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Dear Zappos, How can I express my love for you? You warm my heart and take care of all of my issues. Your customer service actually believes in helping your customers and meeting our needs. Do you realize how surprising this can be to customers who usually have to fight for any service? I actually get a little teary eyed with how helpful you are. Calling your customer service department is a little like seeing a unicorn and I am in shock and disbelief that such a wonderful thing actually exists. Your service is exemplary! I only wish more companies followed your model. Thank you! I look forward to shopping with you in the future.

Nanette S. │ 01/15/2012

Dear Zappos, I wish that the entire corporate/retail world would get what you guys do. You are clearly the most enlightened company on the planet. Truly. I think it all started when I began the online shopping thing in earnest, sometime around 2000. I tried another shoe website and then you guys. It didn't take long for me to realize what you were trying to do... and then ultimately DID do: you found the magic formula of how to relate personally to the online customer. And now a decade later you have made this an art. Here is what is brilliant: A few days ago I decided that I needed a really comfortable short boot. I knew that I could order a couple or a few, try them on, choose the one I liked, and return the others with no penalty. And that it would all happen within a couple of days. I didn't have to go to a mall, (I work 14 hour days on a soundstage in the film biz, I don't have time for that) but you had all of the styles I could possible dream of and I found them, WITH A VIDEO YET, right on my screen at home. AND when there is a question I have, there are these really nice positive people on the phone to help me. And they are great communicators. So, Happy New Year to Zappos and thank you so much for the brilliance of your perfect corporate culture. I will be a customer with you forever.

Lee C. │ 01/14/2012

I simply cannot comment on only one purchase from Zappos.com Christmas alone, I purchased four different pairs of boots/shoes. All were of excellent quality. I only had to exchange one pair because my son preferred something different. The exchange was a no-hassle experience..very easy to do. Free shipping both ways and satisfaction guaranteed. There is NO going wrong with Zappos! I would recommend you to anybody or anyone in a second. THANK YOU!!!

Joan N from East Falmouth, MA │ 01/13/2012

‘Twas 10 days before Christmas, and all through the mall were crowds, no parking, and clerks who would stall. “Hunter socks?” said one. “No, all sold out but we do have flip-flops,” and I started to pout. “What to do?” I asked, then I started with glee. “I'll order from Zappos and shipping is free!” So I ordered in two shakes of a little lamb's tail. They arrived in no time without travail. So what will I do next Christmas to avoid all the fuss? I'll say, "A Zappos Christmas to All and a stress-free Christmas for us!”

Ann K │ 01/10/2012

‘Twas 10 days before Christmas, and all through the mall were crowds, no parking, and clerks who would stall. “Hunter socks?” said one. “No, all sold out but we do have flip-flops,” and I started to pout. “What to do?” I asked, then I started with glee. “I'll order from Zappos and shipping is free!” So I ordered in two shakes of a little lamb's tail. They arrived in no time without travail. So what will I do next Christmas to avoid all the fuss? I'll say, "A Zappos Christmas to All and a stress-free Christmas for us!”

Ann K │ 01/10/2012

Dear Zappos, I just had to write and thank you all for the courteous and fast service I received from your company. I thought Customer Service in the United States was dead. Every time I have called you, I have always been met by some warm and friendly person on the other end of the telephone. As a former Call Center Manager with over 300 employees, I cannot say enough good things about your staff and the way my questions were answered and my exchange was handled. I called to exchange some boots because I did not like the color. New ones were mailed to me before the originals ones were returned. And on top of that, I was not charged for the replacement pair that came in 2 days. Now whoever came up with that brilliant idea should be royally commended. That is a great customer servicing strategy. I have told my mother and several of my friends about my Zappos experience. I just wanted to write and say thank you, and I love my replacement boots. The original pair were returned yesterday, via UPS. Zappos, keep doing the excellent job! An Extremely Happy Customer!

Liz B. │ 01/09/2012

I am super happy with all of my recent orders there. I couldn’t believe that I ordered something at 9pm last night in Pennsylvania, and they arrived at 1pm here today! I am so pleased with the service and selection that I will be shopping at Zappos.com for everything from now on! I just wanted to make sure you knew how pleased I am with my shopping experience on Zappos.com, so I took the time to call you today.

Bonnie B. Reading, PA │ 01/09/2012

Danika, I just received a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from you and wanted to thank you very, very much! I was surprised and awe-struck. Not only did you resolve my issue regarding my boots, but to also send me flowers was beyond thoughtful. The flowers are absolutely beautiful and made my day. Your outstanding customer service says a lot about your character, and I hope your management team realizes what a wonderful and valuable employee they have in you. Your actions have definitely made me a loyal customer. You'll probably never know how deeply you have touched me. I am so thankful for your kindness, compassion and outstanding customer service. It's unfortunate with this tough economy and times that there aren't more people like you. Keep up the great work Danika. You're going above and beyond your duties, I'm sure, and I want you to know it's very, very appreciated. Sincerely Yours,

Vickie P. │ 01/09/2012

I love, love everything about Zappos! If I want to shop online I go to Zappos first. The Web site is user friendly, The product is always great, seldom returns are as easy as the order, and they come the next day at my door? Can’t tell you how many times an event came up that I needed a pair of shoes for or an outfit for... or a gift for someone for that Zappos delivered for!! And you guys are funny! Love you much and forever, Cheri

Cheryl B. │ 01/09/2012

I finished reading "Delivering Happiness" in early December. It was recommended by my course instructor, and I loved the book. I was particularly impressed by the focus on culture and on "wowing" customers. The course instructor had done a great job of the course and after reading the book, I wanted to give him a "wow" thank-you. Then it occurred to me that if I asked, I might be able to get a copy of the book, signed by Tony. The reason being, that this instructor has quite a collection of books signed by the authors, and this would be an awesome gift for him. I also wanted to put this company, and its culture, to the test. So I called the order line and was answered by a really nice young lady. She listened to my request, said that they don't sell the book, but she asked me to hold on for a few minutes while she went to ask someone. Within 5 minutes she was back on the line and said "Yes, we can do that." Wowser!!! She took my shipping info and said that because it was an exception to the rule, it would take 1-2 weeks to get there. I asked how she wanted me to pay for it, and she said, "Again, because it is not something we usually do, there will be no charge for the book or the shipping!" Wow, unbelievable. I told her that Zappos really does deliver happiness and hung up. I was hoping to get the item by Christmas, but it did not show until about a half-hour ago (2:15 pst on January 3, 2012. But, it did show. That is so awesome. So many companies just would have blown me off and told me that I could get a copy at a retailer or something like that. This young lady took my request seriously and because you encourage your people to think outside the box, she was able to get that set up for me. You are true to your culture. So, thank-you very much. I hope this will get passed on to Tony and if there is any way of tracking the young lady down who dealt with this, I hope you can pass on my gratitude to her as well.

Mark S. │ 01/09/2012

Hi - I just filled out a survey regarding my order with Giovanna. She was outstanding in every way, and I was hoping that you would forward the positive feedback to her. You have a wonderful company, and you are showing the world what outstanding customer service is! Thank you!

Susan H. B, WA │ 01/09/2012

I just wanted to write a note to say that Zappos.com really sets the standard for service excellence for any retailer or business! I work for a tech startup and constantly reference your customer service as a benchmark for our company to strive for. On 12/28 I placed an order for two pair of boots - one of which I have wanted to buy for a couple of months now and finally spoiled myself with. Because it was after 1:05 Pacific time, I wasn't sure if I would get the order before Friday and figured I would stick with Free standard shipping instead of paying extra only to have the package sit at my door for several days while I was out of town. I called support and asked the question "is it too late to get overnight shipping and have them get here by Friday?" Immediately the support person took charge, told me I now qualify for VIP status and to log into the VIP site, make the purchase and get free overnight shipping, so that way I could take the chance of getting them by Friday without paying all that extra money just in case I didn't make the cut off - which technically I didn't. To my utter surprise and total delight both pairs of boots shipped that same day, and I received them THURSDAY, the very next day - in time to take on my vacation with me. Extraordinary customer service and support from beginning to end, and I'm glad to say that this has always been the experience with Zappos.com from day one. I've actually tried things on at stores and then looked to see if I can get them at Zappos.com before buying in the store because I want to support your business. Quid Pro Quo on the loyalty! You folks are great!

Deanna │ 01/09/2012

I just want to say thank you for your great service. I used your company for the first time to order a gift before Christmas and chose free holiday shipping. I received the order well before the estimated delivery date. You just gained a regular customer. I work in customer service, and your company is the best I've seen. Thank you.

Jonathan H. Rochester, NY │ 01/09/2012

I just wanted to take a moment to compliment the outstanding customer service of Zappos. My husband and I purchased the bulk of our Christmas items online, and as is the case with the convenience of doing that we experienced the downside of having to return items. Of all the sellers we used, Zappos is the merchant with the most fabulous customer service. I have been yelled at, hung up on, and basically ignored by other vendors. One phone call to Zappos and my problem was solved with professional, friendly, speedy service. I can't thank you enough and look forward to many more experiences with Zappos.

Catherine C. Smithfield, VA │ 01/09/2012

I don't usually contact a company, but I have to let you know how blown away I was about your service (and all those I have told have been amazed as well). I ordered a pair of shoes last night at 9 pm (8:51 hrs to be exact) and received them this afternoon! I have NEVER ordered something (even when paying for next day delivery) from any company and received the package in such a short time span. I am a VP with a Fortune 50 company, and candidly I am not easily impressed, but this incident deserves comment and commendation (and I will use it when holding meetings with my team when describing world-class customer service). I am happy to see such high-performing teams in business today. Kudos to all and Happy New Year, Debra P. P.S. The shoes I received are great

Debra P. Sanford, FL │ 01/09/2012

Hi Zappos, Just a super quick email to say thank you for sending out my order so quick! A pair of shoes I ordered is a little too big, so I'll be sending that back, but I ordered a 1/2 smaller yesterday afternoon and it's expected to arrive today! I'm so happy about that AND your free shipping when I return it. It's companies like this one and the service that is above average that makes me comfortable spending money with them. That's all! Happy 2012!

Dana │ 01/09/2012

Hi Zappos team, Thank you so much for the fastest shipping and most awesome customer service in the world! You guys took care of my order like a boss! I placed an order on Thursday. and the package is already en route to be delivered today WITH FREE 1- DAY SHIPPING! AMAZING! It's like you read my mind! I'm ecstatic because I'm leaving for FL on Saturday, and I'm going to get to wear my new shoes! Thanks Zappos for making my new year! -Angel

Angel D. Silver Spring, MD │ 01/09/2012

Dear Zappos, I just wanted to take a moment and let your company know how impressed I am with the overall service you provide. I have never had a bad experience with Zappos, and I recommend the website to everyone whether they shop online or not. I will continue to be a loyal customer of yours because of your 5 star service! The quality of your shopping experience is unmatched by any other online store I have dealt with. Your company has a fantastic thing going, and I just wanted to thank you for that. Service this great is hard to find these days! A loyal customer,

Shannon O. │ 01/09/2012

To say thank you would be much too little. I have been a loyal Zappos customer for some time. I have large feet and high expectations! You have been serving me like a family member since the first call I made to you. I love everything about you and the way you make all your customers feel like family. In an era that is struggling for the leadership and commitment necessary for loyalty, Zappos is a staple in my life! Thank you, Khris M.

Khris M. Richmond, VA │ 01/03/2012

Just wanted to let you guys know that I got my boots just moments ago instead of the expected Tues.! I really appreciate the service and personal attention that was given for both of my boot orders with Zappos and can wear my new boots for “News Year's Eve” now- they are awesome! Whoever the very polite gentleman was who sent them so ASAP-THANKS so very much! Happy New Years/Happy customer!

Liza │ 01/03/2012

Hi Zappos, I ordered the Columbia Bugaboot Plus boots at 5 o'clock Tuesday evening... they arrived at 2:45 on Wednesday afternoon!... 2 hours shy of 24 !... Amazing!... less than 24 hours from placing the order. My husband is wearing them! They are beautiful and so comfortable. I got a kick... kick (get it?!) out of the video; the guy was so charismatic. Made the whole experience very enjoyable... I am always impressed with how you manage to maintain a childlike aura in your e-mails... we live in a very fast-paced world, and sometimes it is easy to lose touch with the fact that you are dealing with people. Zappos always remembers that there are people at the other end of their efforts. I have never been disappointed in anything I've purchased from you, and I've never been disappointed with any of the people I've talked to on the phone. Wishing you and yours the healthiest and happiest of New Years, and thank you for being Zappos!... and thank you for making me a VIP customer. Regards, Val

Valerie D. L. Ogdensburg, NY │ 01/03/2012

Just wanted to tell you guys my return order arrived in less than 24 hours. It was UGGS for my daughter. She was absolutely thrilled not having to wait a long time for her x-mas present exchange. Your customer service is the BEST in the world! I do a lot of my shopping online, and all I can say is… if Zappos has the product I am trying to buy, YOU will definitely be who I order anything and everything from. So many companies do not realize the power of good customer service, but you CLEARLY do, and therefore you will get all of our business!

Becky F. Mesa, AZ │ 01/03/2012

I was scrambling to find my niece her Christmas gift and found it on your site on Thurs Dec 22nd. I ordered her Heely sneakers at 5:15 pm eastern time, the Thursday before Christmas. I hit the order button and prayed it would get here on Sat (in 2 days) as the order said it would. To my surprise the sneakers were delivered the very next day (Fri). AMAZING! Needless to say my niece LOVED her purple Heeleys, and she hasn't taken them off since getting them on Christmas day. I got the biggest hug ever from her. Thanks Zappos. You played a very important role in our Christmas celebrations. I will forever be a LOYAL customer and told everyone in the family about your great service.

Janelle J. Pembroke Pines, FL │ 01/03/2012

I love Zappos and your customer service!

Barbara G. Indianapolis, IN │ 01/03/2012

I love your site. You are awesome. I think it really makes a difference that you are so kind to your customers and that you compliment them all along the way. It makes me want to shop with you again. Also, I received this gift certificate almost a year ago, and I had no trouble retrieving the e-mail containing the info and no trouble applying it to my account. This site is SUPER user friendly. I actually did have an issue with entering the wrong email address at first, one that was not connected to the e-certificate, but had NO trouble rectifying the problem without having to drop off blood at the local FBI lab or having to call in a computer forensics team to grant access to the core.

Elizabeth R. │ 01/03/2012
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