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I just wish to thank you for the wonderful shoes I just received. I placed my order yesterday & I just got out of my morning shower & my order was at my door, not only am I happy with the comfort and true to size fit, but the speed in which I received them. I really look forward to more orders with you & I can't wait to pass on the good word to my family & friends. Please continue to do the good work & you don't even have to change a thing. You do it all. ZAPPOS TO YOU. Thanks again from a very satisfied customer.

Anonymous │ 03/26/2007

I cannot express the full extent of my joy to have received the shoes first thing in the morning the next day after ordering them. You are my number one shoe shopping place from now on. I did share experience with co-workers and got nothing but wows! And they wanted your website address also. Thanks to all of you!

Alma B. │ 03/26/2007

I am impressed with your selection of good quality leather shoes. I don't think I'll ever shop another shoe store again!

Anonymous │ 03/26/2007

I'm sure you've heard this before, but I just have to say how pleased I am with this company and its customer service. Stellar performance, Zappos.com. I went all over the place looking for the perfect Puma and no one seemed to have what I was looking for or they didn't have it in my size. After seconds of searching the web I found Zappos, browsed through a huge selection of Pumas and ordered the size and color I wanted. You guys overnighted them to me for free; I tried them on in my own house and decided to keep them. Just for kicks, I searched the same shoe to see if anyone else could beat the price. I found them cheaper on another site and remembered reading about your price protection policy. So I thought I'd give it a try. I called your customer service and talked to a very friendly associate. I told him where I found them and in a minute he confirmed it and I ended up saving like 25 dollars on a single pair of shoes. Amazing service. After this first time buying shoes from Zappos, I know that I will continue to do business with you guys as long as Zappos.com is still there! Thank you.

Anonymous │ 03/26/2007

I found your web site on Sunday and was more than a little skeptical about you. But...I ordered 2 pairs of shoes and had them by Tuesday AND I love them. They are exactly what I ordered and they fit. You guys are awesome. The only problem now is...I'll be shoe poor!!!! I've found a site to buy shoes and don't have to go to the mall!! THANK YOU!!!

Anonymous │ 03/26/2007

I cannot begin to thank you enough for your outstanding service! I have never placed and received an order so fast as well as it being free!! Albany, NY has a shortage on Ugg's and my girlfriend said that she orders her Ugg's from you. I decided to jump online to look (around 5:30pm) - and being a shoe fanatic- I was instantly in love! I was thrilled to come home to a package from Zappos not even 24 hours later! Your prices are awesome, your service is the fastest I have ever used and I cannot tell you how much I love my Ugg's. Your store is just like instant gratification! I would rather order from you than travel to a store to buy the shoes! You definitely have a permanent customer! Be prepared- I plan on bragging about you to everyone I know! Thanks again for the best service and products! Sincerely,

Erin D. │ 03/26/2007

I was shocked when I came home today and my shoes were there. I just ordered them last night. I will definitely tell my friends. I will be ordering more. I love them. Thank you so much,

Carol │ 03/26/2007

I was flabbergasted today to have shoes waiting on my doorstep that I ordered at 6:40CST last night! This demonstrates the expediency with which you process orders and the dedication of your shipping partner as well.

Anonymous │ 03/26/2007

I am a shoe lover (and avid buyer), and I can’t wait to order from Zappos.com again!

Anonymous │ 03/26/2007

Received the shoes--thank you! Previous size will be returned shortly. You have a customer for life (more than one, I should say).

Anonymous │ 03/26/2007

I think your company is the BEST on the internet!!! I really do. Other companies should learn from you and see how to treat customers from orders to returns. Maybe they would be as successful as your company is. Keep up the good work. It is always a pleasure!!!

Anonymous │ 03/26/2007

This is a wonderful company that truly appreciates its customers and understands customer service. I had placed an order for a pair of Kangaroos and the first pair I received was a half size too big. I contacted you to exchange them for a smaller size and the new pair was delivered to me a day earlier than projected. I love my shoes and all the other shoes I have purchased from you. Thank you again for your wonderful service and speedy delivery. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous │ 03/26/2007

To Whom It May Concern, As a very busy mom and full time worker, I have been catalog shopping for a good 20 years. No where during that time have I experienced the excellence with which my order was fulfilled by Zappos! My sister had told me that you were good but your service beat all my expectations. How often does that happen? So, please pass on my congrats on a wonderful company and I will be sure to tell anyone who will listen!

Anonymous │ 03/26/2007

Dear Friends, I have never received an ordered item so quickly! It is perfect! How I appreciate your prompt service and the ability to know when my item might be expected. I will definitely order again! Wish I could be an Imelda Marcos!!!

Martha K. │ 03/26/2007

Zappos has taken customer service to a whole new level. I have purchased all of my shoes from Zappos for the last few years and not one time have I ever been disappointed. By far, the best customer service ever experienced! And the shoes aren't bad either...great product with fantastic customer service -- you can't go wrong. Keep up the great work Zappos!

Anonymous │ 03/26/2007

I love all the shoes I ordered, but even more than that I love the variety and excellent customer service of Zappos.

Anonymous │ 03/26/2007

Just before 6:30 p.m. last night I placed an order for a pair of Timberland Clogs. Imagine my surprise when my husband called me at work about 1:00 p.m. today to tell me the shoes had arrived. I have never received anything I have ever ordered the next day. Thank you so much for your more than prompt service and I love the shoes.

Anonymous │ 03/26/2007

You guys and gals are amazingly fast, and so have my loyalty to buying from you vs. other retailers when ever possible. The shoes are already here, amazing. They are keepers too-no return here.

Anonymous │ 03/26/2007

I am in awe by your service. I ordered my shoes last night and they arrived in less than 24 hrs. That just blows my mind. I will definitely be referring you to my friends and will continue to use your services in the future. THANK YOU!

Wilson D. │ 03/26/2007

How in the world did Zappos not make Business Week's top 25 companies for customer service? You must have been #26. You set the standard by which I judge all other companies I do business with on the Internet. And no one seems to do it quite as well as you. Thank you! Thank you! Your devoted customer,

Ashley │ 03/26/2007

Hey...You guys give the best customer service in the Internet - and in the analog world, too! Want a CEO fashionista to testify to that in one of your ads? I can get one...Thanks for the unbelievable service! Best,

Marsh │ 03/26/2007

Thanks so very much. I love dealing with your company and appreciate all you offer. I have very hard feet to fit so I have to order different sizes and styles to see what is comfortable. The ability to return shoes at no cost allows me to find many more shoes then I've ever been able to find. That makes us both happy!!!

Anonymous │ 03/26/2007


Sally G. │ 03/26/2007

WOW!!! What amazing customer service. I ordered my shoes late last night and they were delivered today...HOW did you do that? Thanks! I will tell my friends and definitely use this site again... (It was my first time...) Keep up the great work! All the best...

Lisa R. │ 03/26/2007

I ordered my shoes yesterday afternoon, and they arrived today! I am so impressed with your efficiency and delivery speed, not to mention the vast array of shoes you carry, that I will always check you out first when I need new shoes. Thanks you so much!!

Angela │ 03/26/2007
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