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Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your service. I bought some Duke Crocs for my son and they broke within an hour of him getting them. He called your customer service and they promised him a new pair as soon as possible. Thanks, I really appreciate this.

Deb R │ 05/01/2007

You really are the service company. I placed an order this morning. Returned one pair today - too small. So...keep me posted. Thanks!

Alma B │ 04/30/2007

I've been telling all my friends about Zappos since I found it about a month ago. You have an extremely large selection and the 1 day free shipping is almost unbelievable. But the true test of a company's customer service is when you have to return something. Well, if I tell you that I will be a customer for life; does that tell you how you did? It's a pleasure doing business with you. Great job! Thanks.

Donald H │ 04/30/2007

Thank you guys for being such an efficient company...I love doing business with you!!

Jessie M │ 04/29/2007

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. I have been a customer for years and as someone who does A LOT of shopping online, let me just reaffirm you have the formula down! I used to work for Amazon years ago and I left because they couldn't figure out what you do so effortlessly- SERVICE. Free overnight shipping? Free returns? Congratulations on raising the bar for consumer expectations! I have never, NEVER been disappointed with your service or products and I will continue to spread the word: ZAPPOS! Loyal fan

Darrel B │ 04/29/2007

Hi- I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with ZAPPOS.com service. I placed an order for Adidas running shoes on Tuesday night 4/17/2007 at around 7:15 p.m., fully expecting them to arrive on Thursday 4/19/2007. You can imagine how surprised and pleased I was when I received them on Wednesday 4/18 around 3 p.m . Less than 24 hours turnaround time...very cool! Please pass on my gratitude to whomever was involved with my order fulfillment. Ellington, CT

Nancy G. │ 04/21/2007

I have been shopping with you for a few years, and I can't get over the great service, and selection. But now, I got my wife shopping at Zappos, and she is amazed! And the overnight shipping is incredible. We ordered her a pair of shoes a 9:00 PM, and the next day she had her shoes. Thanks

Chris S. │ 04/21/2007

I just wanted to say that you guys are incredible. I placed my online order after 10 p.m. Eastern time on Thursday, 19th April and was absolutely amazed to come home from work yesterday and find my package waiting on the doorstep! A million thanks. It is always a pleasure doing business with you. The Crocs are for my little granddaughter in England (they are very hard (and expensive) to find there), so she is going to be delighted. Thanks again,

Jennifer S. │ 04/21/2007

You guys are great. Thanks for the great service. It was hard to find these shoes I almost ordered them from the UK! Then my son would not have his shoes in time for his birthday. I am so glad I hit that Zappos link and plan to do it much more. And will be telling all my friends and family! Thank you again.

Terri M. │ 04/21/2007

Wow! You have one new customer here. The boots arrived on Thu and I just ordered them on Wed. They fit now I want it to rain. Thanks again,

Marcia S. │ 04/20/2007

Wow!!!!!!!! Now that's service. I could not believe when I checked my email this morning that I'd be receiving my order within less than 24 hours after I placed it!!!! I had my item delivered to my husband's office, where it got a lot of attention---the item specifically and the incredible service. After shopping for weeks for a new purse and finally deciding on what I wanted, I did not even have to wait. Check out at my local department store would barely have beat that :) and I'm very happy with my new handbag. I'll certainly shop at Zappos again and will relate my experience to anyone who's interested.

Linda S. │ 04/20/2007

Would like to commend you on your speedy delivery service. Unbelievable. I can't believe I received my shoes the very next day. We have ordered several pairs of shoes from your co. and I am very pleased with your service. Just wanted you to know you have satisfied customer.

Mrs. Jan S. │ 04/20/2007

What wonderful service! I placed my order last night and by the time I got home from work they were waiting for me. Thank you for providing such prompt service, you have a new loyal customer. Best,

Rich S. │ 04/20/2007

Okay...you all are TOO, TOO much! I received confirmation of my return today. So, let's recap. I returned product to another mail order company about April 3rd. April 11th they sent my new products out...after charging me additional shipping (keep in mind I ordered in the first place because shipping was free, though I had to pay return shipping)....and the products from them arrived on April 18th. Total time: over two weeks, and I still have not heard back on the SECOND return shipment, sent the same day I returned these shoes to you...of course, I had to pay to return to them. Next story? Ordered from you on the 17th, they arrived on the 18th, i returned one of the pairs on the 18th, you got it and acknowledged it on the 20th. WHO DO YOU THINK I'LL BE SHOPPING WITH AGAIN AND RECOMMENDING TO MY FRIENDS?! (hint...not them) Have a GREAT weekend! Andriana F.

Adriana F. │ 04/20/2007

I just have to comment on how amazing your customer service is. Not only was this return processed unbelievably quickly, but I was blown away when I came home yesterday (Thursday) to find the shoes I had ordered around 9 pm on Wednesday. Add to this that it doesn't cost extra to ship, and you really have something going on here. You can be sure I will be singing your praises to everyone I know. Thanks,

Rhonda T. │ 04/19/2007

You guys are just the best! I used to live in Seattle and thought only Nordstrom had great customer service...but you guys are just as good and I don't have to leave home. I tell everyone I know about your on line business - it is best! Thanks again.

Tae H. │ 04/19/2007

Just wanted to say you guys amaze me every damn time. I ordered a pain of cons from you yesterday around 4pm and they are already here. And it didn't cost me a dime for shipping. Never shop anywhere else again!!!! Thank you,

Cory S. │ 04/19/2007

Hi, Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your customer-friendly business! Every contact in every aspect that I have had with Zappos has been a pleasant one! Your customer service reps go the extra mile to find styles, be accommodating, friendly and it is just such a rare pleasure in this day and age, I felt compelled to let you know you are doing a great job. I called the 800 number today for a return label and loved your welcome greeting from changing employees! I can tell you must have excellent upper management that knows the value of treating your employees with compassion, understanding and compliments! I myself own a small business and emphasize customer service...treat your employees like you want them to treat your customers, works every time...anyway, kudos to you, great job, keep it up and thank you for making me feel like an appreciated customer...I will gladly spend my money with you when I find something I like! Cheers, Knoxville, Tennessee

Patty K. │ 04/19/2007

I just had to write you (like so many) and tell you that I don't know how you do it! I ordered two pairs of shoes, last night, after my children went to sleep (read:late), and they were here by lunchtime. Absolutely crazy! Zappos makes shopping at the store completely obsolete with no tax and free shipping. I am now hooked. I often have a hard time finding my shoe size but your site makes it easy to search by my size so I don't have to find a shoe I like only to discover that 6 is the smallest size. Awesome job and thanks soooo much! Sincerely,

Laura T. │ 04/19/2007

Dear Zappos: I would like to especially thank you for your expertise in assisting customers, quick deliveries and returns to credit cards, and gifted shipping fees. I have spent the last several weeks working your staff pretty hard with multiple inquiries and multiple orders. I suffer a life of pain and in the afternoons, although I have not been an ideal customer, your staff has remained polite throughout the whole ordeal. I must say they all seemed equally trained and confident for whatever task I put upon them. I obviously have problem feet because of the amount of shoes I had to sort through to find the perfect ones for me. I could never have endured this experience in person at your outlet or other shoe stores, nor could have the staff! With the shoes (100) delivered to my home, I was able to carefully select the keepers and return the ones that didn't work for my feet or wardrobe requirements. Because of Zappos, I am proud to say that I have now completed the process of selecting my new spring/summer collection of 25 new shoes. The total cost was just short of $4500. Because I wanted to return your gifted service, I wrote positive website critiques for each shoe I kept, and some for those I did not keep. I live in St. George, Utah. If you search skew numbers, you'll recognize my reviews by my city and state. I am a writer, so hopefully the commentaries were well written, although my spelling isn't the best. Here is a list of my new collection: 4 Marc by Marc Jacobs Goat(2 Army, 2 Ivory)673353 2 Marc by Marc Jacobs Cotton (blk, white) 7297163 1 Apepazza Elba Taupe 7300512 2 Onex Image (black, cork) 7313927 3 DKNY Saratoga (Blk, Tobacco, Bisc) 7315093 3 Faryl Robin Coy (Cherry, Panna, Navy) 7299523 1 Dansko Naomi (Earth Napa) 7294256 1 Dansko Mirabella (Black) 7294249 1 Cordani Grace (Black Peltro Burma) 7220843 1 Two Lips Hera (Natural) skew? 3 Soho Lab (Blk, Brown, Tan) 7320916 1 BCBG Max Azria Idaho Osyter/Toffee 7240152 1 Tyler Wedgie (Black) 7310396 1 J Lo Darby 7204892 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I'll see you in the fall! Thanks again,

Beryl S. │ 04/19/2007

I am so excited. I placed my first order on Saturday and my shoes came today. I have wide feet and HATE buying shoes. I was so delighted with my order. Got one pair I really loved and they fit great. Will send one pair back. You have a new customer. I also have a co-worker whose mother needs narrow shoes and she will be checking out your site. Congratulations on a job well done. I can order, try on and send back easily. I will get all my shoes from you in the future. Thank you!

Margaret A. │ 04/19/2007

Dear Friends, Happy, happy, happy! That is how I feel about doing business with you!!!!! I ordered yesterday, and as promised, my order arrived THIS MORNING!!! You are simply amazing. This was my first experience shopping at Zappos, and I guarantee it will not be my last. I could go on and on. I could, but I can't because I am going shopping again at Zappos!!!! Thank you so much from the bottom of my sweet daughter's tootsies!!!! I will be recommending you to all of my friends and family. from Iowa P.S. Feel free to use this letter as a testimonial also!

Carol R. │ 04/18/2007

I don't think there is anyone else on the web that offers this kind of 'Customer Service!" You really out did yourselves! I will continue to order from you and have spread the word to friends and family and they have also ordered from you! I can't tell you how much I love your web-site and check it daily for 'new' styles! Thanks again, A VERY LOYAL CUSTOMER!

Christa S. │ 04/18/2007

I placed my order less than 24 hours ago and now have the shoes in my possession. You guys RULE!!! Keep up the good work! Easton MD

Chris S. │ 04/18/2007

To whom it may Concern, I want to say a personal thank-you to your Company and the shipping department for the excellent + service I received. My 7 year old Grandson is making his 1st Communion next week and still needed a nice pair or shiny oxford show in a wide width. He's small in stature but he has a wide foot and we took him to about 7 stores yesterday and no one could fit him with a 131/2 W/ shoe. His mother and I were both frustrated as the child was tired of getting in and out of a car from one shoe store to another. Finally we came home and late at night I was so upset on not getting his shoes I decided to try StrideRite.com on the Internet figuring I will find a wide width & we'd have these shoes. As I went through all Stride Rite had I found a nice shoe they could not get me a wide width. How your Company got into what I was looking for I do not even know. A pair of oxford black shoes came up that looked like just what we needed and when I entered the size you stated you had one pair so I preceded to purchase them. I figured over night service would be maybe till Friday or Saturday to get them. At 1:30 PM today about sixteen hours later the shoes were delivered to my door. I took them to my daughters home immediately and as soon as my Grandson came home we tried them on and they are PERFECT. So I'm saying THANK YOU from a VERY VERY satisfied customer. Your service was outstanding. From now on I will have you in my favorite Internet numbers. You saved a grandma, a mom, and a young 7 year old from the hassle of going out looking to get a Wide width shoe. Everyone sells every tennis shoes in a wide but when it comes to dress shoes no one has a wide width shoe. Makes no sense. We tried all the best name department stores when we were looking and they could not give us a wide width shoe for him. My daughter even tried other sites on the Internet and had no luck today. We are all one happy family and again your service is Excellent Plus. I never rate anyone excellent unless I mean it and that is a highest compliment to your Company. Sincerely,

Mrs. Dorothy R. │ 04/18/2007
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