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I would like to "thank you" for such terrific service. I was very pleased that you were able to exchange the size 5 shoes for the size 6. The size 6 shoes fit perfectly. I was also very pleased that you completed the process so quickly. I would have understood if you had waited for me to return the original shoes before you shipped the others for exchange. All in all, this was a very good experience and I look forward to ordering from you again in the future.

Anonymous │ 03/21/2007

You people are absolutely amazing! Since I know what shoes fit me and where to find them, I rarely go to a brick-and-mortar-shoe store anymore. I take every opportunity to send people to your website. Thanks for doing what you do and doing it so well!

Maxine L. │ 03/21/2007

Not knowing who will read this, I wanted still to express appreciation for your firm's amazingly diligent order fulfillment lately. It is an almost aggressive focus on service that stands out even among excellent on line firms I do business with. (To say nothing of businesses at the other end of the spectrum, "Network Solutions" for a concrete example.) Moreover, your firm implicitly shows a further respect for customers by not deluging them with gratuitous or poorly targeted email as even some respectable firms do (and publications and nonprofits) once they have harvested the email address. I need recourse to a spam-filter blacklist to block some "respected" firms that spam me even after personally acknowledging requests to stop it. What kind of image do they think this creates? I could in fact write an article on the subject, and may do so (as I have done on others.) I will have to look at your other products in case I can move some further business to Zappos. Kind regards from Silicon Valley --

Max H. │ 03/21/2007

You are the best on line company! I just had to write to you to tell you this. I only wish that all on line companies were as excellent as you are.

Anonymous │ 03/21/2007

Dear Customer Service (Zappos).I did receive my other pair of Clogs and they are FABULOUS. They fit so well and are SOOOOO comfortable. Thank you so much for being so helpful and considerate. Sincerely,

Adelle B. │ 03/21/2007

Hey Guys, First I would like to commend Y'all on the amazing job Y'all are doing!!! I was just wanting to check on a return. Once again, I have never been happier with a company and my shoes, Y'all ROCK!!! Have a great day!! -

Alton │ 03/21/2007

HI just wanted you to know I received my shoes and they are perfect!!!! I'm telling everyone I know about your site this is a great place to shop for shoes and when you guys say overnight you mean it! I'm very happy with my purchase especially since this color was very hard to find! Thank you so much!!

Anonymous │ 03/21/2007

I'm sure people don't usually reply to these e-mails but I just want to tell you that I have ordered things on line before and you are one of the easiest companies I have ever dealt with! Thank you for putting so much interest in your customers!

Kelley H. │ 03/21/2007

Thank you so much for my shoes! Not only do they look great, but they got here FAST! You can definitely count on me for using and recommending your services from here on out! A Satisfied Customer!

Anonymous │ 03/21/2007

Thank you for your email. I would like to respond by saying that I have so appreciated your wonderful service that I have, indeed, begun to spread the word to my friends. Your commitment to excellence is evident and sets you apart from many other stores. I hope you will spread this email news to your employees. We all need to hear when we are doing something right. Thank you for all of your efforts,

Paula D. │ 03/21/2007

I can't say enough good things about your company! You are fabulous to buy from the overnight shipping is excellent! It is like going to a shoe store but just "a little bit more to wait" for your shoes - it's like X-Mas! I'm 46 years old and I feel like a kid in a candy store & can't wait for my shoes to arrive! Thanks again for the great service!

Mary L. │ 03/21/2007

You guys rock! I ordered my Dansko clogs on Saturday night and they were delivered on Monday afternoon. Wow! As soon as I placed my order, I got an e-mail telling me that my item had been pulled and packed ready for shipping. I was expecting my clogs on Tuesday (since I had one day ship option). I am so incredibly impressed. I am telling everyone I know about Zappos.com!

Anonymous │ 03/21/2007

Its 2:20am and I'm reading your order confirmation. I cant Express How good you make me feel. What a Great company you Guys work for and I am simply amazed at your effort. You Guys just make me proud to be an American. I am having Dreams of my new Shoes and can hardly wait till tomorrow. Actually can’t wait to order more shoes but lets get me sized out first. Then I will get on line and claim my next pair of shoes and the next and the next-Thank you Zappos and here's to you hard working Employees Keep up the Good work-Respectfully Submitted

Mark M. │ 03/21/2007

Thanks, Zappos. You rock! I recommend you to everyone I know. and whoever came up with the "we're working around the clock" line deserves a raise! Spring, new shoes. what more could a girl ask for?

Alice A. │ 03/21/2007

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with Zappos.com. Your selection is awesome, your customer service team is hands-down the best I've ever encountered, and your price protection and shipping policies should be a model for other companies to follow. Shopping at Zappos.com has been the best shoe-shopping experience I've ever had. You have earned my business from here on out. Thank you Zappos!!

Anonymous │ 03/21/2007

I am speechless over the speed in which my order arrived. I ordered a pair of shoes late Monday afternoon, it was almost 5:00 pm. To my shock, the shoes were delivered to me at 11:30 the NEXT MORNING. And for the shipping to be free, I am still smiling. The shoes are nothing short of incredible, in fact this is my second time to order them, only in a different color. I am definitely hooked on Zappos for life. I have told at least 15 people about this in the past 18 hours. I just can't shut up about Zappos. Thanks so much.

Linda T. │ 03/21/2007

YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING Thank you so much for your INCREDIBLE service!!! I just ordered a pair of shoes for my grandson 2 hours ago and not only are they already on their way but they're being shipped overnight and will arrive to me tomorrow and I wasn't asked to pay a penny more for such excellent service!!! You guys really ROCK!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous │ 03/21/2007

WOW talk about fast shipping I ordered last night about 10 pm est. and the shoes were at my house by 3 pm est. Faster then going to the mall trying them on going to another store etc. etc. thank you so much. I will spread the word.

Anonymous │ 03/21/2007

I wanted to thank you for your great job. It's the first time I am buying shoes on line and I have to say that the experience went smoothly and I will certainly do it again with Zappos. On line shopping seem hassle free though it is not always the case with other companies. If you start selling other stuff, please let me know. Best, Ziad

Anonymous │ 03/21/2007

Dear Zappos, I am going to tell all of my friends "What an EXCELLENT COMPANY you are! Fast service, friendly emails, great choices. KUDOS to you. Sincerely,

Janet R. │ 03/21/2007

You people are amazing. My shoes arrived today and I ordered them at 10:30 LAST NIGHT! I've been in marketing and public relations work for 35 years and I know good customer service when I see it. Your customer service is outstanding! Thank you! P.S. I love my shoes and they fit perfectly!

Anonymous │ 03/21/2007

Thank you so much for your prompt response. Your store is amazing. I worked in a major dept. store in the shoe department for 33 years. Twenty five of them in shoes. I love shoes and know it can be a difficult business. Your policy and customer service blows the competition away. I just purchased a pair of Keds for my mother in law. We had been looking for them in wide for years. She was so excited. Don't worry, they're never coming back. I rarely return anything, I guess I loved my son's boots more than he did. I found them in his room. Thank you again and I am telling all my friends (and anyone who will listen) about Zappos. Even the kid at the UPS store who helped me ship the package back. He asked if you had Sketchers and I told him yes you had everything. Thanks again. -

Janet A. │ 03/21/2007

This is the second time I've done business with your company and I am happy to say that both times have been a wonderful experience. Fast processing and free shipping are a surefire way to keep me as a customer, not to mention your wonderful selection! I'll certainly tell all of my friends to check you guys out first when shopping on line. Thanks for doing all that you do to make my shopping experience a great one! Have a great day! Finance Analyst

Arianne R. │ 03/21/2007

You folks are unreal!!! I got my shoes I ordered on line last night and I love them. They are exactly perfect this time. When I got the confirmation and it said I would receive them today, I thought, yeah, sure. I GOT THEM!!! Thank you so much. I am recommending you to all the gals here at work. I am glad my daughters told me about you. I am afraid the UPS man didn't pick up the pair of shoes I received yesterday that were too large. Hopefully we can catch him and remind him tomorrow. Again thank you so much!!!!

Anonymous │ 03/21/2007

You guys really have it together in the email/mail order business. Tell the owners or whomever...that you and your staff are wonderful, reliable...one of the very very best and responsive websites I have encountered.... Many thanks,

Maida R. │ 03/21/2007
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