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Dear Zappos, I was so thrilled to receive my order the next day even though I didn't get it in before 1 pm. It was so great not having to pay for shipping. I really love the boots I got and by reading the comments of others I got a size larger and could fit my own arch supports inside. Thanks again for the quality product and service.

E. M. │ 03/12/2007

I tell EVERYONE about how wonderful y'all are, and if buying 3 pairs of shoes in 3 days doesn't prove how much I love y'all I don't know what will! Just wanted you to know what a terrific job you do from a customer who buys shoes exclusively at Zappos!

Anonymous │ 03/12/2007

That is ridiculous! Ridiculously great support! I will make it a point to let my colleagues know about my great experience(s) with you guys. You can bet I will be buying more stuff from you guys.

Anonymous │ 03/12/2007

To whom it may concern, I just can't believe you guys! I ordered my daughter a pair of Keen sandals from you guys last Thursday. You upgraded the shipping to overnight, for no extra charge. I got her sandals the next day! I love you guys. A repeat customer

Denny K. │ 03/12/2007

Thanks everyone... my son's in a play and needed the shoes ASAP...opening night is Thursday...so thanks again!

Veronica │ 03/12/2007

I'm just writing to congratulate you guys for the great service! I couldn't be happier to buy from Zappos.com! Super fast shipment, great price, no worries when I needed to return an item... ***** Tomorrow I will return the wrong-size pair and I already have my new order here with me!!! Really so impressed!!!

Anonymous │ 03/12/2007

This shoe arrived this morning... awesome shoe... great service... a Keeper again. ; o) I just ordered a leather belt... You are by Far... The BEST...

Addie J. │ 03/12/2007

I have used Zappos for a while now, but I am still amazed at the wonderful customer service I receive with EVERY order!! I buy with confidence knowing that any problem I might have, whether I don't like the look of the shoe or if it doesn't fit, is really no problem at all. My latest purchase was no exception. I ordered two pairs of shoes on Sunday morning and they were at my doorstep before lunch on Monday...AMAZING!! Not only that, but the shoes I ordered are not even available yet in the Brighton retail stores! I don't even bother to look at shoes in the mall anymore. Zappos is the ultimate shoe experience! Thank you for your wonderful service.

Anonymous │ 03/12/2007

Dear Zappos- Besides being able to supply a style I have been unable to find for some time, your speedy delivery is FANTASTIC!! I live my life in a hurry, and you guys fit right in. I'm glad I found you on Google. You are now my shoe store. Because of my shoe size (10 1/2 EEEE) I've worn nothing but New Balance shoes since they first became available, and I'm glad you are able to supply me with them. They are the only shoes available that fit me properly. Sincerely,

Robin S. │ 03/12/2007

Wow! I tell all of my friends about Zappos all the time. For example, my friend told me last week that she was looking for navy blue boots, and could not find them anywhere. So today I sent her your website with blue boots marked. And now she loves Zappos too! Thanks for the fantastic service.

Nancy │ 03/12/2007

I just wanted to let you know that my recent Zappos order (my first) was a very pleasant on line shopping experience. All of my expectations were exceeded. Well done! I hope to do business with you again.

Anonymous │ 03/12/2007


Anonymous │ 03/12/2007

I saw an adorable pair of shoes on your website Saturday night. On Sunday I was still thinking about the shoes and what a great addition they would make to my wardrobe. On Monday I ordered them and for no extra charge they were shipped out that day! It is Tuesday and I am wearing them and I love them!! Thank you for the outstanding service. You really are the best and I will continue to order from you and tell everyone else about you! Keep it up!

Brianna │ 03/12/2007

Hello! I wanted to let you know how pleasantly surprised I was today when the UPS driver came to my door with a box from Zappos!! I placed this order on Saturday evening, and it is now in my hands on Monday. I knew my orders always arrived quickly but I didn't expect this excellent service over a weekend! You guys are the BEST!!!

Anonymous │ 03/12/2007

My family has been ordering from you for years now and you have never let us down. We recommend your company whenever we can. My husband wears a size 17 and is excited to have options when shopping with you. Before we found you, he would shop at the mall and the clerk would bring one or two dusty boxes from the back holding ugly, outdated shoes!! Our son, age 13, is already in a size 15 shoe. Luckily, he doesn't have to experience what my husband used to. We appreciate your outstanding company!

Anonymous │ 03/12/2007

I've always been extremely happy with Zappos! I just recommended my mother to shop with you as well. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous │ 03/12/2007

I just wanted to tell you how much I like shopping with Zappos. I have been trying to find a pair of sneakers for my son to play indoor soccer with. He has a very wide foot and finding shoes is very difficult. With Zappos the shipping is so quick, and returns are so easy that trying out a few pairs was not a problem. In fact the last pair of shoes we ordered we still received overnight even though it was well after 1:00 when I placed the order. I tell everyone I know how much I like Zappos, keep up the great work!

Jen D. │ 03/12/2007

I have been telling everyone about your fabulous website and even more fabulous service. The things I ordered this time were available on other sites, but I chose to find them on Zappos so I could deal with you. I am having a great day and hope you are too.

Anonymous │ 03/12/2007

I just wanted to contact you and let you know how great I think Zappos is. Your service is unbeatable! Every time I call, my call is answered promptly and with the utmost politeness and competency. When I order shoes, I receive them quickly and when I have to return shoes, my account is credited in a timely manner. I have Plantar Fasciitis and Zappos is the only place that I have found that carries a wide variety of high-arch shoes. The customer reviews are so helpful when I am trying to decide if I want a shoe - especially in regards to the arch fit. The customer reviews have also been helpful in deciding on the level of comfort that a shoe has. I would recommend Zappos to anyone, anywhere! My husband is now even a fan. You have a customer for life!

Anonymous │ 03/12/2007

You all are AWESOME! When you say fast shipping, you mean it. I had sent a return request and resize order after noon yesterday and the reordered shoes arrived today before noon! The shoes are also FABU. Thank you very much for being such a wonderful group of folks! Best to you all,

Anna │ 03/12/2007

I just received my Onitsuka Tigers a day earlier than I thought I would and I wanted to say thanks for going the extra mile for the customer experience. Your website is so easily navigable, with buttons exactly where I expect to find them. Your selection is outstanding, and when it's not you have a solution to that. (I just discovered the "Email me when my size becomes available" feature.) Even in your emails, good thinking on the many call-outs to the website with the link in every mention. I figure it's probably standard these days, but even remembering my payment info is another small thing on a long list of shopping easers (even though it makes spending dangerously simple, which, I realize, is the point). The addition of free overnight shipping is really a "duh" to the competition. Nice going. Thanks for putting so much thought into everything Zappos. Please high-five all of your contributing employees for me! Happy and loyal,

Adriane H. │ 03/12/2007

Your service is above and beyond...got my shoes unexpectedly today (overnight even though I put my order in after your 1 pm deadline...totally surprised!) And, the best part, I love the shoes...fit like a glove and don't need any 'break-in' time. Thanks so much...I'll be shopping at Zappos again...you're welcome to use my endorsement, my pleasure!

Darlene │ 03/12/2007

Zappos, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your hard work. I have bought lots of shoes from you all, and I continue to be impressed by your products and most of all your customer service! Thanks so much! Sincerely,

Melissa C. │ 03/12/2007

I can't believe your service!! I placed an order last night at 9 p.m. My order arrived at my door via UPS today at 5 p.m. That is unbelievable!! I have never had anything shipped that fast, in less than 24 hours. You guys are just amazing. Keep up the good work.

Elena L. │ 03/12/2007

Zappos, just writing to say you have amazing customer service! I am 101% satisfied with the first purchase I've made with you and will continue to do lots of shopping with you! THANKS! Happy and satisfied new customer,

Pilar Z. │ 03/12/2007
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