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Dear Zappos, I am writing to tell you how remarkable you are. I ordered a pair of shoes from your on line service yesterday between 3:30 or 4:00 pm. Today my shoes arrived at 10:45am. How can I tell you what a great staff you have. In order to be successful in this market you must provide great customer service. Also you have the best list of name brand shoes and sizes for all women. I should know, I wear a size 12M. Keep providing Great Customer Service and I will continue buying my shoes from Zappos... Thank you....

Ms. Pamela B. │ 04/11/2007

Absolutely could not believe the super-fast, worry free shipping! Love my new beautiful shoes! Couldn't have asked for a better transaction anywhere! Thanks soooooo much!

Suz K. │ 04/11/2007

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your company. My mom told me about your website a couple of days ago, so I decided to check it out. On Monday night, I ordered a pair of Converse sneakers for myself. I was completely amazed when I saw the UPS Man delivering them the following day, on Tuesday. How do you guys do it?? Needless to say, I am a very happy customer...thank you! I will be sure to spread the word far and wide about Zappos.com and what great customer service you have! Sincerely, Hudson, OH

Jessica R. │ 04/11/2007

I have already received my shoes. I would like to thank you for your quick service. I was not expecting to get my shoes today, since I did only order them at 9 p.m. last night. I wanted to post this on your site, but could not figure out how. Thank you once again for your tremendous service.

Kristy I. │ 04/11/2007

Thanks so much. I will definitely order from you again. I am so impressed and appreciative of your service, and I have recommended many of my friends to you. Thanks again,

Sylvia M. │ 04/11/2007

I'm sure you get plenty of complaints, so I thought I'd try to balance it out with my thanks. I ordered a pair of Earth shoes (Pirouhette) from you a few days ago. The shipping was super fast, and the quality is top notch. You have saved me so much time and gas money! I was so impressed that I just ordered a second pair of shoes that I expect will be here in the same lightning-quick manner. I'm a working wife and mother to three teenage daughters, and so time is at a premium for me. Thank you for a great product, great service and overall great value! Take care,

Molly C. │ 04/10/2007

Your company is amazing and I am a loyal and frequent customer because of it!

Justin B. │ 04/10/2007

Ok, OK, I never write people to let them know about my experience. Not only did my shoes arrive much earlier than I really expected, you guys are a breath of fresh air. I not only will tell everyone about your service, I will tell them about you going above and beyond my expectations. Good job! Wish I was part of you guys. "SOME PEOPLE MAKE THINGS HAPPEN, SOME PEOPLE WATCH WHAT HAPPENS, SOME PEOPLE WONDER WHAT HAPPENED."

Anonymous │ 04/10/2007

Thank you very much for getting back to me. Great customer service. I think I have found my shoe store. Zappos is super. I didn't realize all the shoes you had so when I need a pair I'll be checking Zappos out first. You know with every new handbag comes a pair of shoes., so they say. I'm spreading the word re: Zappos excellent service and great choice's.... in fact I think I already have and a couple of people have ordered. Looking forward to my "Briggs". Thanks again.

Diane M. │ 04/10/2007

Thank you. You guys have the best customer service. I wish my company spent less money on marketing too!

Aileen M. │ 04/10/2007

I have ordered my Vans at Zappos.com twice. Both times I have been most pleased by the site security, expedient service, and quality of the product. There is so much more of a selection on the site than if I were to go to 20 stores in one day. I have definitely recommended this site to all of my friends. I will continue to recommend this site and order my shoes from Zappos.com. Thank You Zappos.com, from a very satisfied customer.

Anonymous │ 04/10/2007

I LOVE Zappos! I've bought a lot of beautiful shoes from your company! FANTASTIC service, as well (you are a wonderful example of it!). I deeply appreciate it! Best wishes!

Judith B. │ 04/10/2007

Dear Zappos.com, I just bought a pair of shoes from you. This was not only the best service I have ever received on the Internet, but it was the best service I've ever received buying any pair of shoes anywhere. Keep up the great work. Clearly you care about your customers.

Russ H. │ 04/10/2007

It was less than 24 hours ago when I ordered my daughter her Heelys shoes. We had gone to the mall, and despite looking in several stores, we could not find her size in the style she wanted. We came home and my wife (a long-term Zappos customer) said we should try Zappos. Well sure enough you had her size in the style she really wanted. We placed the order around 9:30pm EST last night - the day before her birthday (which is today). The overnight shipping, I figured, would get the order to us on Wednesday, since we ordered really late yesterday. However, to my surprise and to my daughter's absolutely delight, the Heelys arrived TODAY! She had them on and was wheeling around the driveway just minutes after coming home from school. It was truly amazing... no more than 16 hours after ordering, the shoes arrived. No other merchant, anywhere, would get the order processed, into the system and delivered in that kind of time - at any cost. The fact that Zappos offers free overnight shipping is just fantastic. And on top of all that, as if that wasn't enough, I SAVED about $20 by ordering from Zappos as opposed to shopping in the mall. Needless to say, I am 100% satisfied and wanted to extend my most sincere "Thank You!" for your efforts. You helped make my daughter's 8th birthday truly wonderful. You are more than welcome to share my story with other Zappos customers, and I will certainly do the same with my friends and family. Thank you again for your superior customer service, great prices and tremendous product selection. Best regards, Dave (and Hannah) K.

Dave and Hannah K. │ 04/10/2007

Hello!!!! I have SO much thanking to do.... For almost 30 years, I have always searched for the cheapest heels - never paying more than $30. Finally, for my 42nd birthday I "went for it" and ordered a bunch of different shoes from Zappos.com. I cannot tell you how impressed I was!!! I see and more importantly FEEL the difference with a $65 shoe... shame on me for torturing my feet for so many years!!! Well, no more!!! I kept 4 pairs of the most comfy, gorgeous heels. I am the envy of all my friends! hahaha! I will be ordering more in the future and I will tell everyone I know about Zappos!!!! Although I no longer work in white collar, I am in a band and play out, so I'm on my feet a lot - I need to look awesome and be comfy. I'm the best dressed...and the only gal in the band! Yay!!! I returned 3 boxes of shoes - you could not have made this easier. You processed my returns SO quickly, and credited my credit card SO quickly that you made my head spin!!!! I called customer service twice and e-mailed once and all three times was treated like a queen -- you have the MOST sweet and considerate young ladies working for you. What a blessing they were!!! Zappos, you are FANTASTIC - your selections, prices, etc. just blow every other shoe dealer away. I will never purchase shoes anywhere else. And my 9 year old daughter can't wait to place her first order from Zappos!!!! Everything about your website and customer service should serve as an example to everyone else out there! Bless you all and thanks for everything! -

Gretchen F. │ 04/10/2007

There is no other web site as easy as yours. There is no other on line store with as many products as yours. There is no other customer service department as effective as yours. There is no other shipping policy that is as fast as yours. There is just no other store like Zappos. YOU ARE TERRIFIC! Thank you,

Margaret M. │ 04/10/2007

My husband's feet are 14 triple EEE, finding him shoes is as hard as can be. No stores seem to care if his feet just go bare. I've looked in them all, I've looked everywhere. And then I found Zappos, the site with a heart! He got flops, boots & shoes, they fit well and looked smart. Two pairs didn't fit, I just sent them back. It was so simple; there wasn't any flack! That's why I am grateful and will remain true. His feet would be sad if not for you! THANK YOU FOR PROVIDING A SERVICE WE NEEDED BADLY! The shipping for all 6 items we have ordered has been super fast, but the sixth item, which we received in today's mail, was ordered around just after 9:00 last night. When I arrived home from work today and found the package waiting, I was floored! We couldn't believe how quickly the shoes arrived. They fit well, too! Thank you, thank you, thank you! The only area we're having some trouble in is flops. I got him a pair of Columbia flip flops which fit well and are his "dress flip flops" (we live in FL), but I'm trying to find him 14 W flip flops he can wear in the yard, with heavier soles (he's a big man) and that handle water without staining your feet. Most flip flops we've found (our 2 returns included) are made for average feet, not wide widths. I realize that the flip flops available are being made that way, but if you ever get flops that seem to run wide, please report! I have shared your goodness with other wide footed, or long footed individuals (My wonderful Mom included, who wears a 7 EE and her twin brother who wears a 7 1/2 EEE and with a size 14 coworker, too.) Thank you for catering to all sizes and making our lives easier! Sincerely, Micco, FL

Sue R. │ 04/10/2007

You guys are definitely way too good. The fact that you guys answered and followed up on my email on the Easter holiday solidified your company once again as outstanding. I wish more companies would follow your lead, by truly taking care of the customer and still offering a great service at the best prices. You guys never stop impressing me. Hats off to Zappos. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to hearing back from ya about my MX830's. Thanks Again,

Marc J. │ 04/09/2007

Wow, you guys are wonderful. After returning from the UPS store to send my shoes back a UPS truck was here delivering my new shoes. I heard that you were good but I didn't know how really good. Thanks loads,

Bobbi B. │ 04/09/2007

I would just like to tell Zappos how impressed I am with your web site and your return process in particular. It is unbelievably simple, straight forward, and very customer friendly. My daughter is a long time customer and has been telling me about Zappos for a long time; now that I have become a customer, I regret it took me so long to try Zappos. Your web site is like trying the shoes on before you buy. You can almost feel them on your feet! Thank you for 'stepping' above the rest and creating a web site that tells me you really do care about the customer. A fan.

Virginia C. │ 04/09/2007

Wow! I know that the mantra of customer service is "under promise and over deliver," but I was pleasantly amazed to see my recent order waiting on my doorstep when I came home from work today! I ordered them on a weekend, and was expecting them Tuesday. How great that I got them a day early *and* in time to take a walk before the sun set! Thank you so much! You have officially earned my business for life. Thanks again,

Molly C. │ 04/09/2007

I would like to commend you on your excellent customer service. I am an avid on line shopper and I consider Zappos to be the Gold Standard. I really hope you never cut back in this department due to budget constraints. I never hesitate to order because I know I can always count on a fair and timely resolution for any problems. Keep up the excellent work! Marissa Y

Marissa Y. │ 04/08/2007

Zappos, I just wanted to thank you for the prompt service. I really appreciated it. This has been the best customer service I've had in a long time. Sincerely,

Cheri H. │ 04/07/2007

Dear Staff at Zappos.com, I just want you to know that your diligence and hard work do not go unnoticed. I appreciate the fact that you make sure that purchases reach the customer as advertised on your website. In one day I made two different purchases at different times. The very next day I received both my purchases. Wow! I also love your email that alerts the customer that the item is being prepared to ship, then there is the follow up email informing that the item has been shipped, complete with the tracking number. Your website is also user friendly. It is easy to find what you are looking for, the glossary is helpful, your descriptions of the shoes are excellent, and the comments from the customers are helpful. Shopping at your website is truly a delightful experience. Once again, thank you for your excellent service. Keep up the great work! An Extremely Satisfied Customer, Queens, N.Y

Elma J. │ 04/07/2007

You guys are just amazing! I tell everyone about you. Why can't other businesses operate like you do? Why can't our government operate like you do? Ahhh, the world would be such a nice place! Thanks for being in business! Pam & Joe C.

Pam and Joe C. │ 04/07/2007
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