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To Whom It May Concern: I'm not normally one to write a testimonial, but after discovering your site and ordering 4 pairs of shoes in the last 4 weeks, I have this to say: Your fantastic selection, price protection policy, free (fast!) shipping, and (shockingly) attentive customer service all equal one very satisfied and loyal customer. Plus your website design is great. I appreciate the quality website. Sincerely,

Sean K. │ 02/12/2007

Dear Zappos, Not that I'm planning to bite the dust any time soon, but so help me, when I do, please bury me in a Zappos box!!! Then I will really have gone to heaven... (Where ALL the shoes will fit well...).

Anonymous │ 02/12/2007

I wanted to thank you for this graduation gift. And when it comes to receiving gifts who really cares if it’s belated!?! I'll take 'em when I can get 'em! :) I appreciate it! I used the gift certificate to purchase a pair of tennis-shoes to replace the last pair I bought in my first semester of law school. I've recently joined the YMCA here in town in an effort to become more fit, and I needed something a little less tattered...something with a bit more foot support. As usual, my experience with Zappos has been a dream of service. I have recommended the site to everyone in the courthouse, and plenty of the attorneys here in town, in addition to one or two successful businessmen (one of them recommended the Allen-Edmunds brand). They may never shop at your site, but maybe they will. What a wonderful resource you all are. Tell your fellow staff members to keep up the good work! I'm a Zappos customer for life! And thanks again, for the coupon. It was greatly appreciated and well-used! Ya'll have a great day! Sincerely,

Whitney W. │ 02/12/2007

I have never ordered shoes online, but this was a breeze. Your website is very complete. I received my shoes the next business day as promised. The brand, style, and fit were perfect. Thank you.

Anonymous │ 02/12/2007

I would just like to extend my most sincere Thank You for your superior service! Warm regards,

Alicia D. │ 02/12/2007

Your Customer service & ordering processes are by far the most professional & credible processes I have experienced while shopping on-line. I have already had 3 friends order from you because of my excitement about this experience. Regardless of prices, I will order all my shoes from now on from you. Please share this with your phone staff as well because they were excellent too. Thank you for this experience.

Mary O.L. │ 02/12/2007

You are AMAZING! I placed my order for a new pair of Dansko's yesterday around 5 pm eastern time. My feet have been basking in their glory for over an hour now since UPS delivery was here about 1.5 hours ago! Amazing and truly THE BEST customer service anywhere! Many many thanks and I will ALWAYS look to buy my shoes from Zappos in the future. Be well,

Judy │ 02/12/2007

I wasn't sure who to write to, but I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love Zappos. It has been the best shoe shopping experience, and I always find what I'm looking for, which is especially hard because I have a very small size. In addition, your return policy is fabulous. Keep up the fantastic work and thank you so much!

Anonymous │ 02/12/2007

Good Morning, To whom it may concern: Thank you for your fast and courteous service. Your company has been extremely easy to deal with. I am looking forward to more purchases in the future! It seems like customer service as a whole keeps going downhill, not so with your prompt service!!! Thank You Again,

Heather H. │ 02/12/2007

UNBELIEVABLE. The shoes arrived today which is less than 24 hours from when I ordered them. Thanks!!!

Melanie │ 02/12/2007

Whoa...how did you do that?? I'm a nurse so I ordered my 2 pairs of Dansko clogs very late on Sat. night and they were here on Monday! I'm very happy with my black patent leather Professional clogs and baby blue Nubuck clogs. It made my day to look down at my new black "shiny shoes." Dansko’s are the best anyway but the fit was perfect and I had a lot of peace knowing if they weren't quite right I could count on your quick return and no problems. I almost ordered from another company but my husband swears by Zappos and I am so happy with my shoes. Thanks for the great packing job too. The shoe boxes were in plastic and surrounded by air bags to protect the shipment. I'm in Denver where there have been constant blizzards and who knows what could happen with freezing temps and snow melt everywhere. I'm going to start ordering all my shoes from Zappos!

Susan │ 02/12/2007

I just had to write and express my satisfaction with your company. My 13 yr old son found you as he was looking for a particular pair of sneakers that were not available in his size at the mall. Not only did you have them in stock in his size but you had them for $10.00 less than the mall! We ordered them on a Sunday night and they were on our door step by 2 PM on Tuesday. They fit perfectly and he is just thrilled with them. I was hesitant to order shoes on line due to other company's shipping charges, but your policy on free shipping to and fro is amazing! Thank you for a wonderful shopping experience. Sincerely,

Linda T. │ 02/12/2007

To Whom It May Concern, I would just like to begin by stating that I work for an apparel company and am involved with our customer service. I have ordered several times from your company and not once have I hit a snag or been confronted with a problem. I am very impressed with every person that I have come across in your customer service department. Your ordering procedures are worry free and super easy. These days good customer service is few and far between. I think that your free shipping and even free return shipping is unbelievable. Because I know how important feedback is, I just wanted to write and tell you how much I love Zappos!! Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience every time. Keep up the good work, thanks!!

Melissa D. │ 02/12/2007

Hello...I can't tell you guy's how happy I am with your company! You have the quickest shipping, and I am always happy with my order. Keep up the great work!! I will be a loyal customer!!

Anonymous │ 02/12/2007

I just wanted to say thank-you for the best, fastest most polite customer service I think I've ever received. I had to make an exchange for a different size shoe and also inquired about another pair of Nine West shoes and the person I spoke to was wonderful and I just called yesterday afternoon and already today I have the new pair of shoes that fit and UPS took the return item when delivering the new item. I can’t believe how easy it was. Thank-you! Eric and Nancy B.

Eric B. │ 02/12/2007

I am truly in awe. I recently received a pair of shoes in less than 24 hours, found they were too small, re-ordered, and received the second pair of shoes I ordered overnight as well. I live in a rural area and am extremely floored that you managed to deliver my shoes so quickly –two days in a row. Nothing gets here that quickly. To add to that, there were no shipping charges with your 'free overnight shipping' promotion. Amazing! Zappos will be my first choice for shoes from now on. Thank you for your superior service.

Christina M. │ 02/12/2007

My name is I recently with a Hospitality Business Degree. I am very much in the service industry and take pride in the service that I provide for individuals to brighten each of their days, my standards are quite high seeing that there are so many choices for a guest/consumer. You and your internal customers have made my day a little brighter. Last night my mom ordered me a pair of boots from Zappos.com. TODAY my feet are a lot warmer thank you for that. After trying the boots on the first thing I did was call Zappos to find out if it is a publicly traded company, too bad for me you are not but it is probably in your best interests to stay that way. I will make it my duty to tell at least 3 different people everyday for the next week about Zappos.com. Keep up the great work and you will continue to lead the industry! Thank you,

Nicholas H.R. │ 02/12/2007

I will refer all, and anybody to Zappos. My shopping experience was excellent the return process was quick and easy. You guys shipped out my next pair of shoes the same day I inquired about my return, and allowed me to ship the shoes I returned at my convince with no additional C.C. charges. You guys are great, the way a business should be... Thank You,

Mandy R. │ 02/12/2007

Seriously, I should be thanking you guys. You are the best e-commerce site out there!!

Anonymous │ 02/12/2007

Your service is outstanding I will continue to be a customer.

Anonymous │ 02/12/2007

I want to commend you for the service my family received on this order. My 6-year-old grandson didn't like the color of the slippers I picked out for him for Christmas :>[ . We went back to Zappos and shopped for a replacement gift. He selected tennis shoes. The whole return process was painless and fun and he got his new shoes the next day! Local stores need to watch out for Zappos! I'm tired of cranky employees with minimal stock. Thanks again for a fine shopping experience. You're putting customer satisfaction back in the equation.

Kay C. │ 02/12/2007

Hello. I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it has been shopping Zappos. I have ordered a few pairs of shoes from you and returned a few. One of my returns was delayed (no problem). What was most pleasant was how it was handled. I mailed back two pairs of shoes together in the same box (so you might expect there could be a problem). When I called I fully expected "Sorry ma’am we can't find your shoes, no refund." Instead the woman who handled the call looked into the return, thoroughly, found the shoes and made sure I was issued a credit. I guess what I most want you to know is that Zappos has top notch Customer Service. That has been the case in all my dealing with you thus far. Online and on the phone. You have a great selection of shoes. I have many selections saved in "My Favorites" for future purchasing. Thank you.

Lisa S. │ 02/12/2007

You guys really do have the best service out there. You are the first place I go to when in need of shoes. I ordered a pair of shoes last night after 5pm and received them today. Thank you so much for your awesome service. I have already referred so many friends to your site and will continue to do so. Thanks again,

Tracy │ 02/12/2007

Dear Zappos, My wife and I are totally freaked out by you. She ordered our daughter a pair of shoes at 11 pm the other night. They were sitting on our doorstep at noon the next day. What is wrong with you people? How is that even possible? Seriously, just wanted to thank you for the great service. We do pretty much all of our shoe shopping through your company. The prices and shipping are great. The return policy is extremely easy and flexible. Thank you very much. Best, Jason & Amy K.

Jason K. │ 02/12/2007

UNBELIEVABLE!!! Your company never ceases to amaze me at its efficient service. I ordered the shoes Monday and they arrived 'shipping free of charge' the next day, Tuesday. THANK YOU-THANK YOU!! I'm taking them to a cousin in Europe. You will have made a teenage boy very happy!

Anonymous │ 02/12/2007
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