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Dear entire Zappos Company, I was amazed today to receive a gorgeous bouquet of flowers wishing me well. When I processed my order for Ugg slippers by phone on February 23, 2012, I asked the representative if they could be delivered as soon as possible, as I was expecting to go into labor any day and wanted the slippers for the hospital. The representative said the Uggs would be shipped overnight. Indeed, I went into labor on February 24 and the Uggs arrived just as I left for the hospital. As a frequent Zappos customer, I am not surprised by your promptness, rather by the thoughtful gift of flowers delivered today. They are beautiful and took me quite by surprise. I look forward to continuing to shop with you for all my (growing) family's needs.

Ettie C. │ 03/12/2012

I just want to pass on kudos that I received my order after I exchanged in 1day! I had sent back the order I was returning yesterday, 1 day after I spoke to a wonderful customer rep. And by the time I got back from my UPS store my order was here! I hesitate to shop online, but you have made a believer out of me!!

Anonymous │ 03/12/2012

Hello, I would like to thank Zappos for their A+ Customer Service Team. I needed to return an item that was defective and dreaded calling because I had misplaced the receipt and threw the box away. When the call was placed I was on hold less than a minute, and the sweet lady that I talked to was wonderful, polite, and eager to help (this is very rare in the customer service field). She gladly helped me with the exchange and had a replacement overnight to me. I did not receive the e-mail containing the return label and confirmation number so I had to call back to request it be resent. Believe it or not I was on hold again less than a minute and got another sweet lady whose attitude was the same as the ladies the night before. This young lady resent the e-mail and stayed on the line to make sure I received it. Man!!!!!!!!! You very seldom get lucky enough to call the same place twice and receive excellent service. Thank you, Zappos, for the great service; these ladies need to be recognized within your company. Thank you.

Chuck B. │ 03/12/2012

In a world where everyone is quick to point out the bad I thought I would take a few minutes to point out the excellent customer service I received through your call center the other day. I purchased a pair of Osirus shoes for my nephew as a Christmas present and the sole has already cracked in half! When I called the customer service line the representative on the other end of the line was very helpful, found me a comparative shoe, and said it would be shipped the next day. I have NEVER had such a positive experience when dealing with a defective item. Your store and your employee made my day and I will definitely make other purchases because of this experience.

Rhonda J. │ 03/12/2012

Dear Customer Service, I've been a manager in retail for over 30 yrs. and wanted to take the time to write a thank you to your company. I do not have the name of the lady that helped me return my son’s shoes but I want to tell you that I have never been so pleasantly surprised at the level of help and pleasantness I received when I called. Being in retail, it is rare that we as managers hear the great things our employees do but she and your company were great. I actually used both of you as an example to my employees at a recent employee meeting. Thank you again for this wonderful service and I have already recommended your company and will continue to recommend your company to everyone I can.

Donna J. │ 03/12/2012

This is the first time that I have used Zappos. I am extremely happy with the service, the quality of the shoes and the quickness with delivery and return. I will definitely use them again.

Anonymous │ 03/08/2012

I love these shoes. I love Zappos' service even more. Thanks so much for the wonderful shopping experience. Side note - I ordered a pair of shoes from another company for my husband (Zappos did not have yet), and my husband kept checking for the delivery. Finally I asked what he was waiting for (knowing they would take the usual 3, 5, 7 days), and he said "I don't know why they aren't here, don't we get them the next day?" I laughed and explained only with Zappos do we get that kind of service!

Anonymous from Sarasota, FL │ 03/08/2012

I am very pleased with Zappos. Their customer service is excellent n that impacts whether or not I would purchase from them regardless of the authentic of product. N products are authentic. I am not trusting of ordering online. This was my first online order and everything went well. They stand behind what they present which creates a positive rapport with consumer. Thanks, Zappos, I will continue use your services.

Anonymous │ 03/08/2012

Just wanted to let you know that I work overseas contracting with the Afghan Army, so I must order everything on line. Hands down, you guys are the best. . . . Great job and great products! Keep up the great work.

Dalton G. │ 03/05/2012

I just wanted to say thank you for the nice nap set. I received it yesterday. You guys are the Zappos and the VIP elves :-) . . . . I feel greatly appreciated and awesome!!! Thanks again!

Tashana S. P. Bronx,, NY │ 03/05/2012

I can only say "thank you" I ALWAYS spread the word about how great Zappos customer service is. . . . you always go beyond any other retailer. That is why I will continue to shop with zappos.com. THANK YOU!!!!

Jennifer D. Patchogue, NY │ 03/05/2012

I just wanted to say thank you for the nice nap set. I received it yesterday. You guys are the Zappos and the VIP elves :-) . . . . I feel greatly appreciated and awesome!!! Thanks again!

Tashana S. P. Bronx,, NY │ 03/05/2012

Hello and Good Afternoon to you- Yesterday it was 60 plus degrees here in Connecticut. I was sitting at the computer and decided to order a pair of UGG Ashdale shoes from Zappos. I had visions of a wet and sloppy Spring season ahead. Today, the UPS driver delivered those wonderful shoes - and just at the perfect time - Today in Connecticut we have 4 inches of snow and 28 degrees. I immediately put them on and Voila! Not only do they fit perfectly, but they feel like pillows on my tired old dawgs. Thank you Zappos - as always, for fantastic shoes (and everything else), remarkable speedy delivery, unparalleled customer service and a completely fun way to shop. Signed, A loyal and forever customer

James N. F. DDS Ridgefield, CT │ 03/05/2012

Dear Zappos, I've been a customer for a long time, and I just thought I'd take the time to say thanks. Considering how negative the world can be I thought a nice note might be overdue. Any time I've had questions, your customer service staff has always been extremely helpful and polite. When I've wanted to make an exchange for another size, it has always been easy. My orders are usually here before I can turn around. It is obvious your company is extremely efficient and excels in service. Thanks for all your employees' efforts and hard work. I am continually impressed with your business. You are greatly appreciated. Thanks, Caroline

Caroline S. Tallahassee, FL │ 03/05/2012

Hi Tony, I am writing to tell you something that you already know. . . Zappos is simply the BEST online website!!!! In November I called to order new balance sneakers for my mom. I was blessed to get Melissa as my customer service rep. Melissa asked how I was, and I told her my story. My mom had just had a drain put in her brain and was facing the removal of a meningioma, a brain tumor. I was beside myself with worry. Melissa was so compassionate that she took the time to share her story of her own battle with a brain tumor. She was so positive and reassuring when I was so certain my mom was going to die. We spoke for a long time, and then I ordered my mom's sneakers. When I got off the phone I marveled at how God works: He sends you what you need to hear in the most unusual places. I thought I was just ordering sneakers, but I got an angel telling me not to give up. Thank you, Melissa!!!!! Then in a few days I received a hand written and hand drawn card from Melissa reminding me to be positive and stay strong. I cannot tell you how she touched my heart, and I cried. Melissa really understood my situation, really cared about a stranger and sent me more sunshine. Then in a few more days a beautiful bouquet of flowers arrived for my mom from Elsie, the staff, and the Zappos family! I was totally stunned. I still cannot believe that your staff took the time to send this gift to a stranger they did not know based on Melissa's account of my story. The people you have working for you make Zappos feel more like a good trusted friend than another impersonal online store. Now when I shop Zappos I am so happy to give my business to people who have a heart and truly care about their customers!!! I am sorry I did not write sooner, but I wanted to see how my mom's health situation would turn out. Please tell Melissa that mom did make it through her two brain surgeries. Unfortunately, she has the more aggressive form of tumor and will need radiation 5 times a week for 6 weeks. Hopefully, she will pull through, and I can put a happy ending to the hardest time of my life. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that you are doing something sooooo right when you give a customer the feeling that they really count and are not just another sale! I will always be a Zappos fan and customer because your staff is caring and knowledgeable, and your products and service are of great quality. Thank you! Sincerely,

Josephine B. │ 03/05/2012

Dear Zappos family, I cannot even begin to thank you for the beautiful flowers!!! It is even more touching now since I have a complication following the two brain surgeries. It makes getting out for me even harder. What I say is to be positive and lean on my shopping buddies like Zappos and its parent company to get family, home, and personal shopping done. One needs to stay positive and enjoy the fun of shopping on cool sites like those two sites. The customer service is amazing, BUT I have to say Zappos definitely wins the contest...hands down! Here is how we are all in touch in one manner or another: A few years back my daughter was getting married we had so much to do; it was a large wedding so we were busy, busy, busy for a very important day. She could not find any wedding shoes and we had spent so much money on her dress so I told her...just find them and make sure they are BEAUTIFUL! She looked online and in stores everywhere; she couldn't find the perfect ones. She had heard of Zappos for shoes back then, so she ordered some. The pair she picked was from Zappos and they were so beautiful I wanted to steal them from her. Everyone was laughing because I rarely wear high heels. If I have to or am forced to I will wear a small heel. They are just so beautiful, I can at least borrow them from her now. :) Thank you again for everything: the flowers, the customer service with my return, and the wonderfully fun shopping!!!

Melanie H. │ 02/27/2012

Wow! Thanks guys… For a super organized, non-frustrational (is that a word?) Web site, beautiful merchandise with a fantastic array of colors, sizes, prices, and the best of all, you really do have GREAT customer service. I can see it in every aspect of your organization.

Larry A. │ 02/27/2012

Hey Zappos people, I've ordered a few things over a few years with you. I'm certainly not a major customer, but I'm always an impressed one. The last time I ordered shoes you just went off on your own and upgraded the shipping to next day just to be friendly. I just received a pair of sunglasses I ordered and everything was great, like always. It's impressive how you go out of your way to just deliver on service, and how much that makes you stand out among others today. I haven't had a bad experience at all with you, and I doubt I ever will. You're my favorite internet retailer family! Have a great day.

Adam │ 02/27/2012

Listen Zappos... I ordered a pair of Uggs from another company several weeks ago (I thought I was ordering from you) and when the shoes did not fit, I paid $8 to return them. THEN a week or so later, I ordered Uggs and NYDJs from you... the order from you came the next day, WHILE I AM STILL WAITING FOR THE ORDER FROM THE OTHER COMPANY to arrive, AND IT HAS BEEN SEVERAL WEEKS NOW!!! What IS the matter with your company??? GREAT service, GREAT delivery, and GREAT products? WHAT????? I had been in customer service for over 40 years and you give GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE every time! IT is almost like it is 40 years ago but it is NOW in 2012 when NOBODY GIVES GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!! HOW are you doing it??????? IT IS WORKING and I will TRY TO NEVER BUY anything from anybody else. PERIOD. YOU HAVE NO IDEA how great you are from THIS END… the customer end of it all... SO THERE!!! Now you know! THANK YOU... even though I can NOT believe you can do it... you do!!!! AND every time. :-) !!!

Sondra B. │ 02/27/2012

I would like to thank Zappos for the wonderful service you provide. I care for my elderly diabetic mother. She has inconsistent health problems that keep her from going to the local mall for shoes. At the same time as a diabetic, proper fitting shoes are very, very important to maintain proper foot care. Thanks to you and the wonderful service we are able to shop from home, try on the shoes, and return them with little effort and no cost to us. Thank You!

Tim H. │ 02/27/2012

So this is not a return or a complaint pertaining to any of the products that Zappos sells. I actually just had to write because I just finished reading the book and it made me go your site and want to order and work for the company. I appreciated the fact that there is still a company out there that cares about their employees, customers, and quite frankly the world. I left corporate America about six months ago tired of the crap that was going on at my company and have been volunteering in a couple of non-profits while still reading business books. I wanted to say that I applaud Tony and the couple of others who stuck it out with Zappos and built it into what it is today. Please let him know that his work is happening and am proud to see that the business still has compassion and still pursuing happiness for the whole. Thank you!!!

Anonymous │ 02/27/2012

I want to thank all of you for the exchange and I can't believe that I received another pair so quickly. I am now committed to only buying my shoes from Zappos, and I will tell all of my friends and family know how special you are!

Sandra B. │ 02/27/2012

I am a retired baker/pastry chef so the only baking I do now is just for me and maybe someone in my family. I got your slippers and they fit fine and got here earlier than promised. In fact, I was doing some baking while wearing my new slippers. Trying out this new kind of bread where you don't knead the dough and opened some windows to let a little of the heat out after finishing. I sat down in my armchair and read some more on this no kneed baking and damned if I didn't fall asleep. I woke up cold from the window being open (it’s cold in Idaho in February) and the only thing warm in the room were my feet... Your slippers made me a permanent customer and a believer out of me. Thank you from the bottom of my soles. Sorry, couldn't resist.

Anonymous │ 02/27/2012

I am so THANKFUL to not only your Customer Loyalty Representative but your whole team at Zappos. You have gone beyond what any other company would do, treating my situation with such kindness and caring. I continue to refer you to my friends, and they always say they hear about you and I say these people are WONDERFUL and this is an OUTSTANDING COMPANY!!! Again, you lived up to that. I am ever so grateful to you all.

Nancy S. │ 02/27/2012

Thanks for the tracking info... but I had no time to check on it; my package from you arrived first! You guys are the centipede's slippers!! Fun to deal with, great products, blinding delivery speed and super service! WHAT shoe stores?!

Kate M. │ 02/27/2012
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