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Just wanted to thank you for the best service ever! You have great shoes and great service. Thanks Much...

Becky T. │ 03/13/2007

Wow! I was shocked when I received the shoes the next day. They fit fine and I'm very pleased. You Zapped me! Thanks.

Randy W. │ 03/13/2007

I love you. You are awesome. Thank you so much for your prompt response to my original query. Not only surprised at how cool you are, but also tremendously appreciative. Please do charge my card on file for the original merch. I'd rather keep it and support your good works than put the shoes in the landfill. I can use them for more humble pursuits. You are awesome. Thank you so much,

Carly S. │ 03/13/2007

Today, I could have ordered my shoes from several places and saved a few dollars. But I didn't. That's because of all the things you pointed out in your shipping notification e-mail. Customer service is what it's all about, and Zappos rules. And here's the kicker--when I need to get in touch with someone at Zappos, I get a REAL human being; a very nice and helpful human being-- ALWAYS. That counts the most. Thank you for not letting your phone system attempt to do it all.

Anonymous │ 03/13/2007

I love Zappos. If you were a person I would adopt you! Have had wonderful experience (check how many pairs of shoes I have ordered in only 6 months). Couldn’t ask for more selections or better service. Your questionnaire doesn’t scratch the surface. With my card on file it is so easy to make purchases. I hope it is as secure as you indicate.

Anonymous │ 03/13/2007

I just wanted to take a moment to praise everyone at Zappos for the wonderful job you all do! I have been ordering from Zappos for well over a year, and every experience has been fantastic. I discovered Zappos through an ad in a popular fashion magazine, since then I have regularly turned to Zappos whenever I am looking for shoes. This really says a lot, because I live and work in New York City, the fashion capital! Zappos constantly fills the void of the between season nightmares. I recently decided that I need a pair of black leather boots. While on my lunch hour I took a browse though Saks Fifth Avenue, I work right across the street, not only had they cleared out all of their winter merchandise, but the majority of their stock was open toed shoes. How crazy...the average temperature here is 35 degrees. I immediately came back to the office logged onto Zappos and found the most amazing pair of black leather boots! And, to further add to my delight the boots arrived the very next day! Talk about being on the job! I have told many friends and colleagues (women & men) about how fabulous Zappos is, and will continue to do so. A million thanks for the wonderful website, the safe & easy on line ordering, and last but not least the FREE shipping! Please feel free to post this email for others to read!

Anonymous │ 03/13/2007

Hello Zappos, you guys Rock! I ordered my shoes on a Sunday morning and they got here today, Monday! Even with next day I did not expect to receive them until Tuesday! My friends were right; your company is one of the best! Thanks to all, Peace, Be well. PS I love the Shoes!!!!!

Joni G. │ 03/13/2007

Hey it's so refreshing to deal with such courtesy, dignity, friendliness, and I can actually see your smile as I speak with you. Thank you! Thank you for every one I spoke to.

Virginie K. │ 03/13/2007

Wow... You are amazing!! Thank you so much... The speed with which you deliver makes it worth not going to the store!! Thanks again!

Kris │ 03/13/2007

Zappos is the best thing that ever happened to me. I have small wide feet with a high arch. I have always found shoes with Zappos. I can order several pairs to try on without running all over town and in most cases finding nothing. I tell everyone I come in contact with about Zappos. From the nurse at my Doctors office to my beautician. Thank you Zappos. in Temecula, CA

Janice │ 03/13/2007

I want you to know this was the best service I have ever received. You saved my grandson's birthday by having this arrive so quickly. Thanks.

Anonymous │ 03/13/2007

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful shoes. It is so nice to find a place that has free shipping and great products. Thank you!

Jerralynn │ 03/13/2007

I was very pleased with your excellent service. Delivery was truly overnight! The shoes are beautiful and the quality is excellent. However I found the back straps much too loose. It is good to know that I can have this defect repaired at your expense and will do so. I will be happy to recommend Zappos to my friends and hope to continue doing business with you as well.

Evelyn S. │ 03/13/2007

I had to write and tell you that I just completed my first Zappos order. It was perfect. You had exactly what I was looking for. The person who took my order was extremely helpful and kind. When I told them that the sneaker I wanted was less costly elsewhere, they checked it out and adjusted my bill. I had to let you know what a wonderful experience shopping with you was. I will surely be a return shopper. Again, many thanks to all of you who made this such a wonderful experience.

Anonymous │ 03/13/2007

Dear Zappos, I'm speechless!!! I ordered a pair of Crocs yesterday morning, Sunday. I got an e-mail from your company telling me to expect my shoes on Tuesday. The UPS man just left my shoes at the door. (Monday evening) I absolutely cannot believe that they arrived so fast. I thought UPS didn't work on Sunday. I love the Crocs, and thanks so much for the super fast shipping. I'll pass the word on to my friends about your great products and especially your great service. Thanks again.

Anonymous │ 03/13/2007

Thank you. You guys are wonderful. We have purchased from you before and you are the BEST!!!! I'm hoping that my Dad will love these shoes. He has back problems and my husband and I wear Spira and are very pleased with them. So, I hope they work for him.

Sandy H. │ 03/13/2007

I came across this email I thought was truly wonderful and wanted to share this with the company. "Big, Big thumbs up. I ordered shoes Sat. afternoon and you managed to have them to me Monday afternoon (a full day earlier than promised). I live in a small rural area in Eastern WA, nothing here happens this fast!! I am truly wowed - and by the way love the shoes!! Thanks!!!”

Anonymous │ 03/13/2007

I'm writing to let you know how delighted I am of your "store." I am VERY hard to satisfy. I've had five spine surgeries in nine years, and grumpy sometimes. I love SHOES... I have been walking well for about two years now, and I found your web site reading the Enquirer Magazine. I have fun flipping thru the "pages" of the catalog. Keep up the good work. You don't know what your customers have been through. And how much we have to shop on line for good shoes, cause we really can't get to the store...Thank you for being there, and understanding. And the "free shipping," does it get any better?? Pray tell... A Very Satisfied Customer:

Beth V. │ 03/13/2007

I just wanted to say Thank you for your highly satisfying customer service. I ordered a pair of DC shoes at 8pm at night (Monday); they arrived at 10:20am (Tues) the next morning. I have been going around work telling everyone about your company. You can't beat fast, free service. I just want to say thank you. Everyone I’ve told this story to has immediately jumped onto Zappos.com.

Anonymous │ 03/13/2007

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'll never need to set foot in a store when it's this quick and easy to get the shoe I want and get it fast and for a better price!

Anonymous │ 03/13/2007

I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation and acknowledge the amazing customer service I have received from your company. I placed an order last week, received overnight shipping, and went home to find the package that was said to be left on my porch was not there. Being incredibly disappointed, I phoned your customer service line to find out what, if anything could be done. My call was greeted by a friendly voice on the other end who was apologetic and quick to tell me that she would be sending out a replacement order right away. I had made this purchase as a gift for someone else so a quick replacement was very unexpected but highly appreciated! I even received the replacement order yesterday, which was a day earlier than promised! My moment of disappointment and frustration was quickly turned around by the impeccable service that your company has provided. I will definitely be making future purchases, as well as recommending your company to all of my friends and family.

Anonymous │ 03/13/2007

Dear Sir or Madame: I've had a very hard time getting a good zip-up hoodie on line despite numerous attempts and hours or shopping. There are very few stores locally that sell the hoodies I like and in 4 years I've only found one I like, and that's been worn to threads. Sadly the customer service experience I've had with many of these places has been miserable, and it's always a 50/50 chance that you'll even be happy when you order apparel on line, especially when you're as picky and partial as I am. But, Zappos hooked me up and I couldn't be more pleased!!! I called first to confirm the item was available and was able to easily and quickly get through to a representative who was very polite and helpful. The price was fantastic and the shipping time and cost was unbelievable (free overnight shipping). I ordered the hoodie yesterday after lunch, came in to work this morning and the package was already sitting on my desk. The item I purchased was the "O'Neill Crash & Burn" zip-up hoodie. I've gotten very used to eagerly opening packages only to be disappointed by the quality and comfort of the item, but finally I got what I wanted, in fact it's far better quality and far more comfortable then I had expected. Anyway, thanks Zappos for your great service, fast shipping and quality merchandise. I'll be certain to make sure your site is first on my list the next time I need to do some online shopping and will be certain to let people know about your site. Keep up the good work...it sets you apart from everyone else out there and with the Internet being what it is, word of mouth and good reviews travel very fast. I'll be sure to spread the good word. P.S., I was carrying the box through the office and three different people said, "Oh...Zappos, great site, I've ordered shoes from there." Now this is service...!!! Thanks!

Anonymous │ 03/13/2007

Although I'm not the type of person to write letters, I felt I had to write this one. I purchase things over the Internet more than I purchase things at stores and I must say I was extremely impressed with the service I received from Zappos. I looked for the Heelys I bought from your web page in many places; at walk-in stores and other stores on line. I got to Zappos.com and I was welcomed not only by a friendly page layout, but also by the shoes in the size I needed! The shoes were shipped QUICKLY and the prices were extremely reasonable. I need to congratulate you for being one of the very, very few companies that make Internet purchases the way they should be. It was an outstanding transaction. I will not hesitate to purchase from you again and recommend you to everyone I know. Thank you very much.

Anonymous │ 03/13/2007

I would like to talk a little about my experience ordering from you. I know that the person reading this message is a CSR; I know you are using a system full of hot keys and templates but I ask for you to take a moment to read my message and pass it on. I was reading through the email and saw that you rely mainly on word of mouth referrals instead of putting all your money into marketing. It is this approach that made me decide to order from your company instead of any of the other on line outlets or brick and mortar stores. A co-worker of mine, told me about her experiences in ordering from you. She is the Training and QA manager at the call center I work at and she used your company as an example of how good customer service should be done. I found your site easy to use and I like the updates that you provide. Not to mention that the free overnight shipping is included. Provided that there are no problems with my order, you have won yet another customer and supporter. Thank you again for letting me talk. I hope I did not slow down your processing time too much.

Anonymous │ 03/13/2007

I just wanted to say that my recent purchase at Zappos was the best on line purchase I've ever made. The customer service was outstanding, the overall price was the lowest I found, and you shipped my purchase overnight for free! Thanks!

Kevin │ 03/13/2007
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