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I love Zappos.com. I have nothing but nice things to say about them all year long; my packages always arrive promptly and returns are hassle free, I couldn't be more pleased.

Nancy from Hilton Head Island, SC │ 12/30/2011

I had seen the broadcast on ABC regarding Zappos customer service and info about the founder. I purchased some tennis shoes for my wife for Christmas. First, I was surprised that they had them in my wife's size. Second, the customer service representative was so friendly and informative. He spoke so highly of the "boss" that I thought I might want to work there. The whole experience was very positive and made me feel special. I couldn't be more pleased with the interaction.

Don F from Lakeport, CA │ 12/30/2011

I received a pair of FRYE 12R HARNESS BOOTS size 8.5 medium for CHRISTMAS. Unfortunately I could not get my feet into them. I called ZAPPOS ON THE 26TH and explained my problem. The lady I spoke to was very helpful and also very patient with me as I was dealing with a technical problem with my computer. To make a long story short I received my free return shipping label, and I already have my replacement boots on my feet. They feel great, not hard and stiff like you might expect new boots to feel. As for ZAPPOS your company and the people are the best there is. It just does not get any better. ZAPPOS will bend over backwards and jump through hoops to make the customer happy. Keep up the good work ZAPPOS.

Terry S Rocky Hill,CT │ 12/29/2011

WOW! You guys are the best! I just ordered a late Christmas gift and "assumed" that I would receive it after Christmas, but it just came this afternoon (12/23)! You have made my day. I will recommend you to everyone!

Candy B. │ 12/27/2011

You're terrific: just like they portray the company in the press.

Nicole │ 12/27/2011

I just wanted you to know that I think this is a terrific website and a wonderful way to shop. Thank you, and happy holidays.

Susan D. Warren, NJ │ 12/27/2011

Dear Mr. Hsieh, I am writing you to express my sincere thanks to you and your company. I have used your website numerous times to purchase many items. Every time I have questions or need help in anyway, your employees have been excellent. On the latest incident, I found a pair of boots that were on sale. I was going to buy these for a friend for Christmas. I needed to find out her shoe size which took me a few days. When I got her size I went back online to order the boots. However they were not on sale any longer. I contacted your company and expressed my concerns, and I asked if they would honor the sale. They said that they would! I was thrilled and once again will speak very highly about your company. Thank you and your company for superb customer service and great products. You should be proud of your company and your employees!! Thanks again,

Chrissy K. │ 12/27/2011

Georgeanne called to tell us that she is simply amazed by us and that our customer service is just stellar. She said if we ever needed anyone to sing our praises give them her number!

Georgeanne C. │ 12/27/2011

I think you guys are SUPER! That's all I wanted to say. It's such fun to play with a company that wants to have FUN (as well as provide excellent service!)! (-: to all of you!

Mim K. Millburn, NJ │ 12/27/2011

Kathleen called to let us know she was extremely pleased with our company and her ordering experience. She was blown away with how fast USPS shipping is and loves the fact that it is free. She also loves all her items and says she is happy with our price-point and quality. We made her Christmas a great one with hassle-free shipping. She will be ordering again with us and also recommending that all her family shop at Zappos.

Kathleen G. Winter Park, CO │ 12/27/2011

You always amaze me. Your company is a "well oiled Machine"... can the head of Zappos now run the country?? Sorry for the sarcasm. Thank you again. Your biggest fan, Candace S.

Candace Wilmington, NC │ 12/27/2011

Paul wanted to let us know how fantastic he thinks our website and customer service are. He is a new Zappos customer and is really wowed by what we do and is excited for his wife to receive her gift. Awesome job, Zappos!

Paul L. Richmond, VA │ 12/27/2011

I just wanted to drop a line and say, "Hello, my name is LaTonya, and I'm addicted to Zappos." *Zappos You Rock!!!* I want to wish each and every one of you at Zappos a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. LaTonya Lester

LaTonya L. Houston, TX │ 12/27/2011

Connie called in so amazed by her experiences with Zappos. She was on the verge of tears, expressing her gratitude for all of the happy and upbeat people she has spoken to. She says that talking to us brightens up her day, and if she could order something every day, just for the sake of getting to talk to us, she would. She also was so thankful for the flowers that were sent to her to brighten up her day after her home burned down. She wants everyone to know how appreciative she is for a company like Zappos where people actually care about the customers and want to make them smile.

Connie E. Crawford Spill, IN │ 12/27/2011

And there ladies and gentlemen is why we feel a tremendous loyalty to Zappos. Zappos has always been wonderful to deal with and AGAIN... made Christmas in our household EVEN better. Thank you so much for being so wonderful and allowing us to benefit from the sale while still keeping our purchase from Zappos. We have always dealt with really nice people when calling on anything including yesterday (thank you Mackenzie!!) as well as in the past. Zappos always stands behind their merchandise and just makes being a Zappos customer a rewarding experience. We will always speak highly of Zappos and will gratefully share our feelings with our family and friends about what a great experience it has been for us. Thank you again for yet another positive Zappos shopping experience. Sincerely yours, Kathleen K. (the Mom, who placed the order)

Kathleen K. Fair Haven, NJ │ 12/27/2011

I was just calling to compliment you guys on the whole flippin’ company. It’s just the best company I’ve come across in my whole life. My Mom bought me a gift card last Christmas, and I thought you were just shoes. I found out that you sell a lot more, so I placed an order. You are such an amazing company that I tell all my friends about you. I have no hesitation recommending you because you are so legitimate and you really care about customers. Thanks for taking the time to listen!

Jamie Kay C. Olathe, KS │ 12/27/2011

I just want to say you guys are awesome, and I wish you ran the world! Have a wonderful holiday, and thanks for being you. A very happy customer :) (Who has a very happy son who thought his shoes would be here on Monday, and got them the Friday before instead)

Melissa B. Linwood, NJ │ 12/27/2011

John commented during our call that he doesn't really like shopping, but we have the most user-friendly website. Everything is laid out exactly like it should be, it's really easy to use, and it's nice that the team behind it "knows what they're doing."

John J O'H. Greendell, NJ │ 12/27/2011

I just want to say Zappos is awesome!!! I ordered a Christmas gift the evening of 12/15, and it was delivered to my house the afternoon of 12/16, with free shipping. I always check Zappos FIRST when I'm looking to buy something. I've had great service in the past with Zappos, and I'm happy to see that great service is just getting better. I just had to share how pleased I am and will always recommend Zappos to my family and friends.

Colleen K. Lafayette, IN │ 12/27/2011

Over the last few years, I have ordered shoes for my mom and both of my sisters. I have always received my order on time and have always received exactly what I ordered. If you have never tried Zappos, you NEED TO. The customer service you will receive is the best you will receive anywhere. Just give them a chance and I seriously doubt that you will ever purchase your shoes anywhere else.

Wayne I Nebraska City, NE │ 12/23/2011

Zappos.com is the best company I have ever done business with. Their return process is amazing, and their customer service department is all about that: customer service!

Cindy │ 12/23/2011

I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with Zappos. Their sales team is extremely friendly and helpful, the shipping is fastest I have ever experienced, and the return/exchange policies are hassle free and can't be beat. Not to mention, they almost always have all sizes available. As far as I am concerned, they can't be beat. I can't say enough good things about my experiences with them.

Phyllis M │ 12/19/2011

I ordered my item by phone, and the salesperson I talked to was extremely helpful and friendly. I have been a catalog shopper for over 15 years, and this service was the best I've ever had. I was not surprised to hear the founder had a Nordstrom's background. My grandson was very happy with his snowpants. p.s. I am NOT a paid reviewer!

Sheila S. │ 12/19/2011

Excellent Service! Even having an abnormal shoe size and making a couple exchanges to get the correct fit on the last purchase, Zappos service was above and beyond expectations, thus I am absolutely satisfied and highly recommend utilizing Zappos online ordering process for ALL shoe purchases. It's by far the most cost effective way to purchase the shoe you need and want. Thank You!

Kelly W │ 12/19/2011

I was very impressed how quickly I received both of my orders. And as always, everything was in perfect condition. Thank you for making good customer care a priority! Best wishes in 2012!

Amy F. │ 12/16/2011
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