looking. Our granddaughter’s heelied around with joy. When we took them to a park and saw others we knew we had gotten higher quality for our money. The shoes arrived one day earlier than we were told to expect. No rush to wrap, even! We highly recommend Zappos and this shoe.

Anonymous │ 01/19/2007

I have trouble finding AA shoes and sneakers, boots and such. So glad to have found you and my granddaughters have received narrow shoes from you too and it works so good for them, they've never had shoes that fit before!

Anonymous │ 01/19/2007

Your company has the most incredible customer service of any company I have done business with in a long time. I ordered shoes for my son on Thursday before Christmas (Monday). I was told that the earliest you could get them here, due to the holiday, would be Wednesday of the following week, which was fine. (My mistake for waiting so long to place an order!) Your agent very kindly upgraded me to express shipping at NO CHARGE and the shoes actually arrived on Tuesday, one day after Christmas, rather than Wednesday. That was impressive enough, but the most amazing part was when I called to say that need to return them for an exchange. Not only did you offer free return shipping, but THE REPLACEMENT SHOE ARRIVED JUST AS QUICKLY! I don't think you even had time to get the original shoe back before you must have shipped out the replacement! Truly awesome and AMAZING customer service, which is a rarity these days. I will definitely be doing business with you in the future. Thank you,

Tera A. │ 01/19/2007

Just a note to say THANKS! For the free expedited shipping on the shoes I ordered. As it happens, I need the shoes for a trip on Thursday and was worried that they would not arrive in time. It's great to know that they will be here before I leave. This is my first order with Zappos, but it surely won't be my last. This is some of the best service I've received, and I order over the Internet all the time. Congratulations on a job very well done. Your efforts are sincerely appreciated.

Cheryl H. │ 01/19/2007

Dear Zappos Customer Service, As always, thank you for your EXCELLENT service. Your company puts the others to shame! A loyal customer,

Christina T. │ 01/19/2007

Thank you so much, You guys have everything on your website, I told all my friends. I can't wait to get my shoes! Once again Thanks!

Mike │ 01/19/2007

I ordered Converse All-Stars for my daughter for Christmas. Days later they were on my doorstep. Meanwhile, my daughter complained that her old All-Stars were hurting her feet. I concluded that they were too small, so on Christmas morning I told her I was going to exchange the new shoes for a larger size. A couple of days later I initiated the exchange, only to have my daughter announce that now the old shoes were perfectly comfortable and she wanted to keep the new shoes after all. It was too late to stop the new shipment, and sure enough, it arrived a couple of days later. With holidays and house guests and taking two trips out of town, I didn't get around to returning the new shipment until today, Jan. 8. I fully expected to hear from Zappos reminding me that I owed them a pair of shoes, but that didn't happen. During the whole experience, with problems created entirely by me, I got nothing but cheerful helpfulness from the customer service folks on the phone, and lightning-fast service from the shipping department. Not to mention that Zappos absorbed the extra shipping expenses. I can't say enough good things about Zappos' customer service. Raleigh, NC

Joyce M. │ 01/19/2007

Thank you! Your service is extraordinary....I am a customer forever! Please pass along to whoever is involved with your wonderful customer service. They need to know what a great job your company does.

Chevon G. │ 01/19/2007

I just want to say how great Zappos.com has been to me. I have not been the easiest customer due to one return and one cancellation (both of which had nothing to do with Zappos directly), and both times I have been 100% percent happy with how easy the process has been. The other few times that I have received shoes, I have been more than pleased with how quick the service is. Retailers everywhere, web based and otherwise, can take a few lessons from Zappos.com's customer service. Thank you so much to Zappos and staff, I really appreciate your excellent service.

Anonymous │ 01/19/2007

Thank you so very much for the information on these shoes. They had 8 pair! Now they only have 7. LOL.... Again Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will recommend you to the rest of my friends.

Cathy M. │ 01/19/2007

Thank you! I have loved my experience with Zappos. The free shipping both ways takes all the doubt about fit away and the on line reviews are really helpful. Thanks for recognizing me as a new and persistent customer and I will definitely refer you to others!

Anonymous │ 01/19/2007
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