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Just wanted you to know that this is the third pair of shoes we've purchased from you this year and we couldn't be more satisfied with the customer service we've received. Please keep up the great work!

Anonymous │ 04/11/2007

Dear Zappos, I have never written a letter praising a company before. But today, I just had to stop for a minute and write to you. Your service is OUTSTANDING. You offer a great variety of shoes, in many styles and sizes. And now I find out that you have apparel and handbags.. Handbags!! My passion! Thank you so much for the extremely fast shipping and a wonderful product. I love you guys, and can't wait to tell everyone about your company.

Anonymous │ 04/11/2007

My name is and I have used your site twice. Once to purchase a pair of Keds (Kitchy) that I loved! You also had the best price of all the websites that I browsed. A couple of days ago I bought a dress and it came with free overnight shipping. I wasn't expecting it the next day though because I ordered it past the 1pm deadline for overnight shipping but low and behold the next day it was at my doorstep! I love you guys and I'll always be coming back to this site for anything I might need. Keep up the great job!

Stacy W. │ 04/11/2007

I'm very impressed by your one year follow up on the Timberland Pro Titan Safety Toe shoes that I bought from you. I was thinking the other day how well they have served me. They are still in very good shape so I don't need to order any new ones at this time. However, because of my satisfaction with this product and your excellent sales and support, I will definitely be visiting you again in the future when I have any need. Sincerely,

Madeleine H. │ 04/11/2007

Zappos provides the best customer service I have ever experienced. The only thing more you could do would be to send someone to carry my return package to the car (just kidding). Seriously, my last order arrived so quickly, it seemed that you must have had someone drive the package to me. Thanks--I'll never order shoes from anyone else.

Anonymous │ 04/11/2007

I just want to let you know that I promote your company to just about anyone that compliments me on my shoes. Last week I was in a Customer Service training and used Zappos.com as an example of quality customer service. It is always a great experience when I order and as you can see, I order quite a few pairs of shoes. I have never had any problems returning any items and only buy my shoes from you. You guys are awesome!!!

Diana P. │ 04/11/2007

Dear Zappos, I finally tried you guys and I'm glad I did. My shoes arrived today, only a couple of days after being ordered (over the weekend no less.) They're in perfect condition and they look and feel great. FYI, one of the reasons I was willing to try you is that you pay for shipping BOTH ways (in case of return.) That removed my last, lingering reluctance. Based on this experience, it looks like I'll be coming back to Zappos.com for many shoes to come! Thanks,

Stella B. │ 04/11/2007

One day I got a Brain Wave and decided to type in white Bucks in my computer! Well You Guys sure came up to bat and hit a grand slam in my book! Just what I had 30 years ago and perfect fit! Then I thought You would have saddle shoes for men and by George You Did! Not the same company but they are close. If Sperry Top Sider were to make my size I would buy them in a minute. They have 13 but do not go beyond Narrow in width. Thank You for being a great company!* *

Ronald S. │ 04/11/2007

Just wanted to let you know that my order is an example of the success of your goals. I ordered my sandals from Zappos because of the free overnight shipping and I learned about that by word of mouth from my daughter. Thanks for the great service.

Noni │ 04/11/2007

I can't believe it! I ordered my shoes yesterday, and before noon the very next day I was wearing them! I love them and now Zappos is my very favorite place to shop! Thanks you so much for such wonderful service!

Kathy │ 04/11/2007

What a great service I got on my first purchase from Zappos. For over forty years L.L. Bean has been my benchmark for comparing shopping experiences. This time I think you were in front by a nose. I’ll be back to see if you have the consistency. Congratulations and Thanks, Scott S.

Anonymous │ 04/11/2007

You are an awesome company, Thanks so much for the confirmation email on my return. It's so nice to have that all taken care of when I returned from vacation. With other companies, I have had to wait, worry call or write to find out if my return had arrived safely and that I was credited appropriately. Thanks again,

Lynn A. │ 04/11/2007

Hi, My name is I just ordered two pair of New Balance 606s in navy and grey on 3-26-07. You guys really sold me with the free 1 day shipping on New Balance. Did I mention I got them today? One day later! I didn't think I had made the 1pm PST cut-off, but I guess I did. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the super-fast service. I ordered a pair of work boots from you a couple of years ago and was quite happy with them as well. So when I found out the 606s were discontinued, I figured I would try to get a pair. You were the first place I looked. The price was right and the free 1 day shipping sealed it. Zappos is the best! Since I ordered two pair, I might not need sneakers any time soon. But I will certainly pass on my great experience to my friends. Thanks again. You made my day! -Mike

Michael H. │ 04/11/2007

I love you guys! When my husband needed shoes, I immediately thought "I'll just get them from Zappos" I didn't even imagine going into a store! Your selection and prices are awesome! Just yesterday my friend said "I need to get some flip flops for the summer" and I said "Oh you have to get them from Zappos, they are the greatest" I talk about you all the time when I get compliments about the shoes I've bought. By the way, my hairdresser who is really hip and trendy loves you guys too!

Anonymous │ 04/11/2007

Mr. Zappos, Just wanted you all to know that Zappos REALLY is the best online shoe store. Your return policy exceeds anyone's expectations. Zappos rules!!! I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful discovery you have been. My husband and I wanted to get some quality shoes that would protect our feet. We searched stores in our large metropolitan area but found little choice, lack of our sizes and the disadvantage of being only allowed brief try-on. Then we discovered Zappos. We have ordered, received and returned quite a few pairs in our search for the perfect fit. For that we feel equally guilty and grateful. Without your wonderful service we would not have been able to find the shoes we needed. Thank you and know that we are both spreading the word about your terrific business. Thank you. All arrived today as promised. I do appreciate your companys' ability to deliver as promised; time and time again. WOW! Lessons to be learned here for many, many national and international companies. Sincerely, Betty K.

Anonymous │ 04/11/2007

Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you what great service I received from Zappos. I ordered a pair of shoes Tuesday 3/27/07 at 1:30 PM PST thinking it might be too late to get it the next day and expecting it on Thursday. To my surprise the shoes arrived Wednesday 3/28/07 in perfect order. What jaw dropping service! The shoes fit like a glove and the service is by far the best I have ever experienced using the Internet to order merchandise. You guys have sold me. My next purchase will be with you and I will tell my friends all about your outstanding service. BTW your selection in shoes is second to none also.:). Keep up the good work you have acquired a live long customer here. Thanks again,

Phillip │ 04/11/2007

I didn't even get the product yet and I am already in love with your company!!! Customer service is where it's at....thank you for the FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING... that is such a plus I would never buy anywhere else.

Dawn K. │ 04/11/2007

I returned a pocket book to your company and inadvertently left a pair of reading glasses in the purse. The glasses were returned to me via U.P.S today. What a concept personal, prompt, professional attention. I thought that was going to be a thing of the past. I am now a fan and definitely will consider purchases from your company in the future. Thank you,

Mary Kay C. │ 04/11/2007

Hello there! I just wanted to write to let you know how happy I always am with Zappos' customer service. Living in Alaska I am accustomed to waiting weeks and even months for shipments from various vendors. I ordered my Zappos shoes last Friday and they got here by Tuesday. WOW! Nothing EVER arrives that quickly. Thanks again for always delivering the goods quickly and efficiently.

Anonymous │ 04/11/2007

I received my order of shoes on Wednesday, March 28, just about 24 hours after I placed my order. I could not have asked for better than that for service. I sure will spread the news about Zappos.com. Thank you for great service.

Pat G. │ 04/11/2007

Zappos is great! Despite ordering after the cut off for next day delivery, my order arrived the next day anyway. Since discovering Zappos, I have been totally pleased with the service and the product. The online reviews are very helpful and the search function is very user friendly. I have told all of my friends about you. Some cannot believe I order shoes online without any problem, but I have purchased the last five pairs of shoes from Zappos and it's been hassle free. Keep up the great service!

Anonymous │ 04/11/2007

Just a note to let you know I think your service is wonderful. It's the fastest I have ever had. The shoes appear at my door like magic, and the return is just as fast. The free shipping both ways is fabulous. All correspondence with you has been very friendly. I will definitely recommend your site to my friends. I just wish you sold new feet too, so I could find a pair that wasn't so hard to fit. Many thanks,

Sharon R. │ 04/11/2007

Just wanted you to know that you have the greatest customer service I have ever experienced. Every time I have called, I have had the nicest, most genuine, happiest and most helpful people take good care of me. I work customer service myself and I know how draining it can be, but I feel like I will never have a bad experience with you. These days you're lucky if you even get a smile at McDonalds and I often find myself wondering what ever happened to people just being nice and wanting to help others. I was so happy with my experience that after hanging up with one of your amazing reps, I felt compelled to pass it along to my customers and give them a little taste of the kind of wonderful customer service Zappos provides. I will never stop shopping with you or telling people about how perfect your team is. Thanks so much for giving me a little more patience w/ my own customers and also for restoring my faith in good old fashioned customer oriented companies. A loyal and loving customer,

Kadima P. │ 04/11/2007

Just wanted to let you know that Zappos is my FAVORITE place to shop!!! I can't imagine how you could improve your service! I ordered something from "another" website on March 23rd, and after almost a week later I still have not even gotten a shipping notification! We are going on vacation April 3rd and I wanted the product for that reason, but they haven't even shipped it yet! I still don't know how you can get my order to me so fast, and without shipping charges!! When I contacted "the other place" and asked why it wasn't even shipped yet, they sent me an email telling me that I should have paid an extra $7.99 for express mail if I needed it that soon. Well I learned a lesson the hard way, I should have ordered from Zappos in the first place. You have the best selection of shoes (and I am a shoe-aholic) and I'm happy to see that you are expanding your product line to apparel too. Keep up the good work, and I’m telling everyone I know about your awesome service! I just had to let you know. Thank you,

Amy Y. │ 04/11/2007

Thank you. I hope I find a shoe that works for me. This was the easiest and most convenient transaction I have ever made. Never had anything both picked up and delivered without me leaving my home. It's great. I'm sure you have a new customer.

Anonymous │ 04/11/2007
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