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My husband and I were absolutely amazed at your remarkable service! We order from the Internet quite a bit, and you have been by far the most efficient seller. Thank you for not offering products that are not in stock, thank you for the communication via e-mail, and free overnight shipping... WOW! I didn't believe it until our package showed up at our door the next day. And we live in the middle of nowhere. I had previously cancelled two other orders for boots I tried to purchase online. Both places called me AFTER they charged my credit card and told me the boots were not in stock. I have already passed on our great experience with others and I will continue. Thank you.

Anonymous │ 04/11/2007

I just had to let you know how impressed I am with your service. In the wilds of Montana we expect an "overnight" package to arrive sometime in the next few days. Imagine my surprise to find it waiting on my doorstep when I came home from work, LESS than 24 hours after I had ordered it! Thanks for the speed AND the free shipping. Pretty amazing!

Anonymous │ 04/11/2007

I just want to commend you on such a fabulous website and the best customer service ever. Having a size 12 foot is challenging and your selection is terrific. I can find stylish shoes without spending a fortune or buying "grandma" shoes. You make ever aspect of doing business with you ridiculously easy. I can't think of one way that you could improve your service! And I won't be buying my shoes anywhere else from now on.

Anonymous │ 04/11/2007

I have not long moved to the USA from Europe and when I came here I was of the opinion that America was very competent and renown for its Customer Service. Unfortunately I have not found that to be the case; I am sad to say that I have had many less than satisfactory customer experiences. HOWEVER, I am delighted to tell you that that is most certainly not the case with regard to Zappos.com. I decided there was very little point in being so pleased with your service and so impressed by your efficiency etc and not tell you - so I am. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and compliment you on your impressive customer service which I have been consistently pleased with in all the time I have been a customer of yours. Given that you are a shoe company and that I have a love (obsession?) of shoes - ours is a relationship that I see set to continue and be a very long and happy one!!! Many Thanks,

Fiona │ 04/11/2007

To Whom It May Concern, I just wanted to let someone know that I think your business is one of the best. This is one of the best transactions I have ever done online. I liked the website, customer service and the lightning fast delivery. The shoes were perfect, btw. I will definitely be ordering from your business again. Thanks again. : )

Anonymous │ 04/11/2007

I am a painter, good at what I do, and everyone tells me I charge too little for the work I do for my clients. Well, I believe, like Zappos, that a happy customer is my biggest reward, and charging modestly helps in getting repeat business. (Modestly, but heck- I couldn't afford me!) While I know there are muralists & portraitists out there who charge a fortune simply because they can, I don't think I could ever do that and be happy. However, I rarely experience situations where others care about their customers the way I do mine. I give you a "wei" or a bow, Thai style, in appreciation. (We just moved back from Thailand, and bowing one's appreciation I find a gracious gesture.) So- again. My sincerest gratitude, and loyal patronage!

Anonymous │ 04/11/2007

I am forever telling people what a great company you are. I tell them how reliable you are and how you solve problems so graciously. Hope lots of people are coming your way. God bless you,

Mary S. │ 04/11/2007

I tried to find a place to post something about the exceptional service I received but had to do this. My grandsons (10 & 11) wanted new shoes. You did not have the Etnies the oldest wanted so he went to another site to order. I was home sick the next day and here comes a knock on my door and it's the shoes from Zappos! Of course I paid for shipping on the others but they are not even here yet! What a great service. I will use your web site again. Wished you would have had his shoe in his size.

Anonymous │ 04/11/2007

You guys are truly incredible. I am going to ask for gift certificates for your website from family for Christmas this year and tell everyone I know about you. I do a lot of on-line ordering (a lot) and you guys are in the top five companies I have dealt with. Thank you very much, your efforts are easily noticed and greatly appreciated.

Anonymous │ 04/11/2007

Wow, you are an awesome company! I tell everyone about how well run your business is. I'm in the medical health profession (women's health, no less) so you can imagine how often shoes come up as a topic of conversation. I try to spread the word of Zappos as often as I can. Thanks!

Valerie I. │ 04/11/2007

Thanks for the informative email about my order being picked and shipped. I have been a Zappos customer for a few years now and I always share with friends and family, my positive experiences with Zappos. I think all of you are doing a great job and I love the service provided through your company - the emails confirming the orders, free shipping, the great return policies and overall positive interactions at each level.

Anonymous │ 04/11/2007

Thank You so much. I love shopping with you all. This has been the best customer experience I have encountered in a while. I have worked in a call center for many years so I know it very rare to find good customer service.

Anonymous │ 04/11/2007

I want to commend you on outstanding customer service. I ordered shoes late Saturday and was assured my shoes would arrive sometime on Tuesday. However that was going to be too late, as I had an important customer trip planed for Tuesday leaving at 7am. I told you of my timing concerns and while that was going to be difficult and not standard since you do not ship on weekends.... You made it happen. As I sit at my desk, the shipping supervisor at our plant just brought them in my office- Monday. This is what customer service is all about - many could learn from your company. A job well done, I will tell others of the great service and free shipping. Thank you,

Pam S. │ 04/11/2007

Good day Zappos: It is with great joy and relief that I write to you. I must first apologize as I have never heard of Zappos until my 16 yr old son clued me in. I now have you bookmarked. My son had been looking for a certain color of Vans which he was unable to locate at any of the stores. When he found them on your website, one would have thought he struck gold and he immediately started to hound me to purchase them for him. Due to being burned by another website over an item he wanted, which we have been waiting on since the first of December, I was very reluctant to ever order anything from a website I knew nothing about. Against my better judgment, I allowed my son to once again talk me into making an internet purchase. I thought something must be wrong, again as ordering was so easy to do. Much to my surprise and his joy, his shoes arrived right on time, exactly how you advertised and looking exactly how pictured. Thank you for your prompt service and convincing me that not everyone is out to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers.

D. Cordova │ 04/11/2007

Hey, unseen, unheard people at Zappos.com, Great service -- love the shoes, they're Borns. Tried them on and they're great. Your ease of ordering, excellent customer service, and speedy delivery (wow, overnight!) were exceptional. Please keep up the great work and take care of your employees: - health care - good benes. - good perks... Good people make a great company. Will definitely be back again. Peace, Baltimore MD

Tim N. │ 04/11/2007

Can I believe this service? No...I mean, yes. I mean...wow.

Anonymous │ 04/11/2007

In preparation for a trip, I recently ordered 4 pairs of shoes, attempting to find the best fit and most comfortable pair to use for sight-seeing adventures. After much deliberation, I have chosen a pair to keep and returned the other 3 -- but this was in no part due to any dissatisfaction or problem. I have to tell you -- I was one who said, "I could never order shoes without trying them on." But you have certainly changed that opinion. I work long hours, and I can't tell you what a relief it is to be able to order, try out (in the comfort of my home) and return shoes without making excruciating trips to the mall! Thank you for keeping SERVICE in customer service.

Anonymous │ 04/11/2007

I have enjoyed both styles of my recent order, good fit, lots of comfort, good color, all is good. What I enjoy the most however is the Zappos website. It is by far the best website I know, your customer service is beyond excellent, the speed in which the order arrives is unbelievable and not a penny for shipping is too good to be true, not to mention the great prices. I work in an upscale dress shop, we too carry beautiful shoes but I cannot tell you how many times I have recommended your website to customers who we were unable to please with our shoe selection. And, so many customers have returned and thanked me a million times for the recommendation. Zappos, I love you...

Anonymous │ 04/11/2007

I don't have any complaints or questions; I just want to thank you all for the great work. Zappos is the only site I know that does free shipping if you have problems with your product. Just recently I bought a pair of shoes and I just love them, but the best part of all was they were on my front step the next day. I love it!!! Another thing is I normally don't tell anybody where I get my shoes from because I don't wear normal shoes or shoes that everybody else is wearing, so everyday people are like "Man, where did you get those" I'm a little hesitant at first but then I remember that ya'll have such a BIG SELECTION there's no way somebody could copy my style. I tell everybody where I get my shoes now. I hope this letter gets to the owner/s of Zappos.com because you guys are doing a great job, and will continue to get my money. LOL. Thanks

Rosemary S. M. │ 04/11/2007

Dear Mr. Hseih and the great folks at Zappos.com: I would be remiss if I didn't write to tell you how very impressed I am with your company and especially your fantastic Customer Service employees. My wife ordered a pair of dress shoes from your company for an upcoming family wedding. When the shoes arrived and she realized that they would not be correct for her gown, she made a return request to Zappos. A return label was provided to her and she sent the product back via UPS. Unfortunately, because the tracking number had been used before, the UPS system would not allow us to track the package to insure that it indeed arrived back to your warehouse. So, she called and what happened next is nothing short of amazing to me. A customer service rep told us about the problem of tracking the package, but, said not to worry, he would notify us when it arrived. Frankly, as nice as he was, I found that hard to believe in this day and age of "no customer service." Well, you guys blew me away. Not only did he call back, he called again to let us know that a credit was posted on her credit card account as well. I about fell over! I truly did not know that there was a company left in America that still cared that much after the sale. I worked my entire career in a customer service industry and have watched the slow decline over the years. You folks are truly a breath of fresh air, and, more importantly, a most welcome idea. So impressed was I, that I made my first order on Sunday, 03/31/07 and just got the shoes this afternoon. They were perfect, fit perfect and all in less than 48 hours. Please keep up the great work you are doing, well done to all of you. I only wish you had a call center here in Connecticut, I would be leaving early retirement and applying for a job! And, if you ever go public, I would be buying stock. My best wishes for a successful venture for many years to come. Sincerely,

Frank C. │ 04/11/2007

Hello: Thank you very much… I am very glad that I found this new way to buy shoes for my son (2 years old)… I love the idea of super fast free shipping… I can’t wait to receive the shoes. I told my friends and family about it, so I’m sure they are gonna start to buy for you… Thank you again.

Anonymous │ 04/11/2007

My first contact with you was an order I placed on January 27th for a pair of Dansko shoes for my daughter. They were here the next day, and although it took a few weeks for me to get them to her at school, she loved them. Unfortunately they did not fit and when I called on March 20th to see if it was possible to try a different pair in the same size, your customer service rep. was just great!!! She said she would get another pair out that very day and she did. The new pair was here before noon the following day even though I had not yet sent the first pair back. The new pair fit and my daughter was so happy. Your free return shipping is a real plus also. I just wanted you to know how really pleased I am with my first shopping experience with your company and to let you know I WILL BE BACK. As someone who works in customer service I have to say yours is 110% to say the least. Thanks so much for a wonderful experience.

Ann │ 04/11/2007

Dear Zappos: Thank you for the overnight shipping policy you have instituted! While I am a "mature" customer, I still love placing my order with you and receiving it overnight!!! It is a high! Your company is on the right track with your wonderful customer service policies. Zappos is very accommodating, and my communications with customer reps has always been prompt and friendly. Most customers are not wanting to harm the company they deal with; most customers just want to purchase what they want, pay a fair price, receive it in a timely fashion, and if they don't like the product after they receive it or if there are other issues which necessitate a return, return the product and receive credit. The Zappos website is very good, easy to move around in, and easy check out. I have become more and more geared to online shopping for many items I purchase, and it is a pleasure to do business with Zappos. Thank you! Sincerely,

Sharon A. │ 04/11/2007

I can't say enough wonderful things about your website. I have ordered a few times in the past and have always been pleased. However, you astounded me with my most recent order! I placed an order for three pairs of shoes for my children on Monday evening, after 7pm est. I received my complete order on Tuesday afternoon at 4:00!!! Less than 24 hours and free shipping!!!!!--I won't need to take advantage of your fantastic, free returns policy because the shoes all fit great!! Thanks again and we will order again soon!

Rachael M. │ 04/11/2007

I just had to write and tell you how impressed I am with your outstanding company. I run my own small business, and it has always been my belief that offering great customer service is more important than even the quality of the goods offered. In addition, I do a great deal of shopping online, and I have never seen the quality of care given to customers than what I see on Zappos. Your employees are not only friendly and helpful, they give the impression they care more about the customer than selling shoes. Several times I have had a rep look on other websites, trying to find a color or size, when it is not available on Zappos. From the free shipping, free return shipping up to 365 days, outstanding employees, and the large line of shoes you offer, the whole package is unlike anything I have ever seen before. I make it a habit to price-check everything I buy, and I pay attention to the services offered as well. I have seen free shipping. I've even seen free return shipping, but there is not one website that can compete with Zappos. Calling your company and speaking with your friendly employees is a treat, and what a nice touch when one of them sends out a personal note, or makes a phone call to see if everything went ok with my order. You just don't find special touches like that in this day and age. It's very impressive, and I appreciate it so much. I have short, wide feet, which are very hard to fit. Not only are they already wide, but I just moved back from Florida, where I lived for six years, and didn't even own a pair of shoes. Now that I am back in Michigan, I realized I had to purchase a few pairs, and was not looking forward to it. I am also visually impaired and therefore don't drive. If Zappos didn't offer free return shipping, there is no way I could have solved my problem with finding an adequate shoe wardrobe. I had to try a couple of dozen pairs before I found everything I needed, but everyone at Zappos was so helpful and kind to me, it was a pleasure, and I found myself really enjoying the experience. I now have several pairs of boots, sandals, and slippers, and it's all because of Zappos wonderful customer service. I've had to buy one or two pairs on other websites, but if it wasn't for Zappos helping me figure out what I could and could not wear, it would not have been possible. Instead of dreading the experience, I usually end my day looking on Zappos for the rest of what I need. As far as I'm concerned, Zappos is the only place I ever want to buy shoes, and I tell everyone about your great selection of shoes, and wonderful customer service. Thank you so much for all your help. It is greatly appreciated, and you have a customer for life. , Coldwater, MI

Cherie Y. │ 04/11/2007
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