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Your company is unbelievable! I feel like a queen. I ordered my shoes Thursday night (from California) and they were waiting for me when I got home from work on Friday. Thank you for such wonderful sevice. Debbie P

Debbie P. │ 06/20/2007

Your company is unbelievable! I feel like a queen. I ordered my shoes Thursday night (from California) and they were waiting for me when I got home from work on Friday. Thank you for such wonderful sevice. Debbie P

Debbie P. │ 06/20/2007

Your company is unbelievable! I feel like a queen. I ordered my shoes Thursday night (from California) and they were waiting for me when I got home from work on Friday. Thank you for such wonderful sevice. Debbie P

Debbie P. │ 06/20/2007

Your company is unbelievable! I feel like a queen. I ordered my shoes Thursday night (from California) and they were waiting for me when I got home from work on Friday. Thank you for such wonderful sevice. Debbie P

Debbie P. │ 06/20/2007

I have never emailed a response for anything on the Internet, and yet, the service you do for the public is extraordinary and simply deserves mentioning! I checked out your overnight service and was shocked that you actually delivered! The packaging, the quality, and the recommendation that they should be returned free of charge if they were not exactly what was desired was almost too good to be true! The day my first order came, I was so impressed that I ordered again! Both sales reps on the phone were soo cordial and helpful I could hardly believe it! What you people have done with this company must be experienced! Again, thank you! This has become my #1 alternative to shopping! A huge salute to Zappos and their extraordinarily trained staff!

Joy O. │ 05/11/2007

I have been a customer for several years. I feel as though I have returned more shoes than I have purchased, but the staff at Zappos has never questioned my reasons. I always come to Zappos for my shoe buying. I have problem feet for several reasons, and your selection and service let me try the shoes I need to try and if they don't work, I can return them. I have never had to explain why, although I feel the need to. I just wanted to thank you again for the super website, selection, and even better service. People often ask me where I got my shoes and I proudly direct them to your site. I can't thank you enough. Sincerely,

Cindy R │ 05/05/2007

Wow! I wouldn't have expected it to be so easy. Thanks for the support and I will be more than happy to continue to do business with you. I was a little hesitant to purchase shoes over the 'net, but you guys certainly make it easy. Thanks a million times over. You're awesome.

John E │ 05/04/2007

Zappos is great! I have had such wonderful experiences shopping with your company. Best on-line!! Please pass it on!

Tanya G │ 05/04/2007

Wow, I am so impressed. I ordered these sandals yesterday morning - leaving town today. I never expected to get them in time since we are having terrible weather (tornado warnings) and our Interstate highway is at a standstill. The package was delivered to my door right after noon! I will definitely recommend your company to my friends! Thanks!

Janet W │ 05/04/2007

Dear Zappos Customer Service Team, I was very pleased with the Soft Sole Bootie that I purchased from your company. Actually they were for my Mom and she just loves them. I ordered them before so it is not the first time. I would not hesitate to reorder at a later time. Thank you

Helen M │ 05/03/2007

Customer Service Team @ Zappos: Wow. Wow on the shoes, wow on the price, wow on the shipping time. If I missed anything, wow on that too. I was very surprised to have my Zappos box waiting for me on my doorstep the next day (especially since I ordered after the cutoff time...). I don't know how you guys do that. My husband and I both grabbed the box and half-expected to see on the senders address that you were located in our state or down the street. Kentucky? How did you guys do that? I think next time I visit my friends in KY I will stick a Zappos label on myself and go UPS. It seems to be much faster than when I drive. Still shaking my head that you were able to receive, process, fill the order, ship and deliver the product in a day. After reading the testimonials and talking with other friends who purchase from you, we could only come to one logical conclusion: You guys are really Santa Claus in the off season. Period. And as a side note, I have to commend you on the attention to detail and unbelievably true to color pictures you have on your websites. I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten something in a completely different shade, design, stitching color, etc. There have been times I don't even recognize a product when I get it. My Zappos shoes looked exactly like the ones in the picture. I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent service AND products. And way to go UPS too - phenomenal processing time from both ends. Ok, I need to get back to filling up my Zappos shopping cart now...thanks again! -

Sallie G │ 05/03/2007

I wanted to take a moment and comment on my experience with Zappos.com. I was fortunate enough when I did a Google search for Oakley sunglasses, your website was listed. By chance, I ventured to your site and was certainly impressed with the ease of navigation along with the variety of products offered. Then I saw where overnight shipping was free? Unheard of. And then when I received my package the next day it was even more unbelievable. Point being, I do a lot of internet shopping for the convenience. Hands down this was by far the best experience of any purchase I have ever made via the internet. Great quality product at a competitive price with incredibly fast shipping...for free!! Thank you Zappos for the great experience and I appreciate your emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. I can assure you if I'm ever in need of a product available through your website, I will not hesitate to return. I have told several folks about your site and will continue to do so. Thanks again for your excellence in customer service.

Steve V │ 05/03/2007

I have to tell you, I have dealt with a lot of on-line companies for shopping. Yours far exceeds any of the others. I had gotten my daughter a pair of boots for Christmas. Through an error, we received 2 right feet & had to go through the aggravation of returning them. However, given the very busy holiday, mistakes do happen & you should be judged on the way you handled the problem. It was exemplary. I was given a coupon towards a future purchase. I tried to find her another pair of shoes, but you were out of the ones she wanted. However, you did ask if I would like to be alerted as soon as you had more. I had completely forgotten about it when, sure enough I got an e-mail telling me that those shoes had come in. I used my coupon & bought them. That was a nice ending for me but the icing on the cake is that these are now her FAVORITE shoes. She loves them. They are comfortable and durable. Thanks for being so user friendly & customer oriented.

Pam D │ 05/03/2007

I just have to tell you how amazing your company is. The ease of ordering and the free shipping is great on its own. But the fact that you do a complimentary upgrade to 1-day shipping is practically unheard of with other online stores. And here's the most amazing thing: I didn't even place this order until late last night -- around 8:00 p.m. -- I never expected that it would get processed AND shipped last night in time for delivery today. I couldn't believe my eyes when I checked the tracking at UPS.com and read that the package was out for delivery -- I only just ordered the shoes a mere 12 hours ago! Wow - it's more like 1/2 day shipping! LOL. Every time I order, you do something else to impress me even more. I wish all on-line shopping experiences were this enjoyable. Keep up the great service! Thanks again!

Sherri H │ 05/03/2007

Hi, I just wanted to send out an email telling Zappos how much I love your service. I work in the customer service field and very rarely do I come across exceptional excellent customer service. Zappos has surpassed all my expectations in this area. I ordered my shoes yesterday at 1:00 pm pacific time and I received them the next day at 10:00 am...I was shocked that I could receive shoes that fast from so far away! Amazing service. I've also ordered shoes and sent them back, quiet a few times, with no problem whatsoever and my shipping cost was free. I love, love, love your service and wish that all business could be so awesome. Thanks again! Regards,

Mary S │ 05/03/2007

I like your philosophy. I think too many companies grow too fast and tend to begin focusing their attention away from the customers who got them there & focus more on just managing the company and their operations, figuring there's always another customer. Your cheapest customer is the one you already have. Why not take care of them? Keep your customer focus & you should be profitable for a long time to come. Looking forward to more orders with you.

Pam D │ 05/03/2007

Dear Zappos, I really must thank you. I have purchased shoes from you before, but this is the first time I have had to return anything. You have made it so easy, and have kept me informed every step of the way. I will certainly continue to buy shoes from you. "Hat's Off" to your customer service. Sincerely,

Teresa S │ 05/03/2007

I just wanted to let anyone know possibly reading the testimonials what a great company Zappos is. I have ordered before, but I did not think of Zappos while I was searching for comfy sneakers in wide for my son. One night I sat, looked at all the sneakers in a wide and ordered within a span of two days 4 sneakers. My son tried them on in the comfort of our own home without rushing and we kept one, the Adidas ones that nobody had in a wide, but Zappos carried them. Later on I decided to get another pair in a size bigger because my son loved them. All of my returns were processed immediately and all the representatives were great! I will never have to go into a shoe store again, to wait for someone to help me and than be rushed and have to wait in lines. Thank you so much for carrying the best, the widest selection and being great.

Alexandra M │ 05/03/2007

I would just like to say that shopping on your website has been a great experience. The ease with which I returned my shoes was amazing, you guys are great and I would definitely buy from you again. Thanks for making it so easy. -

Nicole S │ 05/02/2007

I just found your site yesterday for the first time, and it was one of the most wonderful experiences I've ever had online. First, I couldn't believe that OVERNIGHT shipping was free both ways! That took all the risk out of shopping! And then, I was able to easily find all the red sandals in size 8 with a low heel so quickly and easily. Within minutes I found exactly what I was looking for. I placed my order around 11:30 am yesterday and now, at 11:13 am today, I am wearing my new wonderful shoes. I couldn't have gotten to a shoe store that fast, and a shoe store certainly wouldn't have been able to tee up all my potential shoe matches like that. It was perfect. Outstanding job!

Kristen I │ 05/02/2007

People probably don't ever say much good. I can't tell you how happy I was as a consumer of Zappos. My son worked on Easter Sunday. We ordered the same shoes for him on April 15. We could not find the shoes he wanted in the local stores. On 4/19 I was thanked for my order which I was charged hefty shipping on and told my order would ship in 1 to 2 weeks. Okay, it is a rare shoe. On the 23rd they said sorry for the delay but it would ship by the end of the week. On the 30th I sent a nasty email as there phones don't get answered and there emails take days to return saying I was going to report them if I didn't hear from them by Monday. They got back to me. Oh, surprising. They canceled my order. I found you folks and my order was placed on Tuesday and my son’s shoes were here on Wednesday. And we saved money. You are the best. Thank you so much for great service. I will tell anyone to go to your site first when looking for something specific. Again thank you for a great experience.

Christine M │ 05/02/2007

I started ordering from your company about 3 years ago. I have to say, ever since then I have been hooked. I am always telling other people about your site. Your company knows customer service and for that, I will never shop anywhere else. I always receive my product on time and in perfect condition. I would have to say you deliver quicker than me going to the store myself. I love your service, thank you so much for giving this skeptic a strong belief that there are still companies that care about the customer.

Lisa M │ 05/02/2007

I must let you guys know that you have been the best entity as service and customer service is concerned. The response time is just unbelievable. If you could go into or teach the airline or cell phone industry how to be a true customer oriented industry that would be a benefit to the entire world at large. Again, I thank you for the best service I have ever received in my life time. Sincerely,

Valerie L │ 05/02/2007

OMG! I can't believe Zappos.com, my new, favorite online store period! Your customer service is phenomenal! I am blown away! I get to speak with live, intelligent, well informed reps, who...LOVE their jobs! Absolutely amazing! Zappos is the gold standard of customer service & I think that there are about 1,000,000,000+ other companies that would benefit from adopting your motto of "We are a customer service co. that just happens to sell shoes". Hot dog! I love, love, love your store, your site & best of all, the kick butt customer service that I always get! Thank you for the fantastic experiences, keep up the great work & know that this blissfully happy customer is spreading the love about Zappos.com to friends, family & the occasional stranger! It's so refreshing to have a wonderful experience with customer service reps who are GREAT! You guys are AWESOME! Warmest regards ~

Kimberly H │ 05/02/2007

Unbelievable Service! I ordered around 8:00 PM and got them the next afternoon! WOW!!!

Jeanne B. │ 05/01/2007
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