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I just wanted to take a minute and let you know that your company is fantastic. I have shopped with you several times. I am impressed with how quickly you handle orders and returns. I will surely shop with you in the future. I wish all Internet shopping was as great as Zappos!!! Sincerely,

Meredith D. │ 03/21/2007

Dear folks at Zappos, I just had to tell you that I have never experienced service via the internet that even comes close to the speed and reliance of your company. Kudos to all of you who make it happen. My husband and I each own our own companies and know it takes all of you! I have even returned an item or two (and kept countless others!) and I found my credit card to be credited incredibly quickly and without any questions! I constantly tell people about my terrific experience with ZAPPOS! Looking better in my new shoes,

Pam │ 03/21/2007

I have been extremely happy with my service with Zappos. The customer service is incredible and I actually have passed that on to some girlfriends of mine. I will continue to pursue the best fitting pair of boots thru Zappos and then move on to my summer shoes!!!!! Thanks so much and have great day. A very happy customer!!

Anonymous │ 03/21/2007

Dear Zappos, Your delivery service is the best which makes me a frequent shopper! I received these two new Sketcher sandals yesterday and I am glad I ordered both colors! I checked this morning and these two new styles are now sold out! Whew, I'm glad I got mine! They are cute and comfortable! Sketcher Shoes are one of my very favorite shoes for both their style and comfort! Thank you again for the superb service!

Anonymous │ 03/21/2007

Oh my god, that's the best customer service I ever heard and I was really expecting a negative response. I thank you and I will ship the old glasses tomorrow. I'll protect the glasses at all cost this time."

Stephanie │ 03/21/2007

I ordered some shoes for my daughter yesterday around lunch time and they arrived today at 11:00 AM! You guys are the BEST! I have never ordered from you before - I will be ordering again soon! I ordered some red Danskos for my 4 year old and they are perfect! I would rather spend the money on quality for her 5 times a year than get 10 pairs of $40 shoes. Thanks for offering such a large selection of kids Danskos!!! I will never get her shoes elsewhere! Thanks Zappos!

Suzanne │ 03/21/2007

I just want to say you guys are honestly the best to work with on line!!! So professional and you guys definitely put the customers first. Thanks for making the return process so easy. The new shoes came sooo fast and they look great!! We will definitely be doing business more and getting the word out of how good you guys are!!! Thanks again!!! I will be back over and over!!

Anonymous │ 03/21/2007

Stumbled upon your site and noticed that the boots that I wanted were listed as "only one pair left"(they are on back-order everywhere else I tried). I called expecting to be told they were out of stock, not the case. The website quantity was accurate, the service I received was outstanding and I received my boots very quickly. This level of service is almost unheard of today. P.S.- I called Zappos at 2:00 AM to place this order, couldn't be more satisfied with how I was treated. Thanks, VA

Matt H. │ 03/21/2007

I've done business with you guys over the years and have been totally pleased with your great service. Thanks for all that hard work I greatly appreciate it.

Frank │ 03/21/2007

Thank you sooo much for my shoes! They came quickly and are so gorgeous! a couple of days after I ordered my shoes, I saw them at a store for a slightly lower price so I called the customer service line and an extremely friendly person took care of the issue. I quickly got 110% of the difference and enjoyed the fantastic customer service. thanks!!

Anonymous │ 03/21/2007

I would just like to take the time and thank you for great customer service and running such a flawless website. The sole fact that you strive for customer satisfaction will keep me a customer and will influence me to tell others about your website. Also in the words of a messenger from Kazakhstan, "Very Nice".

Anonymous │ 03/21/2007

Do a lot of research and shopping on line and your site is one of the easiest to navigate with amazingly quick response Great search options and selection. Fabulous customer service. From someone who loves shoes you make it almost too easy. Thank you.

Anonymous │ 03/21/2007

I received my order today at 1pm. I was impressed with the delivery time. But, I was impressed with my order. :) The shoes are fabulous. Thank you very much. I will look forward to ordering from you in the future. Again, Thank you. A very satisfied customer.

Anonymous │ 03/21/2007

Wow! I haven't been THIS impressed with an on line story.... EVER! I ordered a handbag, it arrived damaged so I was able to EXCHANGE it (no hassles, free shipping). The second handbag ALSO arrived damaged ... I was able to RETURN it with ZERO HASSLE, with absolutely FREE SHIPPING ... and BOTH TIMES that I talked to someone on the phone from your company, they were POLITE, UNDERSTANDING and even APOLOGETIC. I am still in AWE of the wonderful service I had, even if I now have none of your products. I will definitely look into buying from you in the future, despite getting a damaged product twice, SIMPLY BECAUSE of your WONDERFUL service and staff. Thank you.

Anonymous │ 03/21/2007

I just wanted to say Thank You!!! You have given me the best service I have ever had...I am so impressed I am telling everyone I know.. Excellent order process, payment options, product and service!!!

Anonymous │ 03/21/2007

Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for the great service. I received my shoes very quickly and am very happy with them. I was thrilled to find cute shoes in wide sizes. Your free return shipping was what made me decide to use your site, but the great service will be what brings me back. Thanks again,

Christina │ 03/21/2007

Wow! I am truly amazed!! I just told EVERYONE here at work how wonderful your company is!! We work in the fashion industry and this is truly GREAT customer service. Thanks so much! And I will be on line this weekend looking for some more great shoes for the summer! Regards,

Kristen │ 03/21/2007

I just wanted to let you know that I can get the Crocs shoes for a lower price at a store here in Bethlehem PA. But, I looked at the pros and cons of ordering from Zappos and going to the store, even though these shoes from Zappos are more expensive, I STILL decided to order from Zappos. I go on line, I can look at the shoes up close, I pick a size, without hunting for my size in an actual store, and on line I can tell right away if it's in stock or not, if not, Zappos has what colors are in that particular size. I get FREE shipping AND OVERNIGHT, how great is that??? I think it's pretty darn great! Otherwise I have to get in my car, drive there, find a parking space, go in the store, look for the size, and half the time the shoes aren't even in the correct boxes, so you have size 8 in a size 6 box. IF you find what you want, then stand in line, and then drive home. Why bother doing ALL of that! Zappos is quick and easy. AND if they don't fit, FREE shipping to send them back. It's one thing if you are shopping in the store, it's another to make a special trip just to buy a pair of shoes, and since I'm on my computer pretty much, this is much easier. So Zappos, you may be more expensive, but the benefits are WAY better then driving somewhere. Sincerely,

Sandy D. │ 03/21/2007

I just wanted to comment on the spectacular customer service I've experienced with your company. I live in a rural area and often shop on line. I've had many problems with items getting completely lost or getting delayed due to how many post offices a item has to pass through before getting to my house. I ordered a pair of shoes yesterday AFTERNOON on Zappos - and they are already out for delivery to my door. This is insane!!! Your company goes above and beyond and leaves people like me speechless. What a great model for success. Marketing students should study ZAPPOS to learn what it takes to survive on the web!! Oh - and not to mention FREE SHIPPING AND RETURNS!!!!!!!!!! Thank you--

Alicia S. │ 03/21/2007

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your EXCEPTIONAL service. Your website promised overnight delivery on orders placed before 1PM PST. I placed my order last night at 10:45 PM EST and was just hoping that I would have them Friday afternoon. It's now 10:45 AM the next day and I'm wearing my shoes!!! How can you beat 12 hour delivery? I couldn't be more satisfied with the quality of service you provide. Most companies promise something and can't deliver on their promise, you exceed expectations! I will return again and again!

Anonymous │ 03/21/2007

You guys are the greatest - Thanks for being so quick, for free shipping and for never complaining about the returns- you are an answer to prayer for my 10 year old daughter who wears an 8WW. Bless you all! -

Carla G. │ 03/21/2007

Thank you very much for your terrific service. I'll be back!

Elaine │ 03/21/2007

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your awesome customer service! I have ordered many items from your website and have always been pleasantly surprised by your speedy delivery, quality of your merchandise and (if needed) the easy return of your merchandise. In this day and age, when everyone seems to be so busy, it is nice to shop at a store that has their customers in mind. I recommend your website to everyone I know! Since shopping at your website, I have not bought another pair of shoes in a retail establishment. Again, thanks! I am a customer for life! Sincerely,

Pam H. │ 03/21/2007

I just received my first order from Zappos.com. I can now see why people rave about your site. The customer service was impeccable, the shoes exactly what I expected and delivery was free and prompt. I will definitely shop here again. Thanks.

Anonymous │ 03/21/2007

You guys are awesome, you have always made my experience with your company smooth even when I had to return a pair of shoes, I want to thank you for being so great at what you do and have a wonderful day. I never thing of going anywhere else when I want a new pair of shoes.

Anonymous │ 03/21/2007
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