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I am sorry this has happened - you guys are an amazing company and I KNOW that you ALL make your mother's proud! I can't honestly say I even REMEMBER what my password is. But I do want you to know that these mean-hearted people have hit me in three different ways since December... Scary, but I do think this is the cost of doing business online. Thanks for being swift and honest in contacting your customers. It only makes us more loyal that you were informative and honest. Thanks for that respect and good luck.

Frances W. │ 02/27/2012

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your great customer service and positive attitude. Every time I’ve had to do pretty much anything on this site, from ordering to returning to technical issues, you all have been on top of it, making transactions smooth, professional and painless. Thank you again.

Anonymous │ 02/27/2012

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your great customer service and positive attitude. Every time I’ve had to do pretty much anything on this site, from ordering to returning to technical issues, you all have been on top of it, making transactions smooth, professional and painless. Thank you again.

Anonymous │ 02/27/2012

I just wanted to say a quick ‘Thank You’ for the wonderful customer service that has been provided to me through your company!! I recently had a baby and I was so surprised when I saw the beautiful flowers that were sent to me by a customer service rep I had spoken to! I was actually in denial because I thought no online company would take the time and money to send me flowers (I got them right when you were hacked so I thought that it was someone using my credit card, I did some investigating and was able to track the flowers to a local flower shop in LA who told me that Zappos is such a great company and that they often send flowers to customers!!!) Not only were the flowers wonderful, but every customer service rep I spoke to went out of their way to help me, even printing off a return label for me and mailing it to me so I could return a pair of shoes (I was on maternity leave and did not have access to a printer). All I can say is wow! If I lived where your company was located, I would be putting in an application. Your company is the kind of place that I would like to say I was a part of!!!! Thank you so much for all of your help. I will be purchasing from you again… and again... and again!!!

Elisabeth M. │ 02/21/2012

Hello, I just wanted to take a second to say how much I love dealing with Zappos. Every time I place an order the person on the other end of phone is very nice, personable, and helpful. I recently had to return a pair of shorts; again, the lady was extremely nice. Good job. This is why I no longer purchase shoes and clothing from those rude people at the mall! I love Zappos!

Dave B. │ 02/21/2012

Hi Zappos, I wanted to let you all know I love Zappos. I was listening to Market Place on NPR and heard the story on how your CEO (and I hope he sees this) is investing in Las Vegas to help the city as well as his company. I wish there were more people/companies like Zappos. You've certainly inspired me.

Eric C. │ 02/21/2012

I just wanted to say thank you for your OUTSTANDING customer service. I have NEVER experienced such wonderful e-commerce customer service, ever. It is wonderful what you do for your customers. I just ordered my items yesterday and already they are out to be delivered TODAY! WOW! Thank you!

Jennifer S. │ 02/21/2012

I just wanted to say thank you for your OUTSTANDING customer service. I have NEVER experienced such wonderful e-commerce customer service, ever. It is wonderful what you do for your customers. I just ordered my items yesterday and already they are out to be delivered TODAY! WOW! Thank you!

Jennifer S. │ 02/21/2012

I ordered UGG boots as a gift for my daughter. I thought they might run small, but they don't, so they were a size too big. I contacted Zappos, and before I knew what what happening they said I would receive the correct size in a day or two. They e-mailed me a free return slip and never even charged my credit card a second time. I was amazed at how smoothly this return went. I would highly recommend Zappos to anyone and will continue to use them for my needs in the future. Thank you Zappos!!

Denise P. │ 02/07/2012

“After searching numerous upscale stores for my hard to fit 7-1/2 wide size, I discovered Zappos. So, I took a chance and ordered two pairs of shoes and was very pleased with their selection, prices and service. One pair didn't fit perfectly, so I learned how effortless their return policy is. I selected a replacement shoe and have already received it. However, I wish their refund for returned merchandise was as prompt as their service is on new orders. I will definitely continue shopping at Zappos.”

John R │ 02/07/2012

To Zappos Customer Service Staff, I have been buying shoes at Zappos.com for many years with great satisfaction. It is for this reason that I am writing this email to personally thank you for the excellent customer service you have continuously provided. Buying shoes and clothes online can be a daunting task without being able to try on or see what fits and what looks good in person. The multi-view photos and short video clips of your employees actually trying on the items are great features in your Web site. Only the most creative minds would have thought of using employees (normal people) to model shoes, bags and clothing. It makes my shopping experience a lot easier, interesting, and enjoyable. Your free shipping both ways and 365-day shoe return policy is the gold standard in internet shopping. Contacting your customer support has been always quick and easy. All of the representatives I've spoken to were courteous and helpful. I recently returned several items from three different orders and placed them all in one box instead of using three separate boxes. I called customer service and informed them about my returns. The representative politely told me separate packaging would have been preferred for easier tracking. Nonetheless, my refund was issued in the timeliest manner. All my past orders would arrive in 2-3 days at no extra cost when other retailers would charge for this method of expedited shipment. It got even better when I made your VIP-members list which guarantees for free overnight shipping forever. It's amazing how you make it possible to send my order within 24 hours (or less) after making my online purchase. Giant department stores don't offer free overnight shipping. I never hesitate buying from your Web site because I know I will receive my order quickly and make easy returns should the items not meet my expectations. I only have great things to say about my shopping experience with Zappos. I have recommended you to my family and friends. You've taken the extra mile to bring customer service to a whole new level. I truly believe that other companies need to follow your lead in demonstrating how business should be run around the people they serve. One of the customer reviews I read in your Web site suggested that your CEO should start running our country too. Perhaps he was right. Customer satisfaction should be the utmost goal of any business or even political enterprise. Please keep up your great service. Thank you and more power to you and your company!

Vivian L. │ 02/06/2012

Hello, I am happy to report that I was able to have the PASSWORD changed. I will attempt to purchase those items I had in my bag. Best of luck to you and I am happy that your vigilance kept our information safe. I maintain that yours is one VERY GREAT ORGANIZATION. Thank you for your prompt responses and your attention to details. Fondest regards to The Team.

Anonymous │ 02/06/2012

OMG… Zappos is MAGICAL. I called last night and they're being delivered today!!! You guys ROCK :)

Anonymous │ 02/06/2012

Once again, thank you. I have to say, Zappos is my favorite company. A business with a sense of humor and really tries to keep customers satisfied… and that is without the perks.

Janette B. │ 02/06/2012

When I first ordered my daughters UGG shoes I got a pair of Hunter mens boots instead... I was so upset. But when I phoned the customer service about the issue it was resolved right on the spot. Since this was my first order I was very impressed. The exchange arrived in less than two days to my delight since these were a Christmas gift. My daughter and I LOVE our experience and the shoes.

Anonymous │ 02/03/2012

Buying shoes has never been easier! Free shipping both ways and a speedy credit to my Visa account, also. I am very happy with the service that I receive from Zappos, and shopping is easy, too. I found the videos to be very helpful when I bought my leather boots. I love them!!!

Sandra R. │ 01/30/2012

I LOVE ZAPP0S!! They have the best customer service, employees and boss of any company I have ordered from online. They take so much time making the customer happy. I ordered these shoes for my daughter for Christmas, and they were too big - got a new pair in the mail THE NEXT DAY!!!! before I even sent the original shoes back! (Trusting, aren't they?) I have ordered from Zappos a number of times, and every experience has been awesome!

Corrinne J │ 01/30/2012

Zappos is the only place I can find shoes to fit my 3A/5A heel size 10.5 feet. The Web site is easy to use, and the service cannot be beat. Easy order/easy return with great prices and great shoes. WAHOOO - Love it.

Joyce M │ 01/30/2012

I just wanted to let you know that I think this lawsuit filed against you is ridiculous. Unless it is found that Zappos made an egregious error, you have my full support. Service has always been terrific and I am in awe of your CEO's commitment to fun, transparency and employee empowerment. You deserve high praise more often than you do. I don't feel this way about any other business that is not an independently-owned, local shop where I've met the owners. Keep up the good work! This is a place you should be proud of. Of course, I hope Zappos learns from this experience and strengthens its security system to further protect customer information, but I absolutely do not think you deserve to be sued. As someone who is almost always on the side of consumer advocacy, know that that's saying a lot.

Emily │ 01/28/2012

Glad you are back. Congratulations for coming back so quickly. It was a very bad move but you are up on your feet again. Wishing you always all the best.

Muna S. │ 01/28/2012

Dear Zappos, If you could see me now you would see a look of utter confusion and shock on my face. My daughter orders from you a lot. I needed shoes and decided to try you out. Everything about the ordering process was easy and welcoming. I wore the shoes for three months. The bottom of the shoe separated from the top. I was very nervous about trying to return shoes I had worn. They were expensive for me and I expected a fight on my hands. Your customer service was amazing. I told the gentlemen my problem; he was understanding, considerate and made me feel great. What a surprise that was. I had heard an urban myth that this company is fantastic but I did not believe it. Well, I am a believer now. I will start ordering more from you. You now have a loyal customer who will spread the word.

Susan G. │ 01/28/2012

One thing I must tell you is how much fun I had back in 2009 when I first called you because I needed some help filling out my order form online! It was a woman that answered the phone. She was SO helpful and fun, I was quite impressed. Then the emails from Zappos started. I absolutely could not believe them! I saved them because they were so amazingly different from any other company I have ever dealt with. Be it a phone call or an email, UNIQUE is how I would describe you. Thank you so much for giving so much to your customers!!!

Evelyn G. │ 01/28/2012

Hi, I just wanted to thank Zappos for the email invite allowing me to become part of the exclusive VIP program. Having been a registered Zappos customer since around 2009, I've always been impressed with Zappos’ service! As I always tell people, Zappos must use Star Trek's USS Enterprise’s teleportation for shipment - it's that fast! I just placed an order last evening and I look forward to continued future purchases. Oh, btw, please kindly say Thank You to your Customer Loyalty Representative from me - for the Zappos Christmas Card she sent me - very kind and sweet.

Jeffrey │ 01/28/2012

I had purchased some boots from Zappos for my daughter for Christmas. She wore them once and a strap broke so they needed to be replaced. I didn't have to pay return shipping and no questions were asked. How wonderful!!! When they replaced the boots they mailed them to my home address. I thought they would mail them to where they were originally sent; they came within 2 days. Fast. The problem is, the neighbor's dog received the shoes and decided to use them for a bone. I found them in the neighbor’s yard. They were ruined and I was out the money. I was devastated until I called Zappos and they replaced the boots for free. I won't shop for shoes on the internet in the future; I know where I will purchase mine... Zappos!! This is above and beyond what a company and a customer rep should have to deal with.

Cheryl W. │ 01/28/2012

You guys/gals probably receive a ton of credit for your excellent customer service but I'd like to express my gratitude to the Zappos team. I've been shopping at Zappos for about 8 years now and it's easily the best shopping experience on the net. Excellent customer service (love the fact that you’re prompt and pleasant in your responses), your guys/gals make sure to make it seem as though I'm actually working with someone on a personal level when I have a question, and the one-day shipping is off the charts. Thanks for all the hard work and keep up the great work.

Christian │ 01/28/2012
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