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Dear Zappos Customer Loyalty Team, I received my shoes today just as promised, they fit great and I am very happy. If I told you that I had ordered 3 other pair of shoes from 3 other companies in which I had to pay BIG $$$ to have shipped in time for a special occasion this weekend, and two of the three have arrived and must be returned at my expense as well...I don't think you would believe me. But, that is exactly my situation!! I cannot thank you enough and I will be purchasing ALL my shoes from you. And, just so you know I am a "Market Maven" I will tell everyone I know my story and about you and your outstanding customer service. You will receive lots of business through my word of mouth do to my most pleasant experience. Thank you, thank you!! Take care and God Bless,

Angie C. │ 03/21/2007

Zappos- YOW!! I ordered a pair of Chuck Taylor Hi tops - They came in 24 hours!! The shoes are great, the customer service amazing!! You have won me over--

Scoot C. │ 03/21/2007

Dear Zappos, I don't know if you will get this or not, but I just have to let you know how awesome you guys are. What a breath of fresh American air you are and what a pleasure it is to do business with you! You are so impressive that I recommend you to all my friends. It is comforting to know you're out there for us. Thank you. Sincerely,

Karen M. │ 03/21/2007

You people are absolutely AWESOME!!!!!! The way you treat customers is an example for every business to follow. I'll never go to another shoe store again. Zappos is the only shoe place for me. I'll definitely recommend Zappos to everyone I know. A very satisfied customer,

Tim S. │ 03/21/2007

I just want you to know that you are the BEST company I have ever dealt with - you make shopping on the web a total pleasure and thank you so much for your kind response.

Debbie S. │ 03/21/2007

Bless you! Long story -- but you saved my day. I so appreciated the reminder email that you had a special with overnight delivery. Zappos is like a gift from heaven for a 6' 1" lady with size 11 feet. Your selection of flats is mind boggling. I never thought that in my life time I would have a 'selection'. I've had to settle for something less than I wanted for 45 years. I told my husband to make lots of money, because I have some serious shoe shopping to do. He supports me 100%. I can't wait! Enjoy your day.

Donna B. │ 03/21/2007

Your service in all regards has been outstanding!!! Ordered my shoes at 3:00pm and had them next day. You have an OUTSTANDING business model.

Anonymous │ 03/21/2007

Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!! I ordered these shoes YESTERDAY! And I am looking at UPS tracking and I see they are "out for delivery"!?!?!? I thought it had to be an error. That is crazy fast shipping! How'd you do that? Unbelievable! I have had terrible pain in my foot due to an injured tendon. I purchased these shoes in hopes that they would give me some relief. Guess I will find out TODAY! I hope I will not have any reason to return these, however; if I do, and your return service is as awesome as your purchasing, I will never buy shoes anywhere else! Thank you for exceptional service! I thought our company was the last to really care about our customers and make them THAT important! Have a fabulous weekend!

Kim G. │ 03/21/2007

Subject: a love note Zappos, you crazy, wonderful .com, when one sees overnight shipping, one thinks, "well, in a perfect world, that would be nice." But one should know that Zappos does what it can to be good to their customer. I can't believe I'm already wearing the shoes I ordered yesterday. I've been walking around in 'em all day long and I'm gonna walk to dinner in them tonight. It'll make for a lovelier dinner out. Thank you a million times, Zappos. I continue to be a solid Zappos customer. I don't buy my shoes anywhere else.

Susan │ 03/21/2007

Zappos is truly great company. Thank you for superior customer service. Very truly yours,

ANTHONY P. │ 03/21/2007

I love my boots! Thank you for the great, speedy service. Have a nice weekend. Yours,

Kelly M. │ 03/21/2007

I just wanted to thank you. The shot shoes were for my 13 yr old daughter. Her 1st meet is on Tuesday 3/20/07 and the shoes were a surprise! I have dealt with many companies online and it is great to deal with one that actually does everything it promises, plus you use Fedex with whom I am employed by, can't beat that! Great Job and I will use you again and spread the word about your company. Sincerely,

James M. │ 03/21/2007

OK Guys one more Time Thank you for my order the Oakley Assaults fit great and feel great!! I just hope they live up to their reputation as a tough Boot Cause I’m tough on footwear!!!! Outstanding service this is my second pair I have purchased from Zappos and I hope many more. Thank you for your great service and also the feed back comments are very helpful!!! Be it having to do with sizing or service or Quality You guys let the people speak for themselves and let them voice their opinions on your products that’s the America, Way and Thanks Zappos for printing feedback both positive and negative. Thank you for your Great Service and keep up the Good work your loyal customer.

Mark M. │ 03/21/2007

I cannot believe the GREAT SERVICE your company provides! I just received my shoes around 4:30 p.m. central time today, March 16, 2007. That's less than 24 hours since I placed the order on March 15, 2007 around 7:00 p.m.! I sure hope you're not standing over the Shipping Department with whips in order to get these orders out. The order was correct, the packaging was excellent and your prices are outstanding, plus free shipping - - - unbelievable! I've shopped with Zappos before, but I'm still amazed! I don't know how you do it, but you certainly have your competition beat in every area, shipping time, pricing and excellent service. You also show your customers that they are very important to you. Keep up the good work! Thank you again. I definitely will shop with Zappos again and will be recommending you to all my friends.

Joan E. │ 03/21/2007

Thank you for your wonderful service. I will be sure to use your service in the future. This is the best Customer Service I have seen in a long time.

Rachel H. │ 03/21/2007

I recently ordered from a different on line site because Zappos did not have what I wanted in stock. I should have waited. Between not knowing if the item would fit (it didn't), not being able to reach a real person to ask, paying for shipping, paying for the return and paying a restocking fee I have learned my lesson. I will never order from anywhere except Zappos again! I ordered a pair of Uggs yesterday and took the advice your site gave on sizing. I received them in under 24 hours and they fit perfectly. But I also had the peace of mind offered by your return policy in the case they did not. I cannot thank you enough for your outstanding customer service and customer-friendly policies. You have a lifetime customer in me!

Anonymous │ 03/21/2007

I just wanted to thank you so much for your wonderful service with my last order! Apparently somebody had stolen my shoes or they weren't delivered. I called and you immediately sent another pair. The shoes are beautiful and they fit well, perfect for my bridesmaid dress. The service was prompt, and the lady I spoke to was very kind and helpful. Thank you again, I love your service and will continue to use Zappos. I recommend it to all my friends! Sincerely,

Anjali R. │ 03/21/2007

Hi there! You're awesome....I can't wait to get my new shoes! Have a good weekend and thanks again for such great service!

Lori P. │ 03/21/2007

I just wanted to let you know that I ordered my shoes at 8PM Eastern time. They were at my door at 10AM the next day. This is great service! I will be doing business with you in the future. I found these shoes at Sport's Authority, but they didn't have my size. They were going to send me across town to get them from another location. I would have wasted a lot of time and gas because the other store didn't even have the correct style. I looked on-line at a few other sites after I got home and then came across Zappos.com. What attracted me was the next day shipping free of charge. I thought that my order was going to come in on Saturday or even Monday. I was in shock, and still am, that at right around 10AM, the doorbell rang. Thanks for a great experience.

Anonymous │ 03/13/2007

Zappos ALWAYS exceeds my expectations! I love your company! Its customer service rates A++ in my book! I wasn't really expecting to get my dance shoes in time for my next class, but Zappos has done it again. Thank you!

Donna W. │ 03/13/2007

Holy Cow! I ordered a pair of Spira shoes Thursday afternoon and received them Friday morning. What service. I have never, ever in my life had such great service. The shoes fit perfectly. Thank you. Thank you for such prompt service.

Gloria E. │ 03/13/2007

Personal responses no less... My daughter got me started with Zappos and now I am hooked! I have bad feet and it is so hard to find shoes in West Texas. I have been really pleased with my purchases to date. Thanks again.

Patricia S. │ 03/13/2007

Wonderful service and first rate web site layout! Your prices and stock availability cannot be surpassed. The multiple views are so very helpful as are the descriptions and customer reviews. I've ordered several items and they ALWAYS arrive promptly, packed with utmost care, and I know I'm getting the real thing! The current free overnight shipping is phenomenal!!! Please continue with your high standards! I will be a customer always!

Kathee │ 03/13/2007

Zappos must have a middle name --SERVICE and/or CUSTOMER CARE. Thank you for being so responsive and fair. You are what America used to mean!

Anonymous │ 03/13/2007

I just want to say what an awesome job your company did with my order. It was my second time purchasing shoes from Zappos and both times have been great. I received an e-mail stating free overnight shipping so I decided even though it was right before the weekend that I would take you up on the free shipping at least assuming that I prob wouldn't receive my product until Monday due to the weekend. I placed my order late night like around 10pm on a Thurs and when I got home from work the next day Friday less then 12 hrs after placing my order I had my shoes sitting on my doorstep. Awesome job on your part and UPS's. Just want to say thanks and that I'm looking forward to doing more and more business with you in the future.

Stephen M. S. │ 03/13/2007
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