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This is my first encounter with your company and I have to admit that Zappos.com mean business, no pun intended. I was advised yesterday by one of your representatives that they were getting my order ready for 2/20 arrival. I thought to myself this is why they're number one in the shoe business. Today, 2/19/07 @ 2 PM, we arrived home from shopping and my wife asked me if I had ordered anything? When she said this I immediately looked at the front porch and I saw this package. We pulled into the driveway I looked at the package, I guess I never took my eyes off of it) which was marked Zappos and I said, "No way." I asked my wife if today was the 20th and she said no it's only the 19th. Now, to make a longer story shorter, the shoes were exactly what I wanted. I know in commercial business it's tough to get orders out on time, but arriving before the schedule date... The first few lines says it all!! Thank you for the fast response!

Norm │ 02/28/2007

I have been just delighted by our inventiveness & fun! The teddy bears were cute, the Chinese New Year pig was a RIOT as were the presidents! The biggest pow came as I was working and when I changed screens, it flipped from the presidents to the Mardi Gras mask--WOW!! What a spark to my day! Thanks, Gents & Ladies--keep up the great work! Thanks for the smile you put on my face while reading your appreciation e-mail! I tell everyone about your service, because as all of the customer reviews state, you are the BEST! Keep up the superior customer service. Best regards, Yoga Instructor

Juli M. │ 02/28/2007

Good Morning, I just got my most recent order and again you are the best in customer service. I will continue to shop here and love to spread the word!!

Tess K. │ 02/28/2007

Hi. I just wanted to thank you for the EXTRAORDINARILY quick service we received on a recent order. It still boggles my mind when I think about it. I ordered a pair of shoes for my son on a Thursday evening, after 9:00pm. By 7:00am the next morning (Friday), I had a tracking number and when I tracked it, the item was already on the truck and out for delivery in my town. By 3:00pm that afternoon, the shoes were on our front porch. WOW. Amazing! Thanks so much. These shoes were a birthday gift and your speedy delivery allowed them not to be late! THANKS!

Anonymous │ 02/28/2007

Good Morning Wow! This is really above-and-beyond customer service: you guys are working on Presidents' Day, plus you're giving me free overnight delivery! I will tell everyone. Thanks!!!

Heather │ 02/28/2007

I just wanted to let you all know that I DO tell everyone about Zappos! You have excellent customer service and are a joy to do business with. I coach executives and often use your company as an example of superior service. Keep up the good work! Executive Coach

Linda C. │ 02/28/2007

You guys are really impressive... I really like to deal with professionals like Zappos! We got the shoes yesterday (it was a holiday too!) Thanks!

Amelie G. │ 02/28/2007

Thanks gang. Hope these replacements of the size 10 fit. I love these boots. Thanks again for your incredible service!!!

Sal │ 02/28/2007

Hello- I am a first-time customer of Zappos, but have heard good things about your company prior to my order. I am *thrilled* with my purchase -- it arrived today (ordered Sunday night). I lucked out hitting the free overnight delivery promotion! I appreciate the emails regarding the order status and the great attention to detail. I also LOVE the multi-views of each item. That is really helpful when buying on line. I will be telling my friends about Zappos! Thanks again!

Anonymous │ 02/28/2007

I purchased my Fitzwell Brice shoes on line with your company about 8:00 pm yesterday. My shoes arrived TODAY before 3:00 pm. Who ARE you guys! Got to say the shoes are a perfect fit and super comfortable too. I will buy from you again! Thanks,

Bob │ 02/28/2007

I just wanted to write and tell you that I am so impressed with the customer service and that you are one of the few companies that I brag about. I ordered some shoes for my nephew, DC's, and he received them in two days, I ordered the wrong size so your company sent the return label to my nephew's house for them to be shipped back free of charge. Not only was that impressive, I got the credit back on my credit card the day you received the shoes back, I reordered the shoes yesterday and he received them overnight today!!! I am astonished at the delivery and return policy! You've won a repeat customer here and also one from my sister because it was her son who was waiting for the right size. It was all my fault that I ordered the wrong size, but your company stepped up to the plate and made customer service your number one priority... we're both very happy and so is my 8 year nephew who hasn't taken off the shoes since he received them in the mail today :) Thanks again for the quality, expedited service, and attention to detail. Not many companies can compete with your service, unfortunately.

Anonymous │ 02/28/2007

Wow! I can't say enough about Zappos. I received my 3 pairs of shoes in 1 day. It just so happens that is was the day of my anniversary, that was a great surprise. I also want to thank Zappos for the customer friendly website and the online ordering. I am not always on the computer but it was a breeze to order what I wanted. Which by the way was exactly what the pictures described. On a personal note, I always shop with a customer friendly organization that listens to their customers. I then tell everyone I know to shop where I have and they won't be disappointed. I now intend to do this with Zappos. Please keep up the good work and I will definitely be shopping again soon with you. Sincerely,

Toni S. │ 02/28/2007

After ordering a bunch of shoes from you that fit perfectly, I just received a pair (different brand than I usually order) that is too big. I dreaded having to go through the return process. Recently, I have had to seek customer support from some other outfits and the thought of having to go through another round of calls was frightening me and I hadn't even started. Short story shorter, at first I was simply amazed at how easy it was to process the return, just a few clicks of the mouse. But after I thought about it, I realized that the easy return procedure is just one more way that Zappos excels. Think about it: I had the potential for being unhappy and yet the ease of the process made me like it. Your company is the absolute best for Internet shopping; the absolute best!! If every company was like yours, we'd be infinitely closer to world peace. Much thanks,

Bill F. │ 02/28/2007

Your customer service is absolutely incredible! I have never had such great service anywhere. When I received my daughter's boots within 12 hrs. of ordering them, I was amazed. I will continue to purchase shoes from you it is so easy!!!

Anonymous │ 02/28/2007

Thank you so much. You guys are a pleasure to deal with--your customer service is the best ever!

Anonymous │ 02/20/2007

Thank you for the prompt delivery on your product, and they are perfect and the size was perfect. I look forward to doing more business with your company.

Anonymous │ 02/20/2007

What a dream...to work in an industry you personally enjoy! Maybe one day... Thank you and everyone at Zappos for making my online shopping experience so enjoyable!

Anonymous │ 02/20/2007

I have a hard to fit foot (it's long and narrow -- 12AA -- as well as flat) and shoe shopping has been difficult since I was a small child. Many manufacturers assume a long foot is also wide and most stores stock only a few pairs of shoes in my size and often what they have is ugly. I was skeptical when I first heard about Zappos, but when I saw that some of my favorite brands were available in my size (Stuart Weitzman, Sesto Meucci, and Donald J. Pliner) I was quickly won over. I check the website daily and place an order on average every 3 weeks. The free shipping and returns allows me to try multiple styles and sizes in order to find the perfect fit. I sing Zappos' praises to friends and family and am grateful to find stylish shoes in my unusual size. I just love looking at my closet!

Anonymous │ 02/20/2007

Zappos is the awesome! Great selections and fast service!! I'll always use Zappos for my Converse needs!

Anonymous │ 02/20/2007

Can I just say, this has been my first experience ordering from you, is it possible that the box outside that says Zappos is from you, ALREADY!!!! Man oh man, talk about speedy customer service! I am psyched to open that box tonight when all the kids are asleep! I am impressed so far!!!!

Anonymous │ 02/20/2007

I love your customer service. I love that I get my shoes overnight. I love to tell people of my shoe experience. I spend hours in stores without buying a thing. I go to ZAPPOS and I find plenty of shoes that I love. And the service is better than any store I have shopped.

Anonymous │ 02/20/2007

Hi - not to make this dialog go on forever - but your company has very good word-of-mouth and loyalty - for a reason. I was at a very chic NYC lunch of magazine editors and one person needed a special comfortable shoe she couldn't find - most of the group immediately recommended Zappos - it was comical (this is not a mail order crowd).

Anonymous │ 02/20/2007

HOLY MACERAL your customer service is insanely brilliant!!! Best customer service I've ever gotten from an online store!! You should take pride in that. You have made me one happy little Aussie bloke!! (I'm from Australia, just to let you know!) OK I'll have a look on your site at those Pump 2.0s Cheers, thanks for all your help!!

Anonymous │ 02/20/2007

I made the mistake of ordering something from one of your competitors. Let's roll the clock back - I've only placed a couple of orders with Zappos.com - but when I did, I got nearly instantaneous shipping information, free overnight shipping, and an unmatched customer service experience. With the competition, I placed an order last Wednesday. There was only one option for shipping - "free ground." I figured that I had enough time to get the shoes in time for Valentine's Day. Boy was I wrong. Turns out that my order had been "processed" - as of Tuesday of this week, that's all they know. So I eventually find out that they send the information to the manufacturer for drop ship (unbeknownst to me) and that takes "3 to 15 days" - a little vague, don't you think? The only answer I've been able to get back is that my order “might show up next week.” You've GOT to be kidding. The level of expertise with their customer service representative leaves much to be desired. So - my feedback to you is simple and don't worry about the other competitor - they're operating on a business model that's nearly extinct. Keep up the good work and I'll keep ordering shoes and boots from you guys (size 14/15's are hard to find sometimes!!!). Thanks,

Patrick C. │ 02/20/2007

I am extremely impressed with the Vision Street Wear High tops and the incredibly fast delivery! Thank you very much! I am turning everyone on to your online store. The kicks feel great! Thanks again!

Anonymous │ 02/20/2007
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