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I just wanted to thank you for your customer service regarding an order I placed for shoes for my son. I ordered them online last week, a size 3.5, and when they arrived on Monday although the box said size 3.5, the shoes were actually a size 13.5. I called on Monday and was told a new pair would be shipped out. The new pair arrived on Tuesday and -- again! -- Although the box said size 3.5, this time the shoes were actually a size 3. So I called again yesterday to have them replaced, and TODAY the new shoes arrived -- in the correct size 3.5! (I mailed the size 3 back to you today.) I know the sizing mix-up was not your fault (they were in a sealed Stride Rite box), but you made it right so quickly, I don't know how you possibly delivered the right pair to me in less than 24 hours. I was disappointed by the mix-up (twice!), but your outstanding customer service more than made up for it. Thank you, and I'll definitely be ordering again from Zappos!

Joan from Winchester, VA │ 04/30/2012

I love you, Zappos. I always order a ton of things, then keep only a few, sometimes not any. Despite this track record, you're always there for me with prompt service and free delivery. I sure hope the few things I've purchased contribute to your bottom line, but just in case they don't - I would like to provide you here with a testimonial in exchange for all the free shipping and great customer service you have provided me over the past few years. You represent to me the online equivalent of the old-fashioned, small-town shopkeeper I grew up with - who gives special consideration to each customer. Bravo! So here goes: I am a practical gal, not a shopaholic, but I am stylish, bargain conscious, and want to get my shopping over and done with. I so appreciate the ease with which I am able to navigate Zappos’ website, clicking my ID, and buying instantly the things I am looking for. Despite your excellence, I still enjoy shopping with my local businesses, when and if they offer service as good as yours! So all the best to you, and many thanks for your great service.

Teresa from Santa Barbara, California │ 04/30/2012

Your customer service is beyond compare.

Margaret from Orleans, MA │ 04/30/2012

I ordered a men’s t-shirt and instead received a pair of women's athletic tights. I called to fix my order and was very pleased with the customer service I received. The woman that helped did an astounding job of fixing my order and treating me with such kindness and respect that I just wanted to say thank you. Zappos is fantastic and I will order more often.

Damien G. │ 04/23/2012

Hello, I just wanted to write in a thank you to the Zappos team for helping me with my recent order. I had accidentally sent back two new shirts I recently purchased from a different store along with some shoes I was returning to you. When I realized this I called customer service at Zappos and explained the issue. The man I talked to was very nice and made a notation on my order for the people in the warehouse to check the box when it came in. He said there were no guarantees so I was afraid my things were lost for good. Yesterday, I received my two shirts back in the mail! I was very pleasantly surprised and incredibly thankful to the person in the warehouse who unpacked my box and pulled out my other shirts to return to me. Thank you very, very much! Please pass this along to all who helped with this order. I truly appreciate it.

Amy M. │ 04/23/2012

Just wanted you guys to know that you have to be one of the best customer service companies out there!!! I ordered this Juicy Couture charm for my sister's birthday April 14th. I ordered it yesterday, the 12th, and received it for free today!! How awesome is that! I ordered a pair of jeans for my husband for Christmas and returning them was very easy and free!! It just doesn't get any better than your company!! Thank you!!!

Lisa M. │ 04/23/2012

I really appreciate the kind way you handle refunds... the free shipping, sending the notification, etc. It makes me actively want to continue to support your company.

Connie S. │ 04/23/2012

I just want to say that shopping with you guys has easily been the best shopping experience I have EVER had. Being the messy girl that I am, I lost my Zappos gift card. Your team made it easy to track down the card number, and I placed an order for the Lassen - Jessop boot last Sunday. I received the boots in the mail today (so fast!) and I absolutely love them. It was so nice to have such in-depth sizing information and the item video to help me make a decision about which boot was right for me. It is so rare to have success with online shopping, but everything went perfectly the first time around. As someone who works in customer service, you have blown my socks off. I wish you were located in the SF bay area so that I could work for you. Everyone has been so courteous and helpful, and you have definitely ensnared a lifelong customer. Keep it up! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Alison H. │ 04/23/2012

I always have. I think your customer service, website, policies are the best. I wish I could shop on your website EVERYDAY, but my husband would kill me. I love Tony Hsieh, I love the book “Delivering Happiness”. I was in Vegas last week and am so mad at myself for not scheduling a tour of the ZAPPOS operation. I want an ‘I love Zappos’ t-shirt... I will wear it every day... I swear. You all ROCK! I have an order shipping today. I can’t wait to get it. But then again, with my next day shipping, I don't have to wait... it is here before I know it.

Gail E. │ 04/23/2012

The customer service is great and I like how you treat your customers. I just love Zappos!

Linda W. │ 04/23/2012

I just wanted to say “Quyana” to Zappos and its team members. Quyana is an Alaskan Thank You. My expectations with Zappos customer service has always been exceeded on every order. Your 24/7 help line, friendly attitude, and overall watching out for my best interest is what has me raving about Zappos. Keep doing what you are doing!

Akara G. │ 04/23/2012

I just wanted to send out a praise and thank you to your wonderful team! In the past 2 months I have returned/exchanged 3 pairs of boots until I got my 4th pair, which I absolutely love. Every time that I called in and spoke to a member of your team, they were always so patient, helpful and personable--Zappos seems very consistent in hiring people like this! And far from annoying you with all of my requests, I was made a VIP, which makes me feel like a valued customer. Thank you again, to all at Zappos--I will continue to shop and recommend you to everyone!

Allie B. │ 04/23/2012

Just a quick note of thanks because I had a Zapptastic day today because of YOU! Shopping on Zappos SO much easier than ANY other website - so thank you for always providing detailed product information and pictures, unlike most of the companies themselves!! This makes it SO much easier for me to shop, make a decision, and ultimately want to buy something because I do not have to guess what the inside or bottom of something looks like! What's more is that you guys always ship super-fast - which is beyond awesome!! No having to sit around being annoyed and frustrated that it takes 3 days or more for an order to be shipped and then add another 3+ days for transit time. My latest Zappos order arrived today before lunch, less than 48 hours after I placed it - even my husband was amazed!! I tell everyone to shop at Zappos, even perfect strangers - and for good reason: ZAPPTASTIC, ZAPPERIFIC CUSTOMER SERVICE!! THANK YOU!!!

Christiane │ 04/16/2012

So very impressed! This is my first order with Zappos. I ordered the Franco Sarto Kashmir in Natural Canvas which was sold out everywhere last week, and they are exactly what I was hoping for that will go with everything for spring and summer. More importantly, not only did you get them in stock, I ordered them on Thursday afternoon at 1:18 p.m. and received them today, Friday (the next day), at 1:50 p.m. I have them for the weekend!!! Wanted to let you know! I will be a repeat customer!

Kim C. │ 04/16/2012

OMG! How did you do that? I ordered the shoes yesterday at this time and you said because of the time of the day and no Saturday delivery they would come Monday, which was fine, but they just came. Unbelievable! Hope the shoes work out as well as I have serious nerve damage due to an accident but my podiatrist recommended NB as many of his patients seem to do well with them. The next time I want something you will be the first place I will go. Thanks so much.

Patricia M. │ 04/16/2012

Just to let you know I have ordered many things from Zappos and I love you guys - what a great store to order from. Just wanted to give you all a pat on the back.

Ellen C. │ 04/16/2012

You Guys are great - so refreshing to work with a staff that understands good communications and follow-through... AND very pleasant people at the end of the telephone!!!!

Lisa O. │ 04/16/2012

My experience with Zappos has left me speechless. This is the greatest most efficient and reliable company I have ever dealt with. Free and next day shipping, and a great customer service is why I keep coming back again and again. ZAPPOS WILL BE MY SOURCE OF ONLINE SHOPPING 4 EVER.

Nancy W from New York, N.Y. │ 04/11/2012

Hello, Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to the nice customer service people that I talked to twice to get the shoes that I really wanted. The first pair of Lavender Merrell Barefoot Pace Glove shoes seemed to be defective on the left shoe because the toe box pulled to the right side when I put it on. The lady was so nice and shipped out another pair. Then, that pair (the same size 6) seemed like the arch was higher up in the shoe and didn't fit my arch line. When I called, the lady was so cheerful and nice and I just asked if I might try one more time and chose another color. They came today and are perfect!!!!! Thank you guys so much. I deal with a whole lot of physical pain every day due to a back injury that happened when I was on the job working as an RN at a VA hospital. It is really important for me to have good shoes because the little bit I do get to go out means the difference between being up all night in severe pain just from walking a short distance to being able to tolerate it. If it were not for your great company and my wonderful UPS man, I would not be able to get these great shoes or have the luxury of not having to worry about trying to ship them back, etc. The way I have to live is what it is and I have accepted that, but you guys make my life so much richer because I am able to shop and buy quality items that otherwise would not be available to me if I had to travel in a car to the store. Plus, the friendly customer service people are so outstanding it is crazy, and the free shipping is out of this world. Just wanted to say thank you because so many times people take for granted things they have without even thinking about how others work hard to make those things possible.

Teresa R. │ 04/09/2012

Thank you for letting me know you received the shoes. I can't tell you how pleased I was with the entire process ordering and returning the first pair of shoes. I have told everyone about the entire process. I have suggested that they go to your website and do their ordering! If all companies and their employees had your attitude it would be an almost perfect world. Thanks again for helping to keep an old ladies' feet from hurting.

Evelyn H. │ 04/09/2012

How do you guys do it? Can't you teach other businesses your ways? I am so spoiled by Zappos that when I order from another place I get really frustrated when it takes 5 to 7 days to get it! You are faster than the Post Office!!! I just love my Zappos!!!!!!

Gala B. │ 04/09/2012

My Dad, Gene, recently ordered some Deer Stag slippers for my ill mother and was so excited to get them as my mother loves these comfortable ones so much. Besides promptly receiving these slippers (I think the next day), a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers was sent to my Mom... It was so thought provoking and loving and we were all overwhelmed with your kindness and love. Thank you so much for your wondrous character(s). Thanks again.

Dianne K. │ 04/09/2012

I am so impressed with your service! I have been telling everyone about it! I called your customer service number and reported that I thought the Jack Rogers sandals that I ordered were mismarked. The rep I spoke with immediately apologized and sent me out another size, which arrived within 20hrs. I had just dropped off the return shoes at UPS and came home and there they were! I have never seen such amazing customer service! Especially lately! Thanks so much. I will always check on your website before shopping elsewhere. Keep up the good work!

Stephanie D. │ 04/09/2012

This has been by far the best customer support experience I have ever had!!!! Thank you!

Zlatko P. │ 04/09/2012

Dear Zappos, I LOVE YOU for always having the right sneaker, sandal, etc. Thank you for great selection, fast shipping, and also for being patient with me regarding my returns. Please don't ever change, I really do appreciate how convenient your website is and how helpful customer service is. Thank you much.

Laura B. │ 04/09/2012
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