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Wow, Zappos is amazing and I can't say enough how much I appreciate the ease of returning these shoes! At any retail store (except maybe Nordstrom) this would have been a nightmare!! I will be sure to share this experience with my friends and colleagues and I'll continue to shop at Zappos.com.

Anonymous │ 02/20/2007

Zappos, Hats off to you for the outstanding customer service you provide. I have recommended you to ALL my friends! The only thing missing from Zappos is the classic shoe for the 11WW size. I've looked and looked for the basic black patent pump and you never have it. Please consider carrying more of the basics - I'm a business woman who wears suits every day. In need some trendy indeed, but I also need the classics. I know I'm not alone - others I know share this need.

Anonymous │ 02/20/2007

Hi Zappos just wanted to thank you for shipping my shoes overnight. I was so pleased that they arrived so soon after placing the order, and I absolutely love the shoes. Thanks for doing such a great job!

Erin O.D. │ 02/20/2007

To my new best friends at Zappos!!! Thank you so much for finding for me an almost impossible boot to find (Frye Veronica 14L strap boot), in my size and getting here in 2 days (I clicked on "please inform me when you have my size" and you got them!!!) Thanks to advice from your staff I ordered a size larger and I just received them and tried them on. Perfect fit!!! And extremely high comfort level all over (foot, ankle, shaft etc...) I have already purchased a pair of boots from you a few years ago and I was pleased with those as well... So thank you for maintaining such a high standard of customer service -- You guys rock!!

Anonymous │ 02/20/2007

To whom it may concern: Just wanted to let you know I will never order from anywhere else other than your company. You have the fastest delivery and the return policy that you keep will keep me shopping with you for the rest of our lives. We have been customers for 2 years now and are spreading the work in our state. Thank you for excellent service. Sincerely,

Felicia M. │ 02/20/2007

I recently ordered a pair of tap dance shoes from another vendor because their price was lower. What a mistake! The shoes didn't fit right and I returned them - the cost of the shipping back and forth was $20. I didn't save a penny. Luckily Zappos had a similar pair, and I'm looking forward to receiving them - but I wish I had ordered from Zappos in the first place. I've always been extremely satisfied with your shipping, your service, and your return policy. I won't order shoes online from anywhere else ever again.

Anonymous │ 02/20/2007

Thanks so much for notifying me about (all!) the returns. I realize I'm hard to fit, but your salespeople made me feel as if nothing was a problem. I look forward to visiting your site again.

Diane │ 02/20/2007

I have to say that I am so happy I found your website. I received my children's shoes today and not only were they so excited so was I! It is nice that we can still order our favorites... Thanks a million for shipping here, and getting here fast!! I have already told my friends about you. Your customer service ROCKS!!!!!

Jodie G. │ 02/20/2007

Knowing the pending white death was upon the great state of OH, I ordered my boots late Saturday night and they arrived Monday morning - the predicted 6 inches of snow and 2 inches of ice hit on Tuesday. Thank you so much Zappos.com! If I hadn't gotten my boots I would not have gotten to the office. You saved my job!

Julie │ 02/20/2007

It never fails that I am always so pleased with Zappos. I fell in love with your site over 3 years ago and have yet to be at all disappointed to date. I have gone through 2 boyfriends, 2 jobs and 2 new hairstyles since. However, I am still super loyal to my fav shoe site. I even bought a pair of boots 5 months ago, wore them one time, then never again because they hurt my feet. I finally pulled them out last week I called your toll free number and explained my dilemma. Your representative was wonderful. I simply ordered another pair and was told that if I needed to return the second pair, no worries. I did return them, as they did not fit, either. I then was issued a Zappos credit, ordered a pair of Skechers sandals, which I LOVE! I then got a full refund on the second pair of boots. I cannot say enough good things about your policies, staff and customer service. Thank you for always being so reliable, willing to go the extra mile and having every shoe that a girl could ever want. I love Zappos and will be a long time customer for as long as I can. Best,

Kelly B. │ 02/20/2007

Hello there, my girlfriend ordered a Hobo international purse through your company about 3PM yesterday. After ordering she told me that it would be get here in California in 24 hours. Knowing that no company can possibly ship items that fast I had to break the news to her that probably what you meant that it would be shipped out of your warehouse in 24 hours and would likely take several days for it to get here. Lo and behold the purse arrived today less than 24 hours after she ordered it. You made her day and thoroughly amazed me. I apologize for doubting you. Thanks for your quick service,

Ron D. │ 02/20/2007

Just had to tell you guys you blew my mind. I ordered a pair of shoes last night, using your website for the first time. I placed the order before I went to bed at around 10:00 PM. Seeing your banner for overnight shipping I thought, cool, maybe I'll have them for the San Diego trip this weekend (but wasn't holding my breath). I got home tonight and my wife said there was a package on the front porch and to my amazement; it was the shoes I ordered last night. How you got a package to Idaho from Kentucky in around 12 hours I'll never know but I thought I better tell you I'm truly amazed and will tell all my friends about your business-keep up the great work!

Scott │ 02/20/2007

Absolutely amazing!! I placed my order late afternoon earlier this week and was amazed that the boots arrived the very next day- on sale, overnight and no shipping fees = one impressed customer. Thanks for you excellent service, and I'll be ordering from you again very soon. Much Appreciated!

Kevin D. │ 02/20/2007

I have just recently made my first purchase with your company. I ordered the wrong size, but still wanted the same shoe. I called your 800 customer number and was serviced by a nice man. He did an excellent job helping me through what I thought to be a problem. He answered my every question and shipped the right size shoe immediately. He also led me through the return label portion of your web site. I have shared my experience with your company with many people. It is companies like yours, with customer awareness and their needs that will kill malls and store front businesses. You have literally eliminated any reason for me not to do business with Zappos. Again I thank you for your service and your customer service department. I look forward to making additional online purchases with Zappos. Sincerely,

Woodrow A. │ 02/20/2007

Zappos is the best. I have never experienced the great quality of customer service that I have always received from you. I will always shop at Zappos first. Thanks!

Kim P. │ 02/20/2007

Dear Zappos President/Owner. Again I would like to commend your Company with the absolute high quality service and your great customer service dept. My son ordered Heelys shoes (with wheels) 2 months ago. The one bearing in the wheel went bad, but your company and your customer service representatives were more than just helpful. Their attitude and personalities I commend to a Very High Degree. Along with hiring fabulous employees, you must have a wonderful training program. Many companies should take note of your operation. Last night I ordered my 11 yr old son Nick's replacement Heelys shoes. To our surprise and especially Nicks!! the shoes arrived at our house at 5pm today less than 24 hrs. Nick was so happy...He was jumping up and down Mom/Dad the shoes are here already!!!! We believe again...your company especially did that for Nickolas. Again, thanks so much for everything your company has done...I am a barber and will let my customers know all about your company. Please pass the message to all of your employee’s especially everybody personally involved. Thanks so much!!!! Sincerely,

John S. A. │ 02/20/2007

I just wanted to tell you all how wonderful you are. Shoe shopping has always been agony for me, and with you it is fast and fun and wonderful! Thank you!

Chris N. │ 02/20/2007

Just wanted to thank you for the superb service I received on my first order from Zappos. I have already told all of my co-workers about your web site and they are going shopping! My re-order for the size 7 fit perfectly, I am wearing them today and couldn't be happier. In this day and age it sure is great to find a company you can depend on. Thanks again.

Donna L. R. │ 02/20/2007

I normally do not take the time to do this, but I am so tickled with you right now, I had to take the time to let you know what a great company you are. I work for a retailer that prides itself in great customer service and I have a tendency to expect it in return! You have fulfilled all of my expectations and more. You have given me 2 credits for finding shoes cheaper on another website, and congratulated me on being such a "Froogle" shopper! Thank you for restoring my faith in retailing!

Anonymous │ 02/20/2007

Wow. I don’t often enough take the time to say thanks for good service…perhaps because outstanding service is not as common as it should be. As a small business owner, I am inspired by your level of service and the fastidiousness of your company. I am impressed; you all are doing a great job. Many thanks again.

Laurie H. │ 02/20/2007

YOU ARE THE VERY BEST. I don't even have a date tonight--sitting at home cruising Zappos and looking for shoes is better than men! Trust me! I am so happy sitting here checking out your fine selection and when I found PF Flyers? I WAS ECSTATIC!!! I loved my PF Flyers when I was a kid and I am overjoyed to find them again. Your site said that you had only one pair left so even though I am broke and saving--I went for them. Better than a hot date. Zappos.com. I love you guys sincerely! peace love and happiness always.

Lise L. L. │ 02/20/2007

Thank you so much for your kind response...it is very obvious that you are a service company!! I really appreciate the information you gave me and have contacted Mark Bergmann. I will be sure to check on your website frequently as a new Loyal Customer!!

Miriam L. │ 02/20/2007

I ordered a pair of Allen-Edmonds Kennett size 9B oxfords on Sat Feb. 10, 2007 for a very competitive sale price. Lo and behold the shoes were delivered to my office in San Francisco MONDAY MORNING. The shoes are very high quality and the merlot color will go well with my entire wardrobe. The fit is excellent. Thank you. A very satisfied customer.

Glen J. │ 02/20/2007

I want you to know I recommend you to everyone. I have bought Heelys from you and I am amazed how fast you are in sending out your product. It definitely helped me b/c I procrastinated a little bit and they were here on time. You have great customer care, and that's worth so much these days. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous │ 02/12/2007

Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for your website. I have a small foot 4 1/2 to a 5, and I really appreciate that you offer a wide variety in my sizes. I have had the worst luck at department stores, and I pretty much shop for shoes exclusively on your website. I saw an episode of the TLC show "What Not to Wear" where a very petite lady had trouble finding shoes. They directed her to your website. I was really happy to see that your company got that publicity, because you offer an invaluable service for petite feet as well as wide and big feet. So...I just wanted to say thanks and keep up the great work! Sincerely,

Mary │ 02/12/2007
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