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In my personal opinion I think Zappos is the BEST SHOE STORE ON LINE! Of course this is because of the conscientious {I hope I spelled this word correctly} and diligence of all the employees, and of course Customer Service constantly doing a great job! Also let us not forget the Programmer[s] who set up your WEBSITE, it is fantastic! Thanking you

Eleanor G. │ 04/07/2007

I just wanted to tell you how great the shipping experience was and how timely the shoes were received. I had never ordered shoes on line and didn't even enough that your website had such a great selection. One of my co-workers advised me to check you out and what a wonderful surprise!! I do want to let you know that the shoes that I ordered, are GREAT and true to size. Thanks for the experience and nevertheless, I will be ordering again.

C. Van Buren │ 04/07/2007

I could not find in the Atlanta area the style and quality of shoe I wanted for a reasonable price. So, I decided to check the Internet, of course, being apprehensive since I couldn't try them on... I have a hard time getting a good fit for my feet... especially left foot. Well, I found several sites on the Internet that had shoes to order... but I was very impressed at the huge Zappos selection to choose from...and if I were looking for women's shoes... there are literally hundreds to choose from... Anyway, I looked through the many, many pages of men's shoes. I wanted slip-on that was more formal/business style and quality. I found the Florsheim Richfield Slip On provided exactly what I wanted; unlike the many of the current styles that have squared, flat-toes look... I just can't fit into them. I've had Florsheim shoes before and they always make a quality product. This particular style made it easy to wear with a business suit and was a slip-on, too. I would say that 98% of the time you provide the correct size for a Florsheim shoe, it will fit... and these new Florsheim shoe fit perfectly (once they were worn a few times).... yes... I am very pleased with these new shoes and the Zappos ordering process. Also, for me, a big plus from an Internet ordering perspective, I received the order in one and a half days... AND if not pleased with the fit, or otherwise... I could return them easily for a FULL replacement or refund. Great job, Zappos! William B.

Willaim B. │ 04/06/2007

I helped my daughter order a new pair of Converse hi-tops on line Wednesday night at about 8. The next morning at 8 they were on our doorstep. And the shipping was free. This is not normal. We've been thinking about it ever since and we've finally figured out the answer: Zappos is not really run by people. Zappos is where Santa's elves work in the off season. Mere people couldn't possibly be that pleasant and efficient all the time, could they? And how about the delivery? Maybe Zappos doesn't charge because special delivery reindeer fly with the packages every night. After all, we didn't actually see a delivery person. Real life just doesn't work this way; magic must be involved. However the shoes got to us, one very happy little girl is wearing them today and we are your customers for life!

Anonymous │ 03/26/2007

Dear Zappos, I would like to compliment you on your great service. I have been having a terrible time trying to find shoes for my 85 year old mother. She can not get to a store plus her foot is exceptionally wide so it is difficult to fit her. The first time I called your customer service order department they were cheerful, willing to compare prices and help me find what I needed. Mom had a tough time finding a shoe that would fit her swollen feet. However, with your selection and service I was finally able to find shoes that were just right for her. Mom was almost in tears and mission accomplished! Mother thanks you and so do I for your shipping policies, ease of return and great selection: keep up the great work.

Linda B. │ 03/26/2007

Thank you for such a wonderful company! I have a large shoe size (size 11) and it is not always easy to find shoes or shoe styles that I like in regular department stores. It's refreshing that there are companies like Zappos that are a keyboard away. I LOVE my shoes and I'm addicted to this website. My husband has to boot me off the computer from time to time; however, I've gotten him to purchase a few pairs. I refer this website to all my friends. You also have a wonderful customer service team--they are very personable and cordial. Customer service is not just friendliness but going above and beyond the expectation of the customer. I hope that you and your staff are good to your employees (seems like it) because unhappy employees is poor customer service and poor customer service means no repeat business which result in poor sales and poor sales may lead to no company. Keep up the good work, Sir or Madam. Sincerely,

Gina M. M. │ 03/26/2007

I would like to express my tremendous appreciation for your team and the VERY quick delivery. I ordered a pair of running shoes on line with Zappos last Thursday night at 7:00pm. On Friday these shoes where at my home address in Omaha, NE. I have NEVER experienced something this great and outstanding. You as a company and or seller on the Internet have blown away ANYBODY I have ever dealt with. It is really unbelievable that such great and FAST service still exists. You can count on my continuous business. Thank you very much to you and your team after receiving the shoes that fast I had to call and ask how this was possible. Your phone representative advised me to send you an email and inform you on my appreciation. I happen to be in customer service myself and can learn something from this. Thank you very much for the wonderful experience and I am looking forward to my next FAST shipment from ZAPPOS. Thank you and have an excellent day.

Anonymous │ 03/26/2007

Thank you for your service I ordered some new shoes and love them. You guys are the best!! Have a great Saint Patty's day!!!!

Anonymous │ 03/26/2007

Thank you. I love your web site. Really amazing and I can't believe how easy you make it to shop. Thank you for being such a pleasure to deal with. Free shipping to/from is key. In addition, your turnaround time is awesome. I ordered my shoes on a Saturday and they were delivered to my doorstep the following Monday. That is truly unbelievable customer service. I will recommend Zappos to everyone. A very satisfied customer,

Kathy M. │ 03/26/2007

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service and return policy. I contacted Clarks to inquire how to replace an existing pair of shoes I had purchased last summer. Somehow the button on the side of the shoe broke off. I contacted Clarks to have these replaced and they informed me the pair I wanted to replace was no longer available and to pick out another pair to replace them. Customer Service was prompt and apologetic in every way. I had a new pair of shoes within three business days. I work in the service industry and know how it can be very frustrating. This is my third pair of Clarks shoes, I have told everyone about the quality and how the name of Clarks stands up to its competitors. Thank you all for not only an excellent shoe but excellent customer service.

Debra N. │ 03/26/2007

I can't begin to tell you how much I absolutely love shopping your site and having your company be so fast in getting my lovely shoes to me. Thanks for all your service and I have and will continue to tell everyone just how great your company is. With great appreciation,

Betty G. │ 03/26/2007

You have the very nicest people working for you. I recently tried to purchase a pair of Modellista drive shoes from you but you didn't have them in my size. You referred me to a site that did have them... I purchased them on-line from that store and lost the paper work I had printed. I couldn't remember who I purchased them from and when I called your store again (feeling like a real dummy) they again got me back to the site where I purchased the shoes. I was then able to go back on-line, find my order number and see that then shoes had been shipped. NOW THAT IS REAL SERVICE...I want to buy all my shoes from you from now own, I only hope the next time you carry 9.5 size. Most appreciatively,

Ethel H. │ 03/26/2007

Thank you for such wonderful service and fast shipping. It really makes a difference. You have a wonderful staff. I will definitely continue shopping at Zappos. Thanks again.

Anonymous │ 03/26/2007

Dear Zappos Customer Service, Thank You very much for the exceptional service. I had my order in less than 24 hours. They fit and look great. Now I have shoes for my daughters wedding this Saturday. I will be shopping at your store again & I also will be telling all my friends about you. Thank you again. Sincerely,

Mary K. │ 03/26/2007

I ordered a pair of Naturalizer shoes on Saturday night and they were on my doorstep when I came home Monday evening...incredible service!!!! I just ordered three more pairs of shoes. I love the website - I can search by my narrow size, brand, color and I don't have to waste time going through shoe after shoe to see if my narrow size is available. Thanks for great service that is really geared to the customer.

Anonymous │ 03/26/2007

Thanks for offering such great, accurate service! I really enjoy purchasing items from this site. I know that often people complain, but rarely compliment. I just placed another order and I just thought it would be nice to drop a note.

Anonymous │ 03/26/2007

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your service. I ordered shoes for my son on Friday evening and got them today, on Monday. The fact that I did not have to pay extra for shipping and overnight delivery is also very much appreciated. I also ordered a pair of shoes for myself for work. I have had problems getting the correct shoe size but with your company I know that if they are the wrong size I will not have to pay extra to send them back. Thank you very much. I will look to Zappos for my shoe needs in the future.

Anonymous │ 03/26/2007

I want to say how happy I am with the boots for my granddaughter. She is thrilled with them and at 11 is into the youth styles and fashion. I have told her we will be getting her fashion shoes from you as you have wonderful grown up styles for 11 yr olds. Thanks again for the EXCELLENT delivery service, next day!!!! Even with the return and bigger size, EXCELLENT SERVICE, EXCELLENT PRODUCT I WILL DEFINITELY RETURN FOR MYSELF ALSO.

Valerie L. │ 03/26/2007

Very happy with the results of buying from your website the shoes that I had purchased. This is the first time I have ever bought shoes here for my daughter. I love your website and also the quick delivery that you provide for your customers, free shipping as well. Thank you again! Sincerely,

Elizabeth P. │ 03/26/2007

I received your thank you card in the mail. Rather than just a thank you for the thank you, I just wanted to say that I appreciate the ease of shopping with Zappos. You have earned my loyalty.

Anonymous │ 03/26/2007

Hi, just wanted to stop by and congratulate Zappos on a job well done. My purchase from your store was my very first time shopping on line. My experience was unbelievable. I’m so satisfied with my purchase; I’m encouraged to do more online shopping (with ZAPPOS of course). Thank you for making this experience UNFORGETTABLE!!!!

Anonymous │ 03/26/2007

Please pass this message along to all who would enjoy hearing it. Your service is above all others in the direct mail business. The box that my shoes arrived in today said it all: Powered by Service. That organizational vision is incredible. Shoes are a difficult on-line sale. The chances for a return are extreme. You start by making that easy - free returns. That was very inviting after having spent nearly $25 to return two pairs of boots that did not fit from another company. I lucked out in finding you. I found a shoe I liked in a ski shop but they didn't have my size. I googled that brand and luckily found you. I absolutely can not believe that the shoes are on my feet and I ordered them Saturday on-line. Today is Monday. Congratulations! All the procedures and processes you have put into place are working perfectly. I will not take advantage of your free return policy but I will be much more inclined to order shoes on-line but only from Zappos.

Anonymous │ 03/26/2007

I just wanted to send a hunk of gratitude your way. I think your company is the finest around. I've been doing business for years and will continue to. You just can't beat Zappos' Customer Service. It's impossible.

Anonymous │ 03/26/2007

I ordered a pair of shoes for my fiancé, and sent them cross country the next day. FREE SHIPPING is one thing, but FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING is soo much better!! Thank you for not only making my day, but my finance's day as well. Be assured that you have two new customers for life!

Anonymous │ 03/26/2007

To the Zappos team, I do not know how much of the credit goes to UPS delivery services and how much should go to Zappos I/T, Customer Service and so on. We know you have good service from previous orders but we ordered after 5 PM yesterday and the parcel was on our front porch by noon today, and we did not ask for any special service, i.e. Rush Delivery. I just *had* to send a thank you note. I hope you all know how "good" we customers think this service is. Here you go, I have dreamed up a couple of titles (for big sellers) that could include chapters on "How Zappos does it right" -- I/T from the ground up - Don't be conned into software that just doesn't deliver. -- Warehousing secrets from the Zappos team. What does 24/7 really mean? -- Empowered employees treat your customers the way you want them to. -- Customer service in America today. -- And so on. Just a satisfied customer with a happy 9 year old and his shoes. , Summerville, South Carolina

Mark V. │ 03/26/2007
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